The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 45: The Turnaround

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 45: The Turnaround

CM: Missing top! TERRORBLADE: Ugh, he’s not missing. He’s just left our vision for a brief moment! See? Not missing. CM: Missing top! TERRORBLADE No no no no no! Not listening! Lalalalala! ENIGMA: Winter Sorceress! We need to teleport bottom and help out sea monster guy. Use your teleport scroll that I’m sure you totally have, right? Ugh, always carry a teleport scroll. Go to the shop and- oh you actually have one. Let’s go! EIDOLON (V.O.): And he was gone just like that… And we… were alone… Brothers without direction, without purpose. We were aimless vessels, Eidolons who had nothing left. And then we died. RUBICK: Ready to dive, Juggernaut? Attack! TIDEHUNTER: Oh no oh no oh no no no no no! Friends! ENIGMA: Turn around and fight, Tidefighter… hunter. Oh, hey, it’s Rubick. RUBICK: Hey, it’s me! ENIGMA: I completely forgot Rubick was in this game. I’ve just, you know… been in my own little world on the other side of the map the whole time. Haven’t really paid attention to… anything else. CM: To battle! JUGGERNAUT: Back! Back! RUBICK: Retreat for the moment, but Juggy, are you ready for… the turnaround! AXE: Axe is axe! ENIGMA: Ah! I don’t want to attack you! Why can’t I control my body!? OH my god that was so violent! TIDEHUNTER: Lady? ENIGMA: Oh, thanks, tower. Le’ts turn around! We can pick off Rubick. Now’s our chance to get back at the HOLY SHIP! TIDEHUNTER: KUNKKA! RUBICK: It’s the turnaround! Again! ENIGMA: More reinforcments. TIDEHUNTER: More friends. ENIGMA: Okay… Let’s turn around! Whoa that’s awesome! TIDEHUNTER: WOW! ENIGMA: Okay. Gotcha! KUNKKA: Tidehunter, you putrid, fat ENIGMA: I’m sorry, were you trying to say something? I’m not sure, I can’t hear you. TIDEHUNTER: Ha ha ha ha ha! ENIGMA: Oh, you’re dead. TIDEHUNTER: Friends help kill Kunkka! Yay! JUGGERNAUT: Quite the battle. RUBICK: But it’s not over yet. Are you ready for the turnaround again… …Again! ENIGMA: Good going, guys, it was kind of messy, but we came out of that OH my god a little pink guy in a robot! TIMBERSAW: Wahoo! That’s going on the highlight reel. ‘Not 0-1 anymore! Huehuhe. TERRORBLADE: Uh. Missing, erm. Top. TIDEHUNTER: Tidehunter okay. Turn… around? ENIGMA: *ahem*… yeah. TERRORBLADE: Who’s the carry you ask? I’m the carry. Yeah that’s right, I’M the carry. The carry here, farming awaay… Oh! What’s this? Are those MY badass flaming footsteps? Well would you look at that, they are. Hey, Terrorblade! CONJURATION: Sup. TERRORBLADE: Check this out. CONJURATION: Oh my god I can do it too I can do it too!


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