The Break-Up | Lele Pons & Twan Kuyper

The Break-Up | Lele Pons & Twan Kuyper

Hey, whats up man? Look, I know it’s your sister, but I gotta break up with Lele. Listen, I know it’s your son, but I gotta break up with Twan. Look, she’s just not fun though. Listen, he’s just a drunk. Sorry man. Look, I gotta be able to work out with my girl. Listen, I gotta you know be able to take naps with my guy. Plus, he sweats a lot. You know, I just want a girl who I can wake up next to without makeup. Listen, I just want a guy to wake up next to who doesn’t p*** himself. It’s going to be super hard because she’s obsessed with me. Listen, I am going to see over him, but I don’t think he’s over me. I mean, look, I don’t want to break her heart… I just- who’s gonna want to miss a face like this? Honestly, his face… Hate it No I am not talky Twan is so talky Look, Lele has a lot of great qualities like… And Twan has no good qualities Both: Anyway, I am going to break up with Lele (Twan) Both: I will talk to you later Oh hi. I was about to see you Yeah, I am here There’s no easy way to say this… Both: I am breaking up with you Wha–what? Y–you are breaking up with me? Y–you are breaking up with me? You are breaking up with… this? Umm, why? Why are you breaking up with me? I don’t know why. I–I don’t know anymore. Yeah… what? I–I know I have not been perfect… Yeah? Yes, yes you are not perfect. But I am not perfect either! Look, I can definitely be a better boyfriend. Listen, I can be a better girlfriend. Please I am confused now… If I don’t break up with you, would you not break up with me? Both: Yes Yes? No? No? Yes? No? … So, wait. So we are not breaking up with each other. Um, so we are back together? Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it? Yeah. I will see you tomorrow. Or tonight? You got my number. Send me pictures! Both: And we are back together.


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