47 thoughts on “The Do's and Don'ts of LinkedIn Advertising”

  • who would be the best to target as a linkedin marketing agency to get more clients? Im not sure what audience to target

  • That's good stuff, AJ. Thanks for taking the time and I'll revisit this and your other content when I'm ready to look at LinkedIn advertising.

  • A-Z Business Consultants says:

    This is great, thanks. I have subscribed I am just starting out on YouTube please watch my channel a-z business consultants and subscribe?

  • Paramount Investigative Services, Inc says:

    AJ Love the video. Question. I'm in a niche service industry for sure and its not the cheating spouse cases one naturally thinks about when they hear PI. I would like to produce a short video or a couple of videos to market to specific clients. However, thats about as far as I've gotten. I'm not sure what message to send (though I have an idea) and no clue what to expect to set aside for budget. It appears the research drops off at this point for Linkedin marketing

  • Jessie Clarke-Mcleod says:

    Thanks for the Video- I wanted to ask a question with regards to a point you raised in your video. You made mention of the fact that you need to be sure that you can afford the CPC of the which you stated was about 5$-8$. So If a company has a clientele base of only 5000 and they sell a contract based product which only see's its full ROI after a 12 month period. Like a cellphone company or internet company where the longtime ROI could be high. Additionally this company only has a budget of 1396.07$ to utlilise on this platform would you recommend that the company is too small to market on this platform? Asking for a friend.

  • A-Z Business Consultants says:

    Thanks so much!! Love your vids your so on point !!! I’m just starting out in agency after many years in house so love your sales speak !!!

  • Thanks for the great explaination! I am currently considering to invest in LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for my company. Do you have some knowledge/ experience to share about that kind of advertising? Could you tell me if it's easy to combine lead gen forms with an existing marketing automation tool, like Act-on? Thank you in advance.

  • Tom Trombley says:

    This is an amazing, value-added content-packed, to the point video. This is my first exposure to you; and this alone has earned you a like, a comment, and a subscribe. Keep up the great work! Look for my LinkedIn invite shortly.

  • leon gilbert says:

    Hi there you mentioned that if you selling a product anyway for the 3 to $500 doesn't make sense for paid ads.

    I have an online fitness coaching business I would like to Target business professionals. My package range from 1000- 3000 what advice do you have on this?

  • Ive grown my business using this tool. I am 20 years old and make money at home while goin to school. Great tool I recommend!

  • what would you say is the ideal audience size for a standard inmail campaign? For my case if i am targeting a specific group where linkedin says 8000+ is that too little? im trying to be as focused as possible to maximize my ROI

  • Shivam Gupta says:

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    Nice video
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  • says:

    Hi Wilcox, what to you think of LinkedIn for offering private Spanish lessons? Will the searchable criteria allow me to target the right audience if I offer a language learning related service?

    Thanks for the great info!

  • Dude, this is awesome! Is there any way you can show us how to set up analytics for tracking? This will definitely help us DM's on how to read our conversions better via less confusions with the number etc.

  • Hi AJ thanks for the great content. I run a company applying nano technology coatings to glass and some other surfaces. My customer ranges from 1k to 5k for residential clients. If I were to use LinkedIn ads, maybe I can target larger commercial buildings maybe 10k-50k. Would you recommend LinkedIn for my type of work?

  • Dylan Knight says:

    Hey AJ,
    Awesome video, thanks for the help. I have been working in digital markeitng (Mainly SMM and SEM) but I want to base my new firm on linkedin advertising and this video helped alot. Cheers.

  • Jan's Experience says:

    Hi A J I was wondering if it would be wise to advertise a niche of real estate T Shirts on linkedin?

  • Ryan Egeling says:

    Great videos I subscribed, thanks!
    Currently running a text ad on LinkedIn, one of my targeting options is by geo. I have a quick question, if I don't turn off audience expansion, Linkedin will advertise to people outside of my set up location targeting correct?

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