The Apollo 11 Launch As It Happened Live On The BBC News

The Apollo 11 Launch As It Happened Live On The BBC News

wishes and the admiration of a world of people have a man of features been and who lived all his life on earth moves with Janet item to fill the victim and so prevent begin with johnny is Bethel and annotated out of the universe I had 30 minutes standing by myself on the launch Tower almost near the top not quick to the spacecraft but there was another human being closed at site and I could see the waves coming in the sun’s look slowly rising and see the evidence that park cars of all the people out watching our launch three five ten miles away to millions of people it was quite a quite a symbolic moment that I said in my leg as you better remember this one it was by definition the greatest story of the century I was at the press site there were at least a thousand people there probably 500 of them were duly accredited and arrested the more hangers on little old ladies unclassified weirdos at one sort or another a governor of one of our state’s and a rockstar were there hand-in-hand watching it was a great sense of goodwill is not a whole lot of objectivity and then there’s nobody that criticized they didn’t want to criticize they wanted to the praise and wanted to support they wanted to America to succeed and so all the the naysayers were were true believers and they want to be true and fair here at Cape Kennedy we are all after the moon funny now 14 minutes 30 seconds and counting this is Kennedy mind control the civil rights march a mule train representing the poor and dispossessed have made its way to the gates of Cape Kennedy to protest the nation’s priorities NASA officials came out to meet them walk to process this field would seem to me to be a plane of battle and the mule trains and the participants were coming toward us and it seemed to be so out of character with all the technology that was around the American government at that time that spit 24 billion dollars on the exploration of outer space 24 video now for the last three years they had spit three billion 3 billion dollars would have seen even home with bruises in America without coming up a 10-minute mark and minutes away from my plan with that mark t minus ten minutes and counting a man has 10 we’re aiming for our plan liftoff 32 minutes past the hour that is Kennedy launch control at one trying to see how many pieces could go wrong infant influence whether be on the ground or in the bird and how many could cause catastrophe a tremendous number okay Jules were getting close we’re getting close this is Apollo Saturn mind control we passed a 6-minute mark on our countdown for Apollo 11 now five minutes 52 seconds and counting was director Rocco patron that gives the goal five minutes 20 seconds and counting you go into your final replenishment cycle makes you get the amount of fuel on board you then start pressurized are going through steps leading right up to the moment of commitment the refrigerant moment of truth political writing to pressurize as far as the propellant tanks that concerned and all is still growing computer supervisors hundreds of events occurring over these last few minutes two minutes 10 seconds and counting oxidized of tanks on the second and third stages now have pressurized we had all these umbilical arms we had like 10 different umbilical arms that way tons each it were all linked to it the swing I’m not coming back as a compound continues scripture and informing the astronauts but the one I’m not coming back and then all of a sudden with all the arms were back you realise that it was sitting there by themselves the next closest person was at least five miles away and they were sitting millions of gallons of propellant well I’m style important back when he received the good witch’s thank you very much we know it will be a good flight there’s no turning back once that rocket lifted off this was the moment getting very close to getting down to t minus zero all the second stage times now pressurized 35 seconds and counting we are still go with Apollo 11 30 seconds and counting astronauts report it feels good two minutes 25 seconds 20 seconds and counting t-minus 15 seconds guidance is internal 12 11 ten nine ignition sequence start six four three two most people base their thoughts with a launch is like on what they see in the movies the transition from being on the ground to actually in motion was so gentle that none of us really other than hearing the count 0 2 0 someone saying liftoff and we could see the instruments begin to change that would start to change at liftoff other than that there wasn’t a great physical sensation at all the plane hitting the launcher roughly 30 or so feet beneath the vibration and it’s the control center and windows start to shake great feeling but also a little the apprehension of seconds yes we reach the moment in the world with there’s really nothing to say about it what can you say about the site like that drawing reporting the roll and pitch program which but you’re probably living on the property downrange one-mile altitude 34 miles sound thousand feet high 80 people per second vertical rise and a minute or so after that unbelievable event the astronauts are talking to the ground and reporting on the facts and figures of the flight and somebody here a minute ago was saying there as matter of fact and unexcited in column as if they were taxicab drivers reporting in and saying we’re on Maple Street headed for downtown 11 you are you all right format with the spacecraft safely on its way control of the flight path from the launch team to Mission Control in Houston Texas that the next day’s the control room would run the mission in three teams follow another clinic trajectory and guidance what’s good and the stage is good over 35,000 feet per second like doing the hint about the only person around it doesn’t have TV coverage of the food and that man got the black up now and you can feel it getting a TV picture now they’ll yes we are getting a TV picture really now one all badly


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