The Diamond Casino DLC REVIEW | The update GTA Online needed in 2016

The Diamond Casino DLC REVIEW | The update GTA Online needed in 2016

okay so let's talk about the casino dlc the dust has settled and the reviews from a lot of people are coming in so let's talk about this dlc and whether this update was good bad or just yeah now the thing is with every dlc in the past you couldn't really make a review after one day for instance the smugglers run gun running doomsday heist and after i was dlc had so many angles and content and also locked away content to be trip fed later but the sad fact is every one of you can kind of give a verdict of this dlc after playing it roughly for three hours and yes I am aware that there's more content coming it's mainly cars actually and maybe more missions but I am kind of looking at what is presented to us right now in his DLC which I don't see changing that much it's not like with after hours where they had a terabyte with loads of awesome features stored away for later release so we got five different things the casino the penthouse the casino missions and a bunch of vehicles but the fifth thing is something that's unrelated to the casino but impacts the game more than anything that was added and I'm going to discuss that lastly and it really is a huge deal so let's discuss the casino and the missions first first of all the casino itself having this place to hang out with your friends is legit really fun last night I was just playing with two friends over on xbox and for the first time in a long time we all had a good chuckle doing a wide variety of gambling activities inside of the casino now we exchanged laps and we exchanged a few tears and our friendship was tested because my friend Dave vacated the narrator is 100% positive that the entire casino was rigged and I don't know whether this is true or not what I can tell you is is that the house seems to win quite often regardless of all of that the casino is a fun addition to GTA online and gives more to do that is if you can actually use the casino and it isn't banned in your country because if that is the case well this entire place is basically a massive museum where you can look at other people having fun while all you can basically do is buy tokens every now and then and try and spend that in the casino store which would 100% make the the worst DLC ever even ranking below beach bums I'm not even kidding imagine if you're unable to gamble all you can do is grind a handful of missions over and over and get some tokens or just use the cashier once in a while to get some customization for your penthouse but I've heard a number of people saying that they can't even buy tokens at the cachet because that's that's banned it's pretty much useless except for it being an awesome place to have sure you can get some new clothing items sure you can get the penthouse customization but the real star of this DLC is the entire casino definitely not the casino store and also not the casino missions so we are going to move on to the casino missions all of these missions are pretty fun but there is just five of them without the forced waiting time between them you could you literally finish all of them in an hour the cutscenes the story and everything there is nothing wrong with that the voice acting is great even Cyril figures from Archer is in this the man who keeps demanding champagne around but on the other hand it's nothing special either it's just a handful of fetch quests and a few shootouts nothing like the actual heist missions it's just very ordinary and plain old GTA contact missions so the casino and the casino missions are kind of the meat and bones of this entire dlc and the unfortunate thing is it's lacking longevity the gambling aspect if that is even available for you is fun for a little while but the chips you earn don't really hold much value except for the fact that you can cash him out and that worries me a little bit a huge complaint was a GTA has gotten very stale in the last six months and getting something that doesn't offer that longevity is a big shame now again more missions can be added but loads of leakers have already kind of confirmed that it won't be a tit they'll keep adding new items to win every week but that is only for the people who can actually gamble now fortunately for those people there's nothing stopping them to actually buy these vehicles but the casino itself is a lot of fun it's a welcome addition for sure but it also a deal see that would have been great around three years ago just before gun running now let's move over to the penthouse so it's quite simple the penthouse is freaking awesome it's huge it's expensive it has a load of features and it's also quite useless look at the end of the day it's just an awesome place to have with loads of quicks but like I said it's also useless besides granting you access to high limit tables and the story missions you can also get a free haircut organized and awkward get-together you can watch some of the movies that's been playing since lunch but besides all of that there's nothing you can do except to show off and that to me that's kind alright like it's a penthouse inside a resort what exactly do you expect it to do and I guess there's booze everywhere but the best thing about the penthouse by far is watching the damn war zone outside this was me this morning what the hell is happening scramjet is red dots everywhere holy Rockstar you done a great job in like it's ready to go look at this the cops are hot spatter is shooting absolute pandemonium alright let's get inside no we are moving on to the vehicles and there again it's more evident than ever that this DLC would have been way better back in the day a lot of youtubers like the professional make the argument no more military vehicles no more futuristic stuff and if you ask me a year or two ago I would have agreed before I explain I want to get out of the way that if you enjoyed these sort of vehicles or specific vehicles from this DLC you're gonna love them there's absolutely nothing wrong with these vehicles they added collectors of vehicles are going to have a lot of fun with them however this is GTA online 2019 and the fact is adding just super and sports cars and well ordinary giggles is kind of useless everything is focused around free mode these days and we all know what reigns supreme in these lobbies don't get me wrong I'm not asking for a Mach 3 oppressor or anything that would overpower it nor am I asking for a vehicle that would counter it what I want to see is one or two vehicles that would be alternatives and I don't care whether it's futuristic or not because at the end of the day there's already so much crazy stuff in the game that they won't get used less if Rockstar stops adding futuristic vehicles like this DLC it's pretty much exactly what loads of youtubers wanted no more crazy stuff no more futuristic stuff and will this fix GTA online no no they add a thing that's great for races great for collectors and 100 percent needs to have a place in this DLC about luxury but do any of these vehicles have any value in free mode in 2019 I don't think they do again I don't want a vehicle that's stronger than the Mach 2 oppressor and it sure as hell won't leave GTA online all I want is either a nerf for the Mach 2 and something that's a good alternative to get around the map easily what we got and what we are getting after the drip feed is a bunch of vehicles that are pretty much out of place in races they might be great but in free mode what GTA online 2019 is all about they are pretty much useless and don't get me wrong it sucks I would have wanted it to be any other way but that's not how it is that's not the direction GTA online went again we are getting more vehicles and for the people wanting the ordinary vehicles they're gonna have a good time but for those who are on the daily GTA grind it's not that great except for of course the collectors who just want to have nice vehicles in their garage now let's go over the under-the-radar changes so the biggest one is is the change they made to passive mode at long last after pretty much years of outcry they changed passive mode I have no clue why it took this long but when you are in a weaponized vehicle no more paths mode for you this was a huge deal in free mode for there are so many Grievous abusing the shit out of this feature there is also a two-minute timer on passive mode after you killed someone so that's pretty much the end of the OneNote griefer slash triads and that is probably the thing that will change GTA online the most out of everything that we have gotten and that is kind of sad to me we've got a casino a penthouse Casino missions and all sorts of vehicles but a simple overhaul of passive mode actually does more in the long run than all the content that was added and all across the board Rockstar has made some belts and tweaks however the biggest glitch out there a god mode glitch is still running rampant and with everyone cluttering up inside and around the casino for at least one more week there's no doubt you're gonna run into it once or twice ok so let me give you the final verdict on this update as it is presented to us right now I'm gonna rate this DLC by everything that has been given and changed so far including the passive mode overall and I'm gonna give two ratings first of all for all the people who can enjoy everything this DLC has to offer I'm gonna give this a 6 out of 10 it's not great but there are a lot of fun features and that's what this DLC was gonna be all about it's delivering on the promise that it's going to deliver a casino and a resort however if the passive mode changes didn't come through I would have given it a 4 out of 10 just simply because of the fact that it lacks longevity even with more story missions there's only so much you can do the gambling is fun the penthouse is great but it won't hold in the long run like for instance after hours which offers so much more for those people who can't use the casino I'm gonna give this a 2 out of 10 the passive mode changes are the only thing that's awesome but the casino itself doesn't offer anything for them they might as well have gotten rid of the entire structure plop down a penthouse somewhere on the map and add a store for that penthouse and you can't call a bunch of vehicles a penthouse and five well missions a DLC for those people and it's kind of out of Roxy's hands I do realize that rocks are those who control gambling laws but still Rockstar knew this was going to be an issue and delivering this to those people is like a very underwhelming experience that would do it for my review on the casino DLC let me know what your thoughts are on the casino so far leave a like if you enjoyed and I will see you in the next one peace out


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    the casino mission is not 5. there is 6 of them. sir your making a lot of mistakes. ther4e is a problem after doing all that hell of amount of work to finish all 6 missions as a team member then redo all of that as a host.. then you will get 9 badges. there is a problem. after I buy the PENTHOUSE to get a rebate of $1.5 million dollars is to complete all 6 casino missions as team member and all of that again as a host and I did not get the rebate. there is another one that I have to do use the phone and call that lady that is running the casino and do missions I think its 50 of them to get the gold badges. it goes gold then platinum then its finished. .

  • Before the update my stat for money earned in betting was 300k. Now, just 5 days later, that stat us at 17million. It's an awesome update for people who have businesses to wait on, and if you know how to play odds correctly.

  • 1:35 your friend is right, that’s how all casinos are, it’s always stacked in favor of the house… how do you think they make so much money

  • Soul Crusher15 says:

    Me and a couple of friends have found something being built near the desert I wonder if it is related to the DLC

  • You're right it is way to late. why give us the chance to win loads of money when there is nothing new to buy apart from cars. its almost done a full circle when it comes to content.

  • I really hate this DLC. I spent 4.5 mil on a penthouse and i really wish i didn't, usually when i spend that sort of money i expect a return. The gambling is fun i guess but it's not really interactive enough, like i was expecting a more immersive experience, it would have been nice to see how many chips other people at your table had or who else won on the track and how much they got won. It just seems like a waste of time to me.

  • Snake Friesia says:

    overall entirely disappointing dlc..

    the fact the missions are 2-4 player is a big let-down for me , as well as the fact the office has a useless computer not tied to any business options.
    i am allowed to gamble but it just does not attract me so that part of the casino is useless to me, as is the entire penthouse

    the only bit i liked is the card hunt .. but that is a single event, with an action figure hunt hinted at..
    as far as the changes to passive mode goes : Well Done, Rockstar ! NOW FIX THE ONES THAT STILL FALL OUT!

    4/10 for what we have so far

  • I followed another player into the casion driveway and it was the most nerve racking thing thinking he might start shooting but we both got out and went inside no issues and it showed me how toxic the community had become and it showed me that maybe if we had more social like spaces in gta kinda like the casino where players go to hangout and party gta online would be a less griefing type of place. Yeah you can make the argument for nightclub doing that but you had to pay into that or at least another player did, now people wanna just go to this casino to chill. The game needs more social spaces with positive environments and it can reverse the cesspool that has been free roam gta online for years

  • Shit dlc cash grab no content recycled garbage cars shiity way of acting like theirs more contrnt then there really is fuck dripfeed dlc is lame for a 8month wait no new business casini heist missed opportunity

  • They actually buffed the mk2 oppressor. You can no longer auto aim on them with machine guns. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Guys anyone have the problem where you can't even buy chips from the store to buy the new casino exclusive cloths?

  • Personally, I love the new update. It’s so much more down to earth than the previous ones, and it seems like they’re listening to the community.

  • My biggest disappointment in this dlc is the penthouse office….why the fuck would rockstar bother putting in a a fancy office with a basic internet computer?!! Are you fucking kidding me rockstar?? If I could run all of my businesses out of my penthouse office, this would have really made it worth while…. But no, the office is absolutely fucking worthless

    Way to drop the ball AGAIN YOU FUCKING MORONS😡🖕🏼

  • Luke Bellmason says:

    The Penthouse is worse than the yacht, at least the yacht has Piracy Prevention job which can be good fun to play

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