The Devaluation of Newspapers

The Devaluation of Newspapers

jeff cohen witness the founder
fair-haired outward form a producer for the donahue show professor Asia independent media you ever directed
founding director the Help Center for Independent Media professor a at associate professor if your college
of Europe cable news confidential my misadventures in corporate media and we have and media changing right in
front of us right now just another jeff has but the Washington
Post Jeff bass a snowy CEO and founder of Amazon you’re finding
that that they value of newspapers has gone down in these billionaires can pick up these newspapers for a song
and tonight and personal why has the value of newspapers collapsed and that’s a long story but initially up until even into the last decade
newspapers were hugely profitable why has a few companies took them over chain Mrk started laying of journalists way before
the Internet was a problem they were laying off journalist newspapers unlike
other businesses were getting twenty percent profit margins in and so newspapers were we can’t in this country worse than other
countries and because a corporate greed and then the
internet came along and they were double-whammy I love
corporate greed and the Internet taking away revenue especially classified ad revenue thats through
Craigslist and things like that and other revenue taking away readers
that 12 whammy in the price if the newspapers has gone down The Boston
Globe sold and I don’t 15-20 years ago for about a billion dollars in and what
it just sell for less like something like $75 million want it all on so not by a depreciating asset but so Jeff pesos is a guy a at who wants power all of these Internet
companies the best book on this is did you the digital disconnect by Robert W
mcchesney in all about how a few corporations now
are taking over the internet was not bad pictures yes program many times and i
really I and none of these guys is just pesos and
Amazon I he’s he’s worth a $28 billion and so he spent less than one percent of
his fortune to pick up the washington post in cash but basis is a guy who always liberal on
social issues and supports a gay marriage he’s very conservative on
any economic issue that directly affects his pocketbook in the pocket book I’ve Amazon she’s very conservative in
education policy very conservative and tax policy and and the issue that I believe the
mainstream media does worse I N which is the welfare state or were first
last survey much take Jeff pesos Amazon company has just
brought down a 600 million dollar contract to provide cloud
services for the CIA their perverted the surveillance state
so wait a minute that the company Amazon bed was started by is principally owned by
Jeff basis the guy who just bought the Washington Post is a CIA contractor yes the time big-time and and have a big investment
and the military industrial security complex as getting bigger and bigger wash imposed
as arguably the most influential newspaper in the United States when it
comes to policy made here in washington DC yes so I mean again people were talking
about and always pays as cataract the project
mystic tradition the Washington Post that traditions been going downhill for
a long time and with some exceptions Dana priest has
been no wonderful and somebody’s national security issue she exposed her
a Walter Reed Hospital abuse and she
exposed the black guy presence the secret prisons that regard
to the war on terror but you know if there’s exceptions to
the rule but general washington post this been going downhill the editorial page editor Fred Hiatt
sees itself as pair that warfare state and they were big cheerleaders for the
invasion of Iraq editorial after editorial in the months
leading up to the invasion of Iraq so the washington Post staff today is
very different than the washing post-watergate the pentagon papers which was forty
years ago but bases is now the new owner he’s paid to the surveillance state all
of the owners are problematic I mean you don’t have all the newspapers
all the major media I mean they all have these powerful
interests there’s almost nowadays story that you can hear reported on ABC
World News Tonight or NBC Nightly News or CBS Evening News that their owner doesn’t have a direct
interest in trade policy tax policy Union policy Amazon is
viciously anti-union is this why the media and never talks
about how our trade policy has has destroyed
the middle class it doesn’t it never talks about you know the car
check anathema and as you mentioned card check you know
that the ability of people to unionize that would be simply by saying yes a
majority more than 50 percent I’m saying yes i’d like a union at and which is bad used to be always
honored I haven’t seen a single mention that in at least a year and had to be
helped bridge have union policy labor policy workers rights workers
conditions trade policy those are some business in facing their
worst issues in the mainstream media if you go to fair .org you’ll see a
critique he almost on a monthly basis of how the mainstream media covers are
doesn’t cover those issues yeah an fact if anything to celebrate
you know what’s coming to her ok black we’ve I’ve written volumes
about the New York Times coverage a free-trade mean and yell free trade is good free
trade is good free trade is good yeah history and was knowing that was
literally a lead up a new story the trade is good if you hear it long
enough you will begin to say can that was a new story all and yeah at their there a paper that
is editorialized that how great sweatshops are as first you know first two jobs for people that
are struggling and that have come to the cities and
developing countries most in the major press has celebrated I these trade agreements that have been
so bad for their the Americans environment in them and the middle class here and frankly
for working people overseas mom but yeah if that’s why I believe because it’s the failure of the
mainstream media that’s built the independent media so many people turned off to mainstream
media because that their failures to get the facts straight in the invasion of
Iraq and then on some of these issues that
you crusade on her campaign on like trade like workers rights like the
middle class a you know economic security these are
issues that the mainstream corporate media out to lunch and and and I think when people do realize
there’s an alternative they flock to it in the run-up to the
invasion of Iraq where the mainstream networks and I was working on MSNBC
which is cheerleading for that war people were
turning onto BBC yeah you know they’re known as many
alternatives in 2002 well now there aren’t Amy goodman: show
has just flown since 2002 because the failures a mainstream media
I and i was when she started the war and peace report netlist yeah it gin today


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