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  • Troy Gardner says:

    excellent talk

    @11:52 (paraphasing) "in 2017 of ages 22-45, 50% didn't watch any paid for TV…so that model is collapsing", trending forwards how many will even own a 'TV' as a TV

    for contrast my basically nearly homeless distant relevance carries around a xbox & red dead redemption in a plastic bag…has a cell phone, always expects to be able to just walk in & plug in..for free.

    I on the other hand, hit up the library (free and limited by time internet/air conditioning) and they have many excellent movies of last 30 ish years 80,90,20, and youtube continues to surprise me with succintified versions of things like the Twightlight Zone. About half the other guys here are playing video games, women looking up recipies

    @12:34 "NETflix has only video" & 12:43 "merchandize fantasy" umm that's a crock of shit, the 3d printing (home brew toys)/china cloning market IS where the so called merchandizing (which jumped the shark as main profit He Man the movie was created was to push toys as was Charlie & the Chocolate Factory).. GAME OF THRONES & STRANGE DAYS DO HAVE ACCESSORIES (toys, iDolls, clothing, etc) but are not the same distribution size so cannot be judged grapes to watermelons equally/equitall, as well, they have less intrenched/investor so can be more agile (david vs goliath). Frozen2? please…when did family time become so dark & violent?

  • Here's the thing Disney can already make high performing content without the analytics setup that Netflix has. Imagine what will happen when they mix that instituonal compentence with just a little of the data they can amass from a streaming service. Disney has already succeeded with box office, cable, and a network channel. Not sure if you noticed by their pretty good at making entertainment. They have all the IP one could want. I don't know if Netflix beats them or vice versa, both can survive. I'm sure Amazon and apple will to if they make good stuff. They have the distribution. The question is, is there room for much else.

  • How is one bullish on Spotify. Its almost destined to lose money for foreseeable future and there is little marginal difference between it's service and apples amazons Google's/youtubes, iHeartRadio (a crap ton of people still are driven by radio promotion and calls to action), and Pandora. And again some of those cos are the most powerful in the world and can give music as a loss leader just to deepen customer loyalty or add a little boost to overall services package. Dude says oh they can just put other stuff on there and the people will come: tell that to uhhh blockbuster, cable, itunes tv shows, YouTube reds premium video, etc. I'm not a gambler so I don't play with single stock investing but how do u justify this homie?

  • Spotify will be interesting to watch. Amazon music is moving into their space and I am sure that scares the shit out of them.

  • BlackDoveNYC says:

    I join those who see Disney as a potential complement to other streaming services (at least in the U.S.). If content isn't important (or as important) then why cards does Disney have at the moment? That's their strongest asset according to what this guy said.

    He also does that thing regarding Netflix that I had noticed analyst do regarding the TV/streaming/media market. Over emphasize film content when the money and loyalty is based more on the TV type content, particularly serialized content. He's right about Disney being able to monetize across other areas (retail and the parks/cruises etc)… but what will keep Netflix in the running is its content which is still substantial. Again, here he makes much of Netflix's content as not being on par with Disney but he's talking about film. Netflix has had many popular as well as highly regarding TV shows (whatever the proper term is for the serialized shorter form filmed storytelling). With a pure play like Netflix, they have the data to help them to keep refining their content selection… and it is happening internat'lly not just domestically.

  • I disagree with SPOT being a buy, at least for the next 12 months. Yes, they have 173 million users and are currently leading the market. But Apple is playing catch-up and they can play dirty. One example that comes to mind is Siri. I can ask Alexa and Siri the following sentence, "Play Thriller by Michael Jackson on Spotify". Alexa would do it but Siri says it can't. Apple has no incentive to enable Siri to the ability to do it because it would rather you ask the song to be played on Apple Music. It's a dirty trick and might be one reason why iPhone users might use Apple Music over Spotify. The key here will be who expands their business model first. Apple reportedly spending $1 billion on video streaming shows. If they can create a one pay model for shows and music before Spotify can launch any type of new product, they will punish Netflix and Spotify. I'd choose Apple over Spotify on this bet because Apple has the cash and experience to launch the right product. If Spotify takes too long, they may lose users.

  • Scott "Amazon" Galloway with another great interview. Your guests are always captivating and insightful. Keep em coming.

  • TheDrLeviathan says:

    Disney is nuts when it comes to their name being put towards anything adult. They hate it. That's why they made Touchstone Pictures back in the day.

  • Fantastic interview Scott, keep 'em coming.
    Derek – you were incredibly impressive; snapped up your book five minutes in.

  • donnie gebert says:

    Zero mention of decentralized content models. I think dude man has yuge blind spot in his otherwise very thorough analysis. #livetreeadept

  • MOTO/R/SPORT NEJ says:

    Once the great sports ball barrier for TV falls and gives way to Disney/Netflix or whoever it’s going to be a maelstrom. Sports is the only thing keeping TV alive no good apps exist for it.

  • I think this guy has a very old outlook on distribution Still, the Internet has revolutionized distribution since the 1950’s like his example…. it’s mostly about content in 2018. Distribution is becoming less relevant because of ease of access to the internet now.

  • ilackabettername says:

    19:25 Disney’s media is the same concept as their multi-park strategy in Disney-world. Spread it’s good content around so you begrudgingly by a more expensive ticket. Get ready for a “site hopper” pass

  • Agree with potential of Disney-flix but, tied to the 'streaming all over the place' comment, is the complexities, politics and 'redtape' across Disney's businesses. The biggest hurdle will be getting out of their own way to be successful in Disney-flix

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