[Laughter] hold that okay [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] you you you you [Laughter] you you what's up guys my name is Logan Paul and welcome to the first ever challenger games presented by halogen we are here in Long Beach California Veterans Memorial Stadium to figure out who is the fastest internet entertainer on the planet I went on live television and said it's me we all know it's me I bet $100,000 on it also today we're here to benefit the Special Olympics that's right we're raising money for charity please do me a favor if you have a credit card be ready to donate do something good in your life and if you don't have a credit card steal your friends steal your mom's get a credit card and please donate money I want to raise a bunch for the Special Olympics we have the biggest internet personalities in the world in this stadium today all ready to race and figure out who indeed is the fastest entertainer on the planet again we already know it's me but we're here to have fun all right guys subscribe hashtag at the Challenger Games on Twitter every social media site let's do this and let's race peace well here we are in Long Beach California just a parking lot away from Hollywood and that could mean only one thing the Challenger games presented by halogen are upon us as you can tell the atmosphere here is absolutely gorgeous and the time has come now I'm gonna send things over to official challenger games hype man Dylan Landon deal and take it away yeah that's right we are here at the first-ever Challenger games 2019 here in Long Beach California fans you guys ready to have a good time today that's right we got the biggest internet stars in the world coming here to battle for bragging rights but more than that they are here for a great cause a philanthropic cause of their choice this is the Battle of influential proportions it's time to put your money where your mouth is it is time for the first-ever challenger games you guys ready to meet your Challenger Games athletes let's go your challenger game athletes [Applause] yeah here they are the top stars in the Internet well we got King backs making his way to the truck making sure you're not hiding that man's not hot right man is not hot we got your favorite stars I do see them out there go ahead and wave to your favorite stars we got summer rain we got summer ready in the building we got Jennifer mez we got Batali oh my god it's Bradley Martin ladies and gentlemen now we got the two that we're waiting to find the two that bring us all here the two twelve princes of the Internet the two most original and crazy creators in the history of the Internet ladies and gentlemen at home around the world and here in Long Beach California are you ready for the founders of the Challenger games mr. Jake Paul and Logan ladies and gentlemen mr. Logan Paul mr. Jake Paul that's right get those high-fives baby give those high-fives give those high-fives that's right okay wave that flag nice and high your challenger games have officially begun we are waiting for Jake Logan Paul bring us right here in the beginning right here in the middle ladies and gentlemen it is a challenger game athletes 2019 go ahead thanks of nose that's right ladies and gentlemen at this time we're gonna ask you to kindly please rise from your seats and remove your hats for the singing of our national anthem ladies and gentlemen please welcome Republic Records recording artist and superstar che Lin oh say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the Rockets red glare the bombs bursting in they prove through the night that our flag was still there oh say does that star-spangled banner yet away or the land of the free [Applause] ladies and gentlemen shaylen the challenge of games have officially begun mr. Logan Paul what do you have to say hey thank you to everyone for tuning in yo what we're here to do today is raise money for charity the Special Olympics hit that donate button and please donate to us Jake Paul do you think you're ready for this cuz I'm the fastest man on the planet I set it on live television and today I'm about to back it up we got King badge we got destroying I understand I'm not scared we have your biggest favorite and most hated Internet personalities here today at Long Beach City College Veterans Memorial Stadium the Challenger games first ever thank you guys for watching hit that donate button help out the Special Olympics what he got to say Jake heyo how's that hamstring no how's the hamstring though cuz you ain't been training ok look I'm the underdog here today but y'all gonna root for the chant you guys want the chance to win come on we like underdogs here la what's good fam let's get this bread the Challenger games like 27 come on I'm coming for you ball ladies and gentlemen your 2019 challenging game athletes well hello everyone and welcome to the first inaugural challenger games presented by halogen I'm Thomas Harrison alongside me as Big Mike now we're not only here for evening filled with track and field but we're also here for a good cause we're here for the Special Olympics in a myriad of other charities here this evening so don't be afraid to donate now but enough of the pleasantries Mike why are we here and what do you look most looking forward to I mean I'm here for the trash trash talk Thomas to be honest with you we've seen a lot of it going on on Twitter on the internet a lot between Jake and Logan and 100-metre today is gonna decide the fastest entertainer on the planet and that's pretty exciting stuff I'm watching Logan Paul he's got a pretty banged up hamstring there but hopefully could pull it together I'm rooting from the win okaywell says straight from the source here we're gonna throw it down to Ally on the field so Ally take us away hey guys it's a least agneta from Hollywood life here at the halogen athletes lounge we are so excited to bring you the first challenger games and I mean Mike you're talking about trash-talking I'm sure that a lot more of that is going to continue and I'm gonna bring you that right here from the sidelines um but some trash-talking that's gonna continue as well at the finish line I am sure Shannon Briggs what's going on there hey what's up guys it's the champ Channing again and Briggs I can't believe it man all champions everyone's getting ready it's gonna be an amazing day thanks to Jake your local ball I'm so excited everyone at home is excited let's go champ let's go champ okay episode the first event for this evening is the 400 meter dash in lane one we got Spence Steven – we got Ben a Lhasa our three cold lamb Brent in lane four we got Jackson Oh dirty Lane five Alex wasabi Lane six mark doner Lane seven rice gum in Lane eight – a frost so you see the names up there I do who are the big time favorites for this this is an interesting kick-off Alex wasabi the quintessential family man just one of the one of the classic youtubers of all time I think there's a lot of eyes on rice gum and lame seven the problem with rice gum is he's actually not here today so I highly doubt that he's gonna be winning it unless he's able to pull some sort of miracle from wherever he actually is but yeah this is a good first this is a good good tasting let's say a good way to kick things off well the 400 is definitely kind of a mental gymnastics out there as well as athleticism you got to learn when to turn on the burners you got to learn when to pull back it's a lot of endurance out there and it's really hot track right now so I think it's gonna run fast but endurance is gonna be something to watch for in the heat one it's feeling good under this tent though but out there yeah it's pushing it with about a hundred and forty six degrees upon last check humidity is at about a hundred and sixty percent I couldn't get much worse out there for those athletes hopefully they're staying hydrated well as we get set up we're just going to take a few looks around at the sites of Veterans Stadium as the athletes get ready to be into position what a beautiful stadium Thomas fantastic it's a beautiful day not a cloud in the sky as we get set to kick this one off the crowd seems to be into it a lot of activity down there at midfield so we got a little clip for you Stephen share or smack talk we have to get things going for tonight with a little bit of smack talk from him take it away so today I'm here to compete in the 400 meter dash Logan I have been talking a lot on Instagram and I'm about to show them who's bringing the real game today so get ready for the Challenger Games Logan watch out I'm coming for you so Mike if it's it's been it's been thrown out there what do you think about that listen it's kicking off early you've seen people talk smack to Logan Paul since the beginning of time since the 1200 BC Logan deals with this kind of stuff in his own way bye-bye we knew Logan loves winning he's absolutely obsessed with it and I'm not so sure that that guy's gonna be the one that takes him down so we are gonna talk a little bit about the guys who you feel are the biggest threat to Logan who are those guys and why do you feel that way biggest threats Logan today are the following king batch you know all-star finer star extraordinaire he's a high school I think he was a collegiate runner potentially some sort of Goldman or Olympian at some point or something another destroying is another big one I think there's a lot of people pulling for destroyed to win destroy through the extra Ian therefore exceptionally fast and also we've got a guy by the name of Brian Garcia who's one of the fastest up-and-coming boxers in the world he told me earlier today Thomas that he's running a 4.5 so there you have it those are the guys to keep an eye on obviously there's going to be lots of entertainers out there trying their best to compete for the cash prize and of course what's even more important the bragging rights that come along with it that's basically I mean the bragging rights are everything obviously of course a lot of charities getting money today which is which is super important the Special Olympics is going to get a ton of money today cause that's very close to us that we're super happy to be involved with but a lot of great causes get money today and the bragging rights of course so with this break we're gonna take a moment to thank college in our official streaming partner in host of the halogen athletes lounge halogen is a brand new live streaming platform that brings fans closer to the performers that they love visit halogen TV to check out videos from tonight's event and learn about being a creator download the halogen app and start streaming today halogen create watch engage amazing thank you so much halogen for that Jake Paul I believe he's about to go on with Ali a few minutes here Jake Paul the second-biggest trash-talker of the event for sure he's gonna be getting married tomorrow we're gonna talk about a little bit later at the Kroger all right are we live hey guys we are here with one of the men of the hour Jake Paul your head seems to be very much in the game what do you think about right now winning winning all he does is win um you're not thinking about that wedding tomorrow this is my bachelor party instead of instead of having a normal bachelor party I'm just gonna win you're just gonna win and who besides your brother obviously is your biggest competitor here today do you think Queen bache some of that trash talk I like that yeah that's about it I mean realistically I'm the underdog here today no one expects me to win I'm gonna prove them wrong YouTube put that donate button I'm really focused right now so I'm just gonna go back to my warming up all right get back to it guys you heard it right here back to Mike and Thomas goes one heck of a bachelor party before the wedding so halogen is the only place to watch J containers wedding tomorrow night the pay-per-view event will include the red carpet a cocktail hour ceremony and reception nobody knows what's going down or to go down in Vegas but you'll be able to see it live go to halogen TV / J container I'll be there tomorrow I'll be at that wedding and I will say regarding Jake's bachelor party that he's having right now I've not seen Jake look that angry since he stormed on st. Paul's upset for episode 100 he looks focused he looks stone-faced and he looks ready to give it all he's got today Thomas well that's what we're looking forward to he does look focused and competitive and of course probably wants to beat his brother out there I think that's really their main goal they've been battling their entire lives trying to one-up each other since the wrestling days back in high school and I'm excited to see how this all goes down here okay and we're gonna go with Ali down at the field well I just wanted to ask Mike how he's recovered since Jake called him out on impulsive how you doing buddy and we're all big family we get into little scuffles here and there but you know we've we've talked it out we've worked it out and I'm just really excited for his wedding tomorrow ready for him to to potentially take home the medal today so I'm a pig I'm a jig Paul at the end of the day at the end of the day I love the Olympic family yep that's right so we're getting set for heat one we have spent Stephen in lane one been SLR in lane two : Alex wasabi and five mark donor in Lane six and Stephen sharer in Lane nine mark donors stretching out those hamstrings doesn't want what happened to his old boss to happen to him there's outs wasabi warming up looking as children friendly as family friendly as he ever has and they're off for the first heat of this inaugural Challenger games presented by halogen in lane 1 we got Stephen spent Stephen gaining ground on everybody in the inside track he's really going after it Stephen share a better watch out he's gonna get passed quickly mark donor's sucking up a little bit of gas there at the back he's been spending too much time at the nightclub I think we got to stand outs right now spend Stephen into Stephen sharer their names are so similar which makes it really difficult but the inside track spent Stephen right now running away with it literally and figuratively it's gonna be all him coming down the stretch right now consider just battling for second and it's gonna be spent Stephen taking home heat one in first place even share coming up behind the look at the termination on spence's face right now it's just absolutely incredible now was an impressive run right there yes they set the bar pretty high so an incredible first performance by him spent Stephen as he took the inside track and never really looked back on that and just all spent Stephen down the track and he knows it too look how pumped he is he is excited he is and we're gonna go down to Shannon he's actually got a live broadcast going right now Shannon take it away Hey with the winner man right from the start you jumped out the gate I really didn't know what to expect for the fake Wow I was impressed I looked at sure everybody was going wow look at this guy you're a madman thank you thank you pretty good I feel pretty good never my life hey sign them up guys that's it let's go back to the team the black okay let's go champ all right you heard it from Shannon himself so Spence Stephen takes home the heat one metal we're gonna go more to that later so Shannon thanks for that he always animated Shannon breaks let's go champ himself imagine having a large brick wall talk to you after taking home the first place and again we just want to mention a special spot or a shout-out to our sponsor halogen fans and athletes let's give a big shout out to them it's a brand new live streaming platform that lets you charge as much or as little as you want for your content now you can stream live with unlimited scale on a totally free platform supported by fans not ads download the halogen app and go live from your phone right now halogen create watch engage incredible so we're getting ready for Heat number two in lane one we have box-boy Lane three Elliott Giles lane for Ryan Tran J or Lane five jake Paul six Dax Dax seven Bryce hall eight by virus and nine Nate my name and we're gonna have some updated Lane names for you in a second there's been a little bit of a reshuffling we'll get that to you as soon as I get it Rocky well we're joined here with a special friend raka raka you look more like Ronald McDonald right now so how you feeling out there we've got guys guys you guys all know who Rocco Rock is we've got him here today this is a this is a wild guest Rocco maybe you could use your indoor voice today for how are you what what why did you come here dress raucous so you have you have been one of the historically one of the wildest people on YouTube you're doing no less today why aren't you running you are running what what what race you run it's a hundred meter how do you feel about your chances of actually winning today a hundred percent Rocco what have you been eating as you trained thank you thank you raka raka we appreciate you and now hopefully we'll catch up with you later on the trophy the medal ceremony thank you so much coming raka raka always a character so we're gonna go down to a leave before the 400-meter – hey guys so um I have learned that Jake isn't running this next race due to a scheduling issue he is holding out for the next one that he's slated to run in so he just is continuing to stretch taking very very good care of those hamstrings I think I think his brother might have gotten into his head a little bit so we'll see but it's a scheduling issue nothing is wrong he is ready to race when his name is up next Wow massive update if I know Jake Paul that is a strategic marketing move I can't really decide what could have pushed him to do that but hopefully he's getting ready for the next one well in lane one the updated lane assignments are as followed number box-boy number four Ryan Trahan number six Dax Dax seven Bryce hall eight by virus nine Nate my name now Dax is definitely the best rapper on the course that's for sure we're on live television right now and you are right in the middle of it thank you so I'm looking at Dax right now definitely the fastest rapper and hopefully he's got the wheels to back it up well he looks the part as he gets set and off we go here heat number two we got the inside track box-boy really given it all right there and the outside still goes to need my name and who's gonna make a pass here Dax axe coming up is the looping is pretty tight right now no clear winner be honest I've seen mashed potatoes move faster than this it's 400 meters right there's a little bit of an endurance test but Dax axe rounding that corner looks like he's the one in the weed right now but on the outside Nate my name trying to make it competitive but he's running out of gas and it's gonna be Dax tacks down the stretch but we do have another competitor coming in right now [Applause] but by virus is pushing for a second right now but it's dak stacks in the lead and he's going to take home heat number 2 followed by dak stacks Wow not only can he rap but he can run guys this guy is really moving another impressive showing two blowouts in a row so far so it's going to be interesting to see when all the heat winners meet each other who's going to be the top dog speaking of heat I hope everyone out there is staying hydrated right now during this heatwave that's really attacking the United States including sunny Long Beach California we are I feel good right now I'm honored a nice canopy out there I'm not competing I'm just watching them critiquing and just enjoying life yeah it's it's really going great it's turn into quite a wild scene over in the commentators booth we've got Steven Spence he's over here just making a ton of noise over the brig's it looks like yeah and let's go to Bree or it's good to bring right now for hey guys hey man that was an amazing race he took off out the gate people was like you're gonna die down but guess what you didn't champ talk to us tell you my man just mental fortitude you know I did yeah yo champ Thank You self a champ you a champ too for we got a dub back to the booth so well said by Dax tags right there so he's gonna be one to watch out for in the 400-meter what are your thoughts I would have liked to have seen him freestyle his acceptance speech there I think he came it's a pretty weak bar she's to be honest with you and I think his flow could have been a little bit more melodic it sounded pretty much like he was talking so if you're just joining us heat one went to Spence Stephen and heat two went to dakstats for the 400-meter men's race as we get set up we pan to the audience great great crowd this evening happy everyone came out and having fun in the stands so I'm seeing Austin McBroom from the ACE family circling the tent with his large security guards right now we're trying to get him over to the tent to have a few words he was originally supposed to race but he was also injured which is very unfortunate and we just want to give we just want to give another shout-out to halogen fans and athletes let's give a big shout-out to halogen our official streaming partner in host of the halogen athletes lounge halogen is a brand new streaming platform that lets you charge as much or as little as you want for content now you could stream live with unlimited scale on a totally free platform supported by fans not ads download the halogen app and go live from your phone right now halogen create watch engage Wow you've gotten quite good at those read-throughs Thomas I was incredible Thank You halogen being such a gracious partner for this event we've got a women's race here and we have the women's 400 meter dash as we get set up Lane number two Mya Montoya 3 Jenni Garcia 5 mayor bear 6 Mika Montoya 7 Julius and of all now who do you like in this unit this is a top floor I follow a lot of these girls on Instagram not not really too sure about the running skills I don't really follow them for that reason my homegirl is mayor bear I've never seen her on I'm not so sure she can run but I'll be rooting for mayor bear in this one she was just a guest of my night show and here we go let's see if your prediction comes true I don't think it's gonna Thomas mo its fate let's see oh so soft the trucks right now so right now Maya Montoya in the lead but hold up Jana Garcia's just making a move in a quick pass on the left hand side and looks like she's running away with it barring she doesn't run out of any steam right now and they are definitely thinning out when sitting out fast so Jenny Garcia followed by Maya Montoya and unclear who's in third but it's a run away so to speak where is that mayor bear I think I called the winner the first three that's mayor better not only did you call the winner by dominating fashion right here so mayor bear coming out and putting a stranglehold early on heat one I am impressed I am thoroughly impressed so mayor bear is gonna run away with this one and followed by what myah Montoya in lane 2 but coming up is Mika Montoya and mayor berry you were talking a little bit of trash on her but she just blows the competition out of the water she strolls in for an easy victory I am thoroughly impressed I knew she had the ability to do at fashion ova posts on Instagram but I did not know she could run that was quite impressive to us so it looks like around the 200 meter marks the contestant started to peter out a little bit that goes toward that weather we're experiencing and also the endurance and stamina it's you're very tough to battle that lactic acid you got to remember Thomas a lot of these competitors are very have very very strong thumbs the majority of the things they do is posting on Instagram and editing pictures on the face to nap and so they're not you know not normal yep and I think we're moving over to someone else so we're going to throw it down to let's go champ Shannon right now he's with the winner Mayer bear what you got for us let's go champ guys bat champ it can we get a word with you please the winner here we have to win a are you doing you did an amazing job yeah everyone's down I'm going crazy right now talk to the people first official winner of these games the first winner I mean people going crazy at home let's go champ an emphatic victory there she wins the 400-meter for the women and rightfully so she blew the competition out of the water it was incredible and also mayor berry with the first official swear interview I guess brings it out and everybody thought it was gonna be myself but I guess it was bearberry guys we are with the man of the hour Logan Paul he is about to race how do you feel right now horrible horrible how's that hammy not so great not so great but what are you doing to prepare how you getting in that mental state I tried to warm up I did my best I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do as best as I can I said this on my on my youtube video that I make like and subscribe I'm ready to die out there like if I have to lose a limb racing right now I'm gonna do it and I think I'm up soon so be ready yo let's go donate button yeah I mean is this going exactly as planned are you happy with the results right this is amazing my favorite part about this is I know how powerful internet creators can be an influencer with influencers can be I think with the next wave of celebrity if you will and I know when we get together the thing we can accomplish are incredible so this is awesome making it happen and actually seeing it come to life like I got to thank the fans I got to thank everyone who came out today and trusted me for making this happen like this is awesome like this is a blessing I love that proud of you all right Diane there is the man the myth the legend Logan Paul all eyes on him today my very best friend in the whole wide world and I'm really pulling for him but unfortunately something else that's pulled he's also his hamstring yeah it looks like he's stretching out that hamstring it's gonna be interesting to see how he does on a 400 so I know he's running the 100 but the 400 also is gonna take a lot of strength and endurance to power through this event so as he Sprint's down the main football field there he's looking good though he looks good he does look a little hot a little sweaty I'm sure those socks smell just about as bad as KS eyes headband and I just want to take a minute to appreciate the Special Olympics here the challenger games is raising money to benefit the Special Olympics the Special Olympics are the largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities click on that donation button now and give to something good kids if you're watching this back home and you don't have a credit card say you're 11 12 years old and all you've got is some allowance money saved up in your sock drawer you go downstairs talk to your parents say I want to donate some money to Special Olympics there's really no better cause in the entire world they do a lot of their business through donations and it would be a real great thing for you guys to do so shout out to the Special Olympics so as the runners get in position for the first heat of the hundred meter dash this is the one all eyes are on Jake and Logan Paul the trash talkers themselves and who's going to be dubbed the fastest man on YouTube or the fastest entertainer on the Internet like I said I'm really pulling for Logan Paul in this one I'd love to see it happen but I just I think he's he's very he's been quite injured he's been in therapy just about every day getting iced up and sitting in ice baths and I'm really hoping that leg holds up on him we don't have to wheel him out of here in some sort of gurney well that would be unfortunate the face of the Challenger games and the sprinters are getting into position and this is the one everyone wants to win I feel like the hundred meters has historically been about the fastest man on the planet everyone knows who Usain Bolt is Tyson Gay Justin Gatlin those names ring true and who's gonna merge victorious on the 100-meter this afternoon we'll find out it all starts on Heat one and we're going to go to Ali for a pre-race little blurb right now all right awesome hey guys we are with destroying we've got a lot of fan questions for you especially because you've been really open with your training right now just tell me a lot of people are asking how you got your confidence honestly it's on the mind you know I'm I got one goal in my mind that's winning so I just got to come out execute what have you been doing you know in the past few weeks to Train I mean obviously you've been showing videos but when the cameras are off what are you up to stretching I got to stretch a lot picture I'm flexible ice bad and I'll see what you guys see on film is what I've been doing and I try to be open and real with everybody so who's your biggest competition here today which is that I heard cuvette used to run track out for the state so he might be up there tope jinsol table G so I'm sorry if I mispronounced your name brother it's been a lot of back and forth so how you say that but you know other than myself I think king bats and Toby so awesome so no Paul Brothers in there I think they're more the clickbait aspect of it you know okay okay I got you I got you alright guys back to you well thanks Ali for that update as the sprinters are getting into position we want to thank fashion Nova thank you so much the world's hottest selection of styles for men seven women fashion Nova features the latest trends in every size and style shout out fashion Nova while the trash-talking has really picked up a notch here our last contestant there I'm on the camera calling Jake Paul and Logan Paul clickbait we've all heard that one before but uh Wow day of action this is this is really getting crazy out here folks did you hear that Ally No all right we're doing the pregame rituals between brothers right here what do you think they're saying to one another I think they're trying to get into each other's heads I've seen this kind of thing a million times from these two Jake is Jake is probably talking smack about his hamstring Logan's probably saying that he's can't say the word can't say any of the words that Logan trial using right now this is a family family friendly program but it's probably get pretty spicy in there so our lane assignments are as followed Logan's hair we have in lane one boogeyman to Jackson Oh Dority in 3 : Brent for foul situ 5 Logan Paul fouseytube saying let's get it he's excited Busey is excited and he's back ladies gentlemen who's making one of the biggest comebacks in internet history I'm really excited to see how his running style is today we've got her I don't care who you are I don't care how many views you get I don't care how many subscribers you got you see me on the track today I'm gonna leave you in the dust and that's it about that phousi the classic smack talker of all time I know he's got a ongoing beef with one of our other contestants today Vitali we'll see how that pans out Logan walking around with his flowing there we go and this is what you want to see this is what everyone came out here to witness and as they're in the blocks interesting starting position from lane 3 that's cool lamp rat Nana see false start so everyone gets one or there's one false start attributed it to the group and the next one to do it is disqualified so as they get back set the crowd goes quiet but the heart start racing at this point I can barely contain myself Thomas and fast out the gate looks like Logan oh we have a tumblr but looks like it's neck-and-neck it's between funny Mike [Applause] and unclear that is but it looks like funny Mike's gonna take it brennentaylor also there nope not funny Mike we've all eyes on Logan Paul right now it looked like he got up limping as he crosses the finish line and in bad shape being carried by fuzzy ladies and gentlemen this is not good as we look at that it's like right out the block and phousi takes a dive there with him phousi takes a dive Logan turns directly into a robot it looked like there yep he's a robot do we have a official winner I do believe brennentaylor takes a killer takes the first seat yup that's Brennan with a 12 second point for 300 meter – which is pretty good Jorge Janko in second : for it in third but we're going to go down to Shannon right now guys my name is Brenna Taylor I tell you this oh Bros television Oh something that we all show let's go let's go all right here with Logan you're not on camera but um oh yeah you are um how are you doing what just happened I feel so dumb don't fit two minutes before they call the heat I pulled my hamstring again I heard it pop and then then I went into panic mode because you know I said I bet like $100,000 and all and then I like I'm immobilized so I'm kind of just like panicking right now but it's a great event like please donate to the Special Olympics I think we really did it and there's still a lot of good competitors out there but I'm I'm just disappointed and honestly I blamed Snoop Dogg because I was guarding Snoop Dogg in the in the basketball game that I tore my hamstring and like I don't know this is it for me I think our you know you're out the rest of the day I might trying to swing a swing another event I got the 4 by 100 meter relay I got a fast team so we'll see what happens but like I mean you can imagine I'm so sorry no I really am I'm so disappointed that my leg couldn't hold up I do see like a pan down I have like chicken legs so I got skip leg day I'm kind of just focused on boxing now like chaos out your bitch we know but no it's fine but I think I'm just gonna focus on ricing of course rest ice cover recover hell of a I love where so where are you gonna be the rest of this this day I mean your real a team like you said but just just watching rooting for Jake now I hate to say but I think so all right well we are going to Shannon Briggs now who is right here with me I'm disappointed I know you are very disappointed I heard you say you folks in our boxing now that's the next step but a boxing fans around the world looking forward to you this big talks with all the networks and everybody with you taking that step in the boxing I promise I will be healthy when that happens next year challenger games I mean at least I have something feel like work forward to now we love you we support you he's so grateful what you did today and hopefully be back soon in the rain knocking them out let's go champ thank you thank you man thank you back to the booth number two and 100-meter dash here as the competitors take their marks Jake Paul on the Block so all eyes on Jake Paul it's unfortunate that his his night might come to an end s get off right now and it looks like a close race down to the wire it's gonna be late for a little slip-up there take me and is that Jake Paul finishing it was a neck and neck between three guys looks like purple drink let's get the final two it's pulling up with an injury and we're gonna go to the official scores table to see what the Jake Paul holding up the one-finger he believes he's got it and it looked like he got it down the stretch a huge burst of speed come out of nowhere it was terrible off the start yeah turn those boosters about midway through he starts to get his speed that right there it's leaning back it looks like he's in a recliner while running this is incredible ooh and it's an it looks like Jake Paul the official stats are in he ran a 12.25 second hundred this is how close was taupe gisle Jake Paul's the winner toby is all and second twelve point two six and we have Shannon with the winner Shannon let's go people at home they really decided right now you talk a lot of guys I'm sorry that this is just the first heat I move on to the final now I got a bad start terrible terrible start by the way I came back pulled through because I am the fastest youtuber on the planet Edmonton and I really want you guys to hit that donate button to charity right now this is for a good cause great all of you guys I'm coming in for the final vs. whoever wins these next heats let me get a good start this time I'm gonna take home this W and Logan's gonna give me a 300k thank you guys and get married tomorrow let's go to Wow and you can you can see Logan Logan's face right now he is not happy this is the last thing he wanted to see was little brother jakey take the heat and he is he's he's smiling but I know that he's really hurting on the inside after that uh torn ligament I believe we're working on getting him a peg leg so that he's actually able to get out of the stadium today so instead a bionic man we're gonna go to peg leg we're gonna throw it back to the olden days so the pirate times yes something of a pirate I live with um and uh you could say he's walked the plank many times so that was Jake Paul an impressive run for him out even after stumbling out of the blocks he regains composure and takes heat number two we've got by the way we've got Logan Paul in the box with us right now look maybe do you think we can get him a head set quickly so as we begin Heat number three we got Jake Paul in well that's actually Logan I know they look very similar Logan i-i've never been more saddened by an apparent injury you came out the gate you looked immediately like a robot what happened I pulled my hamstring again not not 120 seconds before we started the race and I mean I panicked right so like I have so much riding on this so many people watching and I did I didn't know what to do so I try to do the race as best I can but just sucks man it just sucks I'm disappointed but to be honest this event is not about me it's about charity it's about donating to the Special Olympics and I think we're still doing a great job of that and it's really it's really under taming like I'm really enjoying watching these races now it's a fantastic day so I got say your brother winning heat number two but did he though I'm not to not to be that guy but did he because it looked like Toby won one that we've we've actually heard back from the booth and I believe there may be some sort of malfunction in the finish line and he may have used some sort of cheating device we're looking as of right now the standing stand okay well I'm proud it like carry on the poll name and whatnot but like I don't know he's getting married is that even like real like who knows I really feel for you Logan and I hope you're able to get some water and some food I haven't been fed or had any drinks of any kind today I'm actually on the verge of death out here 120 degrees I believe you we should correct we get mics no no no don't think of me think of yourself and go get fitted for that peg leg going forward are you gonna root for your brother are you rooting against him I think so I think I have to I think as much as I didn't want to see the kid win against me I do want to see him win win the race and become the fastest entertainer on the planet he's got the wheels we love you gotta like that you guys mind if I join you by the way I don't at all and I might just chill out here like I want to like make myself useful okay speaking of your brother pallagen is the only place to watch J containers wedding tomorrow night the pay-per-view event will include the red carpet cocktail hour ceremony and reception nobody knows what's going to go down in Vegas but you'll be able to see it live go to halogen TV / J container I'm nervous for that trip I'm going as well and it's gonna be rowdy so make sure you tune in for sure well like how this is like the pre bachelor party going toward the west how many how many bachelor parties does the best man pull his hamstring actually probably a decent amount I don't have the stats on that but I'm gonna throw out 8% yeah that's about right and then we got set for Heat number three right now a lot of competitors for the hundred meter that's the big money prize we're gonna get Lane assignments up to you shortly and Logan's gonna go start ricing so here we go we got faith sensei Austin McBroom nope awesome McBroom is hurt and he's circling the tent we'll try to get him in here I know you're and sorry for the some of the mishaps here we've had quite a few injuries lance210 is out there vitaly is out there king batch the favorite and destroying this is a big heat guys and there and they are off and it's a great motto that I believe that's destroy Indies just in batches slowing out east remain within impress factory fast out of the gates fast down the stretch the man is fast that was that was incredible batches heard manager Jeff is telling me right now the king batches actually hurt but at this point doesn't matter destroying is the fastest man on the planet who's saying bolt you've got nothing on this guy who and really quick out of the blocks that's so important for the hundred meter dash in the maintain of speed throughout impressive and he didn't look back impressive by destroying I mean what's that is there any reason to look back at that point that guy's about to have a gold medal around his neck unless Ryan Garcia or maybe Jake Paul if he's able to get some sort of mechanical device installed in his legs before the next heat well again if you're just joining us Jake Paul took the heat number two and destroying took Heat number three an impressive fashion they got their work cut out for him I just don't think I've ever seen a man move that fast before Indies throwing with an official 11 second 100 meter dash that's impressive we're gonna go down to Shannon he's with the winner I got it I got him but we okay where's the camera where's the camera turn around let's go chat okay okay I'm here with the winner guys look at him y'all be rubbing his fingers together what does that mean one more race but people at home going crazy I mean how you feeling I feel like I could have done a little better I'm always talking myself but hey we got the job don't know let's go chat give me a shower you want to shout out shout you out cause you did a hell of a job let's go champ back to the booth so I think we found our favorite going ahead for the hundred meter dash destroying with an 11-second hundred meter dash that's impressive for anybody I mean that's impressive for a SpaceX rocket ship to be honest with you Thomas I'm pretty sure the the SpaceX Mars rover made it to Mars in the same time I mean this guy is some sort of super planetary being I couldn't have said it better myself that's a low Woodruff we're looking at guys Logan Paul's ex-assistant I'll be quite honest we've had a crush on this girl sense of dad matter she's absolutely beautiful it's about 4 foot 2 somewhere between three foot six and four foot – Jennifer ohms is next to her another another great person absolutely love her oh and we've got summer ray down at the end there summer ray the glute Queen her legs are made of steel and protein she is absolutely incredible rocking those cheetah shorts dancing around hair bopping around this is gonna be an exciting V Thomas was all right yes all eyes are on some array if they're in the leopard shorts she looked really calm right before going on she has just been stretching out getting ready to go she told me that she's very excited to be here and she's ready to smoke them so uh we'll keep our eyes out for that back to you Mike Adonis incredible we're actually joined in the booth right now by Daisy Keats one of the other competitors days you could probably stand right here for a second you could stand right here get on camera this is kind of like the turn which is a part of day 3 we don't need to we don't need a mic here but Daisy's gonna you're gonna be running in a little you haven't run yet right hurdles Daisy Daisy has actually absolutely never done hurdles in her life I'm gonna I'm gonna put put my daughter are you are you excited you scared – for the women's Heat number one we got lane number nine fangs Laura dy Taylor Alicia odd summer Kinsey snow Charlie Jordan Jenna from Eze bras is in the building and we got Isla would drop ladies you guys ready to race I'll go the first of the women's 100 meter dash so here we go this is the final no heats Wow settle it right here who got on this one there's your crush I I think it's gonna be summer I think it's gonna be summer a summer Rae's got so much power in those legs it's like a it's like a Ford f-150 coming down the track and I can't imagine that she's not able to oh I am so sorry Charlie Jordan is gonna win this heat this this whole race charlie Jordan wins it so lane number six summer Rae to watch out for guaranteed if you're in Vegas right now put your money on Charlie Jordan it's a guarantee there's a Charlie Jordan is in Lane 4 so watch the middle lane summer Rae and Charlie Jordan the starts going to be the utmost importance and here we go charge or it's Charlie George I think she's a running in the we need to put my god Charlie Jordan Michael Jordan Wow that girl is a freaking lightning bolt shashlik way too easy right there I mean let's be honest who's gonna compete with today and she ran a 12.94 on the hundred and she's gonna take home gold right there my god and she said the first thing she says is good job guys what a sport that's the sportsmanship you all want to see out of these competitors but then again I'm sure it is pretty easy to say good job guys after you absolutely smoked everyone at your Heat absolutely incredible just stride after stripe of pure fury fire burning like a gas powered steam train coming down the track and really nice for Amal then finishing or run from the get-go and then maintaining acceleration good top speed there and like you said you're picking them but we're gonna go to Shannon with the winner right now Shannon what do you got to say hey I'm here I did an amazing job I mean we're looking at the replay talk to us but that was so much fun Scott my track scholarship wasn't for nothing that was so impressive man everyone's going crazy man what's next for you I'm gonna under operation thank you people get an animated down there on the sidelines yeah I mean there's a lot of a lot of energy coming off the track and they're excited and they're excited to give back to their cause and wow I don't want a run by Charlie Jordan that was exciting to watch we're gonna go check in with Allie right now Allie hey guys we are here with minion Jake Paul my favorite Jake ha Titus so tell me buddy how proud are you of Jake he won his heat Jake did great did you help him train at all yes how did did you run run run with him oh yeah are you gonna walk down the aisle with him tomorrow are you gonna be the ring bearer yes are you super excited yeah one day are you gonna run a big boy race like this all right guys you heard it here first this is the future say bye-bye back to you guys you gotta love his enthusiasm a little camera-shy but that will come with age incredible mini Jake Paul man a few words some have labeled him in early stages of being the next Aristotle the kid is a real a real super genius definitely gonna be a Jeopardy player in the future that's for sure love it so fans and athletes let's give a big shout-out to halogen our official streaming partner in host of the halogen athletes lounge halogen is a brand-new live streaming platform that lets you charge as much or as little as you want for your content now you can stream live with unlimited scale on a totally free platform supported by fans not ads download the halogen app and go live from your phone right now halogen create watch engage well we've got we've got a Leawood ref love a couple couple quick words where they're hot once you slide in here I made it very clear Ella when you first started that I have a massive crush on you've known that obviously it's the first day we met yeah it's really fun seeing you run you did a great job but Charlie Jordan hasn't got me she honestly like dusted us like we are it was her in the front and then the rest of us don't really feel that bad because I already knew she was gonna win but I don't even know what did I get I think you you you you didn't get last thank God so we've also got Kay Spooner we've got Jennifer ohms here we got everybody three of my favorite people in the entire world I just like you okay spoons gonna say something in Australian a spoon are you feeling yeah just go home from last night but yeah I've been prepping for this soak a spoon of course was in the flat earth documentary that Logan and I did she was Logan's on-screen girlfriend House you still believe that yeah okay coming all the way from mikonos the earth is still flat we're laying out case boomin thank you so much great day stay hydrated yeah YouTube awesome what's up guys my name is Charlie Jordan I'm at the Challenger games and my goal today is to run hurdles sprint and hopefully get faster time than one of the guys but we'll see so we're gonna change it up we're gonna go to the 1600 meter run and this is a co-ed event so we're gonna get the lane assignments right now but honestly if Charlie Jordans running again my money's on her I mean it's just it's just crazy to watch someone with that type of speed and I believe she's got quite some stamina too I start jumping over hurdles earlier it looked like a horse jumping over in some sort of equestrian contest but yeah this is this is just getting more and more exciting as it goes here Thomas and I love the energy around the booth right now we've got competitors filtering in and out it's just a great day for the games and a great day for the challengers sports events you know it's weird there's actually a girl with a sign right here that says put me in Mike with some dollar signs on it once you why don't you come stand in the back for a second we'll give you your and so you know yeah it's crazy that we've got some influencers we've got some fans we've got we've got Ali from from Hollywood life of course we love her so much and yeah this is a great day it's like it's like it's like friends and family and some extended family of course so I'm wondering for put Mike in do you want him to compete or what are you doing woody what is he the best for competing at good you can throw those on just don't say anything bad state your state your name my name is Mike is getting an easy-out right now by doing this interview he can't run so he said Thomas I was born with paddles his feet almost like large oars that you would used to move a canoe downriver they're more of a swimmer then I can swim yes like a duck that's correct runnings not really my specialty so instead of the 100 meter the 10 meters more your style more the 10 meter I can do the 10 meter but I also am really good at eating buttery toes well that's a skill all in itself no we got some doubters in the booth right well there's always gonna be doubters but you did bring a sign that's true thank you very much miss stop and where's Mia today music bed tell her to get out of bed and calm that's horrible well thank you so much well we're gonna throw down to the shotput where you got warm-ups going on we got some big muscular dudes out there these guys are massive I'm really interested to see what happens here we've got Bratz this is blessing here warming up or Bradley Martin got a big question coming in from Georgia Jenko regarding times I'm pretty sure there's a producer for the event I'm not him I'm just a commentator so any chance that maybe you could find another area to stand worthless thank you thanks sure he's a trash talk coming from all those in this booth I mean you gotta expect it you know I'm a very heated personality Jenko Retin ones come here for a second we got another surprise guest here we got Brendon North who was a the infamous videographer for local all famous you know real great guy all-around great guy what happened he originally I'm not the original you're not mark was the Mark Toner was original what happened that I was extremely disappointed I was not expecting him to give up that fast I don't know it seemed like he really did just gave up I mean he's claiming there's some sort of pain some sort of explosion happening in his leg I've seen explosions that look more like someone just becoming a robot out of laziness right are you thinking it's an excuse or I wouldn't call an excuse once again these Paul brother's famous marketing play it's kind of the it feels like a draw kind of you know like there's gonna be a rematch of some sort but what we'll see how it goes right just do this whole thing again and by the way I'm kidding everyone at home Logan has been in therapy every single day he's very hurt and I'm sure he's very distraught it's a real injury so we're gonna go down to the track right now the 1600 meter run is just getting off now this is the endurance one this got some basically sub-array is on the ground she's falling and this is good and test their endurance more than anything is that guy not know he can go into the inside of the track he might not these guys are youtubers and Instagram and he's staying out there well he wanted jockey for position early it looks like the pack is spreading out a little bit yeah that guy has no idea he can leave his lane no I figured it out I believe Spencer Taylor the third impulsive host is in this he is a long-distance truck he has run a couple Iron Man's and so I'm watching him right now to see when he turns the heat on he's right here in the third position okay so he's just kind of conserving energy right now you think is he a sprinter toward the end summer Rae is doing cartwheels right now okay so we've got Ryan Garcia and Jeff with tech or at Jeff on Instagram and leading right now Ryan Garcia the the endurance you know champion boxer extraordinaire right now and I'm not so sure he's gonna give this back guys I makes up an O oh that's not summer no that's not summer to the shorts I apologize yeah so as they cross the first lap of the 1600 meters you just have 1200 to go and this is where it gets tough the heats pounding down but we got to separating from the pack yep that's at Jeff in and great cartwheels who is that Ally to know who's doing that she's got to work on her form a little bit she looks she looks hurt but it's definitely not summer we did have some nice cartwheels at Jeff I'm very impressed by at Jeff Jeff would text you know staying with Ryan Garcia we just keep showing this this poor hurt woman in the back here now how did Spencer do let's Spencer's and Spencers in the third spot Spencer's drop back behind Brian Trahan right now but all eyes are really on at Jeff to see if the power of the blog squad could pull through here david dobrik probably at home rooting him on and they're about to lap this poor woman I think we got a little bit of a runway show going on now more I wouldn't call it a runway show I'd call it a security risk pretty sure we need security in lane three to remove this stretcher yep oh and she's picking it back up now she thinks she's winning the race she is running and and you know by the looks of it she's taking this thing home that is dedication and she's about to get lapped last time I saw somebody get lap pose in Mario Kart on n64 this is just this is incredible we need her out of the way no there she goes pulling off exit 13 sure there's a chick-fil-a over there or something and the race continues now what happened here we had a slight is there a trade here we've got Ryan Garcia still leading the way but who is this I believe that's Ryan Trey hey is that Ryan Trahan yes that's Ryan Trahan he also had a career as a track and field runner back in the day but as you can see Ryan Garcia is not giving up and Spencer looks very good too Spencer's really hanging in there and I think he may turn the Jets on he's got a career here yeah I think he's waiting till the very end to give it to him he doesn't want to show off too much you know that's not Spencer's vibe that said he is plant-based and he's probably running out of fuel at this point since he hasn't eaten a carb or a you know Mike he started some beef with me today on Twitter so I don't really know if I'm ready for him I wouldn't call it beef alley he's like I said he's plant-based so if anything it would be impossible burger okay okay so we are coming toward the last 400 meters of this race and the competition is thinning out a little bit it is a tough race it's one mile basically of running and in this heat it's got to be tough out there for the challenges especially the ones that have competed in multiple games but that's going to bring us to thinking stash Innova thank you and become your own fashion icon with fashion Nova today check them out fashion Nova Mike's already on it shut up fashion over mourned Escala by the way is the girl who's leading but I mean this is this couldn't be closer wow this is now looks like Ryan is Ryan Trahan and Ryan Garcia – Ryan's and what are the chances are pulling away with this Ryan Garcia I mean I wouldn't want to be the guy that beats Ryan Garcia by the way he could really sock you well Ryan Garcia maybe he's conserving a little bit of energy you mentioned he's the boxer so he's used to running these long distances my goodness the security risk is back on the track chick-fil-a works fast and it looks like Ryan Garcia on the outside and Ryan Trahan in the inside they got a jockey for position here it's coming down toward the final lap it looks like Trey hands turning the heat up a little bit on Ryan Garcia but of course we just keep going back to this woman of the better chair and here we go it's a crazy lady making a book but Trahan with the impressive polo afterburners right there anis looking like an Olympic runner out there as I'm sure with ease Ryan Trahan impressive 1600 he is the champion for this event followed closely by Ryan Garcia so the Ryan's take one and two and then who do we have as the female winner Alli you might be able to help and Spencer coming over the over the finish line now boy do I love Spencer Taylor what a great guy great job rod Trahan youtube star marketing genius and we got some other competitors finishing up right now and it's tough to finish this event I honestly like a dead sprint 1600 meters in this heat it is uh it's tough to accomplish and hats off to everyone who's participating in the 1600 meters that's not the one I would want to participate in but you got to give it up to these folks well not in this weather either Thomas I mean it I don't remember it being this hot since the last Stone Age you could you could fry an egg on the turf right now it possible even cook a large turkey if you had to and I feel like competitors are just coming out of nowhere at this point yeah I don't believe you that any of these people were even in the race I'm pretty sure they just jumped in about halfway through well here we go this is the start of the event and they're coming out a little bit slow you'll see the girl on the Left just trip and take an asset or take an absolute but you got to love her being a good sport about it there she goes on the runway flex opposed BAM just absolutely incredible what an athlete what an overall competitor and just it's incredible to watch her move from athleticism to runway modeling to just overall you know being the biggest security risk we've had so far so kind of the Challenger Games triple threat runner model security security oh wow we've got Ryan Garcia walking over here so we actually have shannon with the winner of the event we're gonna go to shannon right now hey let's go something here with the winner Ryan man you did a phenomenal job what a race to me I'd talk to the people at home alright yeah thanks guys I was a tough one – Ryan the whole time so that was fun I used to run a high school back on the track man you really pulled away it was like nothing that I've seen I've been running all my life as a boxer and that was the one that was incredible man you do this often obviously yeah I'm in high school lately I mean I put on like 30 pounds in surprise okay what do you want to give a shout-out to so I'm donating it front steps Austin we raised $20,000 a few weeks ago let's go chance guys playing Minecraft and it basically helps all the homeless population in my city and it's great your real champ let me get him let's go champ let's go my name is Ryan Trahan we made it to the Challenger games I want to win so bad you have no idea how bad I want to win it's like it's concerning I'm gonna kick Logan Paul's can I see but I'm gonna kick it and I don't think we're even competing so that's gonna be really weird whenever I do that please support me so Ryan Trahan taking the modest approach there he was just happy to be here but then he goes and takes home the 1600 meters impressive showing and also man a few words very another family friendly reminds me a lot of Alex wasabi I think we've got a Ryan Garcia over with Ali and we're gonna go to Ali right now with Ryan Garcia Ali take it away hey guys we are we are with Ryan Garcia he was leading the way until the other Ryan came and kind of took over what happened there you know he probably just had a little bit more experience in the mile run he waited to the end and he went and got me but all props to him he deserves it he raised good would you have done anything differently yeah I probably would have just sprinted that last lap and hope you don't catch up but I don't know I thought I was kind of farther away than I thought but he was right honey did you feel like you ran out of fuel there at the end or could you have gone a little more krantz madcraft I caught one my stomach I caught one my leg but I fought through it like a champ would but he got my ass it's okay second place is good not better than first though right next year that's right come back next year thanks Ryan love the competitive spirit right there Ryan great showing for you we're gonna throw it back to Dylan the height man he's out there doing the medal ceremony for Ryan Trahan the winner of the 1600 meter and Mayer bear the 400 meter winner for the women's track shout-out mayor Barry where is Mar Bear Mika Montoya and Julius and of all Maya and Micah and Mayor bear you guys were yes thank you stand by here and the 1600 Ryan strand Falls trying to find the contestants who actually won the events we're gonna go ahead and shout out halogen I bring a new live streaming platform that brings fans closer to the performance they love if you're watching the broadcast on halogen all of your tips and gifts to Special Olympics you get five hundred or fifth excuse me 50 coins when you create your free account so sign up and help us make this a special night for a very special charity visit halogen do TV TV or fine halogen in the App Store and Google Play halogen create watch engage Wow so right off the bat we've got some we've got some pretty big injuries here but some pretty big performances I mean it's been great watching Charlie Jordan just actually explode I mean just some really impressive running from people that you would never think could be you know Olympic speed runners I mean these guys should be you know Nike signed athletes this is correct well the guys that stand out to me Jake Paul obviously with a slow start but he finished very strong in heat number two and then destroying he's the guy to watch so far in this in these games destroying is the fastest man on the planet as I said and also shout-out to David our videographer from maverick who just seemed to be sneaky snuck into the shot here I don't know what he wants or why he's standing here maybe you could leave yes thank you so much That awkward moment brought to you by halogen we're here and we're family David get pan so we have a little bit of difficulties finding the winning contestants I think they're out there spending time with the fans shaking hands kissing babies so we've got we've got Pam Stepanek here who come on in here Pam I know Thomas you may not know Pam but she actually burned him she actually burned both logan and jake ball so she she you must be a strong way we've got a new race starting but okay so we got the we have the ladies lined up here again once more and it's the hurdles oh my gosh this is so frightening to me I have anxiety thinking about these girls jumping over these hurdles right here now now really quick right off the bat once again I would bet every single cent in my bank account which right now it's over drafted at about negative thirty five dollars I still would bet everything I have on Charlie Jordan Charlie Jordans got to be the favorite after her dominating 100-meter dash so I flower friendly in lane three case boon and for Charlie Jordan the person to watch in lane five in Daisy Keach in Lane six so it's gonna be interesting these hurdles are definitely the most intense of the groupings I feel like Daisy said that she's never hurdle before I mean are you nervous about that I am and I love Daisy and I'm really pulling for it but I just like to see her make it through this without ending up on once again a gurney or in some sort of wheely device yeah also I mean what if she just falls on her face you know and it's such a beautiful face great eyes and just a great personality one of the sweetest girls in the world the last thing I want to see is her get a face full of track here by the way we are sitting with Pam step think I want to bring it back Pam step Nik birth Jake and Logan Paul congratulations by the way real real cash cows there you are celebrating something today yes 29th birthday you don't look a day over 21 yeah probably the most strongest competitor at these games for birthing those do totally I should get the award big trophy where you got a sash on the birthday girl sash but we'll throw champion later on okay what a big weekend of celebrating we have here ma'am I mean you are just a star I love it yeah it's over the top thanks Ali I love you my favorite my favorite member of this family all right she said that to Jake and Logan also that's okay we actually found the winners family spouse our brief delay we're gonna go it over to Dylan Landon the official height man of the Challenger games Dylan you're on oh my god this is amazing guys you've been having a good time out here or what so we're gonna have these medal ceremonies all throughout the day we are looking for Spencer Taylor to receive his third place medal Spencer Taylor if you are not here we are beginning without you you miss plenty of impulsive episodes we are not surprised you are missing the medal ceremony Spencer Taylor to the podium now theme music DJ here he comes Spencer Taylor third place ladies and gentlemen your top three finishers of the 1600 fence final in third place Spencer Taylor in second place Ryan Garcia and in first place winning the gold in the men's 1600 meter at the Challenger Games 2019 make some noise for Ryan Trey those are your top three finishers go ahead smile for camera make some noise for first second and third all righty is Marbury here and Marv you have the winning stretch look at Ryan stretch it out that last 400 meters is a doozy you got to give it up to Ryan Trey in there and Ryan Garcia – they were neck-and-neck to the last stretch a little bit more endurance training before this he could have took that home but he told me last night he's been eating that sounds like my training regime yep so congratulations to the winners they take home a nice cash prize and you got let's see you got to love the competitors out here competing and especially the ones who are competing in multiple events it's got to take a wear and tear on the body luckily it's starting to get a little darker out here today Thomas which is exciting temperatures dropping and a man is running after now he looks very concerned so we're at Dylan Nez now live at the podium so I'll throw the Dylan they came out here they did their thing yes in third place make some noise from Maya Montoya and in second place Micah Montoya and in first place you're winning lady of the 400 meter final Mar Bear ladies and gentlemen here they are your top three finishers let's get some nice photos looking good ladies looking good stay up there do your thing love it late metal models you guys can get in there as well genius genius all right and it's time to crown the winners of the 1600 women where's Rebecca's amol Oh Lauren to scalo and Julius and of all so we're getting we're getting set up for the women's hundred meter hurdles right now actually we have both Jake and Logan with me so here we go talk to brothers right here and the adopted brother um guys okay we're about to watch some hurdles what are your thoughts right now I am so excited to watch everyone fall on their face it's going down like it's someone's gonna eat it's going down this isn't about speed this is entertainment this specific event you know what went through your mind when you had these hurtle hurt holders doing this I got scary it's a scary thing why aren't you guys doing it actually I'm saving for the final I still have one more race in the hundred meter to be destroying I can't really walk I'm working on it well in the promo for this you are over a hurdle did you who's winning this mine he's winning this one I will say this Charlie Jordan the girl who won the hundred meter dash got a track scholarship to go to college for the hundred meter hurdles like this is her event and I also want to say she is on me and Jake's 4 by 100 meter relay team which I will be running by the way odd the anchor oh he's the anchor who decided that I was he running he is a bionic man donate down below all right you heard it here for it's guys he is running the relay alright well we're gonna have to uh wait and see what happens with that Wow 1600 meter run in third place Julia Sandoval in second place Lauren discovered and in first place in the 1600 women's meter run make some noise for Rebecca's Imola that's your winners take some photos but guys we're going to keep it right here on the stage for a very special announcement are we going or do we stand with Dylan okay wow what a great what a great performance by those three women just incredible athleticism and we're gonna go we're gonna go to the 100-meter hurdles now so Charlie Jordans fresh off the podium right back onto the track she's the heavy favorite the betting favorite for this event she's gonna be late running in Lane five we got fat flower friendly in three case Boone in four and Daisy Keach in six all very good friends of mine I'd love to see Daisy key to take this case booing also a great friend of mine but Charlie Jordan is just a I'll be honest with you Thomas they should just give her the medal now and just and you know these guys could all get some water you know a salad whatever they want to have something to eat Charlie Jordan is a monster so I think we got a birthday surprise somewhere down on the track we're gonna pause for that my pleasure to be here with everyone on my birthday and just spend it with my boys I love you thank you guys keep donating hope you look like in the games I will be running the four by hundred Logan good thing he's rich he can afford a lot of microphones ladies and gentlemen Pam Paul happy birthday Pam what a weekend for the Paul family we got a wedding we got a birthday we got the Challenger games action-packed this weekend and here we go and the hurdles these are the most dangerous at the games right now it's Charlie Jordan and flower friendly outlet but it's Charlie Jordan just down the stretch is just too much to overcome but flower friendly hanging in there Charlie Jordan back-to-back gold medals for her she's just I mean we should start her 30 meters back good god I mean she is absolutely incredible but then you know listen a great performance of all the competitors Daisy really keeping up at it this is not an easy event Thomas for someone who's never run it before hurdles are very difficult I couldn't make it over one of those hurdles when this paddle feet and very bold to attempt the hurdles without ever actually trying them out before so you got to give a lot of shout out and a lot of credibility to those competitors look at all those hurdles it looks like a some sort of Domino rally you know you tip over one of them and the rest could fall it just this is just incredible to watch big smiles knowing that you know the winners gonna donate some money to charity a Charlie Jordan focused like she's taking the SATs as she runs so we're gonna go to Shannon who's with trolley right now Shannon what do you got for us again guys talk to his chat back I want to donate so bad it's operational Underground Railroad and they deal with sex trafficking for underage children and women such an amazing cause it's so dedicated to you really you see you out there you're really pushing man can I get a let's go chair for the girls and boys at home let's go champ proud of you chant we proud of you let's go champ so with that we are getting set up for the men's 100-meter hurdles right now and we're gonna get more of that action back to you in a second so Anson give in Blaine one Jeff Witek in 2d drawing in three he's the guy to watch Danny raka for funny Mike in five Kevin Hines six Deshea frost seven and Taylor holder in eighth so tonight's broadcast is brought to you by halogen a brand new live streaming platform that brings fans closer to the performers they love if you're watching the broadcast on halogen all of your tips and gifts to Special Olympics just tap right down there you get 50 coins when you create your free account so sign up and help us make this a special night for a very special charity visit halogen TV or find halogen in the App Store and Google Play halogen create watch engage cast out out there you want to try to donate to the Special Olympics go bother your parents go poke around a little bit and see if you can find your dad's wallet and make a donation and Special Olympics it's a great cause and we're super happy to be working with them today so we're going to go to the shop put right now and just using utilizing a little bit of a glide technique right there as they get that measurement we'll get the standings for you in a minute and I'm excited to watch this one as well Thomas these guys are just incredibly large men Bradley Martin is one of the biggest men on earth he looks like he should play in the NFL he looks like Bradley Martin eight Bradley Martin and and he's the Bradley Martin that ate the other one he's just a massive massive man he he did run earlier he resembles a large brick structure moving down the course if you could move a wall on wheels somehow that would be Bradley Martin has a skip leg day for approximately 365 straight years but I mean this guy is just a massive human really interesting that you meant that you mentioned Bradley Martin Mike just because did it Logan and – I will punch him in the face to see who could be punch harder yeah that happened that happened both so you know I'm curious curious if he'd allow that to happen again you listen Bradley Martin is such a large man I don't think you could harm him what simple punches need something larger like a howitzer some sort of intercontinental ballistic missile possibly a carpet bomb this guy just couldn't be punched over and over and over again hit with large hammers anything he just doesn't feel anything he's just a massive humanoid cyborg monster so we're gonna take a minute to shout out the Special Olympics the Challenger Games is raising money to benefit the Special Olympics the Special Olympics are the largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities click on that donation button now and help out the cause here I know Mike and I will be doing that later to see absolutely I will be Special Olympics is an absolutely great cause more than happy yes all right can't well that sucks we've got Jocelyn here I'm gonna try to get her a mic and you see on the graphics they actually raised the hurdles but then lowered them back down for the men so we're running at 30 inches right now Thomas why don't you give Jocelyn your headset for a hot second here let me just talk to her yo what's up guys okay so we've got we got AB Jocelyn here she was hurt earlier how are you feeling what happened I'm pretty devastated to be honest I was really excited for this competition what happened exactly I used to run track in but that was like 10 years ago so I trained for this about a week ago I started training which probably a little late but I started training and I was I went pretty hard and I thought yeah have you oh no my and then I came back and I was practicing and doing more training and I just pulled my quad so you pulled your quad and so you couldn't compete now what what else is going on with you these days what you've been hanging out with Spach pulled his leg tuned we were saying listen everyone Logan's hurt Bachelor you're hurt there's a lot of hurt and going on here but there's also a lot of great competitors what do you look forward to doing after you leave the event today what do you got going on I mean if this is happening again next year I'm gonna start training for next year as soon as I'm healed Wow Thank You Jocelyn all right we're gonna go back over to the men's event here we've got it looks like we've got Ronald McDonald about to run and we'll get those lane assignments for you shortly but yeah Ronald McDonald I wouldn't say is the odds-on favorite definitely out there for the comic relief as he pumps himself up look at him go he's gonna tire himself out for people who don't know that is Rocco Rocco one of the most controversial youtubers in the world completely impossible to monetize the kid hasn't made a dollar off YouTube since 1967 dressed as a large cheeseburger out here and my guess is he's gonna fall over probably the first hurdle but probably also all of them well it looks like he's got some hamburger fabric protruding onto his leg so it's gonna be tough to stretch out and make it over that first hurdle but if he makes it to the end of this finish line I'm gonna give him a lot of kudos yeah I'm pretty sure he's gonna end up well done yeah he can't see anything he can see absolutely nothing right now this is this is gonna be a tragedy of sorts who else we have we've got funny Mike the crowd favorite everybody loves funny Mike I don't think I've met someone who's been asked for more than funny Mike in a long time the kids love them everybody loves them and it looks like we've got is Jake Paul in this heat as well so we got face inside with Ali right now Ali yes we are here with face I'd say how how are you a you you're yeah I am sorry I'm not sure my pulled it or if I tore it but the second half of the race I just felt something nasty but I felt pretty good out there I know if I got a second or third I was in destroying heat and he was just like a bullet yeah he trained hard what did you do to train I mean do you feel like you didn't train enough and that is why you got hurt definitely not last week I went to the beach ran Olivia on the sand and on Thursday I tried to do the hundred I mean I ran track in high school my freshman sophomore year I was like 10 years ago so I don't know I was just trying to warm up have some fun out here I'm disappointed about the injury but will you be back next year oh yeah of course hundred percent always back awesome Thank You Santa Wow I am really excited about this right now I got I'll be honestly I've never seen the cheeseburger run before let alone raka raka dressed up as a cheeseburger and he is just looking as dumb as I've ever seen him and I've seen him in some pretty dumb situations it's hard to argue or hard to add anything there as he flexes for the camera that's his little Usain Bolt getup best imitation right there let's see if he could take that energy and put it toward 100-meter hurdles right here but definitely the least favorite in this heat yeah I don't think anybody's gonna be losing to the giant cheese burger I don't think he really has any chance whatsoever well destroying is running in lane three he's the guy to watch for he blew away 100-meter dash so another 100 meters but this one in club entails jumping as they get set and here we go Ronald McDonald out to a slow start oh wow oh and is that destroying is it I mean he's literally levitating is that destroying this is too Charlie Jordan destroying games I feel like he's just showboating out there look at him go Wow in lane two Jeff Jeff Witek pulls up but it's a halt destroying up not that's not Jeff I don't listen in front of the watch we've had some lane confusion today that is not the fault the announcer and the cheeseburgers down raka raka is is on the field he's hurt put his back up Oh knocked over the third as I said watch the boys and he's knocked over the last nope and he now he is just running it through hurdles at this point he is out of control and once again I think we do need to go that security to the track so we're gonna take it to Shannon right now he's with destroying the man of the games thus far oh man champ I'm here with you champ amazing come on what kind of weed are you I guess I do it all man it's my first timer and track an absolute week but I play football from what I see something like that yeah it's great man it's good to you know have all these prayers out here you know kind of for one big cause not thinking about ourselves not trying to win a hundred grand for ourselves before a charity that people who need the most so it's a great event man shot for the Paul Brothers for throwing this I'm excited for next year already you feeling true champion yes sir appreciate a master champ thank you thank you thank you hey subscribe do shoring that crew at the crib let's go champ I am right here oh my gosh are you okay ciao what what happened out there what are you happy I'm a competitor yourself there's beef going on right here what a what is happening what are you upset about Richard he cheated he says you cheated all right that that's I mean anything anything just ring it to you do you have anything to say I guess that's he did that red hair on my mind now it's like I'm ready for this hundred meter great steak Paul was over there sassing me up so well you know Jake Paul's gonna sassy that means he must be pretty good oh no he's scared that's what it is he's there that's it all right good luck out there and stay away from scary clowns [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] the other Spencer not Spencer Taylor Spencer Stephen Stephen Cher we're not going to do the winners of the 400 meter so we talked about it a little bit already charlie Jordan destroying the talk of the town right now I mean I I'm just curious as to who would win out of those two I mean Charlie Jordan all-around Wonder Woman just absolutely incredible just fun to watch and destroying is just once again the Rocket Man I'd like to see the two of them race I think you know Charlie Jordan is she might be able to beat him she's a bass she's a B she's no joke hopefully they're not on the 4 by 100 meter team otherwise we could just mail that in right now we got Stephen Spencer yelling on the stage to present first second and third in the 400 men's final easier first second and third-place finishers go ahead make some noise for in third place we have Dax – in second place Stephen sure and in first place with a $5,000 donation to love army sponsored by fashion Nova it is Spencer see Vettes burn so as he gets that check there actually wasn't a final we just did it based on times as he takes that nice $5,000 check home not a bad payday for one evening of work yeah that's that's a pretty good sized paycheck those are those are logan paul numbers right there this kid's got some got a good donation they're going to a good cause it looks here like Jake Paul's being tossed around by a couple of the the metal girls one of whom just did a backflip things are digressing into madness here I couldn't have said it better myself I just don't know where Ronald McDonald is to advocate that it looks like Vitali is warming up now Vitali the infamous prankster Vitaly uncensored and and there he goes and that was his second throw you know we'll get a distance right there he's being cheered on by his girlfriend Kim Zissou who also quite infamous stripped down and ran across some of the World Cup soccer games with Vitali uncensored tattooed across her or or on her body big stunt great marketing played by Vitali shot out the towel what a great partner right there you know she's the team some would call a rider die I think Batali's really struck gold with such a great girlfriend and it's great to see a power couple like that in the influencer industry so the tallies throw was 27 feet and we'll get more numbers as we get them back to you that's also Batali's mom standing there one of the more supportive moms in the industry so it looks like we're gonna watch a little bit more of the shotput here this is an interesting event it looks like he's getting a talking-to right now there may be a little pep talk now if I know Vitaly he's actually being yelled at by that woman he probably has tried to throw it in the opposite direction potentially hit a fan Batali's real trouble trouble trouble some guy started a lot of trouble like I said has an ongoing beef with Foose II don't want to see those two end up in the same area today see how he could throw this well he's gonna go with the glide technique is Wow Rose that one and that's a 16-pound ball right there it looks angry and I don't think anyone wants to see Batali angry he one time mounted the Hollywood sign was arrested for which letter I do not remember think it may be may have been one of the Elle's similar to the Ella he's about to take on this event – Bradley Martin so the sun's setting here which is good for everyone including the audience and good for us as well I'm starting to feel a little bit less sweaty still haven't eaten in hours I haven't had a drink of anything basically fasting at this point got a 6-pack of ABS that showed up since the first time since I was 12 well all good things you know it's the life of the broadcaster as Ryan Trey and lifts up that 5000 or $3,000 chat looks like a five we're gonna call it a five we're gonna go with five in it it's falling off and hit him in the eye but such is life you know things happen well he's all smiles he's a good sport about it and hats off to him for winning the 1600 meters that's the longest event we have for tonight and he won it with conviction what a guy great kid Thomas how long you've been doing this for been doing this for about three to four years professionally mostly covering the main big three sports baseball football basketball well I'll say you're quite good at it Thomas I've never done this before never called a sporting event all I know how to do is say random things that some people find funny others don't but you can't please them all well I gotta say as your first time as a color guy you've done a bang-up job you know all the athletes very well and it's made my job a lot easier so hats off to you as well I appreciate that Thomas thank you thanks all the fans out there as well challenger games fans Logan Paul Jake Paul fans and also everyone who has donated to the Special Olympics like I said that is an absolutely incredible cause there goes Kinzie sue that's a pretty solid tossing by the way I believe Kim Ji soo is the only competitor in the women's shotput and so the competition is is is not – not too tight there she's going to win no matter what happens after that one throw a large folding table could clear her out and she would still win well you got a lot of those odds as a competitor show up and take home the gold so she was smart to kind of fly in under the radar to take that event to herself yeah Kinzie Sue's a real pro I spoke with her last night at the airplane mode premiere a movie that a lot of people are anticipating coming out August 3rd and she wasn't sure if she wanted to compete but it looks like she made the right decision she's now meeting against her biggest competitor herself so I just got word Ally is down there with kuzey right now so we're gonna throw it to Ali Ali what do you got hey guys I am here with Suzy how do you feel I mean you have been kind of staging this comeback the past few months so you know how do you feel I feel great I mean I was happy to be here Thank You Logan for bringing me out I didn't do too well in my race if you saw I fell but then I did get to help Logan up and carry him to the finish line so I'm happy about that what was going through your mind at that moment I mean that was awesome camaraderie we saw within this YouTube community I was thinking about Drake the whole time so I just knew that I wanted to make Drake proud so I needed to do something in that moment to really like show him that I'm a good guy so I thought helping Logan would be a good opportunity yeah that's really on-brand for you I like that I like that now you and Vitaly had a falling-out he's here today have you crossed paths with him have you seen him actually have crossed paths with him and nothing happened I think we both moved on from the situation and then just chose to go our separate way so I was happy about that because I'm not looking for any more drama this year you know I'm just looking to be peaceful be happy I do have a boxing match coming in September but aside from that I'm all love yeah you've been training for the undercard uh-huh no no no a different boxing match that's coming but I do have a big boxing match in September all right awesome well we can't wait to see thank you yeah one more thing I love you Drake mic drop you heard it here Wow the I love you Drake at the end keemstar did you hear that a little bit of self-deprecating humor there obvious reference to phousi fest look at that little mr. right there so fans and athlete let's give a big shout-out to halogen our official streaming partner in hosts of the halogen athletes lounge as you get a live look right there halogen is a brand new live streaming platform that lets you charge as much or as little as you want for your content now you can stream live with unlimited scale on a totally free platform supported by fans and not ads wow it's great to see it really is great to see fouseytube back in front of the camera that guy's got a pretty pretty wild career and it's excited to see him back in the saddle making content again a huge fan of fouseytube great great little partner for the mental health community speaks out a lot and you know about mental health raising awareness and he's an overall great guy big fan of Fouzi good to see him back so encouraging words from Mike right there shouting out the athletes the competitors here this evening and we got a lot of commotion out in front of the tent right now I think we're getting ready for the relay races and we'll get the teams to you as we get them here in the booth this is good this one's gonna be exciting as well I think there's a couple stacked teams Logan and Jay Paul are walking up right now I believe Logan's gonna try to run this they're having a chat with summer a booth queen summer Rae absolutely amis and due to the injuries we've had tonight we are gonna have to switch up some of the relay teams right now but my money is whoever has Charlie Jordan or destroying is got to be the odds-on favorite yeah and if and by the way of both of them end up on the same team I mean we might as well close up shop now and just head home but yeah this I'm actually quite excited for this one I love seeing the teamwork and camaraderie between the influencers it's just it's just really fun to watch I never really have more fun than what then at these kind of events when all the influencers get together and get to hang out well another big storyline is gonna be Jake and Logan Paul they're gonna be racing together we got an injury on one side we got King bash out on the other side so it's going to be interesting to see how they mix up these teams and where we're gonna go from here yeah I'm excited to see Jake Paul also with the giant wedding of the century tomorrow and Las Vegas will be heading down to that later this evening Jake Paul of course of course marrying tan amongst all the couple of the century it looks like we've got someone here who would like to say something oh hey everyone just want to say hi to my niece if she's watching hi judge love you we're having a great time out here these commentators are doing their thing it's their job just to keep talking and entertaining this entire time we're out there on the field doing things with the fans here in the stands you guys have come for the next challenger games hopefully again sponsored by halogen to be a lot of fun it's all happening right in front of us the four pi 100 is happening now wow you guys are having a great time out here how's your voices so far I'm feeling pretty good I'm used to this Dillon as you know Dillon of course is the producer for the world's number one internet show and podcast impulsive which I happen to be on this guy has pulled this pretty much this entire event together with the help of some higher ups but Dillon is absolutely incredible and he's the secret sauce behind-the-scenes awesome what a nice thing to say Big Mike now Big Mike was made for this job Thomas is he giving you a hard time oh no he's been a joy in the booth everyone kind of warned me ahead of time that watch out for Big Mike but I'm not seeing it here in the booth mike has been a utmost professional if you could believe it you know when the lights come on that's what Mike does his best it's when the lights go off when everyone should be worried the worst and I and I tend to disagree I think that when the lights go off is when the cameras should start rolling because that's when you get to see the Oh or dangerous side of things you could have all that entertainment and more three times a week on the impulsive youtubes or unloaded Paul's impulsive and we're gonna be up is it a secret where we're gonna be tomorrow shooting our show they know oh they do know actually I don't think anyone does know this in positive don't drop it all right I'm not too safe but I'm sure they could come show it's Saturday tomorrow Sunday we're doing a special impulsive episode from a remote location interesting event to take place but stay tuned for that maybe during the final ceremony we'll make that announcement so I'm gonna get out of here back doing the hype guy thing thank you guys for having me here in the booth it's like Jay King here W Dewey live guys are doing it big thanks guys thank you so we're actually we're gonna go to Aly down on the sidelines right now all right we are here with destroying again people are calling you out people are scared to go against you what's going on what's going through your mind before these relays see when someone's at the top the people under them usually just want to do whatever they can to just get to that level so you know that's that's where all the chitchat is coming from what is your you know what are you thinking going into this this relay what's your vision just have fun honestly I think I've proven myself so far so just have fun and you know get another doubt all right let's see you go so with that as we get set up for the relay race we'd also like to thank several additional sponsors and supporters of the Challenger games bu Sun screen you needed it today bu body armor sports drink more natural better hydration in aqua hydrate get more from your water some aqua hydrate get more from your water I could consider doing that myself right now I have not been hydrating today I'm drying up like a prune resembling a dehydrated cactus right now Thomas haven't eaten since the last time I had dinner with my mom and Connecticut about four years ago and we're gonna go to Ali right now she's got an inside scoop for us yeah Logan is a hobbling down the track he's working on a little skip I saw so what we might be able to expect that instead of him full-out running he he seems to be having like a little skip but it listen it looks fast he has long legs he's like a like an antelope we'll see what happens well he did mention he wanted to anchor that for that relay race right now but it's gonna be tough for that hamstring coming up on him you know listen Logan's a warrior he used to be a high school wrestler and you know he may skip to my Lou down the track but I think he's gonna make it and you know his number tags hanging off this kid is just as close to an absolute disaster as you can get at this point it'll be exciting to watch we'll see how he does expect him Jake Paul to run in the in the reverse recliner position as he did the first time well if Logan is the antelope what does that mean for Jake what kind of animals he Oh Jake is uh Jake is a a Hornet absolutely no reason for that I guess I guess he floats like a butterfly stings like a morning I got nothing so as we get set right now looks like Jake is going to lead things off for his team and is that Charlie Jordan right next to him is she gonna lead things off because my money's on who's ever on her team I would by the way I would say that Charlie Jordan could probably beat Jake Paul in the in this race and so I'm really excited to see how this goes down well I guess we're gonna find out soon enough this is the hundred meter relay so four contestants running 100 meters each 400 meters and it's a dead out sprint so this is the fastest team wins the only challenge is handing off the baton they got to do it clean and they got to do it in the restricted zone we've got mayor Bear back on the track after that gold medal win we've got a Leawood drop and of course we've got this absolute psychopath rock a rock that dresses a hammer so I'm just gonna go ahead and say it who's ever on Rocco Rock esteem I'm sorry you drew the short straw and your team probably won't win yeah that's a really sad happening maybe she's maybe he's on destruct destroying and and charlie Jordan's team it kind of offsets it to make it fair for the rest of him that would be a great handicap actually since they've separated themselves from the pack it would make sense to put raka raka on their team and see if they could overcome that severe handicap so as we get a live look at the baton the runners will be getting set soon and remember you cannot drop the baton upon handing it to the other person it's an automatic disqualification so you're gonna need to be handsy with that Charlie Jordan just looking like she's ready for war right now and they're off raka raka actually with a great start it was the inside he's actually gaming you must have heard us my goodness he's really moving really close to illah woods rough there and he is running out of steam there are people on the truck and there we go with the handoff and it's unclear who's leading right now but Lane 7 looks like they're pulling out in front big time oh here we go here comes summer-rae for the handoff to Jake Paul oh wow we've got one and we got out of here winner right now take Paul turning the heat on we've got to fall take Paul in the back in the recliner then who's doing the anchoring but of course is that destroying Jay Paul looking like a duck billed platypus as opposed to a Hornet in this one and the batons are ended off absolute horrible destroying there's no one trained right there that was unfair three four three that's your champion for the relay race right there I mean this guy's gonna have so much gold around his neck and whoever whatever charity he's donating to it could expect a big check in the mail just mind-blowing works I'm destroying so destroying still undecided on what charity he was going to donate to but whatever one it is he's the right horse for this race and we look at Charlie Jordan right there handing it off to summer Rae summer Rae really turning the gas on one of my favorite people on the earth summer Rae and here's the home stretch of course handoff to jake paul who instantaneously gets back in that it just doesn't matter though I mean why talk about someone that that that's that far behind just absolutely incredible but there's a lot of smiles out there looks like everybody's having a good time all for a great cause Jorge Janko just with a face of utter determination I if that's a gold medal face fans if you're watching that out there and you can get me a screenshot to my Twitter of George janko's face during that rap during that round that was absolutely incredible face from Georgia I'd have been the shot of the day right there absolutely incredible so there's our winner destroying right there joined by Jake Paul and we'll get the subsequent second and third place winners to you shortly like I said earlier it's just incredible to see these guys who you know a lot of people pigeonhole into content creation and you know posting pictures and that kind of thing I mean these men and women are absolutely incredible these are athletes and it's just amazing to watch well destroying 3 4 3 in today's games took home the hundred the hurdles and now the relay race at what point do you you know stop creating content just becomes actually with the winning team now so we're gonna hear from them right now hey hey I'm here with the winning team guys the bunny team they call themselves the money team I mean this guy is amazing guys talk to me trying to interview be by myself back [Applause] alright guys we are here with Jake Logan Jorge Janko what is going on guys I saw you just shake hands we are looking up there at this camera I saw you guys just shake hands what's going on what you just make a deal about I love him he's just he's trash on the field I'll destroy him let's go right now well George George thinks his 4×1 team got second but really Logan can't run and we were lightyears ahead of him no he can't run period so it doesn't matter of him to be able to run or nah you're a bully yeah Logan anything yeah you're a bully also first time Jacobs a bully trended on Twitter now Oh George Anka I also just throwing it out the first time I ran his second place and it felt like nothing I was wearing regular shoes now have cleats can I drop this micro quick Wow he didn't even pick it up for me uh you heard it here I mean that's what happened so I don't know why are we gonna have a rematch maybe Wow so an emphatic mic drop right there from Jorge Janko the always animated Jorge Janko great friends with Logan and Jake but as you saw a little bit of a little bit of trash talk it's still going on on sure the fans will absolutely blow that out of proportion and turn it into a major major war logan seems to be in good spirits headband still on he's having a conversation there with what looks like the food god Jonathan Cheban from the Kardashians guest of ours on impulsive earlier this week you know as long as the kids happy I'm happy you know maybe he's got to hurt hamstring maybe people wanted to see him win but as long as he's laughing and having a good time I'm pretty sure the fans are happy at Big Brother Mike is happy so hopefully he feels better so with that the relay race is over you got a feel for Logan Paul in that situation being injured but we're gonna go to shop put right now currently Bradley Martin in second in D straw DeStorm power in first yep back to the moving skyscraper himself Bradley Martin this man is the largest human on earth he is just a large apparition giant giant you know just a just a giant human he looks like a cruise ship that somehow you know got stuck on land but I think DeStorm power might have outshot putting him right there with a 43-foot throw and that's hard to do that's a 16-pound ball and i think a lot of people have wondered from time to time what is in those arms of Bradley Martin's and you know it looks today like it could they could be filled with air or some sort of synthetic oil so you got to love that here this is what it's all about the contestants interacting with their fans out here signing autographs shaking hands doing magic tricks I mean he didn't seem impressed there you know listen Jake Paul is not an easy man to impress yeah he's he's seen it all and we've seen it all from him and it continues tomorrow with him marrying the absolute love of his life Tana mojo we got some people watering what seems to be some sand over here great shot one man is kneeling down thinking about what he's gonna have for dinner later scratching his face a little bit so that's actually for the long jump chopping up the sand horse yep soft face is the most upmost importance in today's games so making sure everything is copasetic out there for the participants by the way Thomas of course I knew that night you know it was just noting how the Sam looked we buy it logan paul always the fan favorite little brother Jake you know buying for a little bit of spotlight as well who will be the first hit 20 million subs is the question guys but the race is on between Jake and Logan the race was on between Jake Logan and mr. beast but mr. beast has got a goddang rocket ship attached to his back right now so that race ended pretty quickly [Applause] of course you could take a picture young man got some fans stopping by the booth fans of impulsive fans of Logan Paul and I think fans of Thomas to be honest with you now you're making me blush over here Mike but it has been the party booth this afternoon we have fans and contestants floating in and out it's made it a very fun environment down here at Veterans Stadium it has been quite fun I'll be honest with you my my butt has gone completely numb I've been sitting in a plastic folding chair and here we show some more of the same being watered I'm not sure if they're trying to grow some sort of plant or cultivate some sort of some marine life their lives to try and stop violence once just hop in the shop for a second well if you got a minute here give him a quick headset I pop up on in here at Lantz maybe maybe duck down a little bit there's a camera but we got lance210 here ladies and gentlemen there we go there's the camera let's go this says it's a model 210 the announcers console that's a that's actually extremely interesting it does say model 210 Lance do it you just moved to LA how do you like it so far oh I love it man you know I lived out here for four years I moved down when I was 17 and then I moved back to New Jersey for two years to be with my family I got a house out there but I need to be back here bro be around my friends and other Creators and you know just kill it out here making content I think people are happy to see you back at Lance I've always been a fan of yours I've been a fan of your personality I love your pranks I appreciate your grandmother right oh my god she's amazing sweetheart he scares the crap out of her books it puts puts her in inside Mitch Spencer you know speed demon cares she loves it though I mean she gets mad at first right but like at the end of the day she watches back the videos and she enjoys it she was going out me and all the fans everybody showing love it's a great time man I think at some point you should do a collab with Ross oh yes I already have that trying to get set up yeah it works so we'll see what happens that's awesome man la has changed quite a bit since you were here last some new kings and queens I think you got to figure it out right quick and I'm happy to have you back for sure man I appreciate you guys thank you for having me over here the Challenger games this is awesome I love I love the community man all the influencers everybody get it together having a good time you know showing love for the fans especially it's a charity event that that's that's big ops man I love it well thanks for coming over thanks for stopping by and I'm sure I'll see you after the event maybe we get ourselves a cold yes yes girl I gotta get on a postive soon Logan you're welcome on it so Mike awesome well thank you I appreciate it see you soon have a gone lance210 ladies and gentlemen so alleys down on the sidelines right now she's gonna take it away or basil all right guys we are here with Jonathan Eman one of the most recent impulsive guests Food Guide tell me a little bit about your time on impulsive oh man I love those guys I love the energy over there I'm starting my own crew got podcast so I came to get some tips to learn novices yeah so I think it was great I mean everybody I got a great response from it everybody watched it yesterday and they you're in the camera shop bro right here live streaming around track-and-field where's the security this is very impulsive this is nuts over here but I think this is like a brilliant thing I think is such a fun thing for young people to do come out here and like this is so cool I'm like really impressed by this now obviously you're tight with the car Jenner's which one do you think would win in a race in this in maybe the hurdles let's say god I have no idea I don't know if any of them even run like I've never seen anyone run maybe I mean Chloe goes to the gym all day so maybe her I know that I would lose immediately and like I'm not good at any of this kind of stuff so I came perfectly at 6:30 to make sure that I did not have to participate in any of this stuff maybe next year there will be like a food eating competition I will be part of the food eating contest that's on let's do this food eating contest right here like they do in Coney Island and I'm gonna be Joey Chestnut food god winner first love it I will join you in that thank you alright guys back to you look out down there ally you don't want to stand too close to that man with the camera in his face listen if I'm saying this right now if that food eating competition happens the food god makes that happen that is a competition I will join I will go up against just about anyone in a boneless buffalo eating contest boneless buffalo wings buttery toast eating contest you know mini slider cheeseburgers whatever you got food got Jonathan if you're watching this you're obviously not watching because you're here if you do watch it back or you hear this I'll take you down and it did freak eat bad so we got a little trash talk here in the booth and all around us right now as we get set up for the hundred meter dash right now between the competitors that will be the final so it will be the final the dub the fastest man on the Internet so a lot at stake here big cash prize but even bigger bragging rights who you got in this one I mean do you have to ask do you have to ask I mean destroying is gonna take this thing he could run this backwards okay and it's it's just it's mind-blowing how fast is and you know as much as I am a Jake Palmer at the end of the day destroying is going to destroy Jake Paul [Applause] well as we break right now let's take a moment to thank halogen our official streaming partner and host of the halogen athletes lounge halogen is a brand-new live streaming platform that brings fans closer to the performers they love visit halogen TV to check out videos from tonight's event and learn about being a creator download the halogen app and start streaming today halogen create watch engage and that's what they're all competing for right there that trophy shot they got the medals out there they got the big trophy and it's destroying to lose but George Jenko has the face down the stretch to compete in this event I'm getting some some feedback on Twitter now looking at George zanko's face it is absolutely ridiculous I not sure if he was trying to run a race or if he had just eaten a hot chili pepper before you really ought to take a poop or something but that kids faces it's disturbing there's really not no other way to put it Charlie Jordan enjoying the first-place victory Charlie Jordan just an absolute sweetheart so Dylan's going to take it away right now with on the podium it is time to crown your champions for the women's 100-meter hurdle in third place it's case in second place we have flower friendly and in first place folks she's a superior athlete not only did she win the hundred meter hurdles she also won the hundred meter sprint ladies and gentlemen it is Charlie Turner go ahead make some noise for your top three finishers yeah that's what's up one more time make some noise for your competitors that $5,000 from fast Genova is going to operation underground railroad fashion OVA thank you so much ladies second and third thank you Charlie hang out right there we are going to present you with your first-place trophy ladies and gentlemen the fastest female entertainer on the planet Charlie Jordan all right don't go anywhere because we have our men's shop play our men's shot put champion up let's shop with champion ladies and gentlemen taking home we're gonna go towards the podium in a minute but I'm looking behind me as they fix the long jump competition over there making that sand a little bit softer that's it's it really is an exciting thing to watch them continue to water that sand and who knows what will grow out of there can't a little plant some kind of root vegetable vegetable a potato of some sort you know people have called me in the past a potato and you know so I know quite a bit about the growth of root vegetables but look at that sand it's it's looking nice and cool looks like they've got it down to a to a bubbly 68 degrees Fahrenheit guy with the rake is obviously super excited and now I've got some dancers on the infield as well which is also great well the energy is still high right now we have a few events left most notably the 100-meter dash coming up we got the long jump when the sand gets right and of course at the end the tug-of-war seems like destroying is art is that destroying they're already sitting on the ground kissing a chain oh no wait no that's not strong it's just dancing around no he's gonna win and that Sun is finally starting to set giving people a little bit of retreat a little egress from the heat that today's sunny Southern California day has produced it has been a real scorcher out here and it's you know you're starting to feel that that breeze come in so I think we got Dylan I think he's wrangled the winners for the shotput we sure have we are on the stage with the champion shot putter ladies and gentlemen taking home the gold medal des stone with $5,000 from fashion OVA to root on the charity of his choice metal models one of you guys get in there looking good looking good yeah thank you fashioned over for the $5,000 Tarrou John amazing amazing and it's just it's just wild to to see him take it against the likes of giant Bradley Martin and and massive blessing what great win they're a great cause and he stands alone at the podium no one else even standing next to him I'll tell you these guys Bradley Martin and blessing you know they're probably somewhere climbing buildings smashing stuff right now they're very very unhappy about the loss if you remember the video game rampage from back of the day they're probably scaling large buildings in Los Angeles and just basically trashing the place well with that we're gonna go to Allie she's with fan-favorite summer Rae hey guys we are here live with summer Rae how do you feel obviously it was it was a crazy day you ran some a few different different heats what's what's going on it was amazing and I had the best time but I was upset because I thought they were gonna say like one two or three and then we were gonna go it was a gunshot literally I heard the gunshot and I was like look and then I went so it's like when you're running like those Sprint's the start is everything but not saying I would go first but maybe second I had it my whole time raising I was catching up with everyone so just watch the playback guys watch the playback well I mean you can redeem yourself a little here with tug-of-war are you I couldn't kind of run I don't my arms aren't really as strong as my legs so maybe not but we'll see cuz Logan's making me the captain the team captain so what what qualifies you as a team captain no he ducks me today I said I'm gonna make you you're the team captain I said what is the team captain he said I get a pick who's on my team so let's see if I gotta pick the strongest and the best about to say who who are you thinking right now you know I'm plotting I'm definitely plotting I don't know who wants to do it you know I would definitely look for Bradley Martin he's done yeah sure Mike called him the strongest man on the planet I think that's what he said well Mike also said my youth like quads of Steel so please right so yeah I think Mike knows what he's talking about Mike knows what he's talking about something people don't say that often we love you Mike we love you Mike all right Mike we are going back to you and Thomas what's coming up Wow kind words from summer eh one of my favorite people in the entire world bubbly summer Rae and you know I really appreciate her telling everyone that I know what I'm talking about actually in fact don't I have no idea what's going on right now I like I said haven't eaten my butt is stuck to my pants I've been sitting in this plastic chair for an eternity and you know at this point I really don't even remember I might remember my own name at all well you're good at disguising it I will say that but that takes us to the hundred meter dash this is the event everyone came for this is going to dub the fastest man on the Internet and I think we already know who that is I think it's destroying but anything could happen out of the blocks we have destroying clocking in and at eleven point seven hundred meter dash officially and we have toab gisle at twelve point two six in jake paul at twelve point two five so those are the three main competitors to watch out for yeah destroying a full second ahead of those guys it's going to take an insurmountable effort you'd be thrown in I mean I'm calling it destroying tope gisle Jake Paul destroying is the fastest man in the entire planet it would take a intergalactic boomerang to destroy his Lane completely would have to fall into the ocean for him to lose I mean this kid is gonna destroy everyone soon as they get to the blocks the crowd settles and there we go Paul slow out of the blocks and there you go destroying just no one within him it's just mind-blowing how fast that man mustering the star of the show thus far four four four on events get this guy some handicap over here I mean it's just mind-blowing he's he's sleeping on the course now you know signifying that he could do this in his sleep he might as well have been shot out of a goddamn cannon this dude is quite honestly Usain Bolt of the entertainment industry well that's your champion right there yeah I've been alive look destroying as you put the competition to sleep he's the fastest amateur of the world and you know it takes you back to times when Logan Paul was talking smack about being the fastest entertainer in the world and man was he wrong well Paul pretty quick out of the gate just couldn't maintain acceleration but there you see destroying just as soon as he gets those first couple steps he is just gone I mean he looks like some sort of fighter jet that's just breaking the sound barrier as he runs everyone around him just looks absolutely terrible Jorge Janko again once you know once again with the world's ugliest you know look of all time just a real tragic situation for everyone except for destroying in an emphatic win to an impressive evening destroying four for four in these games definitely the star of the show yeah now he's just taking a nap and rightfully so I mean listen you win it you win a contest like this you take a nap you know we're here with the champ the fastest man on internet looked at him y'all talk to the people and now I talk too much stress on the Internet's and not come out here prove myself today man I just like that phone I'm just come out here 100k for charity okay I don't even know if they don't give it to me but if they don't like my girl at what's the charity champ and look at your beautiful lady talking about the charity I'm glad I want to do something for you know kids in Florida man who aren't as privileged I'm from Florida from the crib a little Miami mr. Urena I want to I want to do something for the kids man let's go let's get it man Internet I couldn't have said it better myself these drawings list of accomplishments for tonight hundred meter champ 400 meter champ 100-meter hurdles champ and he won the relay with his team as the anchor just just mind-blowing running away with the entire event here and it's you know it's incredible to watch and now Jake Paul probably reading some sort of apology letter for letting everyone down and we're gonna go to Ally right now as a disgusted Jake Paul throws a piece of paper all right guys we are here with Jake Paul he just threw the standings down what's going through your mind you got third place if you're not first you're last baby shout out to Ricky Bobby I'm sorry sorry mom sorry team ten sorry team everyone I lost I'm disappointed I'm sorry Jake Pollard's YouTube this is it's I'm embarrassment why do you feel like you're an embarrassment I think you put your you put everything you had into it didn't you yeah but it just wasn't good enough you know sometimes sometimes in life you know you just got to take it out I'm gonna come back next year come back next year and I'm gonna win the 100-meter men's relay any words for destroying well I offered him $20,000 to lose the race and he didn't take it so he's a good guy so Congrats just showing you a good kid I actually yeah what happened out there I mean third place Jake got third place you got last place but I put this event together bro and it's not about you and it's not about me it's not about destroying it's about charity it's about the Special Olympics I think we did a good job I think that you guys did a great job I'm really proud of you how how do you feel right now the games are done you know the crowning is about to happen just tell me a little bit about how you feel I I want to get drunk saying there's a after party at my house [Applause] no I'm gonna put this behind me and get married tomorrow and just take that w and go on my honeymoon and just forget about this and come back next year that's right any for next year what training any differently not pulling hamstrings facts we're gonna start with the ham sorry to everyone I'm gonna start with the healthy hamstring I just want to say thanks everyone for watching this event has been incredible also surprised at how smooth the first one was and you know every year we are gonna get better thank you for thank you to everyone who donated to the Special Olympics do you have any idea how much money you guys have raised I don't know but also each each winner got to donate I think like 5,000 that so the money has been diversified it's been spread out and like I said it the the goal of this was to show how powerful creators could be when we come together and for charity I think I think we did good I'm happy today even though I hurt and I lost embarrassed myself in front of the Internet you didn't but I would say the same thing when Suzy picked you up and helped you across the finish line that's what happens what creators come together just can't like I'm gonna post it on my Instagram if someone got it like yeah and then ya know I'm content I'm really happy and also seeing the fans of real live like you guys oh I love you that's it great job Logan Congrats thank you thank you so much Ellie well say Jake mentioned his wedding in our sponsor halogen is the only place to watch Jake and Tana's wedding tomorrow night the pay-per-view event will include the red carpet cocktail hour ceremony and reception nobody knows what's going to go down in Vegas but you'll be able to see it live go to halogen TV slash Jake in Tana tune in tomorrow night I mean I won't have to tune in obviously Thomas cuz I'll be there but everyone else should I do want to speak quickly on Logan and Jake's little announcement there you know I we took we joke around a lot but what an incredible event put on by Logan and what a great show put on by Jake he really stuck in there with with some pretty serious runners and you know it looks at this point like little brother Jake he may be a little bit quicker than Logan hopefully they could both you know get real healthy and come back and show up next year and you gotta love what's going on in front of us it looks like fans and everyone's coming onto the track and meeting why they're out here all the contestants all the internet personalities and it's great to see I mean listen it's uh it's it's the one time where I where I went to a party that I couldn't get it to I feel like I'm at a gate peering over looking at all the people enjoying themselves and by the way I'm enjoying myself as well Thomas but there's there's just all this beautiful stuff going on out here and we're sitting at this plastic table you know doing our jobs and jobs and it's we're having fun doing all this and as we go the ceiling is set by the way over at the long jump and we'll get the contestants for you in a moment oh we're okay so we're in the second round here of the long job 10 or fox watching on now there's there's a big dog I'd be interested to see how tender foxes do it so far so I just got word Sam Hurley is the current leader for the long jump as they rake that stand as they've been doing for the last hours though and this is Sam this is the leader right now that's a great 17 feet 17 feet Wow and actually the form on that was pretty good yeah he's you know what it is he's got great hair I think that hair interacts with the wind causing some sort of chemical reaction to lift effect it's absolutely incredible and the kid the kid looks like he should be a model for fashion no but men just just an absolute you know great looking guy just an ad minute and quite a jumper as well now they're raking that sand and I do believe that's box-boy set to jump next he looks calm confident looks calm also another another you know this this fox boy looks like he's channeling his 2003 emo phase with the black hair and good speed jump but I don't think that's gonna be enough to dethrone Sam Hurley at this juncture I don't think so either and also very unimpressed with the dismount looked like he went for a somersault the front end they're destroying I believe now destroying has collected more checks than happy gilmore as you remember happy gilmore collected all of the large checks when a little hop skip and a jump as he goes out there oh wow actually I was on his butt right there quite a jump of course and I think they're measuring from his but not where his touchdown you know and these kind of jumps you really got to keep that momentum moving forward so that you don't fall backwards you know as you saw with this last jump you know if you fall backwards they'll mark your backwards progress and so you got to keep moving forward as if you know there's some sort of lava pit behind you the long jump combines a lot of athleticism speed and then launch angle you really want to be going full forward momentum as fast as you can and get that launch angle to propel you as far as possible do a little Running Man style in the air looks like we've got some selfies going on there now you know once again these influencers just absolutely incredible with their fans looks like the medal ceremony and we're gonna go to Dylan right now the medal ceremony of course that's a familiar face on top of the podium that's destroying it is time to announce the biggest award of the evening the fastest entertainer on the planet challenger Games audience do you guys have a good time today make some noise in third place the man is getting married tomorrow it's mr. Jake in second place he's been in the top of the ranks all day long this silver medalist in the men's 100-meter dash table chisel and taking the award home as the fastest entertainer on planet Earth make some noise for your gold medal winner destroy ladies and gentlemen these are your challenger game athletes one more time make some noise $5,000 presented to Covenant House of Florida by fashion Nova thank you guys so much for coming out tonight Jake Paul thank you for joining us please step off table chisel thanks for joining us destroy him we're going to take that check from you and now present you with your fastest man alive trophy one more time for D straw Charlie Jordan Charlie Jordan come on we'll do both you at the same time Charlie Jordan bring your trophy bring your trophy and that is how it's done here at the Challenger games presented by halogen thank you guys for joining us all night long we'll be coming with you all year long with multiple events throughout the year finding the best of the best online charlie jordan the fastest woman alive and destroying the fastest man alive that looks amazing guys that looks amazing trophies up long jump winners long jump winners come on over ladies and gentlemen thank you so much the fastest man the fastest woman appreciate you coming out sharing we're looking at safer leaves with us previous jump right there landed 18 feet eight inches right there so he actually extended his lead so Sam Hurley the guy to beat in the long jump he literally just jumped over three of me if I laid out vertically I think I could get it like a nice 12-foot I'm confident in 12 feet and I'm sorry I got third I want to ask you guys some questions Charlie how did you get so quick what's your secret is it true that you had a college track scholarship some people said you've been cheating is that cheating how cheating like you're way too good to be competing with a bunch of influencers no you know you're doing great and what about you why are you so quick you ran like Olympic times what was your time that's crazy man congratulations for real like I'm gonna shake your hand right now even if my hand even if my answering was right I don't know I don't know who row for real congratulations of course of course you got to rematch when your legs better next year challenger Games 2020 destroying for his Logan Paul and Jake I guess if you want to do it too are you coming back next year I'm a train the whole year so yeah shout out the halogen for putting this on shout out the fashioned over for these dope suits you already know guys there's an amazing event we love you at home don't forget to donate everybody if you all give a dollar that's watching this right now the donations are gonna go out of this roof so if you just give one dollar it's gonna make a big difference for the Special Olympics we appreciate you all make sure you guys donate two minutes for the kids I appreciate you guys having me thank you so much for the kids this is amazing promoting being active and it's for charity so you guys are awesome heck yeah thank you a plea only to the halogen athlete lounge music it's time to dance a little bit here we go hands up dancers here we go hands up challenger games thank you guys for joining us right here in the 2019 challenger games we've had Jake Paul Logan Paul King batch summer-rae and so many more of your favorite athletes we'll see you next year make sure you click that Dhoni button or text to give on screen to help the Olympics and the chip artis of our athletes choice big shout out to halogen and fashion ovah for making this possible but most importantly thank you guys for joining us for a very special event this has been the Challenger games 2019 we'll see you next time Goggan we are here with Logan and Jake the founders of the Challenger games congratulations on your first what do you want to say to the fans thank you we all we owe it all to them like truly like I took a second to walk around here and meeting everyone in the meet and greet was incredible but everyone who watched everyone who donated thank you literally we would be nothing without you and you know that and when I say that really comes from a place that's at the bottom of my heart I mean it I love meeting you guys in person say what's up to us when you see us I don't know how I get out here I'm gonna sprint so besides the next 20 minutes I love you guys we love you he said it right he said it right yeah we are surrounded by these fans hi guys how you doing awesome well it seems like today was a huge success Jake you have a medal around your neck how does that feel it feels good I mean again if you're not first you're last but third place you know my dad's probably disappointed but you know we'll get him next year well I think you made Pam proud on her birthday so that's what matters true facts Ally we love you did great thanks guys thank you thanks for having me well that does it for the Challenger games the first inaugural challenger games presented by halogen we had a lot of fun bringing it to you Mike final thoughts on this event listen what an incredible event what a great job by Logan Paul and by you know the entire team and shout out to halogen shout out to the Special Olympics what a great cause and it was just awesome watching all these guys run a lot of camaraderie here happy Jake Paul's taking home a medal Logan Paul better better luck next year but overall just an incredible event destroying fastest person on planet earth Charlie Jordan fastest second fastest person I planner I mean these people are faster than lightning and just saw something to watch and as you could tell everyone's having fun down here on Memorial Stadium the crowds out there into it we had a great time bringing it to you as you said Special Olympics special shout-out to them halogen you guys have done a great job and thanks so much to the production team at echo alley Shannon Briggs we love bringing it to you live let's go champ let's go champ you you



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