The Best Social Media Strategy For Small Businesses

The Best Social Media Strategy For Small Businesses

– If your businesses is social media is feeling new or stuck, I’m gonna give you my number one tip for social media in 2020. And I’ll already warn you it’s
a little bit controversial, but it might be just the thing
that your business needs. Alright, let’s get into it. (upbeat music) What’s up busy people, welcome
to five minutes social media, where we help businesses
grow their revenue using social media, and
simplify social media overall, so you can keep up with
it and get back to running the rest of your business. That sounds like something you could use. Take a second, hit
subscribe, click that bell. (bell ringing) That way you’ll be notified each week when we release another helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter. Yes, it rhymes with the boy wizard. And in this video, I’m
gonna share what I think is the best possible strategy for new and stuck businesses on
social media this year. And before I tell you what it is, I’m gonna tell you right
now it’s controversial. I’ve spoken about this at conferences, people have gotten mad, you
probably won’t get mad about it, but it’s happened and I just
want you to have that up front so if your initial
reaction is, that’s stupid, that’s crazy, at least hear
me out to the end of the video while I explain why I think that. And the best strategy for
new or stuck businesses on social media this year is to focus on one social media network. And the reason I say this is because you will grow way faster. If you are one of the
best people in your market or your industry on Facebook, then if you are mediocre
across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, whatever else. Now usually, at this point people fall into one of two camps. Either one, are you crazy? If I’m only on Instagram, I’ll miss out on so many potential people or
two business owners go really I could just do one! That’s awesome and the answer is yes. Imagine it this way. Let’s say you have three
plants you’re trying to grow. And by the way, spoiler alert, these plants are your social networks. So we got three plants and
we want all of them to grow. So we get our watering can
each plant requires one gallon of water per week. Unfortunately, water is
a very valuable resource, and you only have one total
gallon of water per week for all three plants. So
what are you gonna do? Give each one third of a gallon each week, because we know what
happens if you do that. You end up with three dead plants. So let’s look at the same
example with social networks. So we’ve got our Facebook
plant, our LinkedIn plant, our Instagram plant, we want
all of them to grow and thrive. So we get our watering
can but in this scenario, you’re limited resource isn’t water, it’s your very limited time. And this is what most
small businesses that are feeling stuck with their
social media are doing, they’re dividing their time
among multiple networks, and they’re getting little to no results staying exactly where they are, or in a lot of cases pretty much dying. So can we agree that when
you spread a limited resource across too many things, none of them grow? Now, the biggest argument
I get when I say focus on one social media network is why wouldn’t I be on all
the social media networks? They’re free to use. Yeah, to an extent but a
lot of things are free, standing on the side of
the road holding up a sign advertising your business
spinning assign maybe also free. Are you doing that? I’m guessing unless you own a
mattress store, probably not. So the free arguments,
yes, they are free to use, but they take your time and
your time is valuable too. Many people say well, I just
use a tool like Hootsuite and I just post on all the
social networks at one time, it doesn’t take up that much time. But all the social media
networks are so different. You can’t just throw the
same thing everywhere. It’s kind of like designing a billboard and then putting on
the side of the highway and then showing your billboard on TV and then reading your billboard
on the radio like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,
they are all different. If you just blanket everything everywhere, you’ll get it off your to do list, but you’re not gonna get the results that your business deserves. Ultimately it comes down to this which is gonna bring you more business. If you are the best or one
of the best in your industry or market on Instagram, or
if you’re just one of many in the sea of businesses
across all the social networks. One more thing that’s kind
of alarming the first time you hear it, we are each
bombarded with 9000 brand and business and commercial
messages every single day. So you’re gonna stand
out by just blanketing your message across the social networks, or by going all in and
doing a really good job on one social network. By the way, that’s the second option is the right answer there. So how do you choose? How do you choose what social network you should be on for your business if you’re gonna go all in on one? Well, I’m gonna be
teaching a workshop soon. And if you are interested,
you can get the link to it in the description of this video. Was this helpful to you? Let me know in the comments. Do you disagree with me? Let me know that too. I read every single comment I
would love to hear from you. Otherwise, give this video a like consider sharing it with somebody else that needs to hear this message. And thank you for supporting
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9 thoughts on “The Best Social Media Strategy For Small Businesses”

  • I do agree. I feel like I spending way to much time on social media. I need to stick to one and devote the most time to it. Thanks.

  • Commercial Forest says:

    These are good points Jerry. Every time you go on company’s site and see 6 social media icons, it reinforces the implication that you have to be doing everything.

    How many of those companies actually do all of them well? Often times I will click on those icons only to find out that they’re broken or were never set up.

    The companies that do multiple platforms well often have multiple people dedicated to social media. Most small business owners don’t have that kind of support.

    More platforms only give you more credibility/reach when they’re done well. No participation points!

  • Five Minute Social Media - Jerry Potter says:

    If you'd like to be notified the next time I offer the "How To Confidently Choose The Best Social Media Network For Your Business let me know here:

  • Jerry, it IS radical to suggest focusing only ONE social media network. I am often killing off my social media clients' Twitter and Pinterest accounts, to start, if those are not their ideal networks. And often small businesses don't have the resources to do more than one network well. I think two is best – say, Insta and FB because they are so well integrated. What do you think of having those TWO?

  • Love your stuff and I'm always watching. I disagree with your point though.

    At one point, the general consensus was to promote equally on every site and that scenario is where you are correct.

    Today, I see the majority of social media marketers pushing to more of a..%80 %20 push on your main account and still spend A small time on adapting and learning new apps.

    I really do think this particular bit of advice is more so an opinion.

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