45 thoughts on “The Carrington Event of 1859”

  • Colin O'Farrell says:

    It's scary how unprepared we are for this, given it's an inevitable occurence. Of course people will put in all the safeguards after it's happened and we've spent a decade restarting our power grids while people eat each other for resources.

    Unfortunately there's still far too many stupid people running the world

  • Peter Jennings says:

    hey John in case you didn't know, sun screen is one of the most toxic substances one can put on their skin. Do a little research if you're interested. Was pretty frightening how bad it is when I found out myself.

  • Oh, ok…I'm sorry, but I thought this was that other "Carrington event"…You know, the one where Krystle Carrington finally throws down and fights with Alexis Carrington! But I guess this space thing is cool too.

  • So really, we're lucky we got hit with a super massive sun flare when we did. Too early to cause any real damage, but recent enough for us to give it a scientific explanation.

  • Phil Francis says:

    The first flare didn't create a 'clear path' as you suggested. The charged particles created an increased electrical field which accelerated the second flair. This is how particle accelerators work, by introducing charge particles into an electric field.

  • Well the sun used to be yellow instead of the blinding white it is today, is earths mag field to blame or maybe a depleted ozone that doesn't scatter the incoming rays is responsible. It should be the biggest story ever but silence is heard.

  • Awesome.

    I'm curious about the image of the galaxies and wanted to know which one it is, as I cannot seem to locate it under a Hubble Deep Field search.
    Also, what might be causing the distortions in the imagery? Is it caused by the lens or by stitching multiple images together?

  • Would love to see all this tech fukery wiped out for a few years, speacially for the sake of younger generations..

  • Raymond Ross says:

    This very reason is the why I think we need to put "climate change panic" on hold and consider re-designing our power grid to survive a disaster like this. Planet or no planet: if the grid were to fail, we will be SCREWED. Yes, Mother Earth needs help, bud Daddy Dirt needs to get his shit together and build infrastructure for a less point-to-point failure power grid (the US has nine points of failure… if more than one major point were go fail, it would take 3+ month's to rebuild the major station– not substation– one of nine major stations). We live in a day when a person can take out a substation with a shotgun, so a 2019 Carrington Event can literally waste millions of lives within months. Yes, climate change is a big deal: but we are so heavily dependent upon microelectronics and systems that a solar storm will destroy. This is not funny. It's more important to upgrade our power grid than to save Earth's climate right now. Even so, a new power grid scenario would allow green tech to thrive and finally rid ourselves of carbon emissions. It's plainly stupid to worry about oceans rising and ice melting when we need to start at the basics, knowing for the fact that a Carrington Event will occur again and in our current state: WE ARE SCREWED and MAYHEM will result.

  • RevealingDaniel TheGreatControversy says:

    Great video. Sunscreen will kill you faster than the sun. 😎 Just saying. But really great info. 👍

  • cosprgsguy 123 says:

    John Michael Godier's knowledge on all subjects celestial is amazing. His narration is powerful, clear and mysterious. Keep up the excellent work

  • just for fun ok says:

    Dang if that happened all those that don't trust digital currency and just have cash and silver will be rich. Soooooo much will not be useable without computers. Awwww the good old days

  • bonbon saleh says:

    Sunscreen became popular in 1974 since then the rate of skin cancer went up over 1000% only in the next decade alone, you seem like a well educated man why would you put chemicals on your skin that get absorbed thru the blood if you can't eat it , you shouldn't put it on you. I am sure you will come to the same conclusion after 15 min of research.

  • willy reeves says:

    I've heard the cost to harden the US power grid to withstand such an event would be a few billion dollars or about 1/10th of 1% of the cost of not doing it and the event happens. seems like a no brainer to me, but apparently not to those who have the assets and money.

  • funny there was the shield act going through congress someone killed it . 90% of people will die in a year with no power. Florence showed people had 2 days food most .

  • Maybe cern shouldn't keep doing things that dont need meddled by humans, all the electricity they use to play god is prolly whats really causing this, blame planet x, couldn't possibly be a product of the evil which is satans backyard

  • luciferangelica says:

    aurora borealis? at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localised entirely inside your kitchen?

  • So the world was actually supposed to end in 2012, it just that whatever was supposed to end us wasn't aimed at us…

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