The Death of Email: Is it Time to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy?

The Death of Email: Is it Time to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy?

do you remember when receiving an email was exciting when you waited patiently for those three little words you've got mail email was one so cool that it made meg Ryan fall in love with Tom Hanks I know I know you've been hearing about the death of email forever it's not dead quite yet but Wow marketers were really doing our best to kill it consider this when asked what types of content they would like to see from brands 63% of consumers over the age of 45 said they want more emails but only 31% of millenials feel the same way the truth is younger generations just aren't relying as much on email as a source of information and neither are europeans the e use general data protection regulation otherwise known as the GD P R will come into full effect in May 2000 18 making it more difficult for companies to use personal data like email addresses still with me good this is something every marketer needs to hear companies will now be required by law to be transparent about what data they're holding and gain individual consent before using it giving consumers the control you heard that right marketers will no longer be allowed to send emails without permission and if they do companies could be fined up to 20 million euro or 4% of their total revenues and the majority of Europeans agree with this measure when asked 90% of EU consumers agreed with the GDP our principals and 60% say they would opt out of receiving emails from companies surprised let me ask you a question how many emails do you have now and how many of those do you plan on reading most of them are probably headed to the trash bin so what does this mean for marketers first marketers need to learn not to default to email consider your message and audience then decide what channel would best help you reach your goals second marketers need to get better at sending email with the help of machine learning marketers will soon be able to send fewer emails that are more personalized targeted and relevant so before you press send think about the person on the receiving end and maybe just maybe we can make customers fall in love with email again


8 thoughts on “The Death of Email: Is it Time to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy?”

  • PS on a different note my previous message had to do with spam mail which refer to emails that which had no sense and possibly also the use of trying to steal information or data of a honest working person

  • in my point of view I think that this videos. BS because in the sense what made emails such a annoyance was that spam mail was created and marketing could never be seen as a sense of trying to make profit because of spam mail

  • David Stojadinovic says:

    Winner of a video, been searching for "marketing email blasts" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Jenevi Digital Duppy – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  • It's true that there are a few changes coming in Europe that benefit the consumer and make it harder for marketers. I think that's a good thing and that marketers SHOULD get more restrictions concerning their shameless data collecting and ignoring data sovereignty of each individual. That's my opinion EVEN THOUGH I work in Online Marketing myself and exactly these restrictions are the ones that make my own professional life harder. Consumers have to be protected, they can't protect themselves.

    That said, in your video it sounds like double-opt-in is an entirely new thing. I live and market in Germany, and having the consumer actively give his permission before companies can send him any kind of email has been around for years. The result is that (legit) companies who spam consumers without their agreement are virtually non-existent, as they can easily be sued for doing it. Is that a bad thing in your eyes? I hope not.

  • Praise Worship says:

    Under the US CAN-SPAM law, Marketers haven't been allowed to send email without permission for years. Is this the European equivalent of CAN-SPAM?

  • The Friedman Group, LLC says:

    Great info. So, what is HubSpot doing about integrating machine learning into its email system? -Brad

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