The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 48: A Band On

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 48: A Band On

CM: Nothing like a little cooldown :3 ENIGMA: Well that was rough… Yeah, you know what you did. We can still win this game, guys. We just gotta play a little bit smarter… A little bit safer. (Crystal Maiden was just killed by Timbersaw) CM: Uuurgh>:[ ENIGMA: Thanks for that example. Stop doing stuff like THAT! I mean, as long as Terrorblade keeps farming we’ve got a shot. …At least I think that’s what he’s been doing. TERRORBLADE: Terrorblade in the jungle! Terrorblade in the jungle! Farming creeps and stuff and getting riiich! So that I can buy items that will help me farm even more, yeah YEAH! ENIGMA: F***in’ Satyr. Anyway, let’s regroup. Terrorblade will hopefully keep getting money. Relax, we’re doing fine. Sort of. In some ways. (Phoenix has disconnected) ENIGMA: What the shit!? TIDEHUNTER: Tidehunter pause! JUGGERNAUT: Oh, what is this? RUBICK: One of their players disconnected. KUNKKA: I really want this new Bounty Rune. ENIGMA: Does anyone on our team know Phoenix? TIMBSAW: Hey what’s the f***ing deal? Tell me the exact reason for which you have paused this game, OR ELSE… You have ONE SECOND! ENIGMA: Well our Phoenix just kind of left. TIMBERSAW: Unpause! AXE: Axe! TIDEHUNTER: Oh no! RUBICK: Hey, maybe we should wait for a bit and see if their teammate comes back. CM: Agreed. ENIGMA: Yeah. I’ll pause. TIMBERSAW: Does anyone over there even KNOW if he IS coming back!? TIDEHUNTER: Tidehunter doesn’t know! TERRORBLADE: Why the f*** do we keep pausing? ENIGMA: Jesus… TIMBERSAW: Time’s up. Unpause! ENIGMA: Dammit. Okay, well, hopefully Phoenix will come back. (Phoenix has abandoned the game) ALL: lololololol TIDEHUNTER: Biiird! 🙁 ENIGMA: Guuh, okay, well, now what? NIGEL: Hey Enigma, I might have an idea. ENIGMA: Well do you or don’t you? NIGEL: Well, for awhile now I’ve been learning about Dota 2. Being the courier, watching from afar, but maybe it’s time to give it a real try. ENIGMA: What? How? NIGEL: I will control the abandoned hero. I’ll play as Phoenix for the rest of the game! ENIGMA: What? That’s not possible. NIGEL: Sure it is. Since when has ingame accuracy ever stopped us? ENIGMA: Ooooh NIGEL: It won’t be pretty.. I won’t be good. But there’s no reason not to try. And what better way to learn? ENIGMA: There are a lot of better ways to learn than suddenly being forced to play Phoenix in the middle of a game. It makes almost no sense and isn’t possible in the real game but who gives a shit let’s do it. (Phoenix has reconnected under the control of Nigel) ENIGMA: Really? NIGEL: Okay, I think I’m part of the game now. I’m Phoenix! ENIGMA: This is beyond weird. Let’s get back out there! NIGEL: I’ll be right there. ‘Just have to skim my abilites real quick. I’m not totally familiar with them. …Chapter 1. JUGGERNAUT: Witty remark about destroying tower. RUBICK: That Terrorblade must still be in the jungle somewhere. ENIGMA: Oh, hey. NIGEL: I’m just following you, I really don’t know what I’m doing. ENIGMA: Well, let me get these last hits here, working on the old Blink Dagger. TERRORBLADE: Hey guys. Excuse me. ENIGMA: GRRRR! RUBICK: Well, that’s not Terrorblade. ENIGMA: Sheeeiiit. NIGEL: Enigma! ENIGMA: Ow. TERRORBLADE: What’s making all that racket!? ..Oh. Terror time, bitches! Now I’m BIG AND SCARY! RUBICK: Oh, that looks fun! Rawr! ENIGMA: Okay okay okay don’t panic… JUGGERNAUT: Spinning in CIRCLES!!! ENIGMA: Aaah! I panicked. RUBICK: Terror-zap! TERRORBLADE: Aw hell of hells no! TIMBERSAW: Oh you’re in for it this time RUBICK: Wait! Come back and kill Phoenix! NIGEL: I’ve never pressed this ability. I wonder what it does? RUBICK: Whoa! Hit the Phoenix Sun! Come back and hit the Phoenix Sun! NIGEL: Whoa. JUGGERNAUT: Shit. Run! Clever quip about dying. NIGEL: Wow. That was fun! TIDEHUNTER: Sorry I’m late everybody! Tidehunter had a very long walk here after getting a rune of invisibility. ..and now it’s gone.


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