The Break-Up (1/10) Movie CLIP – Ever Had a Hot Dog? (2006) HD

The Break-Up (1/10) Movie CLIP – Ever Had a Hot Dog? (2006) HD

Come on, come on, come on.
All right, here we go. Take a seat, buddy! Come on.
It was a good play. Are you gonna be
like this all day? I don’t know. Is it gonna
be like this all day? I don’t know.
It’s up to you. I have no room to sit.
I got no room to sit. I’m sitting next to
a guy who’s sitting like he’s at home on the
toilet with his legs spread. Please don’t crowd people.
Relax, please. Look at me. I am relaxed.
Look how I’m sitting. Why are you sitting like that?
Because… What do you think? Why’d you wake me up
for this shit? Because I’m trying to relax
and have a nice day. Sweating in the sun
like a Tijuana whore. Ice-cold soda! Get your soda here! On the right.
Coming down there.
Pass that on down there. Hot dog guy, can I get six
hot dogs down here, please? Right away.
And make it right, please. You know, with the mustard
and the ketchup and the relish. Don’t make me
hit you up for more. I thought we were going
to Wiener Circle after this. We will.
Then why are you getting hot dogs? Pass this down, please.
You can keep the change. Do you want one of the hot dogs? You can have a hot…
You want a hot dog? Do you want a hot dog, miss? No. Thank you.
You can have one. That’s okay.
Go ahead.
You can have a hot dog. No, I don’t want one.
Excuse me, sir? Would you mind passing the
lady one of the hot dogs? I’m good, thanks.
You don’t have to share. You can have your own.
Thanks. That’s really nice of you. Just have one, please.
Okay, give me a hot dog. Somebody give her a hot dog.
I got… The big guy can’t eat all of them. Have one. Have you ever had one before?
A hot dog? At the ballpark?
I have. I believe I have. Okay, good.
Thank you. Well, enjoy this one.
Thanks. Do you like mustard?
No, I’m okay. It’s much better
with a topping. Here. I’m just kidding,
I’ll give you two. Cheers!
Thanks. We’ll share it. It’s a good dog.
I like the hot dog. I know. That’s nice. You have a problem with
me eating a hot dog, guy? I’m trying to watch the game
and have a hot dog. I’ll smack him in his head.
No, just leave him alone.


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