The Black Hole theory #4 Information Paradox and Holographic principle

The Black Hole theory #4 Information Paradox and Holographic principle

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because we are going to get started, now from previous episodes we have understood
that, black holes are giant astronomical objects, which sucks everything into it, and then shredding
it into pieces We also know that, finally one day the black
hole will eventually evaporate due to Hawking radiation
now this phenomenon is justified, but what is not justified is, what happens to the things
which went into the black hole, after it dies by things, we mean what happens to the information,
that was sucked into black hole. let’s understand first what we mean by information
information is not tangible. it is just understood as a property of, arrangement
of particles for example, let’s take some carbon atoms. now arranging them in a particular fashion
will give you a graphite but arranging them in a different way will
give you a diamond now both graphite, and diamonds are basically
carbons. but what makes them different is the information
of their, arrangement thus basic building blocks of all the objects
in the universe are the same. but they all have a definite arrangement
now without information, everything in the universe will be the same
According to quantum mechanics, information is indestructible
it might change shape but it cannot be destroyed here is where black holes spoils the theory
information tells us how things are different from each other, and what used to be what
black holes, on the other hand, does the opposite they take different things and makes them
same, thus destroying the information this creates the information paradox, and
a serious problem because as the black holes suck up things
into it, it is destroying the information day by day
but if fundamentals of physics says that information can’t be deleted
then is it time to rewrite physics maybe not,
now we think that as the black hole disappears, so does the information with it
but till the time a black hole exists, what does it do with the information
let’s understand black holes as we know, is something which
is formed due to its mass reaching a threshold value
so a black hole is already full in its capacity that means every time when something falls
into the black hole, it should increase its surface area to accommodate the object so it turns out that a black hole grows its
surface by a tiny pixel, for each time a tiny bit of information is thrown into it
so more information means more surface area the information gets painted on the surface,
similar to what happens when we throw a stone in the pond
we know something went into the pond from the ripples, even though we can’t see the
stone Black holes, in the same way, can store information
painted on its surface in the form of tiny pixels
they do this in the form of a hologram, the hologram is like a 3d photo, on a 2d plane
and a black hole is like a hologram, because everything inside it is encoded on its event
horizon this principle is called the holographic principle
if the information is actually stored on the boundary of a black hole
then there is a high chance, that Hawking radiation can learn the information, and carry
it away with it so the information is not lost even when a
black hole dies so that solves the information paradox
but if holographic principle is true, then our entire universe will be also a hologram
let’s understand a person inside a black hole, will continue
to perceive everything in 3dimension but one outside it, will see the person as
a 2d image on the surface this will be true for our universe too, since
the black hole is just a part of it, and it follows the rules of the universe we live
in that means even though we can see every object
in 3dimension, but at the end of the universe, we all will be stretched over a flat screen
like a hologram now we don’t know what the true nature of
the universe is. but we are sure that it is weird and complicated
and we have to do a lot more physics to understand it
but one thing is for sure, that black holes might be the key to understand the nature
of reality itself. So That’s it from this episode of the mini-series. you can watch the previous episodes by clicking
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  • Aashraya Krishnani says:

    I've always had problems with understanding the information paradox, but this clarifies it all!
    BTW, I'm a 12yr old kid!
    And thank u soo much for making easily understandable videos which would really help a science-loving person in life rather than what shit we learn In schools. ☺

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