The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 41: All Pick [Season 3 Premiere]

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 41: All Pick [Season 3 Premiere]

NIGEL: Dota 2. A competetive game of action and strategy. Two teams of five heroes face off on the landscape
of the Radiant and the Dire, waging campaigns of cunning, stealth, and
outright warfare. It is a game of infinite depth and complexity. I’ve learned so much in my time delving into
the world of Dota, but the most important thing I’ve learned… Is that there’s always more to learn. ENIGMA: Enigma! Oh, Dire side, huh? Seems a bit… dreary. And dire. NIGEL: Enigma! Long time no see. ENIGMA: Yo. You looking to be the courier again? NIGEL: Not this time. I’m merely a neutral observer
this go-around. I’m going to try to soak in all the parts of the game. ENIGMA: Uh oh. That means somebody on our team will
have to… buy a courier! NIGEL: Just wanted to take this chance to say good
luck to you and your team ENIGMA: My team… Who else is getting picked here? TIDEHUNTER: I am Tidehunter. ENIGMA: Hi! TIDEHUNTER: Tidehunter will now decide what to wear. Oh! Pirate hat! Look, I’m Kunkka. Howdy howdy howdy! ENIGMA: That’s… That’s not… No. TIDEHUNTER: Oh! Octo-hat! Kraken Shell! Wait, I got it. Octo-hat, Sharky back, and Squid buddy! Bird! CRYSTAL MAIDEN: Crystal Maiden! TIDEHUNTER: Lady! ENIGMA: Well I never thought I’d say this, but…
we need a carry. TIDEHUNTER: Carry? ENIGMA: No. no. TERRORBLADE: From the hell of hells I come. TIDEHUNTER: Scary carry! ENIGMA: Alright team, what are we up against? JUGGERNAUT: I am Juggernaut. ENIGMA: Chump… TIMBERSAW: Timbersaw! TERRORBLADE: Weirdo… KUNKKA: Fear not, your admiral is on board. TIDEHUNTER: Smelly… AXE: Axe! TERRORBLADE: What an axe-hole. Ha ha ha! Get it? Axe-hole? Axe? Hole? … LAUGH AT MY JOKES! RUBICK: Rubick! NIGEL: Wow, who saw that coming? Ev-everyone. Everyone saw that coming. RUBICK: Good day, teammates! Timbersaw, a ward for you for the top lane. TIMBERSAW: Uh, thanks. RUBICK: Need a spare tango? TIMBERSAW: Get that away from me. KUNKKA: Hoho I shall situate myself in the middle
lane. RUBICK: Axe, are you heading to the jungle? AXE: Axe-actly! JUGGERNAUT: I shall go bottom. RUBICK: Me too! TERRORBLADE: We need a courier. ENIGMA: I got it. TIDEHUNTER: I will buy. ENIGMA: One of you is going to be the ‘shunned non-flying
courier’, so… sorry about that.


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