50 thoughts on “The Apostasy of Hillsong. Entertainment For The Millenials. Jacob Prasch.”

  • John Robinson says:

    okay we got it Hillsong sucks and they're not preaching the gospel so move on to something else like the gospel. Instead of wagging your finger

  • To BK, but there is ONE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, who gave HIS LIFE on the CROSS for YOUR SINS ! JESUS CHRIST is His Name that’s all the difference between this Son and all the other sons, we Christians pray for you BK that you will come to love our Lord as he loves you😇


    If I were unsaved and I was searching for truth and I saw this sort of thing of circus, my opinion of christians being a bunch of hypocrites wouldn't have changed, and I would've rejected their religion. But these things never stop God from saving anybody, fortunately.

  • This is an abomination to God. Its more than mocking him. This so call church is false. There worshiping Satan. God will have the last word. I pray that these people eventually realize what there doing…….hoping that God will awaken there spirit and they listen before its to late….➕➕💞

  • Armando Silvier says:

    Hillsong needs to have an event so tragic, it will destroy and ruin that Luciferian organisation permanently. Perhaps the best thing that could happen, is for Hillsong to lose, in the same day, it's 501(3)C charitable status and, second, to lose every line of credit and bank funding of every kind. Third, it would help if Hillsong leaders were found to be guilty of participation in pedophile networks.

  • These apostate preachers must not believe in the Word. They belong to the world. God of heaven isn’t the same as allah. God the creator has Jesus as it was In the beginning. Mohammed was visited by satan not Gabriel the Angel.

  • Lloyd Hamilton says:

    Nonsense sin is sin that's why Jesus did not call you this guy is weak God calls soldiers to preach the truth you are a coward God didn't call you.

  • Hillsong false preachers don't talk for God Almighty they are happy making money. They love it above all. They want to make the world happy not Jesus Christ.

  • Joshua Marcus says:

    I've given up on churches. They are "Of the World" now-a-days.
    I have a great Bible(s) and a concordance. Hopefully I'll find some like-minded Christian to study and worship with.
    The small town I moved to, is in the process of turning demonic. First annual, homosexual foolish pride gathering in June–I'm beyond sickened.
    I moved from California to get away from this demonic sickness.

  • I wasn't saved in a church that's focus was to entertain me, but one that warned me of the wages of sin and redemption in Jesus Christ. My heart was lead by the Holy Spirit to give my life to Jesus and turn from my sin.

  • Anything that God calls "an abomination" is not something you can condone! They Bible says that those who practice these things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God! If you are living a compromised life, you will be deceived in these last days! You are already deceived!

  • You are a coward if you cannot speak on Bible doctrines. Yes you do have to answer for the flock of God that he has made you the guardian over!

  • It's our job to reach people with the gospel, the good news!! It's the Holy Spirit's job to circumcise the heart, and convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment

  • Roman Strmiska says:

    If you love you tell the true..practising homosexuality is a sin and makes them who makes such things go to hell..thats is true and love..God bless you all..

  • Are you silly. Phil 118 what does it matter ad long as it's preached. Are you jealous? Plese you need to listen to Bill Maher or Marilyn Manson. B4 you knock down someone who leaves you alone. Let God decide not your small mind

  • Pancho's Burritos says:

    Satanist call Lucifer God. Other False Religions call Their Messiah god.
    Jesus Christ is the only true savior. I Noticed how these false pastor's say god a lot, yet Hardly ever mention Jesus Christ.
    I stopped saying God. Jesus Christ Saves All who honestly repents. Amen

  • Sylvester Birchem says:

    Thank you, Hillsong, for opening my eyes to show what the evangelical church is becoming. I have become a Mormon where holiness and purity is taught and the sheep are being fed

  • Jenny Le Hull says:

    Church prostitute herself with the world-find out her ends in the book of revelation.
    Its not a happy ending-

  • Malcolm Abram says:

    Don't fret about Hillsong. It is one of thousands of things to fret about. If you would truly know God, carry the cross He gives you. Hillsong, as with so many other things, righteous or unrighteous, will pass away. But those who gain eternal life through the cross will not pass away.

  • Allison Hoskins says:

    You do what God has put in the Bible end of story!!! It is your job hillsong pastor to lead the people by what the Bible says!!!!

  • How can a church be said to apostatize if it was a false church from its inception? Hillsong is just revealing more and more of its true colors. God help the deceived caught up in it! Listen to Fiona Barrett’s testimony. It’s chilling….

  • "Saul, Saul why persecutest thou Me?" The Bible condemns men who "abandon" natural relations with women (Rom 1:27). It does not condemn gay men or women. You can't "abandon" an attraction to the opposite sex if you never ever had one in the first place.

  • I think any 'mega' church must be preaching the wrong message! I must say though that I do know gay people and I would never lecture them on their lifestyle, because they must first know the love of Christ, before they are able to make, for themselves, any decision they may want to make. I had a really good friend who I met in an adolescent psychiatric hospital after I had a breakdown in the 70's. He tried to commit suicide three times because of his homosexuality. Personally, I feel that no one should ever be so ashamed of who they are, to the degree that they try to kill themselves! They need to know first the love of God. And I do know that God does love Gay people too! He died for them as much as He died for me and you. I went to a church who had gay people attending, they had decided to live celibate lives! Nothing wrong with that!

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