The Difference between Marketing and Advertising: What is Marketing?

The Difference between Marketing and Advertising: What is Marketing?

Marketing is a lot more than people normally
realize. People often think
that marketing is promotion. Promotion is marketing. Sales is marketing. But marketing actually encompasses all aspects
of your business. How you
price your product, how you offer your product, how you distribute your
product or service, what lines you're using to get it out to the public,
how you promote it, offers, specials, naming it, how it's perceived by the
market. Marketing is much more than people generally
realize. If you don't have a clue about marketing,
if you just say, "Hey, I have this great product or service, and I'm going
to do it," you could be right on the money. I mean, it could work out fine, and you get
word of mouth, and for a long time word of mouth was actually
good enough for a lot of businesses that were doing a great job and
doing such a good job that they didn't need to promote. As the economy shifted and more and more
competition came around, and the Internet came around, and people had so
many other ways to do the due diligence and find businesses, things
shifted. If you're not on top of how to get your product
or service out there and well-thought of and create want
for that product or service, somebody else is doing it correctly.


6 thoughts on “The Difference between Marketing and Advertising: What is Marketing?”

  • dcgfhgjnzgfnjcbgn says:

    This says nothing about the difference between the 2. Your title is misleading. Probably intentionally so.

  • Jervis Rowntree says:

    I have no objection. Besides I want to mention that I use youtube to bring traffic to my site since i am a marketer and this video is very helpful for me. visit my channel and learn more regarding what i do to increase traffic to my site. take care

  • Very valid and useful points.  That's the Biz is definitely in favor of effective marketing AND advertising.

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