The Donald Trump / Bernie Sanders Media Double Standard Exposed By Baltimore Tweets

The Donald Trump / Bernie Sanders Media Double Standard Exposed By Baltimore Tweets

if I told you the media was biased against Donald Trump your reaction would depend on which tribe you're in conservatives and Trump supporters are gonna say well duh what else is new and the left was gonna say that's just silly but the reality is they really are biased against Trump now this doesn't take away anything from Trump being a dangerous media mastermind that is a quote from CNN not from me that they've said Trump he plays the meat he knows what he's doing but the media is biased against Trump Trump plays them up he does it on purpose because it distracts from bigger issues yesterday I did a video about Trump winning a Supreme Court ruling which will allow moving forward on funding the border wall in it I mentioned Trump started tweeting about Baltimore and Elijah Cummings and triggered this huge wave of rage and here we are once again in a news cycle based on Trump tweeting but if I'm gonna do today you may have seen many of the tweets you may have seen what Trump said you may have seen some the articles today I want to go through something I find very interesting the bias against Trump and the ignoring of the same thing from Bernie Sanders let me let me free rephrase it that's gonna win the media will take something Trump says and go go to town 24/7 Trump is bad bad bet are nice and he'll say something I'll say yeah so what whatever when Trump tweeted about Baltimore people called it a race driven I don't know how to describe it they were saying that even though Trump said nothing about race he was implying it because he was using the words like infested and things like that Bernie Sanders has said similar things albeit not as bombastic but very critical of Baltimore people immediately start saying hey remember when Bernie Sanders says Baltimore was like a third-world country how come no one called him out for that but it's worse I actually have many many stories that I can pull up showing Bernie Sanders and Trump are very very similar there are estimates that in the 2016 election around 12 to 18 percent of Bernie voters voted for Trump and now you're going to see why as I explained to you how the media will go after Trump and accuse him of being the worst possible and ignore Bernie doing similar things now admittedly I'll say this look Trump is definitely bombastic and he definitely tries to be more aggressive than Bernie does Bernie will will pull back when confronted and try and you know I don't know trying bow to the media Trump doesn't so I think the bias more has to do with that even though Bernie has said offensive things they don't care because when challenged Marino be like oh no no no no no no I'll try and apologize for it Trump not so much so I have this story from the hill Trump doubles down and attacks against Cummings and the Baltimore district but before we get started getting into all this in the bias make sure you head over to Tim cast com / donate if you'd like to support my work there's a PayPal option a crypto option a physical address but of course share this video if you think it's important because YouTube has D ranked independent political commentary and the only way this channel grows now is if you share it because you think it's something people should hear and you think people shouldn't hear it don't share it and then comment below as to why you think no one should hear anything I have to sound kidding let's read the news the first story the update from today Trump is doubling down they say President Trump doubled down his attacks against Rep Elijah Cummings and his Baltimore congressional district saying that it's sad that the longtime congressman has done so little for the city he represents and accusing Democrats of playing the race card so sad that Elijah Cummings has been able to do so little for the people of Baltimore I was reading statistically Baltimore ranks last in almost every major category Cummings has done nothing but milk Baltimore Drive but the public is getting wise to the bad job that he is doing Trump did not expand on what statistics he was referring to he defended his position again early Sunday saying there is nothing wrong with pointing out that Cummings has done a very poor job the Democrats always play the race card when in fact they have done so little for our nation's great african-american people Elijah Cummings has failed badly I agree there is absolutely nothing wrong with Trump calling out a bad place Baltimore is not one of the best places in this country I believe it has the highest per capita homicide rate so it does have its issues just because Trump is talking about this doesn't mean other places aren't worse and I will also point out many of the people responded saying Kentucky is really really bad where's Mitch McConnell pointing out that look there are a lot of places that are bad Trump obviously takes things on tribal lines like most people do so I see him tweet about this I say yes it's politics what else is new but the media oh the media turns into the biggest news cycle ever now I believe Trump knows this I believe he's look he has to have known it by now that no matter what he does they're gonna go nuts and what do we have two big stories his win on the border wall and his safe third country agreeing with Guatemala these are huge moves that will benefit Trump towards immigration policy but what do we get entangled in Trump tweeted again well look the big news was yesterday I covered it so I want to dive into this and show the hypocrisy how they will ignore what Bernie says admitting you know Bernie is until his mom bastok but I still think there's a double standard they'll ignore it Bernie says and slam Trump so first I'm not gonna read through all these but I'm gonna show some of the tweets Trump has put out he says someone explain to Nancy Pelosi who was recently called racist by her own party if there's nothing wrong with bringing out the very obvious fact that congressman Elijah Cummings has done a very poor job for his district he says you know now we have the lowest unemployment in history for the black community that we have this other tweet here I'm looking for the one where he said was rat infested and disgusting and that was the one where they used to claim that his language was meant to be you know played on racial lines because he said was infested crime-infested but he did say no human being would want to live there so where did the big news come from well actually what we'll get to it it's the Victor Blackwell thing but I want to highlight very quickly that Trump has then retweeted these videos this one from Kim K Baltimore she does more trash more concerned residents people live in the home with the silver van this is rep Cummings district this is nothing to do with race let us all pray the city remove the trash and installs cameras to catch individuals dumping on this property so we have videos from Kimberly Kimberly classic of Baltimore millions of views now showing yes Baltimore is in dire straits and they need help what does the media do they grandstand on mortal grounds look I believe you could approach this with here's how I'd say Trump is targeting Elijah Cummings district because Elijah Cummings has targeted border patrol that's my opinion and I think it's fair to point out that his district is not faring too well but it's also important to point out there are many other districts as well its fared for Trump to point out the problems and because he's called out one problem doesn't mean other problems don't exist in fact that's quite literally the black lives matter argument during Ferguson and black lives matter I was on the ground a comic was going viral that showed houses on fire one with a small fire and one with a big fire and the point they were making was that the black community needs more help than the white community when it comes to police brutality that doesn't mean they're dismissing the problems of the white community the point is the narrative now flips when Trump points out it is in fact a black community that needs help but of course the narrative is more about smearing Trump so we're gonna get to all the the weird and while that's going on now I'm gonna do this as an aside for two reasons this one this next story I want to mention this in the Daily News Trump's NYC eateries written up for a live mice other critical health code violations in recent months I want to highlight this for two reasons the first this story is from a while ago but many people are sharing it now for the obvious reason that is Trump calling a place rat infested but so so this is getting a lot of traction once again it's it's from February but hey it's it's look just because Trump is pointing out Baltimore it doesn't mean you can't point out his restaurants it doesn't mean Baltimore is doing good it is it right it doesn't take away from Trump's criticism it just means great I'll criticize Trump too I don't think he's managing the data day-to-day operations of his businesses but I also kind of feel like Elijah Cummings isn't managing his own community enough either they can both be criticized two things can be true so by all means criticize Trump all day and night it does nothing to take away from the fact that Trump isn't wrong Baltimore has problems we can then say sure so's Trump's eateries great fix them both I hate this argument it's look what about ISM can make sense in some capacities for some arguments right what about X fine but not in the effort to dismiss the initial criticisms where the people saying you're right Baltimore is bad no they're saying AHA well Trump's a bigot and so in these restaurants aren't good either so who is he to talk well it doesn't matter it doesn't matter even if the pot and the kettle are both black they can still point to each other and say it's time to get cleaned up right let's move on the next story I have has to do with why people think Trump's tweets are bigoted on racial lines well according this Paul from s mucin 32 percent of say any white criticism of politicians of color is racist well there you go so that explains that moving forward this is the Victor Blackwell story which I don't want to spend too much time on I'm gonna go through each of these things I've pulled up but trust me wearing it to the Bernie Sanders stuff that's the crux of what this videos gonna be about I don't I don't know why I criticized this yesterday so I wanted very highlight it cuz it really pushed this story forward CNN putting a guy on camera who cries I'm not I don't think it's the right thing to do now the big update is that yesterday the Baltimore Sun criticized Donald Trump saying better to have a few rats than to be one the fence funny about this is that they're saying they have rats I like admitting you have a rat problem to own Trump okay fine but let's get to the real issue here with the Baltimore Sun for one they do have a ton of articles about Baltimore and Trump's comments of course they would I'm not concerned about that I'm concerned about what Bernie Sanders said because now we're gonna talk about the double standard in 2016 Bernie Sanders tweeted residents of Baltimore's poorest boroughs have lifespans shorter than people living under dictatorship in North Korea that is a disgrace I don't disagree was their media outrage when Bernie says this no granted it's not the same thing Trump was very bombastic and talked about rats and everything but okay let's move on Bernie Sanders likens West Baltimore to third world country in 2015 once again did we see any great outrage was a big press no not really no one really cared and Bernie was running for president at the time I believe he was running for president around I mean that's why they probably started talking about it but yes Bernie has been very critical this is just this I shouldn't have this one open this is a a rehashing of the same story from Baltimore Baltimore Sun but now let's get into Bernie Sanders is very similar to Donald Trump without the media criticism and and you can very well say it's because bernie is more polite fine it doesn't take away from the principle of the issue if Trump says Baltimore is you know filthy and rat and fresh infested with crime and Bernie Sanders says people are living less than under North Korea and it's a third world country it's similar criticism but one gets ignored why because phrasing was better I guess the problem then though then comes to be people ignoring the actual problems of Baltimore because they're more concerned about Trump being mean about it so again I will I will say bernie is more polite fine Trump is more bombastic but we still have some examples to go through that kind of lend some evidence here in this story from 2015 Bernie Sanders tells Jorge Ramos he absolutely can beat Hillary Clinton now that's not what's important what's important is that Jorge Ramos asked him about how he sounds like Donald Trump he says you'e recently asked about open borders and you said it was a right wing idea that it would make everybody poor in America but one article said that you sounded like Donald Trump Bernie responded deaths you know this is Jorge Ramos says but that suggestion that immigrants would take jobs away from Americans no no no Bernie responds we have to be very careful about this one yes we have to the point here is I'm starting to like but even Jorge Ramos has said you've been criticized for sounding like Donald Trump he has I have many examples where's the criticism now again I want to make sure I'm very clear Bernie pulls back right away and says no no no no no no no ok ok ok I'm just saying you know we had we got a he tries to walk it back and not be as bombastic Trump on the other hand says now get out of here you're fake news and they take it personally as Jon Stewart said their ego driven so Bernie is playing it right let's move on here's Real Clear Politics March 6 2016 Sanders echoes Trump at debate versus Hillary how stupid are these trade policies just another story where Bernie Sanders sounds a lot like Donald Trump you're beginning to see why people who voted for Bernie then moved on to vote for Trump here's the next story and PR Fiveways Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are more alike than you think I'm not gonna go through it I'm just showing you once again February 8th 2016 comparisons between Trump and Bernie and they were both populist s– they both fought against trade agreements they both called out bad immigration policy Bernie still does to this day and you can see that there were similarities between the two where is the media slamming Bernie Sanders don't worry I got a great example for you coming up here's a story from this April Bernie Sanders says US can't have open borders because poor people will come from all over the world once again sounding an awful lot like Donald Trump no criticism sure Bernie's more polite but the criticism about Trump isn't often about the fact that he's not being polite it's about the substance of what he tweeted so here's what I'm saying because Trump is mean they act like his argument is wrong I do believe to an extent Trump does it on purpose because then when regular people enter the conversation they look around and say wait hold on Baltimore is kind of messed up what are you saying Trump was wrong about this yes that's basically what Victor Blackwell saying on CNN he's like you're saying no human would want to live there well I grew up there okay Trump was being bombastic hyperbolic but now it sounds like you're arguing the substance as opposed to the character Bernie's substance is very similar to Trump's substance he says open borders are bad because too many poor people come Trump Trump I don't even think Trump has said something to that effect Trump has said no to the criminals Bernie straight-out called out poor people will hold on shouldn't we be calling out Bernie because poor people need our help well socialists did they did but for the most part no there's no media calling out Bernie Sanders condemning poor people to the worst parts of the world how dare he we have people from Africa flying to Brazil coming up through the southern border to the US and the media calls out Trump as being kind of nuts for saying it's a problem but Trump is mostly concerned most of his conversations is focused on ms-13 and other gangs and crime Bernie Sanders actually called out poor people but again Trump is bombast they don't like and we get it now let's get to the big juicy part here's the best one this is from politifact and boy you're gonna love this Donald Trump said on Friday June 10th 2016 in the speech that the unemployment rate for african-american youth is 59% politifact ruled this to be mostly false they go on to say that although Trump did have a statistic that showed it would be fifty eight point five percent it's not really how unemployment is calculated so it's mostly not true interesting what happened when Bernie Sanders made a very similar claim Bernie Sanders said that African American kids are unemployed or underemployed to the tune of fifty one percent well that was mostly true even though Bernie Sanders wasn't using the same Stan mystics people use for unemployment he was using a special study they mentioned Sanders camp pointed us to research published in June 2015 by the Economic Policy Institute a left-of-center think-tank the numbers in the report match what Sanders said at the debate we'll hold on hold on hold on Donald Trump also had look they said the bureau said the unemployment they're talking about the Bureau of Labor Statistics called the unemployment population ratio Trump absolutely was citing real stats but because it was the wrong stats they said it was false when Bernie Sanders started cited a study which was the wrong stats they said it was mostly true ok ok hold on maybe it's because they trust the left-of-center think-tank more than what was the other organization they uh Trump's book comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics called so you have the Bureau of Labor Statistics they said that's not true that's that's the wrong step Bernie used a think-tank that is ok ok fine let's throw this one out maybe you're saying you know what Tim maybe they just don't trust the Bureau of Labor Statistics you know how they framed it maybe this is not an example of bias against Trump maybe they're just saying there's nuance here ok ok I'm hearing young except you'd be wrong because when the RNC used the exact same study to make a similar point over the past eight years black youth unemployment is up using the same study it was labeled mostly false the Bernie Sanders story says the Institute didn't just look at employment status for people between the ages of 17 to 20 it limited its reach to high school graduates who are not enrolled in further schooling and to epi counted not only unemployed workers but also those who are working part-time due to the weakness of the economy and those who are marginally attached to the labor force and interestingly when they claim the Republicans were mostly false they cite the exact same research the RNC is cherry picking and misinterpreting old research by the liberal Economic Policy Institute specifically a chart that tracked the high school graduates aged 17 to 20 who are not enrolled in further schooling according to the Chart the eight rows from 44.8% January to 51.3% in March 2015 but unemployment is not underemployment we'll hold on didn't you just say that Bernie was right when he said okay okay I'll give them this one Bernie said unemployed or underemployed I think it's fair to point out I'm not trying to to accuse them of wrongdoing maybe they're basing this simply and the fact that Bernie also added the word underemployed but I think you can at least see there is a potential for bias when Trump and Bernie do this do a similar thing Trump cites the Bureau of Labor Statistics with actual data he rounded up by 0.5 percent it's mostly false Bernie used a different study that was left of center and mostly true it sounds to me like you know in the end Bernie Sanders is ignored and Trump is condemned now I want to make sure I reiterate to a great degree Bernie's not the president he is a politician so there is there is scrutiny to point at in Trump's direction however like I mentioned they turn Trump the criticism towards Trump it's the substance of his tweets not the character of his tweets in which case if we were gonna judge you know Trump on policy and and substance and Bernie the same way it's not happening in the media but let's move on for this there's a couple more stories to go through how about this one Sanders joined by Rust Belt Democrats praises Trump for nixing TPP well good at Bernie Sanders it's a principled move I got a say but where was the condemnation when in 2017 Bernie Sanders actually praised Trump the point I'm trying to say is there are numerous stories you've seen over the years where Bernie and Trump are very similar I'm not saying this is bad for either of them just that the media doesn't care when Bernie says something like this and even praises the president for his plans granted nixing TPP is not the same as criticizing a jurisdiction but I don't see in the end how because Trump was bombastic and talking about rats and crime that makes him a bigot it just means he's bombastic and mean does it mean what he's saying is wrong in fact many people are coming to his defense when you moralize instead of actually addressing the argument it makes it really hard to move forward and look Baltimore does have problems mayor's corruption scandal further fuels Baltimore cynicism cynicism about politics how about this story what the wire got right corrupt politicians in Maryland a corrupt mayor how about this story from April Baltimore suffers after decades of mismanagement we see it over and over again and I'll tell you why this is it should be very obvious to everybody ask yourself why does the media chase after Trump's bombastic tweets the ratings bump of Donald Trump from Forbes 2018 you've heard of the Trump bump bad stories about Trump do really really well I think at this point Trump has really figured it out so you have these big wins on immigration for Trump and he wants to make sure the Democrats do two things stay off message and don't fight back on the border front so Trump gives you know the string of tweets where he targets a Democrat and he gives the media exactly what they want they then claim everything he treats his racists fine they ignore the substance of what he's saying people then come out the argument ensues over Baltimore and once again Trump has successfully distracted the media from his actual policy victories well there you have it I'm like oh and by saying this I'm not trying to claim that in every single instance when Trump says something the media will play up to it or in every single instance they will ignore what Bernie says I mean this isn't like Bernie either they dragged him all the time they don't want him to win you know that the DNC doesn't want me to win I'm not saying Bernie is invincible I'm just saying you can clearly see there's something weird going on with the media I don't think it's a grand conspiracy I think it's just how our society reacts Trump we have we have a routine in play so you'll probably find many examples of the media not criticizing Trump and criticizing Bernie I'm just showing these particular examples to make a point that a lot of people are highlighting Bernie Sanders has criticized these places too is that racist no why because he wasn't mean about it is that really it let me don't you think stick around the next segment will be coming up at 6:00 p.m. slash teamcast news thanks for hanging out and I will see you all next time you


21 thoughts on “The Donald Trump / Bernie Sanders Media Double Standard Exposed By Baltimore Tweets”

  • TDC is so RAMPANT now, that, say Biden becomes the Democratic Candidate for 2020…….He will be able to drop the "N" word, on camera, and the left will BLAME TRUMP for it,

  • Whenever you enter a debate with a fallacy, the person spouting the fallacy takes the L. Is it a coincidence that the Left only use fallacies for their arguments?

  • Theodor Witter says:

    Honestly, referring to a place as a "3rd world country" has way more "racial" tone than calling it "rat infested".

  • I have been following your channel for a while now and I have to ask, if you can only vote left or right with no third option (independent), will you still choose left in spite of everything you know about it?

  • Bernie knows how talk big about actions, Trump knows how talk big about results. Conman vs Businessman. Easy choice.

  • Sometimes i think Tim is retarded. WTF does Trumps eateries have to do with this? Its not government run. Has nothing to do with the House nor the Executive. If it isnt compliant – shut it down. What do you with Baltimore? Elijah Cummings was elected to represent Baltimore. He hasnt. He has lived off of them while ignoring them. Baltimore should vote him out.

  • Lived in Maryland all my life. Spent the last 6 months installing residential security systems in Baltimore. It is dirty, it is rat infested, the people that live there wish they didn’t. I’ve heard gunshots on the job multiple times. My coworkers and I have all witnessed assaults and robberies on the job. West Baltimore by Ashton is the most blighted place I’ve ever seen.

    Trump stated nothing but facts. Cummings is garbage

  • So what ! Since Trump said it – now the whole country knows there's a problem. So now maybe – just maybe something will get fixed……!!!!!!!'

  • If you can't criticize someone – then that person(s) can't serve in Congress. It is insane to think you can't criticize someone in Congress because of their skin color. Dumb shit like this is what got him elected the first time…………….Do I need to say it? If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. They should all be made to live in the hoods of Baltimore – that would fix the problems – immediately. Or you can keep shouting WAAAAACISM…..

  • Tony Franchise says:

    Trump just calls it as he sees it. It’s refreshing still! He just needs to keep working on Immigration issues. Focus on White support. Also let the Left eat itself w/TDS.

    He will swoop 2020. Then Hawley/Tucker 2024!!! ☘️14

  • I might be wrong, but I think this is something no one has pointed out, but why does the far left think that when Trump refers to Baltimore as "Rat and Crime Infested" he's insulting Blacks and Hispanics? Seems to me that those that are reporting and criticizing are the REAL racists if the first thing that pops into their heads when they hear "rat infested" are Blacks and Hispanics.

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