The Bachelorette: Roses and Rose: The LIVE Finale Part 1

The Bachelorette: Roses and Rose: The LIVE Finale Part 1

hi everybody i'm lauren zima welcome to roses and rose a this is your Bachelorette Hannah Brown season finale part 1 recap grab your glasses because I am joined by a very special member of bachelor nation jarred Haven is here everybody cheers okay can you do the theme song with no I can do anything anything three two one I don't know what that means everybody I hope you have your Rose day with you and I want to thank by the way obvious wines for sending me some simply wonderful roses a just light and beautiful in color like I like it thank you that's what we're drinking tonight guys we want your questions and comments we just watched hannah break up with Peter we just watched Hannah reveal that the window was not one not two and we just saw everything changed when Hannah's family met both Tyler and Jed's so send us your questions send us your comments Jared and I are going through this episode here we go Jared let's start on here we go the rose ceremony so Hannah sends Peter home very sad they are crying they are crying together pretty good this breakup was a bit of a surprise for me we had seen Hannah say before that everything changed in one day for her that seemingly the fantasy suites with Tyler how respectful he was seemed to change who she was going to pick I would guess between Tyler and Peter because Jed was the first rose she handed out what did you think here of the goodbye and of Peter's emotional response I thought it was sweet they were both crying they both seemed really sad that they were going I thought Hannah was good in the moment too she said that he did nothing wrong and honestly I can't even give you an explanation as to why I'm sending home which is true because in this bachelor world it's not that she didn't love him it's not like she couldn't potentially see a future with him but she saw a better future with two other guys there's nothing wrong with that it's so hard when you get a breakup response like that I've never had to give them it's painful because it's just there's nothing wrong and yet it's not good enough no but that's why so many times within this bachelor world you hear I need closure or I didn't get closure it's because the moments like that because they're really Peter didn't do anything wrong right she just liked to other guys more that's kind of the name of the game Peters in the car he's crying he is saying that he's not mad at Hannah he's saying he'll always cherish these moments I have to say I was a little surprised that he was so quickly being so mature about it I thought he'd be more like I can't believe this what did you think was he in shock what's going through your mind in that moment when you're sent home well I think for me when I was at home it was just you're just stunned you know because for two months your entire life is surrounded around developing a relationship with a girl you just met and getting roses and so when you get sent home it's kind of like this reality check for a minute when you realize oh my god okay it's over everything that happened over the two months it just it just ended so you're a little in shock you're emotional it sucks because you're not gonna be able to see like for Peter he's not gonna be able to hold Hannah's hand anymore be able to you know act like her boyfriend like he's been doing for two months Jerrod I need to ask you a really real question in that moment though if you're in one of those one of the final group are you maybe thinking okay I didn't find love here but maybe I want to be the bachelor Bachelorette oh my god be careful about my respond even like you know like in the exit interview right we're near in the car and you hear it all the time where people who are in the contention for The Bachelor where they say like oh I'm ready to find love you know it's not like they just said that off the top of the head there you know it's kind of like do you think you're ready to find love as if like you know if you're the guy you know would you be ready to be the next Bachelor so they kind of tee it up for everybody they always ask questions like that they were kind of teeing it up for Mike and the men tell all this exit was teeing it up for Peters I think Peter wants to be the bachelor of course why not just everybody watching The Bachelor everybody wants to be the bachelor you know everybody alright so then we get Peter out on stage and this is Peter live this is Peter not two months ago Peters out on stage he's not super cheerful I don't think we saw him cry in the live portion I like that you do like that why yeah because it's there's been months that have gone by hannah has obviously moved on to another guy he's moved on to whatever so I like that because there is a I remember at my men my men tell all I wasn't on the after final roses men tell all where obviously was emotional seeing Caitlyn but at all so there was there was months in between you know so I don't know I we I don't want to say cuz I don't want to like be like oh say that criticism say you know the people who are like I'm still in love with them always is like are you because you had this sense of when you leave this environment you know I think for me like the first thing that came to my mind was what the hell happened and how we roll was that like how real was that my feelings towards heard the entire process and you know you end up finding like oh it was very really you can develop feelings very quickly but I liked how Peter was like no we had a wonderful time and it was great but I've certainly moved on yeah I thought that his response to it was solid he said something like look you know it's hard to really fall out of love with someone but I've been working on it for two months and you fall in love quickly I mean sometimes people say that the amount of time you're in a relationship is the amount of time you need to recover from it so I get that you can recover quickly your comments are coming in Chloe says Lauren you are so channeling Hanna with this hair I know ya know and the thing is I actually critiqued the bun at that rose ceremony I don't really love the bun and now look what I've done the bun I like the bun I like the top bun look yeah it's good is Ashley doing top bun hair for the wedding uh no I don't think so I just thought she got her hair dyed it looks gorgeous it does look great yes okay Jared almost a newlywed here a bachelor nation success story Hanna says what did you think about Hannah's family and Jed and I promise we're getting to that I want to take a look at somebody else's family though Peters family stealing the show again let's watch Peters parents in the audience and his mom talking to him take a look your mom and dad your brother Barbara Peter and Jack are here your mom's gone through a box of Kleenex I know how he felt and it hasn't been easy I know he has an amazing family – could we be any more in love with Peters parents and could they be any more in love with each other I know it's pretty fantastic especially the parents you don't really see it a lot unless you're at hometowns but the parents go through a lot with this experience because it's their child on TV being scrutinized and judged by millions of people and then going through this emotional process where like they're the ones who kind of pick up the pieces after they come back and so it was it was nice to see a parent just kind of crying because I know for a fact if my mom was there she would be doing the exact same thing just overwhelmed you know what is hometown they said he no he's their son they wanted to be so happy we always play a little drinking game at roses and Rose a drink responsibly but tonight we're just gonna cheers for every moment we freaking loved in this finale and I loved Peters parents cheers guys Peter's parents mm-hmm Pete's parents Pete's parents will just show this little b-roll of oh my god as they went into break I felt that they were the true love story of the episode yeah that's a door wait for it wait for it mom's gonna go in and she's going to caress dad's face that's Peter Rock and the facial hair still he started the facial here in the tan and grease I support the stubble on Peter cuz he's got a bit of a baby face oh yeah I love it yeah it was you're rocking some facial area yeah yeah so I was actually Cohen for like the Dean look a little bit I shaved down the beard and grew and my I left my mustache a little bit longer you know I'm not doing it for the wedding but you know Dean's had a little impact on me anyway moving forward I like the facial hair on Peter it reminds me of when Nick started growing facial hair and everything changed and everything changed right all of a sudden Nick grew a beard and he was the bachelor and so I could this happen for Peter you grew a beard he became the bachelor maybe he was trying to learn from the best you know do you guys think Peter will be bachelor now that he's definitely not the guy for Hannah now let us know Oh No oh let us know in the comments what you guys think I don't I don't I don't think it's gonna be better not that he want to make a great bachelor why not because if I don't know she's either picking Jed or Tyler and from this episode it did look like who the hell knows what's gonna happen but if Tyler if Tyler does get picked how was that man not the bachelor he's the most popular contestant I think I've ever seen in the history of the show during the iteration of the show yeah his popularity has been insane I took woman transcribing his speeches weekly I've made multiple gifts if Tyler seen a Tyler T all available on my Twitter page I love you for saying that it's a tough call because I do know that you know the decisions that are made by the people actually work on the show probably have a lot to do with like they've gotten to know these people at this point and we don't know like I don't know there could be some story that Peter has that we don't know or a story that Tyler has or or how they are to work with or Mike yeah I mean well they showed Mike in paradise so that's gonna be I mean we'll see how it was the bachelor to Paradise know exactly it all depends on what he does down there I know and we have learned that we will not find out the bachelor this week we won't find out the bachelor yet I think probably until paradise starts airing we won't find out I don't think the bachelor like week four or five paradise anyway well it's obviously I've been in the world yeah being on paradise for a couple of those years you see like the timeline you know well I'm with you Tyler see incredibly popular we will have to see and we're gonna get into this but it's interesting to me that you said don't know what's gonna happen after tonight it's been hard to avoid rumors or rumors of spoilers Hanna even acknowledged it at the end of this episode you guys she said I know there are a lot of rumors out there they will all be addressed tomorrow night Tuesday night on the second part of the live finale but if I hadn't heard any of that I have to say watching tonight's episode I would be sitting there thinking how could you not pick Tyler he's the most quote respectful me and you've ever been with your family loved him the only thing I can think is that Hanna did say Jed's the guy who she's seen herself with from the beginning he has that kind of original connection to her so that can be powerful yeah I think Jed is the person that she loves more but Tyler's probably the guy that she feels like she should you know and she probably has feelings for him of course obviously she does said she's falling in love with him but I think that she just is in love with yet and has been for quite some time and so I don't know yeah quite some time he was the only one she had said I'm falling no were you to Hunger Games fan says did you guys think there was still something between Hannah and Peter I definitely sense the chemistry remember she said ten out of ten and should we play this bite right now you know what we'll wait one second but here we go Hannah comes out she talks to Peter by the way guys I thought Hannah looked gorgeous please leave your prints on her outfit loved the ponytail yeah she looks great I'm a mature look for Hannah which I loved she tells him you know it really is still tough to say what went wrong but then she says this Hannah worried she would let go of the perfect guy take a listen and I think I was scared I was letting go of the perfect guy [Applause] cheers to that audience member who yelled you did again their voice heard Hannah had often called Peter this kind of Kendall you know he's a pilot he's got this great family and we also found out even more about Hannon Peters chemistry and the windmill moment yeah look at this major reveal from tonight's I will say I am I was a little dishonest about something oh no I mean since it's out there and you know I did say there was something that Peter and I did twice it was actually four times [Applause] cheers to four times Jared wears definitely cheers four times I mean honestly as a man yes good for you Peter damn four times you gotta wonder wow she really had to feel strongly about the other guys to let four times go I know I feel bad because I like it ah whoever she picks tomorrow like hypothetically what if she does pick Tyler you know in like the night before she's like yeah by the way I had sex with Peter four times you know what Oh God I don't know I mean Oh interesting well I gotta say I think we're all assuming she picks Jed at this point okay no I was just gonna say especially after that Oh like because well think about it like any more wine for this chair well think about like Tyler's whole thing is how respectable he's been he's been super respectful right right don't you think it would be kind of Oh maybe a hint of disrespect if like the night before they announced their engagement together she's like by the way I lied Peter and I didn't have sex twice we had sex four times it would be like oh it's so interesting Jared I didn't think about that you know her announcing an engagement really to either of them tomorrow and the night before revealed for time yeah I loved it was just I think Hannah's been incredible Bachelorette she's been able to articulate herself she hasn't taken any crap she's really been able to go after what she wants right and so even when when she said like we did it twice in the windmill loved it because there was such like an emotional moment where she was like screw you Luke you know not yeah you're not ashamed of myself yeah you don't want me to have sex I had sex twice in a windmill and like it was such a good moment where tonight it just seemed a little forced right where she was like by the way before we end things I have to say one more thing and it's like okay wonder what she's gonna say and she's like I lied we don't have sex we had sex four times it's like a funny moment but I was like huh interesting because that makes me believe that I don't know what the hell I believe does that make you believe she could be like single tomorrow she doesn't have anybody to worry about hurting her feelings it's an interesting point Jerry don't you think like whoever she would pick like in any bachelor bachelorette they want to protect whoever they picked right because it's really tough the person that did get chosen because then they have to go back and watch her fall for so many other people and it's it's a tough roller coaster ride and so a lot of the leads you don't want to do whatever they can to make their significant other feel better I don't know if that was cheers to your theory Jared it's a very good it's like would anybody who's engaged say that whether you're engaged whether you're man woman whatever yeah you probably if you're about to announce their engagements the eve of announcing your engagement you wouldn't feel great about your significant other saying I slept with this person X times the night before in front of me and it's in the past that it's over but like did you need to clarify it interesting you need to give like that much specific I was always like is she trying to give Peter like an extra boost because she thinks he's such a good guy and she let him go I mean I mean honestly she did no matter what happens like four times I mean we're getting a lot of comments in about the four times yeah Brittany said how does she mention four times and still end up with someone else a lot of you loving Peters parents and Amanda says why do you think they didn't talk about the Peter girlfriend situation Amanda a very interesting point absolute thing yeah because honestly I did this podcast with one Chris Harrison and he said that that was probably gonna come up the ex-girlfriend thing so I have to be honest I'm wondering is this something to do with Peter being potentially in the running for bachelor do we want to make sure that he's protected that was what was on my mind yeah that's actually a good question because my mind would assume if he isn't running for the bachelor they would want any baggage to go away which would mean to address it as soon as possible and then hopefully let it die and it hasn't been addressed and honestly I had to be fair at the end of the day I don't think it's a big deal I never thought it was a big deal I think I mean I don't know the particulars all I know is that apparently from the rumors is that they broke up in December and he ended it without any closure and he probably did it for the show I'm not saying that's the right thing to do it's not but he from personal experience you don't know if you're on the show till February so he absolutely broke up with her before he knew he's on the show perhaps even before he was in the running for the show I don't know I figured we were gonna find out tonight we didn't so who the hell knows it did seem the thing is it's certainly not along the lines of the JED rumors it did seem like it would have been something fairly easy to address to close the book on but who knows then you run the risk of it becoming he-said she-said on and on and on makes me feel like he's more guilty interested because of it like if it's not that bad just address it but it makes me think that maybe maybe he didn't do something wrong and he got a phone call like in October and and producers are like hey you're single and he's like yeah speaking of phone calls can the lesson from both Peter and Jed be this you guys call the person when you break up with them before you go on a reality show give them a ring an FYI yeah but to be fair Peter did break up with her before like that is a huge difference and I'm not saying what it was right but that is a no but here's my only thing I think if you call the person if you give them a heads up you're just you're covering your own bases yeah I mean we did eat Entertainment Tonight interviewed this woman who says she's Peters ex-girlfriend according to her she watched he knew she watched the show and he took her to the bachelor mansion which he lives near so you know this is her story but allegedly she he knew she watched the show subdued sure hey I'm gonna be on the show I know that's bad I did that with with my ex-girlfriend so you gave it a heads up oh I had to and it worked out perfectly because I didn't know if she watched the show but she informed me that she was currently watching Cristal season which was the season if she would have seen young so thank God yeah I informed her because oh if she would have saw me come out of limo and tell her oh my god just give a heads-up just don't be here I'd be dead you would not be getting married soon oh so many comments coming in from you guys we love it – I love that water says we do love water that the true love story this season has been Hanna with herself and she's loved it I agree we love Hanna amanda says Peter situation and jed's are different I agree they're different I also think give somebody a phone call okay moving forward guys let's get back to our hashtag respectful King see so now Hannah's family is in Greece although we knew Hannah's parents by the way who were those other three people were they ever we don't know who they were did she have siblings I'm assuming that was my assumption I don't think we ever got their names I just wanted to know they were there every time but we didn't hear from them I I don't know but Tyler talks to Hannah's mom talks Anna's dad what did you think overall of Tyler on the date with Hannah's family oh he was great killed it killed it actually I mean there's really not even much more to say about it killed it with the parents was very direct told me she's looking at him like I love you oh yeah please please be my son-in-law oh yeah I mean he is a good-looking man he's very old school handsome and I think that's why he's old Hollywood handsome like he could be the good analogy that I make because Ashley was obsessed with John F Kennedy jr. yeah reminds me very much of like a John F Kennedy jr. look where it's like old school just very handsome and yeah I mean wow I'm really hyping up Tyler see I am I am a contrarian at heart though okay and Tyler's awesome very respectable seems like a great guy I will say there's only one thing that bothers me a little bit about Tyler see like there's just a lot of lines there's a lot of what's your perfect you're awesome and it's like oh god please please don't say that one more time let's play it let's take a listen to Tyler talking to Hannah's dad you know I want her to leave my family have faith the way she's done so far on this trip and to be that strong woman as she is I don't have any second-guessing or any doubt about me and her at all so do you mean lines like that these like kind of speeches that he makes do you believe them oh I believe them I think just like any guy right we always kind of hype it up and so but I think from just watching it the entire season it's like yes I get it Hannah's perfect you know it's not a bad thing I'm not criticizing no here's what's interesting to me Jared everybody come out to be like are you criticizing Tyler see cuz I swear to god Jared it's like no I love how your everybody is a Boston accent yeah it's like everybody from your dad's gonna critique you well why not when I get defensive and realize I have to like fight back I get a little girl a little tough I'm shaking Rosie how tough can I possibly be cheers – Tyler sees lines whether we like them or not everybody please drink responsibly yes please drink responsibly I did not drink for that I okay I'm wondering if there's a difference in perspective here because I actually have been more man on the stuff Peter said because Peter only talked about his feelings and only and all he's usually said was I've never felt this intensely as I mean like I do for Hannah I've never had feelings like this versus I feel like Tyler talks about Hannah and the things he likes about her and it's more interesting to me yeah I agree I think a lot of times what the show does too is a lot of the contestants talk in very vague terms and when I wish the show would I don't know if it's a contestants for the show but I wish they could showcase more of like the specific intimate moments cuz like there's a moment on Becca coupe season that I'll never forget that Garrett he just said randomly a 90 M he's like I love the way she says beg he just said that it was like such a real moment it wasn't like she's amazing I can see a future with her you know I want to propose I love her I'm falling in love with her it was just like I love the way she says beg and like when he said it you could just tell that oh my god he just he loves that and it was like such a moment that you're like wow that's that's when I need more of you know and so I agree Tyler's far more better at that than Peter is interesting I do be st. Peter Oh youth Tyler make a better bachelor well okay guys don't come after Jared he's supporting Tyler comment saying Tyler can do no wrong shame on you Jared I was waiting for that he's perfect no wrong here's the thing yeah Rizzi says Tyler remains unproblematic a king I mean I keep saying Tyler sees scandal-free I hope that it stays that way and it's so interesting you guys are bringing in a lot of comparisons like our dove says he reminds you of Johnny Cash I've heard so many JFK jr. Paul Newman people say Patrick Swayze generic old-school Hollywood hotness he's I know oh yeah Dean a little bit I no um D de winter says thoughts that maybe Hannah and Peter if she's single could give it another go he seemed done tonight Peter yeah I think I think they're both done I think they're both ready to go their separate ways the door has closed yeah of course that's what happens sometimes breakers especially like Hannah moved on with another guy whoever the hell that is two other guys actually and then you know Peter I'm sure has watched back the season has gotten a new perspective on things cuz what your tongue like anybody in a relationship right once you're out of the relationship and can take a step back and look at it you get a new perspective on it and once you've hit four times can it get any better maybe you've just peaked yeah yeah yeah you've peaked it's like George walking out of the of the interview when he's just at his house I am I always am all right guys keep your comments coming in misty Schwartz says are we going to talk about the ex-girlfriend drama tomorrow I'm guessing you mean with Jed Chris Harrison told me in our interview that they were going to but that didn't happen with Peter but with Jed I feel like you can't ignore it that he also just recognized misty Schwartz wooden great name what up girl misty cased warts yeah miss Kay Swartz I hope that's not just your user name and that's actually her name because that's awesome yeah yeah they have to address the JED stuff because we were talking about before I am all for due process and I am all for you know evidence so I would love to hear Jed's side of it having said that it's been what two months since the story has ran it's kind of hard for me it would take a lot for me to believe jet at this point if he does come out tomorrow and say that whole thing is fabricated and she is lying and just trying to make a name for herself yeah I don't know cuz now I'm at the point where like it's been two months of my life where it's just jet had a girlfriend and so and he never defended him something and I understand a little gala tea part of it in certain cases but this is an illegal issue to my knowledge unless he's suing her for defamation behind right no I mean I think probably the argument that a lot of people would make her guess is just that he's kind of perhaps you know advised by the show you've got to address this with us on camera I mean that's what I would guess I don't know yeah but I mean to not come out at all and say hey I'm innocent I'm gonna talk about it on after the final rose but I am you're saying he could have just said simply I'm innocent because he did post on Instagram and was a little vague and said I'm gonna speak when I can I know you're saying but just to say this isn't true yeah in the fact that I think we think I also think at this point one of his friends or his family who are not bound by any contract would have come forward and said this is crazy yeah this is insane yeah and so yeah I think all he can do at this point is come out own things apologize say I've learned and grown like if you just own it completely to me you know a lot of people said that Luke pee was a a lot of people use the word bullied at the men tell all I don't know I don't think that Luke pee owned everything at the tell-all I don't I think if you come out and owned everything and apologized and not continued to make it appear that he doesn't think women are on an equal mental plane as men then America would have said hey you're a 24 year old maybe you had a lot to learn maybe you had to meet some different types of people and grow and would have forgiven him and move forward but he didn't do that no he didn't do that but I also think those two things aren't mutually exclusive I'm not going to use the term bullied but I really I thought it was a poor showing by a lot of DJ yeah just because to pile on like that the name-calling is never okay with me yeah the Psychopaths thing the Psychopaths thing I wasn't down with and then even Mike at some point was like your future wife is gonna be a prisoner of you and it's like guys do we really do we really have to just like keep going with this and then the audience members are like clapping and like it's like I get it guys Luke P has some issues and he needs to just not be a part of the Batchelor franchise for a while and do some self-reflecting but do we like do we really need no policies very nice but do we need him to say f off I was shocked when I yeah it's like come on guys well I know so the thing is I mean a lot of people already had these feelings about Luke P they didn't need to convince us that he had some growing to do with their words but you know what I don't know I get I we were witnessing I think pent-up frustration on their part perhaps maybe and that that has to be fast justifying it Lizzie Winchester saying do you think Hannah will pull a Jason I go after so dump Jed for Tyler and then go with the other guy yeah if she's with Jed dump Jed go Tyler if she's that's not gonna happen you don't think so why not because I am I mean it's not like the difference with Jason was Jason picked was it Melissa he's with Molly now yeah but so Jason picked someone and then a month later or whatever it was like I'm having regrets and I I'm gonna break up with you and go after my number two this is different because Hanna picked Jed wanted to stay with you presumably presumably we don't know and then found out this crap and it was like we'll screw you it's not like I should have picked Tyler it was like or like you know what I see you're saying not an air on her part no it was because of something else because an outside factor she would go back after Tyler I got because of her not because her feelings are stronger for Tyler yeah very good point okay that's all we can do it there you know rose and Rose a tomorrow tomorrow night oh man so what are you gonna talk about we're already talking about tomorrow night so many comments coming in from you guys the pointers say Lauren will you be disappointed if Hanna ends up single no I won't Hanna's awesome she's very independent girl go get yours fine she'll be an icon an icon okay let's talk a little bit about a Jed meeting Luke's fam or Jen meeting Hannah's family and then we're gonna wrap up here because wow wow wow what a moment and Hanna Doherty asks what we thought of that Hanna we're gonna get into it so Jed meets Hannah's family now and Jed conversation with her dad goes a little differently than Tyler's take a look you know at this point my most major accomplishment is that I signed a deal with it dog food company light their jingle and that's been like my first real like breakthrough else I go this is like the start of something you know I'm just trying to look out for her guy don't say that you just say music is going well I'm making a living off of it I'm supporting myself things are getting better but when he said signed I was like oh wow did it Jed sign it some sort of record label field then he was like a dog jingle and there's nothing wrong with that at all we're not dismissing or disrespecting it what we're saying is you should not tell the parent of your future wife hopefully that that is your biggest accomplishment in music and then say music is what I'm working towards I thought he certainly could have avoided this whole situation if he would have said my biggest accomplishment so far is meeting and falling for and building a relationship with your daughter that's it just avoid that whole dog food commercial jingle moment but you know what cheers to a great moment in television and the dog food commercial don't go poor Jed well not Porges you could have offered me a million dollars I never would have guessed that was what he was going to say no ah anything anything but that thought he would say I recorded an EP or like yeah I saw I just released an album I thought like you said I thought he's gonna say sign with a small label or something a dog jingle no and and I loved Hannah's daddy I'm just trying to look out for this whole meeting with the parents I mean it went so poorly and it's also so interesting because I feel like Hannah got a lot of criticism for ignoring red flags with Luke and I think now honestly as much as we love her and I love her I think people will critique her for ignoring a parent red flags with Jed her meeting his family did not go well now him meeting her family did not go well and those are important interactions yes yeah it's like yes it's hard though I mean what is you have to prioritize to do you go with your like if your gut is telling you one person and your parents are telling you another what do you go with I think that Jed was saying some really dangerous and quite frankly immature things to Hana during this date because she had to leave at one point and by the way don't drink for all of the silence from Hannah's mom and dad their silence and their look score everything you know a drink for his parents we love Hannah's parents we Stan Hannah and we stand Hannah's mama that we do but he goes out to her and he says look you know we know what we have and I'm like I don't I'm never a supporter of this it's you and me against the world thing and in this case he was kind of saying we know what we have and sort of acting like maybe her parents are being too judgmental like I don't want it to be you and me against the world I want it to be you and me experiencing the world together and I think that Hannah's parents were just being really sensible and they were worried about you know what their daughter's future would be like totally on the one hand I'm not here to crush Jed's dreams on the other hand parents want to protect their kids and that's what their concern was I know he could have said some sort of line in saying like I will do whatever it you know needs to be done in order to support and you know be with my wife right we'd be okay and instead of just being like musics my thing and we're gonna go with it right and what's interesting was like the whole People magazine thing comes back in my head it's like what the girls only here for music now because this whole thing is like I'm here for music and like I love Hannah but she's got to fit into my world I was shocked we didn't gonna get our song with the parents I feel we're gonna get one more performance before the season is over it's just my guess based on the ratio the percentage and statistics have you ever seen just friends with the relateed Dinkelman yeah well somebody tweeted yeah because he's always singing and he makes us you know make songs about women I'm sorry we got jeered and Lauren you're both so sensible high five my friend let's drink yeah we love being sensible I love being sensible I don't even know for being that sensible we're getting some love for you Ken says yard Congrats on your wedding happy for you and Ashley yeah thank you so much appreciate it getting married so soon first ha Beth Butler says it's someone with a master's degree in music I cannot say I'm impressed with its music yeah nobody is I think he's getting a lot of hate to just because of the ex-girlfriend thing like and I don't want to throw hate his way I mean I think sometimes people get like I this doesn't need to be about hate I don't hate jet I don't know Jed am i critical of Jed on a reality show yeah you know cuz that's what he chose to do go beyond this reality show no I'll talk about it I know we all signed up for it like even you know Ashley and I sometimes have a difficult time with a lot of people judging us and accusing things of us and and it's hard but at the end of the day you know we did sign up for it I wish people were nicer right be the mean comments like yeah anything we're saying right now we're saying kind of like light hearted and we're percent you know we're talking great things about the only thing we're really criticizing is Jed but that's also because we're thinking he tried to lie manipulate Hanna yeah or like I don't I'm just I wish I hope Jed's open and honest tomorrow night about everything because I just want to know listen did you go home with the girlfriend and then you ended up falling in love with Hanna and now you're great going on with a girlfriend and you screwed up he made a mistake and you thought it was fake but it's actually real then say it you know don't be afraid to say that yes because he has to he has to he has to own everything I always say the biggest mistake people make in reality television is not just owning their actions but Jared I also say it's the same thing with Jed according to this girl according to her he went on the show in a relationship with her and never called her after he came back is a person a car you can't pick up the phone I mean I didn't know what if I was Jed though leaving the show what do you do like how do you call your ex well it's about owning it I guess right I mean I yeah I'm curious if Hanna knew because we're all assuming this is true I mean maybe it's not but like I'm curious when Hanna found out did she find out from the people article did she find out from him I'm fascinated to know all these things I this is kind of harkening back to the re and Becca finale for me where so much happened afterwards that like we got new there there was I will admit there was a promo in the beginning of this episode where it it looked like maybe it was something that had been filmed more recently to me of just Hanna talking and I'm like are we gonna get additional footage I'm dying to watch tomorrow and I don't know if I've ever anticipated an AFR more kate says jared you're amazing Tatum says he should bring the guitar to the final rose ceremony I want to address one thing and very quickly we won't even play the SOT but did and want a drink for Hannah's mom again Hannah said to her well how do you feel about jet and I together and Hannah's mom said quote well he has qualities you know it's just that close to qualities they could be good he has qualities if my mom like I had a hometown with Caitlin and she said well she has qualities yeah it's like mom be nice well then conversely she said of Tyler he's on his own like he's in a league of his own Hannah's mom fell for Tyler we can't agree I think Hannah's dad fell for Tyler Tyler is the guy that you want to bring home to mom you know like he's good-looking he's he's handsome he's respect yes he's just he's got it all going you know and then we get these final moments with Hannah and Tyler final final moments with Hannah and Jed very different vibes hannah is saying if Tyler what you're just saying he's the kind of guy you want to introduce as your husband Hannah and Jed not so much Jed saying he's feeling anxious Hannah literally getting sick on a boat and it's gonna be so interesting to see how it all goes tomorrow night I want to address one thing yeah Heather Lange says did anyone else noticed that no one asked for the dad's permission that was missing from tonight I kind of forgot that we didn't have a can I have the permission to marry your daughter moment I would imagine it was on the cutting room floor but we certainly didn't see it oh yeah that is interesting that makes me think that there is no proposal yeah I didn't think about that why would they not show that I don't know I do not know because there's always they always ask unless unless what if Hannah's dad said no to Jed so why wouldn't we see that I'm baffled yeah I don't same why they're gonna say that unless like tomorrow comes and one of the guys remember how been called Lauren's dad maybe it's something like that we're like it's a nice moment where they call the dad Jed brights a jingle writes a jingle and then has the dad on speakerphone plays the jingo he says no and just like I'm still gonna propose my daughter's family like that you he's like yeah hey I could sure my future dad-in-law father-in-law dad like this is a jingle that I sold to the dog food poor Jedi I honestly I really hope the best for Jedi I do because I know he's getting a lot of criticism and he but at the end of the day if he I had if he did go on I mean there's no beating around the bush he'd tried to like lie his way through this entire thing if it's true that's a hard thing for me to to defend in anyway most extra worse is that at first he was getting the praise for being the guy who owned coming on the show for his career because he said that – yeah and then it turns out oh wait there was allegedly another possible layer of a lie I don't know and so it's just really nerve racking out I know I feel bad I feel bad for everybody involved look unless unless you pick Tyler and then everything's fine but if she picks Jed you know what that I feel bad I feel bad for Hanna I feel bad for there is a part of me that feels bad for Jed how can you not just as a human being wait he's gonna have to go through tomorrow night percent feel bad for Tyler forgetting is heartbroken if he doesn't end up with her no I think Tyler's okay I think Tyler's gonna be just a gram I think Tyler's fine let me ask you this year and as we wrap up here a final question do you because a lot of you have been writing in and saying or do you guys do you want Hannah to pick Jed you want her to pick Tyler who do you think she will pick now are you such a Tyler fan that like you want him to be the bachelor so you don't want Hannah to pick him cuz that's kind of where I might personally be no I'd rather have Hannah pick him just be just be happy just for Hannah to be happy also sew it hand it isn't have to go through the whole Jed situation because if they are together or if they were together and still together engaged boyfriend-girlfriend broken up I have no idea there's just gonna be a lot yeah there's gonna be a lot of conversations about it obviously there needs to be right but if she picks Tyler then she can avoid all those conversations and move forward without it and just leave kind of like Jed you're great but you need to handle this yourself because you kind of brought it upon yourself alright just going through a couple of you guys's comments one last time here again we're left for Jared and we love them to follow thank you social if you don't already yeah it's Jared he be edgy Haven just like John Paul Jones Chelsea says what about Tyler's dance education yes a very good point I loved that he took ballet I think college athletes do that a lot like Cubs yeah we knew we danced I don't know if we knew we did ballet but we'll support it and you guys tomorrow night on ABC live part 2 the final final episode of Hannah Brown season of The Bachelorette you know what I don't mind if she ends up with jet without jet with Tyler without Tyler because Hannah has been one of my favorite bachelorettes of all time and I think she's gonna be fine with or without somebody so Hannah cheers to Hannah and yeah tomorrow it's just a big night for everybody involved like the final three it's such a big night tomorrow night because you have Tyler and his huge popularity like we talked about before might be the most beloved Bachelorette contestant in the history of the show I mean taking yourself out of the running there that's fine I'm fine I'm confident with who I am but at the end of the day like Tyler C is just like I remember how much like Dean like Dean was obsessed over on The Bachelorette right and Peter Krause yeah he's almost the same level Rachael Lindsey season yeah and it's just like doesn't even compare I feel like I feel like Tyler's kind of like bumped it up to notch and then you have Jed with all the stuff he's going through with the ex-girlfriend and the People magazine article and his music and like it's just and so he has so much on the line cuz he has to explain everything and then you have Hannah who's picking from one of these two guys and she's gonna announce her engagement or not engagement tomorrow night is she single if she's with somebody because if she's single like think about how much love hannah has gone well deserved by the way she's been awesome she's been a great Bachelorette she's gotten so much love if she comes out of this single tomorrow night is it really out of the realm of possibility she's Bachelorette again next year whoa Jared whoa cheers to another theory I would support it I mean how can you not especially if she does pick Jed and that whole thing that whole situation now came out and she broke up with him she's a queen I mean she's already a queen but now she's like it's like that girl deserves another shot she does I gotta say I don't okay I do wonder sometimes we got your theories out I'm with you but I do going to clear your eyes I get in the place of if you've been on the show already is it hard for you to do it again because you know so much about how it works oh yeah I remember my second season of paradise you just have like a different perspective on things but hannah is very genuine I think she could do it Jared I love your theories very quickly we are so excited for you and Ashley to get married like a helmet will you guys be like are you like taking phones at the wedding or will be we get to see it on social what's the plan that's a great question to which I don't know the full extent of we know that we're gonna make as an announcement at the ceremony that we don't want any phones because we just really want that to be a and you know we have a photographer and a videographer so of course they'll be footage taken from there but we just really want that kind of like I want especially that moment I just want everybody to like focus yeah you know be in it okay well I don't know because you know it's tough and you're you know it's 2019 everybody has their phone I don't think we want you know it's kind of like we're on stage like no flash photography people okay but of course we will be releasing some sort of footage from the wedding sir how people can be can see it of course we love you guys we're so happy for you thank you and Jared thank you for being here guys we will be back live tomorrow night again right after the finale wraps here in the studio to talk it all through a roses and Rose a thank you guys so much for watching and continue to tweet Jared and I your thoughts and let's hear thanks guys bye Mike [Applause] you


38 thoughts on “The Bachelorette: Roses and Rose: The LIVE Finale Part 1”

  • Holy crap, Jared is an AMAZING co host. His opinions are so well thought out and the conversations are flowing so perfectly! I wonder if he's the best guest lauren has ever had. Fucking amazing Jared, now I want to see more opinions from you

  • Deborah Atkins-Denmark says:

    Hannah really could have kept the "4 times" to herself. It was entertaining to hear, but really no one's business.

  • Drink for everytime these 2 had to put in the "We love Hannah, she's the best" disclaimer to cover up their criticism of Hannah

  • If the next Bachelor is not Tyler, I literally think millions of woman will boycott the bachelor. His popularity is unprecented and will not be repeated. #Unicorn

  • Assassin Ashley says:

    Also, anyone notice they didn’t show Hannah leaving Tyler’s room? They ALWAYS show them leaving the room???

  • It's a Rhode island accent! I'm listening to Jared and wondering how he doesn't have a Rhode island accent since hes from there. But it comes out clearly when hes comfortable or around friends from home.

  • In my opinion so dnt @ me. I thought it was extremely disrespectful to announce she had sex four time in front of his parents and national television. After she didn’t pick him I would be mad she didn’t pick me either if he was getting it like that. It wasn’t funny to me at all. Considering she has two other men. I ain’t even mad at Luke p to be real I’d be pissed I found that out after I proposed I mean frfr she cheated idk how many people u dating if u want a proposal at the end that not fair but that’s just me

  • Her relationships are so confusing … I don't understand how she fell in love with all of them. Why be intimate with all of them ? You just had to pick one Hannah. Just because there is a platter of good men …it doesn't mean to have sex with all of them. Had she actually got to know them based on personality and compatibility ….she would have found one of them to be more compatible with her. But she was too sex crazed to see with her head. This speaks to her immaturity and lack of faith. I wish her the best of luck to find Herself through God….and see she can have a good relationship while not being intimate for a while with a person.

    Lauren your bun looks cute on you. Hannah just looked 16 ….at a prom…which makes it awkward ?

  • Sigrun Sigurdardottir says:

    Hannah was my least favorite part of Colton's season because I found her boring, and I find her a little naive. The gays are why to good for her, sorry my opinion

  • Brooke's Mommy says:

    Did Jared just mention my unpopular tweet about the similarities of Jed and and Dusty Dinkleman? ?

    Hannah is super single, you can just tell.

  • Hannah was cruel to Peter. Having sex with him (4 times) only to send him home. If she wasn’t sure she shouldn’t have slept with him and led him on. She deserves what she gets with Jed

  • Strawberry Cheesecake says:

    Jared was so entertaining and logical! So glad he mentioned the mike comments from men tell all about Luke. It was not ok

  • Heather Goodwin says:

    Chris Harrison kept saying tonight's finale will go down in history as the most shocking Bachelorette finale we've ever had. Here is my prediction:
    Hannah chooses Jed
    They get engaged
    Hannah finds out about the girlfriend only a few weeks later and they show footage of her initial reaction to it
    She confronts him on After The Final Rose and breaks up with him on live television because she's a strong independent woman

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