The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 46: Night Terror

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 46: Night Terror

TIMBERSAW: Good thing I’m here. ANNOUNCER: Radiant structures are fortified. TERRORBLADE: No! Die die die! ANNOUNCER: Radiant’s top tower has been denied. RUBICK: Yes! My attack was the final blow that brought down my own building! …which is good in this game. Huzzah! TERRORBLADE: Curse you, Rubick. You will rue the day you crossed the might Terror- Uh.. yeah. Eh… Shopkeep! I require your finest Belt of Strength. SHOPKEEPER: That’ll be 450 gold, sir. TERRORBLADE: What!? Look, I escaped from the hell of hells, alright? I’m a demon feared by other demons. And you expect me to pay full price for this crap? SHOPKEEPER: Yeah, well, what are you gonna do about it, bitch? TERRORBLADE: Uuuuugh, okay… I need a Morbid Mask, too. and… and I need one of those. Uuuh I don’t know what this is called.. RUBICK: Hey there, fellow teammates. TIMBERSAW: Remember when I got the last hit on the bottom tower? RUBICK: I think it would be a good idea to try to kill Terrorblade. TIMBERSAW: That would be a good idea. RUBICK: We don’t want him getting too much farm. TIMBERSAW: No we do not. RUBICK: So I suggest we get some Smoke of Deceit and ambush him! TIMBERSAW: I agree with your assessment of the situation. RUBICK: Let’s have the courier bring us the smoke. Hmmm, where is he? KUNKKA: Ahhhh… hahaha! Return to base and refill my trusty bottle! RUBICK: Well, that’ll be awhile. Let’s just loop around and try to catch him from the jungle. TERRORBLADE: Ya! .. Dammit. Shit. RUBICK: I’m just going to assume they don’t have wards and didn’t see us coming. TIMBERSAW: Let’s go! ENIGMA: Not so fast! It just so happens we DO have zero wards and we just happened upon you by dumb luck. TIDEHUNTER: Yeah, dumb! RUBICK: Timbersaw, come back! We might need a little help here. TIMBERSAW: There’s not stopping the ‘Saw now. This carry’s going down. ENIGMA: I feel really hungry for battle all of a sudden. TIMBERSAW: Ah hoho yes! Looks like another kill for me! AXE: Axe! ENIGMA: Watch out for the Berserker’s Call! You saw what it did last time. ENIGMA: I don’t want to attack you! CM: F***. ENIGMA: Ha! I guess the Berserker’s Call… Didn’t go through and the line was busy. Got ’em. RUBICK: Frostbitten, twice shy- oh, that’s not my line. ENIGMA: I can think of one way we can take this fight. Let’s. Press. ‘R.’ ..Or whatever happens to be the hotkey for your ultimate ability. TIDEHUNTER: Tidehunter… R! ENIGMA: And take this! *We did it. We’re going to kill Rubick.* *I bet he’s impressed. There’s no way for him to weasel out of this one.* *Wait a second I shouldn’t have said that now he’s definitely going to find a way out of this.* *…No? Nothing?* *Good, I want to see the look on his face when* Oh come on! I guess we should just be happy that we’re all alive. Where the hell is Nigel? TIMBERSAW: Don’t worry team, your deaths won’t be in vain. I’ve got what we really came for. TERRORBLADE: No! TIMBERSAW: So long, sucker! TERRORBLADE: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! TIMBERSAW: …what? TERRORBLADE: Awesome!


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