The best Fox News explanations for Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting

The best Fox News explanations for Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting

All the mainstream media wants to talk about
is Russia, Russia, Russia! But what about the president’s accomplishments? So it’s been a bad week for the Trump administration. Newly released emails show that Trump Jr.,
Trump’s former campaign chair, and Trump’s son-in-law all met with a Russian
attorney in June of 2016 after being promised damaging info about Hillary
Clinton. And they did it believing that that info was coming from the Russian government, which was trying to help Trump win the election. That’s a huge deal. It shows the Trump campaign’s intent to
collude with Russia, and it potentially violates federal law regarding soliciting information from hostile foreign
governments. That being said, it’s been a hilarious week
to watch Fox News. And I’m not really dating anyone right now, so I decided to compile my favorite Fox News
defenses of Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting. Please enjoy. Mainstream media is once again foaming at
the mouth over Russia, Russia, Russia. Number one, Trump Jr. is the real victim here. Don Jr is the victim here. … It looked like the whole thing was a setup. If I was Don Jr., I’d be furious. Genius. They think that this meeting could’ve been
a setup, made to give the appearance of Russian collusion. Somebody set up the meeting, got Trump Jr.
to agree to it, and then waited for months until after Hillary lost the election to make
it public. Well, this seems to be a setup of some sort. Two: How was he supposed to know what collusion
is? He’s not a seasoned political operative;
he’s just trying to help his father. There’s a big difference between collusion
and just not knowing better. This just goes to show how far they’ve matured
as the campaign has gone on. … We were new to this. Nice. Lowest possible bar. Three: Who wouldn’t agree to collude with
the Russian government? I’m sorry, but how could you not listen
to that?… Whoever turns down gossip about an enemy,
no one ever does. And you don’t even give a damn about the
source. That is, like, Fox News’s philosophy in
a nutshell, actually. Four: You guessed it. We know real felonies, real crimes were committed. Hillary Clinton was worse. Hillary Clinton mishandled top-secret information. I am genuinely concerned about Sean Hannity
at this point. What we’re now living through is a massive,
huge double standard. Can you imagine if Hillary had actually won
the election? Hannity’s show would just be him getting
“but her emails” tattooed on different parts of his body every night. Five: This is actually all Obama’s fault. If you have a problem with what Russia’s
doing… Uh-huh. then you have a problem with what… You got this. Barack Obama did to stop them from doing it. He never, apparently… Stick the landing! never stopped any of this from happening. Nice! Makes no sense! Six: The real problem is people leaking to
the press. Wound up in the hands of the New York Times. This White House has got a leakage problem. Are you saying the White House needs a plumber? I’m so dead inside. And the last and maybe least funny one: So
what? The meeting was meaningless. Did nothing to produce anything. Where’s the collusion? Trump Jr. left without getting any dirt on
the rival campaign, let alone making any agreement to sell out his country. There was no collusion because she didn’t
give you anything. What’s so wrong with trying to work with
a hostile foreign government to influence the election? Donald Trump Jr. broke no laws, likely broke
no ethics rules. Listening is not a crime. Listening to people is not a crime. A 20-minute meeting to listen to something
is not collusion. How many lobbyists in Washington routinely
meet with foreign agents who are seeking to influence American policy? That’s standard here and has been for a
long time. This kind of stuff is harder to laugh at. For one, it’s wrong. Having contact with foreign governments is
not the same as working with a hostile one to influence the election, for Christ’s
sake. And soliciting information like this could
actually be a violation of federal law, even if Trump Jr. got nothing out of it. But the real reason this talking point is
scary is because it’s downplaying a gross violation of democratic norms. I’ve never seen liberals so mad. You would’ve thought someone lit a cigarette
in a restaurant or forgot to recycle. I mean, that level of rage. Fox is training its viewers to roll their
eyes. The mainstream media’s obsession with Russia
continues. But do you, the people, even care about that? To treat collusion as just another Democratic
talking point. This is part of the normal process of the
dirty political system that we live in today. Always happens. And if anyone says it doesn’t, it’s a
lie. And as this Russia story keeps getting worse,
we’re going to see just how far the network is willing to go to stay on Trump’s good


100 thoughts on “The best Fox News explanations for Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting”

  • I don't know when conservatives on the far right got so nuts, but no one can think deep down our president represents all our people or is making our country great. P.s. I voted for Bush twice…

  • Did Vox ever anaylysis Hilary email? Double standard. At least, Foxnew gives us more clues about Trump administration. The mainstream media is killing Trump and very unhonest

  • Hannity, a Gobshite with aspirations towards owning a brain cell or two. Somebody point that man to the lobotomy bin. It's hard to discern the demarcation line between Hannity's nose & Drumps arse.

  • If one of Obama's aides were to meet with Russian diplomats, we'd still be hearing about it on the fox "news" channel three years later

  • The Toilet Inspector says:

    Remember when people on Fox News went crazy when Obama ate "un-american" dijon mustard and wore a tan-coloured suit? But meeting with a hostile foreign power hoping to influence an election is all good.

  • Why is TRUMP not talking about the TAX CUT?
    1. He ‘borrowed’ 1,5 trillion from our children and exploded the deficit to give this to his friends, the large companies.
    2. The companies bought back their own stocks with this money so the stock prices went up.
    3. The money didn’t go the workers as promised, wages have stayed at the same level (just a fact …).
    4. Job Growth has been at the same level for 7 years (around 200 K), Trump only jumped in at the right time.

  • Benjamin Griffith says:

    Talk about not letting things go……. All I hear is Hillary this Obama that, yet neither one of them are in power…. Lets talk about the dickheads that are working for the Russians against our government. I thought the GOP was always on the side of patriots not the Russians………

  • There's a reason your not dating . Meeting with a lawyer is not collusion …if they met another liberal lie . The democrats paid 12 million plus so john Steele former mi6 agent could write up a lies about trump to try and make him look bad . This is fact.

  • Somehow most Trump supporters are under the delusion that bias sits on one side of the media spectrum. I see how damaging Fox is from an objective view point, but that actually only makes me feel bad for them. Most of them don't know they've been sold by a businessman. They've bought Trump!

  • If a robber attempts to rob a bank, gets nothing because the bank was empty at the time… does he still go to jail for attempted bank robbery? This SHOULD make people with basic skills say, "yes, he still goes to jail.".

  • Yes, you've hit it out f the park again. But with the convictions, confessions, guilty pleas and cooperation agreements piling up, even the olympic-level liars of Fox News may find their acumen for shameless mendacity strained to the gasping point. Pity that its probably far too late to save the millions of Americans Fox has permanently brain f####d.

    (Purely unrelated to anything substantive, but (1) it seems physics has somehow made room on the em spectrum for a whole new shade of white for this guys teeth…let's call it “trillion lumens white” or perhaps “quasar-pulse white”, No? C.E.R.N. white? Particle accelerator white? No, I've got it…”Atom Smasher White.” And (2) How is this guy “not dating anyone”? I could make a whole Vox video of…nevermimd. )

  • So Fox news is saying Trump jr did not know any better, that he is stupid. Well, I guess the fruit DID NOT fall far from the tree LOL.

  • Perception Is reality says:

    Jail Time For Trumpski and his Klan. this includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!!!

    American Greed!!! Trumpski and His Klan!!!!

  • Yonisander Ramirez says:

    Yet, nothing has been proven.
    Now we know high officials of FBI and DOJ were colluding vs trump.
    There was Russian collusion yes, but with Hillary Clinton. That's a fact.

  • The media is a enemy of the people when they lie & tell fake story's, I researched 5 fake rapes that CNN+ covered that were never redacted later buy anybody BUT fox you liers


    What about holding rallies in office didn't another leader do that ? Der super elite ubermensch America first uber alles Deutschlandia. Hate speach homegrown terrorism and murder in his name delegitimizing the media while one of the most vile propaganda machines and the president take turns propping each other up.this is crazy more like Belin in the 30's this isnt winning its the foundation of a fascist regime !!!!


    Fuch der leader he vill naught be cowed by zee fahcts he is all orange all lying und amoral. Ziss iz vy Vlhad inschtalled him in der oval office . SILENCE !!!

  • Oh yea. Hillary’s emails. But ya know Trump is using a unsecured phone that we know China and Russia are listening too!!

  • at 3:50 .. the key words are said . .not just for fox .. but for all nonsense media and offenses in the states and other places… its the hidden agenda ppl with a conscience need to be nodding to others about 😉 … hint: dumbing down is the goal til ALL are in the real life version of 'the walking dead' and most wont be picked to a leading role 😉 wake up

  • These people wouldn't succeed if they didn't all band together to build a platform that denies what they don't like and lies about who they can't beat fairly!! And these are the…."elite"? Am I missing something? ???

  • trumps accomplishments, well, he managed to allow Russia to manipulate our political process…great accomplishment! first in history.

  • Okay, before I even finish the video, 2 things about number 6: 1) Leaks (so long as they are not of vital military strategic information) are crucial in preserving an honest and fair administration, and 2) don't pretend like you wouldn't be using them yourself Fox, if Hillary had won.

  • Maybe if you're defending someone who keeps drawing Nixon comparisons, don't make plumber jokes. It doesn't seem to help your case.

  • An early study of fascism was written by Clara Zetkin for the Third Plenum in 1923:

    "Fascism is the concentrated expression of the general offensive undertaken by the world bourgeoisie against the proletariat…. fascism [is] an expression of the decay and disintegration of the capitalist economy and as a symptom of the bourgeois state’s dissolution. We can combat fascism only if we grasp that it rouses and sweeps along broad social masses who have lost the earlier security of their existence and with it, often, their belief in social order…. It will be much easier for us to defeat Fascism if we clearly and distinctly study its nature. Hitherto there have been extremely vague ideas upon this subject not only among the large masses of the workers, but even among the revolutionary vanguard of the proletariat and the Communists…. The Fascist leaders are not a small and exclusive caste; they extend deeply into wide elements of the population.

  • Saptarshi Mazumder says:

    How is this even legal. In my country Fox would be banned. We can subscribe to fox news America in my country which i did for a month. It's horrifying horseshit.

  • High Quality is a phrase you just know is straight from his mob employer. Also you can tell Trump didn't learn English ,or learned to read fluently at school.

  • Ignorence of the law is no excuse. He Solicited and accepted a meeting to get valuable information with a foreign nation during an election. He's a walking prisoner.

  • Herman Justice says:

    Ignorance of the law is
    Not a defense. It's possible
    That soon he could be
    Charged and indicted.
    Real strange that fox can
    Say what a crime is it

  • I still do not understand genuinely how this story does not legally prove contempt of colluding with a foreign power. Media outlets keep mentioning a high bar to clear but I just don't understand how much clearer you could get than this.

  • I’m a doddering old fool and I can’t take Fox for more than three minutes. If part of your job entails being force fed Fox throughout the day then as compensation you better be raking in the money.

  • Talk about the 34 indictments and the multiple guilty pleas
    Ask Flynn Gates popadopalous manafart Cohen and the rest let's talk about what actually happened RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE AND Donald new and did nothing Hello?

  • CNN: here's some more evidence that Trump colluded with Russia
    Fox: it's "gossip about an enemy" "talking isn't a crime"

  • Elizabeth Le says:

    I honestly feel bad for the creators of these videos because they have to shuffle thru segments and segemtns of FOX news, and im surpirse that they arent brain dead yet

  • gokul balagopal says:

    Actually Hillary own the popular vote,Trump got elected just because of electoral college , just like so many other Republican presidents

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