The 2019 Tournament of Champions Finals – Day Two

The 2019 Tournament of Champions Finals – Day Two

(“Jeopardy! Theme”) – [Johnny] This is the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions,
presented by Consumer Cellular. (audience applauding) Here for the deciding game
are the three finalists. A user experience librarian from Chicago, Illinois, Emma Boettcher, whose cash winnings
yesterday totaled $26,400. A professional sports gambler
from Las Vegas, Nevada, James Holzhauer, whose cash
winnings total $49,326. And an 11th grade physics teacher from New Paltz, New
York, Francois Barcomb, who won $1,800 yesterday. And now, here is the host
of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek. (audience cheering) – Thank you Johnny, thank
you ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the deciding game in this year’s Tournament of Champions. At the end of yesterday’s program, I mentioned to James,
“Boy, you certainly got off “to a great start here today,” and his response was, “Well,
I figure Emma and Francois “are really going to be
bringing it here today, “so I wanted to give myself
a little bit of a cushion.” Well, close to a $23,000 lead is more than just a little bit of cushion, but if it happened on yesterday’s program, it could happen here today. Let’s find out. Emma, James, Francois, good luck. Let’s go to work. (electronic music) Now the categories, first
off, the Nifty ’50s, oh yes, I remember those. Mountains of Asia. What’s Being Measured? Snails, Sitcoms, All Stars, S-T-A-R coming
up in each correct response. Francois, start. – I’ll have Sitcoms for 600. – [Alex] This series is a spin-off of “The Big Bang Theory”
and also a prequel to it. Emma.
– What is “Young Sheldon”? – Correct.
– Mountains of Asia, 1,000. – [Alex] These
continent-separating mountains stretch 1,550 miles from the
Arctic Ocean to Kazakhstan. Emma.
– What are the Urals? – Urals, yes.
– Mountains of Asia, 800. – [Alex] Reaching almost 15,000 feet, the Zagros Mountains stretch
along the western border of this nation. James.
– What is Iran? – Yes.
– Mountains, six. – [Alex] Mount Apo is the highest
peak in this Asian nation, and its name means grandfather in Tagalog. Emma.
– What are the Philippines? – Yes.
– Mountains of Asia, 400. – [Alex] Rising to almost 13,000 feet, the Pontic Mountains of Northern Turkey bend along the southern
shore of this body of water. James.
– What is the Black Sea? – You got it.
– Nifty ’50s, eight. – [Alex] In 1958, the United
States entered the space race with the launch of this satellite that shares its name with a Ford SUV. James.
– What is Explorer? – Good.
– ’50s, six. – [Alex] Cleveland DJ Alan Freed gets the credit for popularizing this term for the music he played on the radio. James.
– What is rock and roll? – Right.
– ’50s, 1,000. – [Alex] Answer, Daily Double.
(bright music) (audience applauds)
(James sighs) You’ve just taken the lead away from Emma. – All of the chips.
– All of the chips indeed, here is the clue. Eating out became easier
with the introduction of this first multipurpose
charge card in 1950. – What is Diner’s Club?
– That’s it, yes. (audience applauds)
You have 5,200. – Sitcoms, 1,000. – [Alex] Eddie Haskell could tell you that in a popular 1950s sitcom, these were the two sons
in the Cleaver family. James.
– Who are Wally and Beaver? – Yes.
– Sitcoms, eight. – [Alex] As grouchy, narrow-minded Calvin, Cedric the Entertainer heads up this show set in a black area of Los Angeles. James.
– What is “The Neighborhood”? – Right.
– All Stars, 1,000. – [Alex] Jesus tells a parable about this seed of condiment fame. Emma.
– What is a mustard seed? – Yes.
– All Star, 800. – [Alex] One word meaning
not wearing any clothes, in Nottingham. Emma.
– What is starkers? – Correct.
– Snails, 800. – [Alex] Be careful around
the aquatic cone snail. It produces these nerve poisons that can be venomous to humans. Emma.
– What are neurotoxins? – That’s right.
– Snail, 1,000. – [Alex] Tasmania produces
around 25% of the world’s wild caught supply of this
large edible sea snail, mainly the black lip variety. (bell chimes)
And we’re talking about Abalone. Back to you, Emma. What’s Being Measured?, 1,000. – [Alex] Barrels, fifths, pecks. James.
– What is liquor? – More specific.
– What is whiskey? – [Alex] No. Emma or Francois? (bell chimes)
We’re dealing with volume. Volume. All right, James in the lead, with 6,000, and we’re taking a break. Back in a moment. (“Jeopardy! Theme”)
(audience applauds) – [Johnny] The Jeopardy!
Tournament of Champions is presented by Consumer Cellular. – Welcome back, everyone. Quite apart from the way
money can change your life, just the fact that you
are a Jeopardy! champion can have a great impact on you. – I think that one of my favorite things has happened in the months
since my games have aired is how many people I’ve heard from that have expressed support, particularly past teachers and professors that’ve just reached out, and
it’s meant the world to me, these people that I’ve
learned so much from, to have them say, “Hey, I
remember you, congratulations.” – And do they all remember
you as the bright person you have demonstrated? – That’s what they say. I’m not sure if that’s true. (laughs) (Alex laughs) – All right James, you have a
double-whammy going for you. You won so much money that I have to ask, have there been any people
come out of the woodwork, unexpectedly, and try to
take advantage of you, because of what you succeeded
in winning on our show? – Surprisingly, no. So, you know, (hand knocks)
hope that continues. – [Alex] Okay. – Thank you for giving
them the idea, though. (audience laughs)
(Alex laughs) – Francois, what about you, sir? – Alex, I just wanted to say thanks, I thought everyone here
is doing a fabulous job on the show, and I also
wanna thank my family for coming and supporting me. – All right, good. Let’s get back into this one, then. Emma, you have 4,800, go ahead. – What’s Being Measured?, 800. – [Alex] Grams per cubic meter. James.
– What is density? – That’s it.
– Measured, six. – [Alex] The Rankine
scale, the Reaumur scale. Francois.
– What is temperature? – That’s it.
– Sitcoms for four. – [Alex] On this 1990s sitcom, a well-to-do Southern California family took in a streetwise
relative from Philadelphia. Emma.
– What is the French, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”? – You almost changed
his nationality there, didn’t you?
– I know. (laughs) – The French prince, okay, go again. – All Stars, 600. – [Alex] An Olympian who starts running less than a tenth of
a second after the gun is guilty of this violation. James.
– What’s a false start? – Yes.
– Stars, four. – [Alex] Judy Greer’s memoir is “I Don’t Know What You
Know Me From: My Life As” this type of actor. James.
– What’s a co-star? – Correct.
– Stars, two. – The right side of a sailing ship. Emma.
– What is starboard? – That’s it.
– Snails, 600. – [Alex] Snails make up part
of the more than 45,000 species in this class of animals that has a name meaning stomach foot. James.
– What are gastropods? – Good.
– Snails, four. – [Alex] Snails are
eaten in many countries, including as this Provencal-named delicacy in French cuisine. Emma.
– What is escargot? – Good.
– What’s Being Measured?, 400. – [Alex] Knots, Mach number. Emma.
– What is speed? – Yes.
– The Nifty ’50s, 400. – [Alex] In 1951, this mischievous kid made his comic strip debut. Emma.
– Who is Dennis the Menace? – Right.
– Nifty ’50s, 200. – [Alex] A toast to Coors, which started making its cans with this metal in 1959. James.
– What’s aluminum? – Right.
– Asia, two. – [Alex] These imposing peaks have a name meaning abode of snow. Francois.
– What are the Himalayas? – Right.
– Snails for two. – [Alex] The eyes of most land snails are found atop the pairs of
long stalks called these, like the limbs of a cephalopod. Francois.
– What are tentacles? – Tentacles, yes.
– Sitcoms for two. – [Alex] Randall Park stars in this sitcom about a family of Asian
immigrants in the United States. Francois.
– What is “Fresh Off the Boat”?
– Right, and now the last clue. What’s Being Measured? Bunders, hectares, jeribs. James.
– What is area? – Area, you are right. Francois, he gets to go
first in Double Jeopardy! We’re gonna resolve this
championship very shortly. Stay with us.
(audience applauding) Thanks for staying with us. Francois, take a look at the board now, as we reveal the categories for
this Double Jeopardy! round. Female Firsts. Followed by Jim Class, strange spelling. Classic American Plays. Before, During, & After,
yeah, I know, it’s scary. Rchitecture, each correct response beginning with the letter R, and finally, Movie Foreign Cities. Where do we start? – Movie Foreign Cities, 16. – [Alex] 1989: “Jesus of”
this, not in the Holy Land. James.
– What is Nazareth? – No. Francois or Emma? (bell chimes)
What is Montreal? Interesting, Francois. – “R”chitecture for 12. – [Alex] This drawing
of a proposed building can be much more detailed
than a blueprint, including little people and trees. James.
– What’s a rendering? – Rendering, that’s the word.
– Female Firsts, 16. – [Alex] In 1919, this Lady, the former Nancy Langhorne of Virginia, was the first woman to sit
in the British Parliament. James.
– Who is Astor? – Lady Astor, yes.
– Female, 12. – [Alex] 250 years after
Magellan’s expedition, Jeanne Baret became the
first woman to do this. James.
– What is circumnavigate the earth?
– Yes. – Female firsts, two. – [Alex] The first woman in
space was Valentina Tereschkova, riding into the heavens
on the sixth launch in this Soviet space program. James.
– What is Vostok? – [Alex] Good. – (exhales) Classic American Plays, 16. – [Alex] In 1933, his
play “Ah, Wilderness!” opened in New York with George
M. Cohan as one of the leads. James.
– Who is O’Neill? – Eugene O’Neill, right.
– Plays, 12. – [Alex] In this Jason Miller drama, members of a high school basketball team celebrate the 20th anniversary
of their state title. James again.
– What is “That Championship Season”?
– Yes. – Plays, two. – [Alex] Junk dealer Harry Brock hires a tutor to give
his mistress Billie Dawn some culture and class in this play. Emma.
– What is “Born Yesterday”? – [Alex] Good. – Female Firsts, 800. (bright music)
– Answer, – Oh.
– Oh. – Daily Double. (audience applauds)
(Emma chuckles) – [Alex] All right. – All right, 8,600. – [Alex] Okay, here is the clue. Kathryn Bigelow became Oscar’s
first female Best Director for this film with only
one named female character. – What is “The Hurt Locker”? – [Alex] That’s it, yes. (audience applauds) You’re in the lead now, 17,200. – All right. Classic American Plays, 800. – [Alex] The role of Pale, in
“Burn This” by Lanford Wilson, is a showcase for young actors. John Malkovich in 1987,
and this man in 2019. Emma.
– Who is Driver? – Adam Driver, yes.
– Jim Class, 1,200. – [Alex] He’d assumed Mexican
citizenship years before, but his exploits as a colonel in the Texas army in 1836 made him famous. James.
– Who is Bowie? – Jim Bowie, yeah.
– Jim, 16. – [Alex] This Marine Corps General was the first Defense Secretary
in the Trump Administration. Emma.
– Who is Mattis? – Mattis, yes.
– Jim Class, 2,000. – [Alex] This former district
attorney of New Orleans was played by Kevin Costner in “JFK”. James.
– Who is Garrison? – Jim Garrison, yeah.
– “R”chitecture, 16. (bright music)
– Answer, Daily Double. (James sighs) – 8,615. – [Alex] Okay. As a style, it was Early
19th Century British. As a building, it’s the Atlanta Hyatt that began the hotel Atrium Era. – What is Georgian? – [Alex] No, it has to begin with the letter R.
– Oh, “R”chitecture. – [Alex] And the correct
response is Regency. So you’re at 10,585, pick again. – “R”chitecture, 2,000. – [Alex] Here’s Jimmy at
the Smithsonian Castle. – The Castle, the Smithsonian
Institution’s main building, was designed by this prolific
19th century architect, who would go on to design
St. Patrick’s Cathedral. (bell chimes)
– Correct response, who is James Renwick, or
Renwick, if you prefer. Back to you, James.
– Before, During, & After, two. – [Alex] Andrew Lloyd Webber collaborator whose flooded Asian crop field won an Oscar for writing “Network”. James.
– Who is Tim Rice Paddy Chayefsky? – Correct.
– Before, During, & After, 16. – [Alex] The singer
who voiced the Ape King in “The Jungle Book” was a
leading female opera soloist and the Queen of Disco. James.
– Who is Louis Prima Donna Summer? – Yeah.
– Before, 12. – [Alex] Rug-cutting 1984
Bruce Springsteen tune about Sophie Turner’s
title “X-Men” character who plays NBA hoops in Arizona. Francois. – What is “Dancing in
the Dark” Phoenix Suns? – Yes.
(audience laughs) (laughing) That pleases
you no end, I can tell. – Female Firsts for 400. – [Alex] In July of 1923, Italian actress Eleanora Duse became the first woman to grace the cover of this US
magazine, the issue number 22. Emma.
– What is “TIME”? – Yeah.
– Movie Foreign Cities, 2,000. – [Alex] 1959: “This, My Love”, or “Mon Amour”, if you prefer. Francois.
– What is Paris? – No. James or Emma? (bell chimes)
What is Hiroshima? Back to you, Emma. – Movie Foreign Cities, 12. – [Alex] 2007: “The Blank Limited”. Francois.
– What is Darjeeling? – [Alex] Good. – Movie Foreign Cities for eight. – [Alex] 1964: “The Umbrellas of”. Emma.
– What is Cherbourg? – [Alex] Good. – “R”chitecture, 800. – [Alex] Edward Durell Stone was the architect of this
theater at Rockefeller Center with the fabulous
interior by Donald Deskey. Emma.
– What is Radio City Music Hall?
– You got it. – Before, During & After, 800. – [Alex] 2011 New York
City protest movement composed of the Jets or Sharks
and Mao’s Elite Quartet. James.
– What is Occupy Wall Street Gang of Four?
– Good. – Before, 400. – [Alex] AMC zombie spin-off
about the last thing Wild Bill was dealt, an
antiseptic cleansing agent. James.
– What is “Fear “The Walking Dead” man’s hand sanitizer? – (laughing) Yes.
(audience laughs) – “R”chitecture, four. – [Alex] They’re the beams
supporting a sloping roof. Having them exposed can give
a funky industrial look. James.
– What are rafters? – Rafters is right.
– Cities, four. – [Alex] 1958: “Seven Hills of”. James.
– What is Rome? – Good.
– Plays, four. – [Alex] This Arthur Miller character makes his way “on a
smile and a shoeshine”. James.
– Who is Willy Loman? – He’s the one.
– Jim, eight. – [Alex] Jim Lovell was aboard Apollo 8, the first manned craft
to make this circuit. Aboard Apollo 13, Jim made
the same trip, unplanned. James.
– What is rounding the moon? – Yep.
– 400. – [Alex] On Father’s Day in 1964, Jim Bunning, father of nine, tossed one of these for the Phillies. Nobody reached base. James.
– What’s a perfect game? – You got it. That takes you up to 17,785.
(audience applauds) Now we’re gonna show the folks at home the scores of yesterday’s match. Players, Final Jeopardy! coming up, and today you get to deal with (bell chimes)
International Disputes. Make your wagers.
(audience applauds) Back in a moment. (“Jeopardy! Theme”) We are dealing with
International Disputes. Players, here’s your clue. (bell chimes) A dispute over Etorofu, Habomai, Kunashiri, and Shikotan has
kept these two countries from ever signing a World
War II peace treaty. You have 30 seconds, good luck. (“Think!” by Merv Griffin) Francois, we start with you, you were in third place
in this match today. And you came up against two players who were really fast on
that signaling device. But you came up with the correct response. What are Japan and Russia? And what did you risk today? 1,600, you double your score to 3,200, and yesterday you accumulated 1,800, that gives you a two-day total of 5,000. Now we come to James. He was in second place
today, going into Final. – Not the first time, gentlemen.
– With 17,785. Did he come up with Japan and Russia? He did, indeed. What did he wager today? 9,812, that gives him a total of 27,597 for today. We add that to the 49,326 from yesterday, and that gives you a
two-day total of 76,923. Over to Emma. 21,600, going into the Final today. Looking for Japan and Russia. Finding Japan and Russia. What did you wager today? 17,000. That brings you up to 38,600. Yesterday, you had 26,400, giving you a two-day total of 65,000. That’ll get bumped up to 100,000, but James Holzhauer, congratulations. You’ve just won a quarter
of a million dollars. (audience applauds) Enjoy the moment. What a match, what a match. $50,000 for Francois. Congratulations, hey, way to go. Speaking of going,
that’s what we’re doing. We’ll see you all on Monday. Take care, everybody. Hope you enjoyed the tournament, we did. – [Johnny] The “Jeopardy!
Tournament of Champions” is presented by Consumer Cellular. (“Jeopardy! Theme”) (dramatic music) (triumphant music) (“Think!” by Merv Griffin)


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