The African Lifestyle The Media Doesn't Show You On TV : Ngor Isand,Senegal

The African Lifestyle The Media Doesn't Show You On TV : Ngor Isand,Senegal

where [Applause] so here about to help on his boats of import in Corps Island over here so I never been I can't actually we came down here to the beach last year but we didn't get on the bus go I don't know why so I was like I want it well I woke up this morning I said I want to go to that Island on the back of el-mahdi I did not go to the name of those areas Collingwood okay so dot Almighty yeah well all MIDI Islam buddy from where I met you okay down okay around but this whole saddle here isn't bore our luxury hotels here Addison balloon okay we're in a in Gore the car synagogue that's where I run everybody just casual wouldn't know I'll leave tonight the head back to America I hate it but I will be back in Africa middle of December so inshallah I've got is a hot new life [Applause] okay Wow [Applause] [Applause] with water September's war well because Khao Lak is us garlic is a landlocked [Applause] right so they still have a feature in the river bank saying oh yeah I know it's heavy salt is going down so RJ tell people you know this your consciousness general thoughts leaving America and relocating to cinema you know a the people were on the fence or you know here we go I don't want to leave because you know we've been there before for years and our ancestors you know built the country in you know I can't just up and leave what we've we build it won't be accomplished to come back like what will be a response to people make statements like that just about every people region in history has has some form of migration migration can be for economic opportunities migration could be better wedding climb migration can be full treatment freedom from oppression whatever the reason but it's not like migration is a new thing if you see people in China branching out all over the world their their country is over pool is over crowd for how they've made a way to go to different countries to set up their faces and continued economic prosperity you look at Hispanic from South America Mexico etc they migrated to the US and other countries whatever opportunities debatable because I think into where they're coming from so black America probably the only move that refused every computer hydrate right it's like in the country that doesn't want us or doesn't treat us well you know put up as much of a fight for us today before this right so I think it's probably wise the opportunity to migrate they see if that is not ever you know there's a lot of places around the world we can go you set up shop that can be prosperous you take care of our families we don't have to have so much on our minds as far as the safety of our families as far as you know just a little princes honey but those people feel like all Americans will miss and we put together some types of home wherever things that can sustain you there all right doesn't that just about harvest and it's about how you're gonna live you know without government assistance without you know get stuck in the rat place without you know being in in up to your neck right right so if you can find out how to overcome those and other challenges and stay there more power to you but but those who want to fire something different you know branch out and see you know where our true place is in this world because everybody has their real place right for those people you know those are the people that make it here and a good friend of me a wise man said not too long ago to us he said the best of you african-americans will make it here the who the best of you the best of you the best of Ohio make it here Wow that's powerful I believe that wholeheartedly oh well best of us the best of us all right so we're by the disembark we just arrived in Gor a little button this embargo right now go check out the island you guys let me wash my step subtle fall down [Applause] ah there we go who the Water Gap hey Gabby Oh will Bobby are like I said if I'm not speaking wolof next time I come I think they're gonna run me out of Senegal yes in that to me they said the UH was it that the Boy Scouts but the Peace Corps Peace Corps they they say get the Peace Corps books and I'll be the best okay so these are all probably owned houses or Highland doesn't have electricity it does it so everything generator Solar solar solar power so there's only I think on the whole island maybe it's less than ten solar power so most of these people at night why can't they get Watkyn yeah I think more so is running the wires over the I mean there's gori gori has electricity don't they yeah might be because not enough people on the island for it to bat all right okay it's not really a full-time residence most of these people here in these houses they live abroad and then in France US Canada okay I only come here a couple weeks a month out of the year for the vacations they go back throughout the rest of the year they kiss pretty please okay Wow Africa Africa we come down here sometime it seals that lose weight and cool these ways they're very heavy man they cut my hand do not work I will see you about three months or so ago I guess it was like high tide and this water is coming all the way up to this thing right Wow the Africa they don't show you on TV right here in Gore eyelid I'm telling you RJ next time I come I'll be on point yeah I promise you the wall of a wolf is gonna be out boy I'll promise you what do you say oh thank you thank you thank you say say he'll say say hello to everybody say hello to everybody hello there you go I'm sure he has several houses oh yeah of course cow luck where you're at I don't know I don't know that mashes how do you feel about how do you feel about a car running for president in the u.s. we're not president for synagogue hey why me he's technically a US citizen though a lot of people see him as African because you know he was born the same Lewis right also Kenny Kenny technically even run for president of it personally I don't think you will do it but I think maybe he's just kind of stirring up the pot to get people thinking alternatives right God will be there any cars on war either it's just a fortunate in on that okay if she's a fortunate that you can't get electricity here okay what school I mean was was electricity strong or was it it was normal good okay probably a leak somewhere oh yeah [Applause] okay this white guard tower all right so we're headed to a COS house maybe he might be here you might be here but you can't see the house though oh you can't like inside this is the guard towers okay okay okay a condo okay just properties for sale you are here how much how much they won 4-2 $120,000 USD mm-hmm but you have to build that house yeah so you just buy the land but have land right here like that's legit uh-huh but I would definitely tear down this structure you could build a few structures in there you can make this like a compound of houses all right I want I wonder uh huh that's interesting how'd you know I know right how'd you know it was for sale okay how do you find out the the like the listings like they don't have like a site website do they were a lot of times that's how it starts is with the brokers no they're the people you will find the quickest okay no Ted different properties right they don't hold them but that take your time introduce the owner at the level we are now you know we partner with real estate agencies we partner with developers you know that build whole subdivisions of houses and that kind of helps us when it comes to life people who want stuff a certain way right I want a patio I want my roof like this you know mm-hmm I mean how much is it these days here in a synagogue like in Dakar like I wanted to buy I guess 1,500 meters plot I will say 500 meters square yeah correct plot that's pretty big okay maybe even there's a lot we just looked at right here was only like how big was a lot using 500 meter squared at that okay okay saddle nice I don't need fifty hundred like here this thing right here might be close to 50 oh wow sorry and aleko feel it ain't about for ten be canidate Iowa okay it's the military base oh yeah they bout to fix it up for the military it's under the table bases right here it's okay comes out following you okay so let me is if you have realistically if you have $80,000 mm-hmm can you get some can you build something nice and Decker yeah nice nice I talk about no bullsh like some nights which are you could build a five bedroom house from the ground up about 40 to 60 grand really rule it you buy your land you pay them about forty fifty thousand dollars I build you a two-story house about four bones in it and nice and not not not the should I be seen in Lane without me nice white nice inside okay well a with a sour the toilet the shower head above the toilet situation okay we work with that we'll build you a whole new house from scratch uh-huh for forty thousand I think the small one the one story and the car like it's the car okay I mean we have plots of land that will fit that house for eight thousand miles right so you buy your crackling at eight grand uh-huh you pay the developer 40,000 45,000 they build you a house on it we've got you a two-story four-bedroom house and it's ready to go six month maybe okay yeah we definitely want to get here with the bird debris yeah okay oh that's like there's like the renovating did oh wow okay I guess you know what and when you say like $40,000 like say I wanted like this here how much this one this one is about the same price okay this one's a little more than that okay this house is still functional that house is it okay the house like boarded up you can't even go in there okay they still use it they rent out rooms and stuff here to people whose children hundred twenty okay turn it into Africa later okay Hotel huh just like the whole tourism you know spyware they got okay so you're getting me excited about this 40,000 50,000 number so if I wanted a house and I wanna I'm into like Swahili architecture like in Zanzibar like yeah can they do that or this is just like just a stranger life I got a show I got to show you a picture of okay there's ingore get a lot of tourism especially driving vacation months throughout the summer time you don't want to be here like December January okay I know one thing I need to get at our good my feet oh wait yeah and a slide what is all good hey yang I'll just thingy wipe my feet off okay that's a nice house oh is it okay last time I was here they were still bricks oh wow okay how much would it cost to build a structure like this right this is more modern yeah this is a multi okay rule it's really way there like five fours or not me well okay but that don't include the fixings so for instance like this house have all this glass this will make it phrase bullet okay perfect floor so if each floor got you know a certain amount of homes will do each floor of the building you seem right so you got a you gotta buy your own appliances and all the of course well that's a good view like it's like fried rock right here look at ya right there huh oh this right here that's a beautiful view well it's a beautiful view of synagogue of Thakur there's no fire here you know they they moved adventures they used to be bitches very cheap these benches you could just look out yeah they don't want you us to sitting around and want you to keep it moving that's what that is watch it [Applause] roof of your your elder that told you that the best of Africa your elder that told you the best of us black Americans will go to Africa can you can you expand on that a little bit more master teacher hard day my can you expand on that a little bit more well so you know even prior to the elder time speaking of you know the Honorable Marcus Garvey said that we don't want to take all black people back to happen some of us have no good where we are in the diets poor and likewise will be no good here on the soil so fast forward what that saying is that you know some of us don't really have the capacity to come here and be productive and be you know somebody that can help develop and contribute to the economy you know some of us still there in the mentality of you know somebody owes us something right you know a lot of us is still out of America so what about this what about what people say Africa owes us yes exactly so what do you woody woody thoughts on there I mean that's that's that's that's the kind of person I'm talking about know anybody to me personally I feel like anybody who feels like they're old something without themself first giving something is kind of the wrong than Talent understand so just to say Oh Africa owes us because they let white people take us or Africa owes us because you know whatever I think that's kind of an immature standpoint you know if anything we should be looking at it as if nothing I mean the way I look at it personally I can't speak for anybody way I look at this we whole Africa you understand because we're the ones who you know aside from how we were taken from here we're the ones who develop at the benefit of where we've been okay so so little boy a good we go our home right to contribute to our home and if Africa you feel like I don't everybody feel like after they home feel like Africa's your home that you owe your home to contribute to it something okay right so so what about what about the Africans that say we don't need black America's help we can develop this ourselves we could do everything ourselves we do not need your help who would be your response to that this that's probably a stand point I haven't really heard I'm sure it's probably some people that feel like that but it's not really something that out encounter somebody to say just about all the Africans I encounter here on the soil are excited for us to come back is usually African immigrants that say a lot of that yeah you and I know and then it means some people are just you know sometime your ego your pride might let you you know not accept help when is being offered but also to some extent if there are people who feel like that is probably not their fault because the people who came here previous in the name of help took advantage right they came they took advantage they stole from heritage thing they put into place so to a certain extent I probably will feel like that too right if I live somewhere and everybody who came to help only came to marginalize me will only came to steal from me or only came to you know take advantage of me then you're probably will have that same type of feeling but I think like I say a lot more continental Africans that I'm me here are very excited about not only us coming and participating here but just you know learned it from us I was learning from each other and building together you know it's a pretty welcoming environment no but anybody else doesn't feel like we're welcome and you know you got to kind of take that up with home right you know you can't really tell them you know hey look we want you at home right right coming here coming right but we've come in with the right mentality we're coming with the mentality of development productivity you know working together collective doing our share we're not coming asking for nothing we're not come ask for government assistance and we're not trying to take your job so we're not trying to you know write we try to steal your land from you right we just coming and trying to work together man so that we could both prosper beyond what we've been yeah all right like I said this is we're on imgur Island and this is the car and this is the view from the top of the island a beautiful view [Applause] okay can we go down this way I'll tell you Ross the fire has got all the weed and all the white women Rastafarian okay good bye bye right a lot of these guys our Center in the center tripod Elka yeah you know the Sarah tribe they live around the water okay they're in a fisherman there the Boltzmann keep with the keepers of the islands I like the house next door to it this house right here is beautiful oh yeah that's the one that they was renovating out the back of okay oh the old hotel all right here this is nice no ask him about to take a photo of him yeah yeah so massive looking [Applause] what's up mister smale right so for people who think you can't find serenity in Africa who think he doesn't exist what would you uh would you tell just come and see us take a couple weeks listen to the waves crash a morning you wake up right this is back so you could find serenity Africa for the fraction of what it costs in America you know hook your house up sustainably these houses over here man I got solar-powered a panel bill you know how much does a source all the power situation cost you know no really I've gotten a lot of conflicting the price solar panels polycrystalline these different kinds of solar panels some of them are not even strong enough to you know really run your house lights all day right others of them you definitely can't hook up your refrigerator or your heavy you know heavy electric appliances to it but then they have some that can power whole house is very easily so it just depends on the wattage you know depends on the provider so they do actually have some solar companies here that charge you monthly oh so you have to pay everything upfront yeah like for instance I have a have a poultry operation like chickens you know hooker thousand chickens we got have one house and recently you know how a veterinarian suggested that we install solar panels in the house so that the chickens can eat at night so they came out they installed solar panels but you know it's not that it's not that strong right right it's just good enough to keep lights on for six to eight hours okay but that they charge monthly for about safer that's it a name start did you have to pay any upfront costs install it yeah okay like twenty dollars to get him to come out put it in the house and then every money to pay twenty dollars is their contracts scheduled contract a couple years or no no I mean the contract doesn't bind you to any time period actually okay they just taught me get yourself economic you know for what we're using it for our poultry houses really in a rural area is not you know there's no way we can get city power to that building without the stall and light poles you know so solar is the best way to go you know this is Africa man the Sun is always out right oh you guys then those Africa has plenty of his son I've seen some that power whole houses huge systems this will be similar to Swahili style like this house right here it is is somewhat somewhat not really because usually they have I feel just designs like this but it's kind of my dog yeah could the labor so cheap labor is cheap use number sand and concrete you know in America we use a lot of materials we don't need we you know you think about the composition of the house you know you got fiberglass you got drywall you work by fours you got maybe brick or siding on the house just concrete and same let's see in a minute I think the concrete is sand is stronger then then everything we use in America and that also depends on how good you mix your credence and to true so you know a lot of people if they want to cut corners dip with more sand less concrete yeah and that wall might start to crack right but generally speaking and these houses are very very very well structured and they stand for decades and decades like this you know whereas it's exactly it's actually the new construction is cheap yeah down here you get a fire in your kitchen the house won't be standing tomorrow morning alright but your housing all fall due to right exactly very very very extremely rare here for our house to be destroyed do it with a fire you know this is a testament to the to the work yeah our ji definitely to next year end of this year early next year I'm buying some land and then my mid 2019 know that 2020 I'm starting to build man I got you I have to I have to so so where we are you know investing some land together and then we all build on it together and then we all build economic opportunities there together then we build schools by our children together and so on and so forth you know so it's a why sin of all french-speaking country so a lot of people have issues with that and it's over got it black Americans Ghana Ghana Ghana got it yeah barely but they just gave synagogue the most stable country in you know so when you when you put synagogue against a lot of other countries that we find their destinations you know deeper inside of those countries you find different problems that were sometimes we can't deal with all right I mean so synagogue is extremely stable it's extremely democratic you know it's very very very wholesome you know if I was about I wanted to come into the same situation that I was in in America maybe I'll go to South Africa right you know where exactly you know I would choose Namibia over I choose the movie over stop a friend there nice Luanda Angola is really nice even a lot more people are now starting to go to Rwanda but you know I chose synagogue because I feel at home right because I have family history here and I know that it's a productive environment right you know sometimes you know won't you once you see it answering something you can't ignore it later all right you know this kind of situation but I encourage people to really research all the countries places that even I don't know about teach me something good right we have friends I mean I know I'll tell you this I know Nigeria has its issues I love I love my jury I don't know why or just like you know Nigeria is for the hustler there you go yeah yeah grace for that person that thrive in a city like New York right so who's what sinner who Senegal for cinnabar is for you know synagogue is put that kind of person that's looking for just a wholesome all-around lifestyle for the family okay you know and that's really what I was before I can you know we have a lot of things in our environment in America that we're not really excited about raising kids around to neither and in synagogue for the most part you won't find those things right you know them as wholesome as far as like you know entertainment and you know you don't find people walking around half-naked you know it it's not oppressive it's not like you know women can't come outside without cover but but you're not gonna find the old east side of it and I think that was something that you know raising kids started the matter boy I got a son now I got thinking about putting him somewhere where he one gets a bit of morals and values you know a spiritual side you know incentive I was very spiritual right so that's another reason why I felt like my family was something that's also something that in the States you know where they got too much beer food next necessary man you just had to put your family somewhere where is more productive so we find something better so we buy so better there we go hey once but I'm ready for dinner but uh I'll go grab probably go Bobby a shirt Oh who owns this yeah my Senegal shirt synagogue synagogue I got my synagogue shirt okay that's right thank you also sing so Saint meal okay so ball merci [Applause] [Applause] so we just finished our chores and Bor I actually have to catch a cab to the airport I'll fly back to America tonight hopefully you guys enjoy RJ yeah we appreciate it man yeah thanks a lot for coming you always welcome to synagogue all right I appreciate it appreciate it brother all right y'all till next time peace


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