The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Play Marvel Trivia | MTV News

The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Play Marvel Trivia | MTV News

– Surely you can name all
six of the Infinity Stones. – No. – Okay, that’s…that’s fair. – Please name all six of
the Infinity Stones for me. – Yellow, blue, red, green. – The colors? Or the names? – Gold. Rose gold. – Sly Family. – Sly and the Family. – There’s Oliver. – Oliver. (laughter) – Soul.
– Reality. – Time, Power, Reality, Space. – Time. – Mind. – Mind stone! – We’re missing the Mind Stone. – If you do the accent,
then it comes back. I do actually say this line in the film. Ah! – [Josh] Spelling question. Dormammu. Can you spell Dormammu for me? – [Don] D-O-R, okay.
– [Pom] Dormammu? (laughter) – D-O-R-M-A-M-U. – D-O-R-M-A-X, no, no, no. It’s a yes, give me a yes. – D-O-R-M-A-M-U. – Oh, it’s gonna be almost. – O-U. – Dormammu so fat. (laughter) – No, no, Chris. What’s an Obadiah Stane? Are you frozen? What just happened? Benedict? – It’s when you have food on Xandar, and all of a sudden you’re wearing white after Labor Day, ugh, tacky. – Tacky. – And you go to bite this Xandar fruit. – Called an Obadiah. – Uh-huh, and it just squirts on your white linen shirt. – There you have it, you have a… – (in unison) Obadiah Stain. – [Josh] What’s the name of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship? – [Benedict] Oh no, I know this. – [Tom] The Millennium Falcon. No, I’m joking, I know it’s
not called that, it’s called– – You were extremely close, to be honest. – The, uh, Millennium Falcon. – No. – Seahawk. (laughs) – I hope you know that. What’s the name of the
Guardian of the Galaxy’s ship? – Milano?
– The Milano. – Don’t be humble, I
mean, just embrace this. – There’s, well, it was the Milano. But now it’s got a new name. – That we are going to…
– I don’t know if it’s been out there yet. – We don’t want to ruin, I
don’t want to lose my job. Or have you lose yours. What were the names of the
aliens that invaded Earth at the end of the Avengers? – Oh yeah, everybody knows that one. You guys saw, you saw it. – You know what, I don’t remember. – The Chitauri. – The shiitaki. The shiitake worms. – The worms, the shiitake worms. Yeah, the shiitake worms.
– Space worms. – Final answer. – What are the aliens that invaded Earth at the end of the Avengers? – You’re good at this, yeah. – Yes, absolutely. – That’s not how it works, man. – Oh, oh, oh, the dudes that came with the damn centipede dude. – [Josh] Yeah. – Um… That was a cool little effect. – The Chitauri? Ay! Bam, bam, bam, bam.
– That’s good, Winston. – No? I’m alone? Celebrate with me! – [Josh] How would you
describe the Quantum Realm? – Okay, now this one you can’t get wrong. It’s whatever you say. It’s just what you think.
– Mm-hm. – That’s not a subjective, it’s not.
– Sure it is. – It’s actually a very objective–
– Nope. How do you describe it? She might say–
– I don’t know what it is. – It’s like cotton
candy, the quantum realm. – [Josh] And that would be wrong. – No, it’s an opinion. Mine would be like it’s
like steel, that it’s hard. – Right, okay. – Um, it’s everything happening at once. – That feels profound and
incorrect, but we’ll take it. – Quantum Realm is, uh, it depends. Now, we’re talking quantum
realms in terms of realms, there is an astral
plane, and there’s, uh… – Four quadrants. – If the astral plane can Astroglide into the Quantum Realm,
then it feels a lot better. – It’s like an area that’s of quantum. – Very, very, very, very tiny. It’s where Ant-Man gets shrunk to. – I thought that was your realm. Oh, right, you’re the time realm. – Uh, yeah, it was kind
of the bleed-in to that sort of thing that then
– The Quantum Realm. – exploded with Dr. Strange, yeah. – Can you describe what
Scarlet Witch’s power is? – Yeah, yep, there you go, do it. – That’s a good description, right? – That’s it. And then stuff happens outta here, and then it’s like wooph. – She moves stuff with her mind.
– Yeah, man. With her fingers. – Fingers, mind power and finger power. – Anthony. – Thank you. See, I went to elementary school. I can deal with kids. She has the ability to
control space and time metaphorically.
– Quantum. Hit ‘im, hit ‘im with it. – With the quantumization
– Oh God. – of her hands. – [Winston] Yes. – And she does, like,
this pop-and-lock thing to make it happen. – Which MC character’s name
would make the worst baby name? Worst baby name in the many characters. – Black Widow. – Drax would be pretty awful. – Drax’d be bad. – Don Cheadle. – Gomorrah. – Mmm. – It is an odd choice for a child. – Warmonger? (laughter) Maybe? This is baby Warmonger. – I think you got it. And lastly, we don’t know the name of the next Avengers movie,
the untitled Avengers 4. What should it be called? – Quantum Infinity. – No! – Avengers, This Is What Happened Next. – Maybe stick to the day job. (laughs) – It should be called, um… The Long Goodbye. – So Avengers.
– [Josh] Got it. – And then you have Thanos,
and you have a quote, and then you have Thanos
saying, “I ain’t never left.” – You have in parentheses an action, which is mic drop.


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