The Curse of Oak Island: Actual Treasure Found at Smith’s Cove (Season 6) | History

The Curse of Oak Island: Actual Treasure Found at Smith’s Cove (Season 6) | History

We’re ready to go. Right now just scrape this
off and start digging. Sound good. NARRATOR: For brothers Rick
and Marty Lagina and their Oak Island team, the
hopes of revealing the answers to a 223-year-old
mystery have never been higher. After completing the
construction of a massive 525 foot wide steel cofferdam
around Smith’s Cove, they are finally excavating the
nearly 12,000-square-foot area. I’m feeling sort of a
childish excitement to see what we’ve only seen in pictures,
to dig up and see with our own eyes what that
enigmatic and peculiar U-shaped structure is. It’s kind of nostalgic, i.e. Dan dug it in ’71,
and we are going to reveal it in its
entirety and hopefully bring that data to Dan and show him. NARRATOR: After researching old
photographs and surveys taken during Dan Blankenship’s
excavation, the team has identified
an area near the Northwest end of the cofferdam where they
believe the U-shaped structure can be located. I’ll tell you this. Might be some stuff in
there for Gary to find out. If it’s here, he’ll find it. No doubt about that at all. There you go, Gary. Oh, my metal detector. Big old spoil pile. I got a signal here. Nonferrous. I got a nonferrous here, Rick. [beeping] Where is it? Just here. How deep? I didn’t see. Hey Rick, take a break. Yeah, we want to
see what’s going on. I’ll do it. Help him pull it in. Is that it there? Oh man. Oh man. Now I’m seeing– You’re seeing results reals. Yeah, I’m seeing reals. That must be all. See there in this lump. That sounds like a nonferrous. Yeah, it does. Yeah. It is. It’s nonferrous, whatever it is. [beeping] Gary’s happy. I’ll let you do the
honors just in case. Wow, look at that. I can see gold color. Yeah, me too. Is it heavy? Pretty heavy. Yeah, you can see it here. Look. It looks gold colored. Yeah, it looks gold colored. I think it’s got a
milled edge, doesn’t it? I’d say that’s a coin. Yeah, I think that’s a coin. NARRATOR: A gold coin? Could the team have found their
first piece of actual treasure at Smith’s Cove? And this is just
the beginning. I don’t know
about a milled edge. No. No, I’m not so sure
about a milled edge either. I think you’re– no,
I don’t think so. If that isn’t a milled edge– That’s good. That’s good. It means it’s older. NARRATOR: If the gold-colored
object is, in fact, a coin, the absence of milled edges
is a likely indication that it predates the discovery
of the original Money Pit in 1795. It’s not copper either. It’s like gold plated. Yeah, I can see sparkles. It’s going to be
interested see what this is when it’s cleaned up. Yeah. That’s going in
the top pocket. Top pocket. Top-pocket find. All right, keep going. Proceed. We need to fill
this pocket up!


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  • If seven must die before the treasure is found, then it should be soon. It's killin' ME just waiting for them to find something!!!

  • roccorostagno says:

    This show can only go on for another season at best. Ive stoped watching it myself. Historys starting to realize it. Now they are click baiting on YouTube.. 5min of fresh material and 25min of recapping.. Smdh

  • I live 20 minutes from Oak Island. As a kid we used to go on the island regularly for picnics, etc.. and we grew up with the tales of pirate treasure. There may have been something there at one time but has been long ago removed. If there was all this so called activity going on around and on the island then the Mi'kmaq would have definitely known about it and there would have been some mention of it in their oral/written history. Since there is nothing in either I am of the opinion it did not or does not exist. Its really funny to watch "metal detecting expert" Gary Drayton find all these so called "significant" finds such as 18 century British coins, and chunks of metal/iron. I can tell you that I have been metal detecting in and around NS for over 40 years and have found many 18th century coins as well as some even earlier and I certainly don't consider myself an expert or the finds to be "significant" as it is well known history that the British were in NS as well as the French, Vikings, and many other visitors/settlers. In fact I and my metal detecting friends have many more interesting finds than what they have found on the island. The show has just become a humorous comedy with outlandish theories of who and what has been on the island.

  • Auburn Tigers says:

    6 years. I could get one of those coins in 6 days with standard ground shipping for a lot less than that one cost them ?

  • Lol , how come you never see the guy with the metal detector use the shovel ?? Isn’t he the hired help ?? I want that job ?

  • Are u kiddin me… Thats why i quit watchin the show they build up your hopes an smash em befor u know it… There aint no treasure that freed slave found it all

  • George McFly says:

    Funny how that guy never digs the targets. Someone else is always working the shovel. Hopefully he doesn't get paid much. Anyone can run a detector with some practice

  • I agree with most everyone here….every show is becoming more repetitive than the last. Maybe I am one of the few that still believe the treasure will be found, although, most of it may have already been found by the former slave or been washed out to sea. Wake me when it is found zzzzzzzzzz

  • RJ Weissenborn says:

    Worst video ever. History channel needs to go back to educational shows about history not garbage like this

  • Esses caras estão gastando dinheiro em vão e ganhando dinheiro transmitindo isso e os curiosos pagango pra ver que isso não vai dar em nada

  • It's funny they find a "nonferrous" signal and they are fixated on a bunch of guys standing around zooming in and out rather than the guy that finds a Non ferrous item. You also have the narrator who has to repeat everything over and over.

  • That moment you realize that after watching these idiots for years that the only treasure is the money they got for getting millions of people watch them dig up planted trinkets Lola

  • James Lester says:

    I love the show! What all the naysayers don't get is that it's all about the story and the history. If they find treasure then more power to them. I'll keep tuning in for the history lesson.

  • I enjoy the search,I have to wonder,though,how those who did all those tunnels,flood tunnels etc. managed to dig almost 200 feet down to bury treasure on an island that's less than 100 feet above sea level at maximum. Being more than 200 years ago,I doubt the technology even existed to do that kind of excavation without every hole they dug filling up with water before they were 50 feet down. Have they even THOUGHT about THAT?
    BTW-is it just coincidence that THIS show is the only one that only offers 5 minute clips on YT while other shows offer full episodes?

  • Tracy Meadows says:

    ?Actual Treasure found?? Unidentifiable possible coin is treasure? What’s funnier than that is the have an excavator and guys finds a coin behind where they are digging and it’s only an inch or do deep lol??? this whole show is a joke!!!!

  • Coins only. Lol. I believe gold bars were hidden in there but seems you all know nothing to spot that. The treasure here is the number of viewers. Imho

  • Why is this show still on? Just like alot of shows on the history channel nothing ever really happens. Expedition Unknown is another really bad show.

  • Solo Commander says:

    Wait this is a coin that Julius Caesar brought to the island himself! It's fact because some guy on the internet said so. Whole programme is a joke.

  • Glen Mcculley says:


  • How did people a hundred years or more dig 200 feet down in the ground ? I don't believe you could do that with just shovels.

  • jeremy orourke says:

    Guys you guys had me the first couple of Seasons. Stop fiddling around and let's get it done find what's there or move on out I can't keep watching for very much longer it's getting very boring

  • The treasure was already found! The former slave who went from 1 parcel of land to owning half the island! Duh.

  • Chewing Tooons says:

    Could it be the commentator drives me bonkers every week?? Its got to the stage I can't watch it till I download it so I can fast forward all his 'Could it be' BS! If they edited out all his waffle about what had happened previous the show would be 15 minutes shorter. They must think we all have some memory problems. Rant over.

  • This has to be the most boring long winded nonsense on TV ever. Good job they have the TV money or they would be bankrupt by now. They have managed to drag out something that could easily have been a 30 minute documentary into a 6 season bore fest .?

  • You mean to tell me you have these expensive tractors digging and a old man with a metal detector just dug up a coin ????

  • I've wondered about the treasure for years, but this is made for Tv. It seems so staged with bad actors in B movies. Hope they find it soon.

  • The knights templar…treasures from the crusades??? Seriously the american mentality is desperate to retain some part of the old world isnt it, it's like the mormons trying to bring jesus into the north American continant …you guys cant have it both ways …just stick with your constitution and isolationism and stop trying to own everything

  • Charlie Taaffe says:

    i love the lad that does the metal detecting, he gets so hyped over everything and he is so excited and proud thats just such a modd

  • Gold comes out of the ground looking like well gold and comes out clean. Anyone who uses a metal detector with any regularity knows this. Thats not a gold coin. I like the show but its complete BS.

  • Next season they saying aliens buried the treasure and they have proof ,never in all my days have I seen series of episodes that can't sink a shaft that distance in 10 x ,talk about dragged out ,if I noticed the crew of this on another show I'll do myself a favour and not waste my time

  • Y’all all judging these guys for no reason. They are historians. They are finding some form of artifacts. It’s their job. They are adventures. They are on an island with a looming “curse” and they are trying to uncover ancient mysteries. Can’t y’all atleast be intrigued instead of judge mental and impatient

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