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The Boring Company Event Webcast


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  • 9:42 "a mile a week, expensive and super slow" …. but Elon is lying by omission which is still lying. Elon's tunnels are super small (Transport Tunnels) when compared to large and larger sized Transit Tunnels, thus making these tunnels more expensive and slower to build.

  • Stephen Sarmento says:

    He says that all these engineering feats are elementary but is it really or is Elon and his team just a bunch of geniuses bettering society on there own. How amazing. Gimme a job!!! I work construction. I'll fly out there tommarow! Haha

  • John Cervantes says:

    Elon is the best. 155MPH. I will be traveling New York to Washington DC every day. Greatest journey of all times. Dig as fast as possible please. SMASHING THE THUMBS UP NOW!!

  • Hi Boring Company,

    How would these tunnels cope disaster? Earthquakes, flooding, cave-ins, some type system failure (failing air ventilation or power), car crash (fire / exploding vehicle), ease of escape to the surface, ease of maintenance due to usage? There's a lot that can go wrong in tunnels and they can be a death trap if everything's not addressed and of course you don't want to emphasize on all the down sides of this system in the unveiling, but it would've been good to say solutions for those are in the works.


  • Carter Allen says:

    I feel like the only reason there isn't more applause and laughter is because everyone is in state of pure shock and disbelief

  • Orange Aquatics says:

    An interesting thing to do would be to connect the LA tunnel to a structure under the ocean…to help transport and do underwater structures..if they don’t exist already.

    One great candidate is offshore of Antarctica…this would be big steps to understanding oceans/water more…& provide shelter that would be warmer than those above ground there….if that doesn’t exist already as well….

  • Cardinal of Kekistan says:

    How does one go about getting involved with buying a boring machine or investing in infrastructure? Please take my money.

  • TheGrateful108 says:

    Car elevators arn't needed. Simply use existing car garages in the city under buildings as entry/exit points by building extra ground floor for entering into tunells. Cars can travel from one garage to another through tunells at high speeds, freeing streets. Great idea. For higher speeds air should be pumped in the direction of traffic to reduce air friction. Besides little wheels reinforced bumpers should be added. In case of power loss other cars can always push it through from behind.

  • Glen Bartholomew says:

    If you make the bricks somewhat porous, which would lower the cost, you can use them on the inside of cement buildings for insulation and support. They do this in China to build high rise apartment buildings, I lived in some they were comfortable in the winter and summer. At $.10 a brick something like this in Chicago or St Louis, where I have a house, could boost affordable housing and be a residual product for The Boring Company.

  • SUCH Developments says:

    The best that was achieved in the Singapore MRT underground was 35m a day. Elon when you build the railway (50k) from Katoomba to Lithgow is mainly sedimentary rock (sandstone). So relative easy for a TBM operation

  • welsh kraken says:

    No limit to how deep they can go? yes there is a limit obviously the earth gets hotter and more soft the deeper you go… helicopters can fly in rain / snow etc. and floods, earthquakes? .. ok he said above ground ill give in to earthquakes, 3 times the power = 3 times faster… not always, 90 hp bike can go way faster than a 115 hp car for example.
    The new dirt is clean without contaminants hence why they have new dirt not potentially contaminated dirt that risks of tunnel collapse or weakness etc.
    10 million dollars for a tunnel for what he said is made out of sand, oil mixed in with it etc. going back to my previous point as to why they use clean "dirt" for concrete and not contaminated dirt is one that oil in the concrete showed a noticeable reduction up to 42% in the concrete compressive strength as the contamination level increases this was tested to 1.5% (and I get that not all sand contains oil but im sure he more than knows how contaminated dirt can affect the strength of concrete, also the further down he goes the more strength he would need.. I wouldn't go in a tunnel 1km down made out of the sand and dirt he finds there that's for sure.
    Many stations? unless the stations are long ramp like he said then I don't see the others working.. what's going to happen when 2-3000 people want to get off in say downtown Manhattan? I will tell you what… tunnel shutdown.
    Again he states no limit, there is always a limit on how deep you can go and how many you build, how do the cars in the middle of the 25 square get out? there will haft to be specific tunnels going to specific locations otherwise people would be stuck in the tunnel until the end without any exits anywhere because they are blocked by the tunnels above below and beside you.. so there's a limit right there.
    Also traveling at 150 mph to an offramp would need an additional 1-2km of tunnel maybe more depending on traffic etc. what happens when the come to exit and you have negative Nancy trying to pull out onto the street only for traffic to be blocking her? How many cars are going to be stuck behind her? choking the exit point, after all the traffic on street level is still going to be there, not everyone wants or will buy an electric car… and even those with electric cars wouldn't be able to use his tunnel… the biggest factor is that many of the other company's EV don't even hit 150 mph (VW golf, Toyota, BMW (apart from the i8 if you can select full electric mode only) also they will have different software (although I'm sure that Elon will make an APP), they wont be modified for the tunnel either so it would cost them a lot of money to get the extra track wheels and I'm sure that Elon would charge you for the privilege of using the tunnel if you are not in a Tesla model car. So why everyone is getting excited? Don't forget that its basically a Tesla only tunnel (apart from a couple of other high end EV cars that cost way more than a Tesla ever would) this theory about the whole of the USA being able to use the tunnel is based on the amount of Tesla cars he has sold and can currently use the tunnel, there is going to be ZERO normal cars in there or very few other brands like Tesla.

    I love Elon and his ideas hes great ! he probably thinks like me when I look up at night and laugh to myself thinking "billions of galaxy's, trillions of stars, zillions of planets and here we are fucking about on earth"

    Feel free to answer these questions Elon, maybe one day I could afford one of your bad boy Tesla roadsters !

  • Uh, I know how everything will be perfect if everything goes perfectly, but… just try and imagine an "accident" of some sort, that let's say, crashes a car sideways in the tunnel, and really jams it in there. How do service or emergency vehicles get in there quickly? (talk about a traffic jam) What about fire in the tunnel, or floods? They mentioned earthquakes, but not what they could do in one.
    Not to mention, lots of people don't like being in tunnels,(claustrophobia), especially on long rides with no view or fresh air, it's boring and uneasy.
     Not to be a real party pooper, but there's also our little buddies, the criminals, & terrorists, who could turn that place into a mess fairly easily, unless there's some very well organized and equipped security 24/7… Personally, I think these tunnels might make for great commercial applications, like the utility tunnels, and water tunnels, and maybe cargo transport or a subway mass transit, but cars and other small private vehicles may be more complication than it's worth. (Just my .02)

  • miguel bautista says:

    hello Mr. Musk, there is another way to make tunnels much faster than with the current TBM, I sent an email through the webpage to make contact and explain the arguments. Thank you

  • Its funny how dumb ass americans are surprised by a hole in the ground with the purpose of moving people faster. You guys do realize they have been doing this since 1860 right? Everyone makes a big fuss that elon dug a tunnel when we have been doing that for literally over a hundred years.

  • It is a way to reduce greenhouse emissions without giving up cars and to inspire people to buy electric cars. But it is a solution without actually giving up cars- in Europe the train system is used wisely and widely, but this could be the American alternative and Americans don’t have to give up their beloved cars!!

  • Crenshaw Pete says:

    Has anyone else thought about how instrumental these machines are going to be for the future missions to Mars? I know Elon's goal for the boring company is to solve traffic and what not on earth, but I am really curious as to how much putting people on Mars played a role in Elon starting this company. It just has me thinking, how far into the future is his mind thinking?

  • He didn't talk about congestion at the entry points to the tunnel, it seems like a pretty striking potential issue.

  • Secondary:
    1. Many mountainous countries need a lot of cheap tunnels. ✓
    2. Many cities actually need more parking space, not more roads. Underground parking tunnels. ✓

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