The 9 BEST Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners! (2019)

The 9 BEST Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners! (2019)

what's going on guys in today's video I'm going to take you through the nine best affiliate marketing programs online for beginners in 2019 now these are programs that I actually use myself I've made money online with affiliate marketing from these particular programs and I personally think they're the best for beginners because they're not too confusing you can make good commissions and lessons and stuff from these particular affiliate programs now if you don't want to Flair marketing is it's when you take someone else's product and you promote that product for a commission or you refer someone for a commission and it's a very well known method of making money online and I've been making money online with this for a long time the best thing about this guys is it becomes completely passive depending on what type of traffic methods that you use so let's jump into the video guys and I'll show you the nine best affiliate marketing programs but before we do that make sure you subscribe to that notification bell hit that like button drop a comment below guys and tell me what your favorite affiliate marketing program is so let's jump in and look at the program alright guys so the first website we have here is called now Clickbank comm is a website where people upload their products to sell and take check out platform however you can promote these products as an affiliate and it's essentially become an affiliate marketplace now if we scroll down here you can see some of the products you can promote surfing singing guitars software and up here we've got some sort of health stuff as well you can promote any type of niche from this website and there's lots of products that you can promote now if we go into the back end guys this is me logged into Clickbank and I'm in the marketplace and we click on say health and fitness and we click on that there it'll load up the particular products and we can see how much they're going to pay us and we can see their affiliate page so there's lots here guys but for example this product here will pay us an average of $39 per sale and they have an affiliate page which is good because it's got all of the information that we need so they'll have they've got banners they've got resources that well this one's just got banners but someone will have banners emails videos and all that sort of stuff and that's what I like about Clickbank because they literally have everything you need so all you do is sign up to Clickbank go to the marketplace section and click on the specific industry that you're interested in and find products that you want to promote and you can also use the search bar here so put in sports it'll shot particular products alright so here's a plaque that I actually promote it's around about forty dollars per sale and if and this isn't the account there but if we go to the UM page here and I can get banners email swipes and everything I need to go and promote this particular product on my website so there's clickbank guys that's a very good network to use to go and promote lots of products in different types of niches now number two is really good as well this is called jvzoo now I really really use this for one thing and I'll tell you that in a second but I explain to you what JB Zoo is JB's is essentially like Clickbank right so people use jvzoo to upload their products and then people come along and promote those products like me or you and stuff like that there's softwares courses on how to make money online and things like that now what I don't really like about jvzoo is there's a lot of old-school products that I don't really promote and stuff like that but one of the best features that JB Zoo has once you sign in it's called the top sellers section now the top sellers section will list particular products that are selling the best for that day so for example if you have a big email list or you have some sort of list that you want to send products to no I want to go make some money you can come to JB zoo and you can go to the top seller section and you can find particular products that you can go and promote to your email list or put up an affiliate website because we know that these are selling we know that people are out there making money with this and if we scroll down we're top sellers yesterday we have top sellers for the last seven days and we have top sellers for the past thirty days so we know that these particular products are making a lot of money now what kind of products are these guys there's all sorts of products here let's just have a look here loads them up so this is a video application so I don't know what this does I guess it must create videos obviously that's what it's about probably so this what you can go and promote this to you can give you a YouTube video on how to make videos and possibly promote this application then we have this product here which is another application or software that's why I like JB's do actually because there's a lot of software so if you have an email list that you've built up about Instagram you might be able to find an Instagram software that you can promote to that list okay and they're really nice landing pages and stuff like that here's another one a very very nice product as well so that my friend is jvzoo however I recommend you just go for the top sellers and promote those because that's really the best way to do it now the next site guys is more of a general site it's really good so you can literally get access to hundreds and thousands of merchants online in the fitness industry bid industry clothing industry anything you like so this is called share a sale dot-com and if we go into the back end here I've actually signed into my account you can see that there is lots of products we have accessories we've got automotive books so we click on automotive and we go to automotive real quick let's see what we got that comes up right so we've got car covers comm and they will pay you 10% per sale which is not too bad it's a little bit low in my opinion I'd rather go for a bigger stuff we have this one here they will pay you 10% commission as well what else that we've got here let's go to family see what they got on the family industry but you can see like you've got if you're an Instagram influencer if you're a blogger or anything like that and you already have an audience you and let's say you're an influencer on in fashion you can go and find fashion products to go and promote online on your Instagram we go down here we've got some family stuff five percent per sale 15 percent per sale that's more like it $80 per sale that's some sort of pet website $10 per sale 7% which is a little bit below $30 per sale not too bad that's actually really good $30 per sale I'm not sure the urban sitter is maybe will have a click and see what's up with that alright so the urban centre is some sort of babysitting network and you can go and get an average of $40 per sale from that particular website so Shira sale is another great website guys or affiliate network or program to go on find products to promote there are hundreds thousands of products that you can promote so in any niche so it doesn't matter what type of Nishio and there is a product for every single niche so there's ShareASale comm now one of my favorites guys and one that I use due to today and I've made quite a bit of money I'll show you in a second it's called click funnels calm now click funnels is a funnel building software so people that want to build sales funnels run webinars build memberships you can promote that for a commission how much money can you make you can make a lot so this is my account right here a hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars I make around about two hundred to six hundred dollars per day by promoting this particular software software's are really good to promote because you can make good money and it's a recurring Commission so I get paid a percentage thirty eight forty percent right about thirty eight dollars per month when they sign up and use this particular program at Croke program if you see down here I'm getting around about eighty eight trials per week or one hundred and one hundred twelve people training now if those trials get converted into paying customers I'm going to make a lot of money now not only that they actually have other programs you can promote like courses books and stuff like that so for this particular product here I assume this is a course I don't know much about it so it's a masterclass two hundred two hundred ninety seven dollars you can make one hundred and eighteen dollars we have this one here you can make thirty-eight dollars one hundred and eighteen dollars one hundred ninety eight dollars so this is a really good affiliate marketing program however it's more for like the internet marketing industry and stuff like that so teaching people how to make funnels how to make money online and all of that sort of good stuff but this is a great a flip marketing program to go out and do if you're in their niche and it's really good guys to promote software because it's recurring commissions and this is a good brand a good product everyone knows about this product you want to promote stuff that has a good solid brand behind it so people are actually searching and looking for stuff based on this particular product now another affiliate marketing program it's one of my favorites I use it as well and it's really undercover it's called inve TOCOM now if you scroll to the bottom of this website you can sign up as an affiliate now the best thing about this website is they have so many things you can promote and here's an example so we'll come back to this in a second this is one of my websites here I live in best Shopify themes if we go down I've listed all of these Shopify themes I actually get a commission when someone purchases one of these themes and they get it through invite oh so they do so many things you can get commissions for recommending designers developers you can get commissions for recommending tutorials you can get commissions for people downloading music anything things so if we go to an inventor market digital assets and we go to the invader market we have WordPress themes hosting HTML marketing temp email templates we have all of the stuff ecommerce stuff we have plugins we have code we have videos we have so much stuff that we can promote so you can go and do articles on this WordPress themes best Apple motion videos best Premiere Pro elements best Premiere Pro logo streams and whenever somebody makes a purchase from this website I get a commission so when someone goes and searches best Shopify things online my website comes up and I get a commission every time someone clicks on this it goes to that specific thing and then when they purchase this thing for WoW $10,000 that's got to be in curricula find a more accurate one I think maybe they made a mistake on that $10,000 is crazy here we go that's better that would be cool if I got a commission of 10 grand so anyway I think they've changed because used to be 50 bucks so here $49 if someone purchases this thing for $49 I get a commission okay so that's another great website guys Nets called invito market comm go there scroll to the bottom and click on become an affiliate and sign up to become an affiliate with them and then you can start promoting via your affiliate link now the next one guys is another great one this is really just in the health niche but I've done a lot of stuff with this particular website this is called half if we if we go to offers and we can actually see some of the offers so we're just going to go all offers here and we'll open this one up here and we'll open this one up here so you can actually get good money so 30 bucks $45 per signup $65 per signup per person that actually pays money and what this is here this is this is teeth whitening so you can do website on teeth whitening or stuff like that and if we go to this one here this is a website on anti-aging treatment okay now what happens is when people go to these websites and they sign up and they purchased the product you get a commission okay so this is some sort of skincare stuff people go and add it to the cart they sign up are they they pay and then you get a commission okay so this one is great it's called health market comm affiliate network simply go to that one sign up and there's lots of health products that you can promote to people online now another one of my favorites guys is called perf like calm now this is more poor we call CPA marketing so we're not going to get into too much details in this video but CPA marketing is essentially the same as a health market cost per acquisition or cost per action basically worth per flight you find affiliate offers like insurance loan companies house products all sorts of stuff and they pretty much do the same as the health market they will pay you a set amounts of 40 bucks 30 bucks per person you sign up or they'll pay you per lead or something like that they have over 2,000 live offers on right now so you can go to per fly calm you can sign up as an affiliate now this one and they do have to approve you it is a little bit harder to get into this as you can see there are a big brands so others using it Fiverr is using it bookings comm is using it beyond comm using it using at is using it so you can go and promote uber target fiver you can go and promote all of these big brands and make a commission from promoting these particular products now another one that's great is Amazon Associates one of the oldest affiliate marketing programs online one of the biggest affiliate marketing programs online think about Amazon and anything on Amazon you can promote for a commission you can earn up to 10% from recommending products from Amazon 10% of that particular product now the best thing about Amazon is they're really good at recommending products to people and what that means is people will add something to the cart and then they'll add more stuff to the cart and then you might have a product they're promoting it's worth $100 then all of a sudden you've made a thousand dollars off this person because it added all of this other stuff to the cart and you've made a lot more money from Amazon because of their great recommendation system so Amazon Associates is great for beginners probably one of the best affiliate marketing programs to use for beginners now one of my fave guys is promoting what we call web hosting check out these stats for a second there is a blog this is a live ticker there's a website started literally every second of the day a website right now right now right now right now right now starting what people need is website hosting for their websites you can promote website hosting programs so Bluehost is basically a network where people go and start a website okay you can make up to now you just go click affiliates again you can make up to 62 dollars for each person you refer to them and then they can website under your link however the more people you send the more money you make I make a hundred and eleven dollars per referral and there are so many people starting websites online literally every single second of the day this is one of the best and most lucrative ways to make money with affiliate marketing is by referring people to web hosting platforms where they can start a blog guys this is a really good one and all you just do tutorials and how to create blogs and stuff like that how create websites on YouTube and the whips and end on the website so don't out of corn how to create a blog now if you want to learn more about how to do a flip marketing guys I'll leave some videos up on the screen on the right there's a free playlist there that will take you through step by step how to start your own affiliate marketing business from scratch and also leave another video up there on how to make some money online now don't forget to subscribe tap that notification bar smash that like button and leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite at for that marketing program is and I'll see you in one of the next videos


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