The Ad That Proves Walmart & Fox News Don’t Get It

The Ad That Proves Walmart & Fox News Don’t Get It

you know that the CPO congressional
budget office put out a number saying that about 2.3 million people well over a
long period of time are might not keep their jobs if the Affordable Care Act is fully
implemented because then they won’t need their jobs desperately for their insurance now I have to think
that those people are not bombs that a lot of them are retired in fact I
knew someone was a high-level executive who is retired and had to go back to
work just get health issues his wife was sick right he’s not a bomb
he worked hard his whole life back to use incredibly successful he had to just go back to work for
health insurance a now the republicans think I good you had a comment right don’t
trust me about the show you that that’s what they
think now when democrats a hitless you should have a job freedom crane to
be able to leave your job to go to another job not
without worrying about your assurance or leave your job entirely if that’s
what you wanna do when you have enough money to be able to afford to do right
problems are against now partner that leads to Walmart
putting out an ad they don’t care as much about the
Affordable Care Act day care that they pay people very very low wage and they
basically want to suck it up and is going to work anyway so they put
out this abt Laura flying out of hard work you know we all
like hard work just don’t like it at seven dollars and
twenty five cents what I can’t even get a poverty level on a Walmart cell thanked now of course
boxes love this which is exactly why Michael rose but spot that he did for wal-mart seems
to be resonating online in make should take a position
and whatever and makes you ask ask yourself the question whatever happened to the glory in hard
work listen on time I made things are and I took pride the
things I made the mic built word and my engines crimes I open my doors to all them together the new film Palace trucks the more I was good then one day years stop turning one on I’m still here I believe I will rise again ok we will build things to build families and build dreams ok it’s time to get back America does best because work this beautiful it worse a beautiful
thing I’m not sure it’s as beautiful when your
pain minimum wage so nobody’s got an issue with the I love
this propaganda campaign basically Walmart is selling their workers if you don’t like to pay we’re
giving you your bombs you don’t know the value work thank you
we really appreciate that advice okay now I would literally value my work
more if you valued at more and he was a
decent wage was a button up oxygen to connect this is the Affordable Care Act
was what think PBR report had 2.5 million jobs on
being lost as a result the Affordable Care acts or to gay
incentivizing work for many fucking the power out at
the middle class I will now democrats are saying well we
don’t have the jobs that were promised there are facing future job losses projected so what’s
left to do will change the narrative jobs mob create the jobs job she loved
music but nobody said that but K but of course where they wanna say
is if you actually wanna have in this is
the way there democrats should frame it job freedom to be able to go from job to
job based on what you want and what’s right for your career so being wedded to accompany that is
holding health insurance your health insurance hostage over you or you just flat-out you worked enough
yours whatever you are you sleepy Beiber seventy or eighty but you can’t leave because you don’t
have health insurance okay with this allows you to do that right but they don’t want you have that
kinda freedom they would need to change to whatever job you already have that’s a pox what’s not people who are
more bombs and say jobs mob here’s more from the
brainiacs approx I look at different democrats coming out
to help with the same exact message every day work but they’re out there spending from
Senator Durbin to David Clough on down yeah and what the
common theme is job lock that’s gonna be the new the lockbox
write this into an job lock with the saying is hey you know
what job lock is a bad thing what it does is it enables you to go out there
now and if you don’t like the job you have
with Obamacare you could just flowed from job to job because you’re really
not happy with the job you have no more job lock is what the spin we’re
hearing on the sunday shows I don’t give me more time relaxing with
your family write a hiker watcher gaddy think thankfully is bringing an unknown does
the reality hike who didn’t even mention a high coup I mean we saw six democrats on the
screen there wouldn’t see what they were saying I don’t doubt that they were on the same
talking point that’s what they often do right Republicans and Democrats but that talking point is pretty
sensible you wanna be locked into your job okay I mean I don’t mind cuz it’s my job
to prepare people but my guess is that everybody
wants to be like do their job it’s not because you are on a high coup
it was you like a better job or different job that makes sense
doesn’t it not according to the genius that Fox News has brought on here let’s
hear meh the Liberals and the democrats want you
to believe there’s well but you have more time to write
poetry and you can sit around and figure out whether infinity is a number or just
a concept well that’s great until you try to go by
your grandkids birthday present to try to pay their heating bill go give your interpretation of a poor
aim to the core work they’re gonna want money these guys
where they killed me and are you all go drop a job well on
all ignore that part no set also your pop in power haha try to bring your bills well then
pretty or Paul crop putting his audience he set
up illegal that’s a good but to poco poco liberals are so gay cap


72 thoughts on “The Ad That Proves Walmart & Fox News Don’t Get It”

  • "I want a new job. This one isn't panning out, and I am unhappy here."

    Fox News: "Oh, so you NEVER WANT TO WORK AGAIN, huh?!?!?"

    Fuck cable news. All of it.

  • PixelDansIronFist says:

    Umm.. isn't Wal-Mart the foremost American corporation that sold out THE American manufacturing labour force to China and Mexico for a little more profit?? 

  • Nice spin cenk, actually the cbo predicts that people will work less since they have incentive to keep a low income and high subsidy. A disincentive to work. Something that could only be advocated by cenk or some other socialist with his head up his ass.

  • Also if you have more time on your hand you will pay more attention to politics. You will have time to talk to other people. You will not have to work like an animal to have health insurance. you will read whats on the label on your food. THAT IS BAAAD, very BAAAD.

  • LOL walmart is literally the REASON that manufacturing jobs, which paid fine, went to china…. now they'll just bring them back, wages have risen in china and fallen here.

  • @Traythug Martin 
    If a rich person shit in your head and you then expressed your displeasure with it, that would not be envying his/her wealth. It's the being shit on part that you'd hate. Envy comes in many forms and class "can" be one of them, but people expecting to be treated fairly isn't "envy."

  • cenk made an excellent point, I personally know strict right wingers who retired and one of them got sick and  afford their health care and then went back to work. Just to have affordable health care isn't about being a bum, and it insults their own audience unless their own audience actually is some sort of Masochists? 

  • There is no lack of honor in looking for jobs that suit you and how you can best suit a company- if that means changing jobs, changing the direction of your interests and career- this is what especially the under 30s SHOULD be doing as they move out and up and spread the wings so to speak, before deciding on a place to roost (only to get prematurely ousted, laid off, doors closed or otherwise manipulated in to unemployment- hmm but that is another subject?  What about the ppl who have been working for agencies and shifted from job to job for YEARS because companies refused to hire someone on as permanent employee? People have lived for years having to go from one job to another this way (using agencies to keep them employed if at all possible, often with jobs in their field unavailable) – since the 80's at least. BUMS? FAR FROM IT.

  • But… I thought it was REPUBLICANS who said that if you don't like your job, then just quit! "Don't start a labor union and try to improve your situation, just enjoy the free market and find another company!"
    Now Republicans think you should just stick around your shitty job that doesn't even feed your family?

  • "Hi, I'm Elisabeth Hasselbach, I got famous because I spent a couple week in the jungle playing games to win a million dollars and I got picked up by a TV station because I have a nice face and all I do is read scripts for half an hour. I'm a really hard worker."

  • Capitalism is wrong – a deliberative-democratic system of investment is the only correct way, and is the most wealth-creative system possible.

  • This guy Bud Konheim CEO of Nicole Miller doesn't care of decency, or American people or a decent life for all  Americans- have and have nots attitude. There are many  injustices in these overseas countries and ungodly ways of beliefs   and practices of  unfair treatment and wages. People, like this Bud Konheim CEO of Nicole Miller, pay in the end; their chances at the pearly gates are slim. Support American made  when its possible in stores and on line at Made In USA and fair trade

  • I saw that ad and took something different away from it that had nothing to do with wage rates and everything to do with creating jobs… I guess I missed something…

  • AsSomedayItMayHappen says:

    The blatant attacks by Fox on science, medicine, education, mathematics–and now poetry–prove that there are no depths to which they will not sink. Their anti-intellectualism has become so opaque, that it's a wonder why people can still watch this and take it seriously. This "news" channel has been poisoning minds long enough, and it's time the American people cast off the shackles that this propaganda outlet has forged.

  • I bet if we all concentrate really hard at the same time we can get the three bozos on Fox and Friends to shit their pants on air. Uncontrollable bowel movements that ruin that couch that they sit on. Also, we need to make it so their legs stop working temporally so they can't run off the set. Just loud, slurpy hershey squirts in between the wide ones that they have to push out. Maybe one of them poops out a squeak toy, too. Benny Hill theme starts playing in the background.

    Wouldn't that be hilarious?

  • At first I am mad at Murica being so insensitive to their government / corporation murdering innocents oversea on their behalf.

    Then I realise those Murica are almost equally insensitive to their government / corporation screwing over them too, then it is just sad.

  • When these blonde Fox News bimbos start reading their lines, it feels like my brain is poked repeatedly with a dull blade until they finally shut up.

  • Richard Blackmore says:

    Full time employment at Wal-Mart is quite a bit above the poverty level. And having a good work ethic is great…  but so is having responsibility to your community and employees. The idea that "the worker" should have ethics, when the owners don't need to be ethical seems completely lost on faux and fiends.

  • ironic, considering companies like Walmart, who import cheap products from countries who pay their workforce a pittence, are the ones who have destroyed manufacturing in America.

  • america is a shit country full of greedy evil corporations and people to weak minded or stupid to do anything about it. they get butt fucked by their own leaders who are in the pocket of the corporations and despite the fact they are al armed to the teeth they don't shoot any of the peopel screwing them.

  • Walmart's campaign is amazing, but of course idiot Cenk doesn't get it. "Basically Walmart is telling the workers, if you don't like the pay we're giving you, you're bums and you don't know the value of work."

    No, not even close. Walmart is saying America needs to get back to producing. They're taking an active roll and investing in that production, instead of just crying to tax the rich. And I would bet that nearly none of the production jobs that will be created will be minimum wage.

  • Christopher McGowan says:

    Don't you love how Mike Rowe has built his career on pretending like he really cares about blue collar workers? And yet, he goes out and stumps for rich prick Mitt Romney, who got rich by shredding American companies (and Daddy's money, of course,) brags about firing people and campaigns on how the poor and lower middle class are a bunch of worthless bums. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, Rowe takes money to do ads for Wal-Mart and Caterpillar, two of the biggest abusers of workers in the United States. Mike Rowe is a duplicitous fraud.

  • Change in my pocket,..
    Betrayed and sold out
    Obama's jest.

    jobless worker's toil
    bankers bonus boom
    fox parrots croon.

    bankers like neutrons
    they get away
    with no charge.

  • Every time I watch a Faux News clip I throw up in mouth a little bit.  Not because of the crap they spew but because I know ignorant voters watch the show and believe the lies which translates into the Tea Party, voting out Obama's agenda less than 2 years in office (after 8 yrs of GWB)…oh and Ted Nugent.   Love that Hasselbeck too…just like the rest of the Faux News bimbos…a pretty (vile) mouthpiece.

  • the minimum wage should be 20 bucks an hour, the shareholders are just gonna hafta have 1 less mansion, or keep the mansion, just don't put a golf course on that one.

  • The seven Walton family members don't work for their income, let alone work hard.  They inherited their income.  They are the indolent rich.  Who the fuck are they to sermonize the working class about hard work?

  • The Bastard, YouTube Villain says:

    Oh, look. Some lazy-ass white-collar who has never produced anything in his or her entire pathetic existence is telling me about blue-collar work ethic.

  • FACT: Out of all jobs which require at least daily attention, Journalist is one of the easiest ones.  Their jobs are pretty much sinecures. They're paid between nearly 6 figures and high 6 figures to sit on their ass and gossip.
    It therefore follows that NO journalist is qualified to judge the relative "merit" of work without at least 10 years in another, HONEST job.

  • The public debate in the media concerning health care will never have any credibility as long as everyone involved in the debate already has health care.  Lets hear from some of the people who don't have health care.

  • 2.5 million people leave the work force because it's no longer necessary to maintain their health insurance means there will be 2.5 million openings for people who need jobs. Where's the problem?

  • Jonathan Robbins says:

    And this is why I am firmly a Democrat.
    For all those who lack knowledge of political affiliations, Republicans favor the rich, while Democrats favor the middle/working class.

    The Republican viewpoint is a good one, with a few fatal flaws that ruin it – Republican viewpoints only work if you have enough money or if there are enough jobs to go around. In short, the Republican viewpoint tailors only to the wealthy. They don't understand how it is possible to have money troubles, as most Republicans have grown up with wealth, passed wealth onto their kin, and had their kin follow suit. They immediately believe that the poor and non-wealthy are dumb, ignorant animals because they can't hold onto their wealth. Republicans also tend to be racist bigots that disrespect minorities. This is not an opinion; watch the news, and watch interviews with Republican politicians. Note how they respond to certain questions.

    There are good Republicans out there, however – Chris Christie is one of them. He grew up poor and entered into wealth through his hard work, unless I am mistaken. Most, if not all Republicans that grew up poor are exceptionally good people that have a firm grasp of both political parties.

  • Echad Lev Shtim says:

    We all have bills to pay,  but working still sucks balls. I can think of a million things i'd rather do than getting a meaningless fraction of money for my hard work while the company makes a killing off my callused hands and worn soul. Fuck this slave labor mentality brainwashing. This is coming from lazy assholes in 3 piece suits that never really worked to steal their wealth.

  • Hundreds of years ago, ordinary people didn't have the right to change jobs or move to better areas with better jobs. You had no rights. You were locked into your job until the day you were too old to work. If you hated your job – tough. That was existence for you.
    These people were called 'Serfs'.

  • WOW! people at Fox news must really hate Australia.. (ironically considering the owner of fox) We have had medicare payed for out of our own tax so no locked into jobs for health cover benefits.. we also earn a shitload per hour as I make $25per hour in pretty much an unqualified job and my partner makes $21 per hour in retail full time with sick leave, 4 weeks of paid holidays a year and double time and a half if it's a public holiday , time and a half on sundays.. yet we only work 38 hours a week 😉 our dollar still gets 0.82 usd right now. our food costs the same, so do clothes but we do pay higher prices for our houses.. $7ph wage I wouldn't even wake up in the morning for that! 

  • sign the petition if you agree, FOXNEWS IS A HATE GROUP

    spread the word

  • Bohemian Embassador says:

    I think all the ladies of Fox get botox from the same near-sighted dude…
    Anyway…I find it odd that the ad says that over the next ten years they will put 250 billion dollars to work…what about PEOPLE?!?! Not that I'd want to work there but if it meant the difference between being able to take care of my kid or not, I would…why? Because I have a work ethic. I have 4 jobs and am still poverty level. All hail the USA ( United State of Apathy)

  • How hard do the executives work? How often do the executives change companies? How good is the executives' healthcare?
    bottom line, we are all in this together and if you don't care for your brothers and sisters, you really are not Christian. You're not humanist. You're not socialist. You're not democratic.
    You must be a psychopathic capitalist. You may be a fascist.

  • Vaughn Gainey says:

    "Haiku, haiku liberals are so gay" ?. Trey Gondy has never figured out what to do with his hair. There's nothing beautiful about living below or at the poverty line. FUCK YOU WALMART!! I can't say this enough because it's so obvious about Republicans constantly talking about choices (in less your a women or poor of course) regarding schools, religious freedom or the free market but a poor person or a retiree having a choice to leave their job is wrong. They're and Fox "News" hypocritical bullshit is astonishingly transparent.

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