The £400m Divorce – Millionaire Ex-Wives Club – BBC Two

The £400m Divorce – Millionaire Ex-Wives Club – BBC Two

This was my former home for five years This is very hard because this is the first time I’ve been back to this house since we sold it in 2001 This is the main driveway here, which it starts at the top there We used to have many cars sitting on the driveway Ferraris Bentleys Phantoms Porsches Mr. Young had a different car for each day of the week What I find hard Looking at this today is that You know not only my ex-husband, but he was a father of my two girls Why he did this I don’t understand It’s complete betrayal What do you miss about being here Everything I used to wake up Every day I feel very privileged You know to wake up. Yeah, because it’s a wonderful house. Happy memories of my daughters I’ll go out, play with the animals and we used to go and pick strawberries in the garden Now, it’s very hard This memory is that I kind of popped It’s very hard to give up Who said I’ve given up? This isn’t over yet Michelle for the divorce has many radically downsizing She’s gone mansion to a basement flat Good Morning Um Guys, you mind taking your shoes off before we start? Just recently moved in so it’s quite chaotic still My daughter’s kindly offered to put a little bit of makeup on me because I almost work 24/7 so she does not want to be filmed so can we cut here The flat is shared with one of her grown-up daughters. They live among the remnants of their former life. What did you learn on this? Zero. The judgment order that I received in November 2013 Was an empty paper bag because I didn’t I’ve never received a penny And how much it is supposed to be? For 26.6 million Despite the court order, Michelle’s husband simply never paid up And then there were Michelle’s legal fees. She’d taken out high interest loans to pay for the years of litigation How much you think you ended up spending? On fees, it was over 6 million in hard cash and 10 million was on The interest Charged. So you’re speaking about 16 million, in fact it was nearly 17 million pounds So you ended up with debts of 17 million? Yes. Michelle had been banking on the divorce settlement paying off the loans She is now bankrupt. I wanted to know why she was still pursuing the money The fact that its 10 years now isn’t it? Yes. Since you first half-divorced. Yeah. you still seem to be on the case battling Battling it’s a very big big battle. It’s a war in fact Most people would have given up by now trying to fight money I absolutely not It’s never entered my mind It’s not even a discussion That was taken when we actually were living in Miami. It was a difficult time We was having problems with a marriage, and we just thought we’d have a fresh start somewhere else What he was actually doing at that time he was planning to do other things He was having many affairs during the marriage Who were the affairs with? Most women? Supermodels. Young young women. Beautiful young women One day I had a phone call to say “your husband has been having an affair” He’s lost all the money, and he’s now in the Prairie And you know I came off the phone shocked I had the girls with me. I was actually in my bedroom at the time and the first thing That I said this isn’t true That phone call is the turning point in our lives Michelle and the girls flew back to the UK To petition for divorce and so began the first round of a seven-year fight In one corner was Michelle convinced her husband was worth hundreds of millions of pounds In the other was Scott claiming he’d lost everything in a big Russian property deal and that he was bankrupt Now I’m sitting there one day with an ex Scotland Yard detective and eyes watched us and he said is there anything he’s given you and I said well actually yes the girls have got two laptops He said well have you thought about having those analyzed? Within three days. He found a folder within the laptop and on there was Project Marriage Walk. Project Marriage Walk? Yeah. That was his plan and that was his plan Yeah, he’d been planning this for a while absolutely So there you were say List of the properties and Assets of just under 400 million With him as a legal and beneficial owner And he was saying he was penniless, and he was saying he was penniless yes Five years after Michelle’s crusade began and her case was a mess She spent millions on an army of lawyers and private investigators, and she was convinced Scott was hiding money They’re in Not you. One of the investigators Michelle hired was Dian Davis Dian arranged for an undercover team to follow Scott He almost looks as if he thinks he’s under surveillance He always had huge wads of banknotes I don’t know the denomination and so whenever he actually got that near his wallet. You could actually see the bulge And the color of 50 pound notes Oh look at that now. It’s on the video there. You can see that. He’s just taken a a fairly substantial wedge of 50 pound notes there the courts Perpetually allowed him to continue to be very telling the truth for years Until eventually a sensible judge said will you go into prison, but unfortunately the same sensible judge, Allowed him out again without telling us anything, which doesn’t make him quite so sensible He never talked? No. and one has to ask why? That’s a big question really I wouldn’t want to go to prison Scott served three months of a six-month sentence. When he came out, he caught the bus home As for Michele, she borrowed yet more money and hired yet more lawyers With her fight The judge at the final hearing said Scott had hidden assets But as hard as he tried the judge couldn’t locate the hundreds of millions Michele maintained existed When you walked away from court. How did you feel? I felt devastated. The court awarded you 26 million But that wasn’t enough as far as you’re concerned. No. It wasn’t what was actually in the estate The judge said that That I would probably never get paid He was awarded you the money nevertheless yes So But knowing you’d probably never fight So what is the point of court proceedings? I had to fight tooth and nail for seven years in the family courts to have an award which was ignored Please tell me how that’s justice For 8 long years, Scott started his story that he had no money Do i have your word that you are on your own at the moment? Yes, I am on my own at the moment. Then one day, he called Michelle with an extraordinary offer For a family torn apart by divorce the phone call represented the last chance for two parents to end their war But Scott and Michelle never settled and they never spoke to each other again It’s emerged a man who died after falling from a fourth floor penthouse? Onto a set of railings in Maryland on Monday was the property tycoon Scott Young Scott’s tragic death remains shrouded in mystery At the inquest the coroner recorded an open verdict saying there was no evidence of an accident this case has been screaming fraud from day one And now implicated in that is probably a murder There are a number of theories about why Scott died, but it’s widely believed that his death was connected to the way He’d apparently been making his money Except that in later years Scott may have been money laundering for his Russian business partners and was caught up in a web of criminality It certainly would explain why he refused to disclose his finances to the court, and why he was prepared to go to prison It may not have been all his own money This world is huge like world. Of course Scott did eventually offer Michele 30 million pounds in the phone call Are there are new claims that the hundreds of millions she spent all these years chasing never actually existed Well we’ll soon see if it’s another stitch stitch up its called shadow courts The stop stairs has made Michelle’s pursuit of the money even difficult 11 years all She has far from giving up to pursue… look, they have no, look. yeah Recently she discovered Scott had a life insurance policy It was taken out long before they separated and Michelle is a beneficiary unprepared for them whatever it takes, and I’m here to win the war and I will She’s having to go to court to distort the money into an auditor I tell you what could be interesting if we found out who the witnesses and what evidence they’ve got that Yeah, that’s exactly exactly. Bye. Michelle has always maintained her fight isn’t just about her case These days she’s immersed herself in what she sees as a bigger battle, and I have to say there is major injustice happening to Founders Day in and out And I’m campaigning for these people to have justice okay. I will read all about Yes My name is Michelle young I have my own foundation Where mainly women and children are being left destitute by the family courts. It is atrocious. They’ve been sanctioned Imprisoned with gagging orders after they’ve stolen their children the case is it’s women and children through the family cause Who are losing their children never seen their children again? Could you pass this to all the taxi-driver? To this day Michelle has never received the 26 million pounds she was awarded Though she did receive three hundred thousand pounds from Scott’s life insurance policy As for the future the seventeen million pounds of cropsy debts still hang over her


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  • Entrenched Mgtow says:

    There is nothing unusual about this behavior. It is only the scale that is shocking. Men in Western nations, those with status, career, and wealth, are keenly aware that they are in a pool of sharks waiting to strip all of that from them. Your wife might not be 'that way' during the marriage, but lawyers, especially female lawyers, will coach her on how to strip every scrap of wealth from the Man that they can, and even fabricate and lie about circumstances to get it.

  • Those commenting against her, see only the outside. 30 mil is a lot. But it doesnt make her a gold digger bc she turned it down. Anyone one of you casting stones, would lament if you lost the family, thenstructure of a father and children, and then the the lifestyle. She seemed to be showing what they had, to support her claimes he had more. Perhaps she didnt love him and then, she would be a gold digger. But nothing indicates that she didnt. Her daughters, apparently didnt inherrit anything.

  • She is an horrible human being, a gold digger, He is a succesful man that is got his life ruined and paid with his life becouse of bad dessisions. His biggest mistke was to marry, he could have f*cked a real model for every day for the rest of his life, with that 30 million pounds..

  • Ritchie Valens says:

    He’s dead now.
    Oh well.

    The Dog summed up the whole case when he crapped on the carpet. 😀

    Try living on £760.00 a month on benefits,, with a top up electricity and gas meter.

  • She must be fighting for all that money for her daughters. Seems to be living a fine life as it is though. You never know what goes on behind doors…

    Should have just agreed on the 30 million. Now he's dead and you ain't getting anything!

  • gail handschuh says:

    A 5 year marriage and she walks away with 26 million judgement. And she still can’t seem to find the money she thinks he was hiding. The insurance money going to the creditors /attorneys makes perfect sense because they have earned their fees. THIS IS A CRAZY, GREEDY WOMAN. and has the nerve to complain. Ungrateful witch.

  • gail handschuh says:

    NO COMMON SENSE!! GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED. $zero. If you are dumb enough to rack up millions in high interest loans trying to find his money … you really know nothing about your husband or his income. She just wanted the money from the start.

  • Danielle Wilson says:

    When is enough ..ENOUGH?
    If he was involved in criminals activity she may need to go see the local mob bosses…lol
    I think it's very shitty to pull the heart strings of people with REAL struggles as if this all wasnt about you vengeance and selfishness.

  • Wow so sad spending all that money, chasing money and end up with nothing. Sad situation. We should not be so happy to live big, but you need to know where your money is coming from. She did not care as long as she was living big, wow.

  • eklavyya popat says:

    Is this documentary series made to make us feel bad for GOLD DIGGERS?? 30 million and 50% on any property you find.. still not justifiable… GOD…… rightly said.. title should be "WHEN GOLD DIGGING GOES WRONG""

  • Philicia Pierre says:

    So, she would rather have zero dollars than have 30 million?

    This woman is a fool.

    And she is greedy.

    You are literally cutting your nose to spite your face. You would rather be broke?

    Girl bye

  • Mondo Enterprises says:

    Good for her to stand on principle. He should have offered it much earlier and settled. Instead he tortured her with divorce and family court.

  • Elvira Gonzalez says:

    You never had so much money before you married with this person .
    WAKE UP Lady you need to find a purpose in life, you know how star working and be productive and .
    STOP complaining,
    There's, more important things in life that to be gritty.
    Go to Africa a help people who are sick or hungry in this country.
    Involved in a social work and find a purpose in life.!!!😥😥😥


    its people like this that make the world shit you get what you deserve

  • 15-20 million pounds and Gucci bags all over the place. Whatever!!! Hope you get enough just to live on and get yourself a fkn job

  • CJ Kensington says:

    hey miss you can give me a million dollars I will pass it on to my mom, she can sure use a life free of stress

  • Turned down £30 mil and half of whatever he sold and she rejected it now he was murdered she has zero money

  • I don't think he could have given her half the money if he wanted to, it was obtained and looked after by some very shady dealings, which is why he went to jail, rather than disclose his assets, I think he would have been killed if he had disclosed. When he couldn't control her greed and poking around in his dealings the Russians killed him, as both he and she knew they would. I hope she never sees a dime, shady money from probable illegal dealings is not yours to split lady.

  • It was his money prior I am sorry but she needs to get a job and make her own money at least she has a home some people have to live on the streets

  • Here goes. Take a bit of “Big World” advice. And we recognise the fact that it’s too late. You (the former wife) have been duped into believing that the “not fit for purpose legal system” could & would deliver you some satisfaction, this is delusional. It’s a “cartel” in all but name, lawyers by & large but not exclusively are “fee guzzlers”in matters of litigation. It’s almost like a “rigged game”. There is no certainty excepting the fact that they will relieve you of your money, hard earned or otherwise. My advice to anyone is try all reasonable means or possibly unreasonable ones to resolve matters without recourse to lawyers. And it would appear that you were offered a “reasonable” settlement which you were not prepared to entertain. Your expectations of “entitlement” blinded any realistic judgement you may have possessed. Not being fully versed with the narrative we would say to anyone (almost) don’t do what you have done, the Courts can yield a result but better to get a narrative going with the other party and settle these issues without recourse to the litigation path, albeit seek legal advice, but the big winners in litigation tend to be the lawyers and as the unfortunate lady has discovered “cases” where real money is involved become “gravy trains” for the “fee guzzlers”. It’s hard to “eat it”, when you have been in the world of relative wealth ( and we know individuals who are “super rich”) but sometimes in life you have to adjust your lifestyle. You should have held on to the millions you had and readjusted instead of putting yourself through all that.

  • Her apartment looks beautiful and luxurious for a woman who went bankrupt. How about those two expensive yapping dogs? Bags of expensive clothes?

    Why did she screw her debtors? Why not take the thirty million and pay off the debts. She could have bought a gorgeous place on the water in Virginia…..had animals and land and wonderful neighbors. She may have even met a new man, she is still quite attractive.

    She made the wrong move….not to take it…..

    This is what bitterness does…the only ones getting rich are the lawyers…..

    Michelle would be shocked at what a good life I have….pennies on the dollar……and boy can I stretch money….I can only imagine Investing….thirty million…….just living off the interest……a new car……what else did she need the money for… she has nothing ……but embarrassment.

  • What she's really pissed off about is he turned down her pussy as not good enough!!! Who can't live on $30Mil Pounds ($36,000,000 Dollars) PLUS…50% of all tangible property!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • 16:15……."….mainly women and children are being left destitute!" Wow, really!?!?!?!?!?!?!? $30 Million Pounds is destitution these days!? I think what the BBC REALLY WANTED to do with this piece is to expose the greed and identity of this woman!!!!!

  • Maybe the millions aren’t there.
    Maybe the bed of roses or strawberry’s was a lie.
    Maybe she was impossible to live with and didn’t even work.
    She had two or thee demands before they even got in the door.
    He can’t even finish a sentence when he is making her an offer.
    She doesn’t deserve nothing I hope he gets away with never giving her a penny. She is throwing around empty threats and blew it. She is an idiot!!!! Welcome to living like the rest of the world work hard and squeak by and settle for that. She is clearly impossible to live with

  • Causidicus Vulgo says:

    I was educated in England where I obtained my first law degree (undergraduate). I moved to Australia where I earned a second and a third law degree (one at undergraduate level the other at post grad level). One thing I have learned about the Anglo Saxon British Westminster style of government is that especially in law and politics there is too much dependence on legal and political theories.

    The courts today have departed from the idea of justice and fairness. They are very dogmatic and class ridden to the extent that it is an unwritten code that those lawyers who come from 'red brick' universities regardless of how good they are have little pull in the courts (save for some exceptions). The system of justice is corrupted. (Moral turpitude). They dispense with justice instead of dispensing justice. Judges are political, sexist, racist and class bigots. But because they are the unelected arm of government they can get away with it all.

    I assisted an Asian tycoon whose wife "settled in the UK" then got a divorce there grabbing the bulk of his empire via a favourable court decision in London. At settlement I worked out a deal whereby the wife got a little more than she had bargained for. I selected the properties and business interests that were likely to subject the owner to hefty capital gains liabilities and others where the tax liability in terms of income tax would fall and let her have it.

    The woman's lawyers were a large multi discipline firm. I never thought that in their greed they would overlook such consequences of a large undeserving property grab. I also penned in an option whereby the client could buy back from the woman those properties and shares if she found it difficult on her at some time in the future.

    No sooner than the announcement was made the price of the shares in hais main earner fell by 62% in a week. She was also saddled with debt and calls on loans to the company as a result of being the largest shareholder and thereby its guarantor as well. She sold back 70% of what she had received in settlement for a song under the option my client took at settlement.

    She tried suing her lawyers in negligence but the responsible partner and associate had jumped ship and the firm threatened to counter sue her if she went ahead.

    This poor woman does not have a lawyer capable of enforcing a judgment and the courts fall shy of assisting. This is the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

  • Causidicus Vulgo says:

    She is as stupid as any woman or English Woman could be. Greedy and unreasonable. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

  • She turned down $30 million because her greed got to her and she thought she could get more out of him. Now her fight keeps on even after 10 years because she only wanted the money. That's what she married into was money and probably only married him for the money.

  • Who kept lending money to her? – she was a bankrupt. And secondly, she is completely inflexible in her thinking. She is fighting about 'the principle' and will not deviate from what she thinks that is. She is a very difficult character and must be hard to live with. The daughters have put up with a lot.

  • "U filed for divorce" u deserve nothing as u were convinced u would end up rich. He reasonably made you an offer of 20 million and you turned it down………..stupid cow.

  • Sallie Gallegos says:

    I wonder how she maintains her lifestyle. She said she worked all the time, but it's not a job as I understood it. She worked tirelessly trying to make her husband and the courts come through with 400 million? I do agree, however, that the system often doesn't work for the women and children after a divorce. I suppose she will carry on with her lifestyle, though I can't imagine how that works since she seems to have no income. How did she even borrow money when she is 17 million in debt?

  • The money she thought he had wasn't his. God she is obsessed and won't move on. She got the insurance so stfu. She lost out on 30 million. I mean what would any normal people have to do to get 30mil. Going on about being left destitute and crap. Ughhhh

  • Now she will get nothing because all of his money is hidden. Itll just stay hidden. Lol. He even said whatever she Finds he will give her 50%

  • Beautiful,smart, and I love her accent…..she deserves everything she gets…she was wronged and should get more then half.

  • I can understand why the woman was angry and bitter. The did wrong by cheating on her and hiding assets while they were still married. In every marriage, there should be equal partnership. I dont know what happen behind close doors. Maybe they both agreed early on that she take care of house, cook meals, raise children, etc while he earned the money to support them. If that is the case the she should of got a fair settlement. But in the end, I do agree with a lot of you, she should have taken the 30 m.

  • Sexy tyrannosaurus says:

    Hahah comments here are beautiful, assumed she was the bread winner by her indignation, poor wee thing not cleaning the man out

  • Phatastic Meemo says:

    She deserves NOTHING. All the people in this world who can't even have clean drinking water and she has the audacity to turn $30 mil and demand more for????

  • The court awarded her $26 million and he offered to end her endless fighting with $30 million and she said no because she was so sure there was $400 million to fight over. OK, so she would have been smart to go on the hunt for another rich man ten years ago when she was younger. Also she could have taken the 30 mil and still continued to fight for more since he never disclosed his financials to the court. A pretty dumb woman.

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