The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 43: Top Heavy

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 43: Top Heavy

NIGEL: Hello and welcome to a new Dota 2 Report. We’re at a time in the game that many call the laning phase. Heroes are trying to get last-hits, denies, levels… TIDEHUNTER: From the depths I return! And with a new style! Sigh… Well, time to take a long-first-blood-can’t-afford-a-teleport-scroll walk of shame. A death here or a kill there can make a lot of difference in the flow of the game. TERRORBLADE: Ow! TIMBERSAW: Ha ha ha! TERRORBLADE: Grrr… Crystalline Maiden, harass our enemy! I need space to farm adequately. CM: Swift as the wolves of Icewrack! TIMBERSAW: Well, that tickled. TERRORBLADE: Perhaps psychological warfare is required in this case. *ahem* Timbersaw, look! A tree! TIMBERSAW: Oh, s-sorry? A tree? Whoa, yeah, that’s really funny. I’ve never heard that one before! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! ‘Oh no, a tree! I’m scaaared!’ Happy? ENIGMA: Yo, Terror-guy! Cold Wizard! I’ve got a plan. I’ll pull this small creep camp into the path our creep wave, that way Timbersaw will be forced to move forward, closer to our tower. You know, when you say this stuff out loud it sounds really ridiculous. Well… I sort of did it. TERRORBLADE: The pull just happened. When Timbersaw approaches, use Frostbite. CM: Frostbite! TERRORBLADE: Y-yes, Frostbite. Anyway, use that to keep him in place. CM: Someday, I’ll return to the Blueheart Glacier and sleep for a thousand years… TERRORBLADE: WHAT!? CM: Attack! TIMBERSAW: Now THAT’S scary. Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god! EJECT!


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