The 2-Part Church Website Headline Formula | Pro Church Daily Ep. #051

The 2-Part Church Website Headline Formula | Pro Church Daily Ep. #051

– Today on Pro Church Daily,
we’re talking about the two part church website headline formula. – Well, hey there, and
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seen in the last 500 years. I’m your host, Alex Mills,
I’m joined, as always by the boss man, it’s Brady Shearer. And today, we’re talking about
the two part church website headline formula. – The headline on your
website is very important when it comes to first impressions. – Yeah. – Now, first impressions
are 94% design related, meaning that when someone
lands on your site, their first impression
is being made based on what they are visually
seeing, the visual cues, not your first main headline. But with that being said,
according to Kissmetrics and David Ogilvy, five
times as many people are gonna read that main
headline, versus the rest of the copy on your homepage. So, your main headline, is verbally, your biggest chance at
basically making a connection with a potential new visitor. – Okay. – And so, we wanna walk you
through basically a two part formula that will allow
you to write an amazing first main headline on your site, and, resonate with as many potential
new visitors as possible. The biggest thing to
understand when it comes to writing a headline, is
that great copywriting focuses on the customer, and not the company. So if we wanna translate
that to the church world, great copywriting focuses
on the congregation, not the church. – Yeah. – So what you don’t want to
do, is talk about yourself. To use the Nucleus website homepage headline as an example, you land on the Nucleus
homepage,, and the headline reads, 96% of church websites fail
the first impression test. Yours doesn’t have to. At no point does that
even talk about Nucleus. That is entirely customer-focused,
basically saying, this is the current state
of websites for churches, where does yours fit in,
because it doesn’t have to be this way. So, here’s a bad example of
a church website headline. I have censored the church’s
name, but this is a real church’s website, and
what’s fascinating is that this church’s website design is gorgeous. And yet, it did not resonate
with me, beyond that initial first impression where I was like, huh. And then I read the
headline, I was like, eh. – Yeah. – So, here’s what it said. Blank Church is a church
that believes in Jesus, and lives to demonstrate
His love to all people. That’s about as standard as you can get. – It’s pretty classic. – That’s a great mission,
vision statement for a church, and yet, that church is
speaking entirely about them. You land on their website,
and they’re immediately introducing themselves and
saying, here’s what I do, here’s what I’m about. Guess what, this is what I am. Where, you wanna flip the
script, and immediately, to use the analogy of a
first-time conversation with another human, begin
asking questions about them. Hey, what do you do? What are you about? How can I help you? And this is where the two
part church website headline formula comes into play. The first part, is you
wanna confront a problem. And the second part, is you
want to offer a solution. So let’s begin with that first part. Confront a problem. There are three problems
that are universal. – Yes. – Existential problems
that every human faces, either currently, or at
one point in their life, that we think churches
are uniquely positioned to meet and help. And those three problems are as follows. Problem number one, I am not good enough. Problem number two, I’m all alone. And problem number three,
I’m wasting my life. And there are three solutions
to these three problems, and these solutions are uniquely tailored to what churches do, to what we do. And so, the solutions are as follows. So for that first problem,
I’m not good enough. We come and we offer hope. Hope in Jesus. Number two, second problem. I’m all alone. We come in, we offer
Christ-centered community. Real relationship, not just surface level. We’re here to walk with you. Do life together. – Yeah, classic. – Problem number three,
I’m wasting my life. Solution? Purpose. Purpose in Jesus, a greater life. Jesus came to give life,
offer it to the fullest, that’s what we as kingdom people
were doing in our churches. So that’s the problem and
solution kind of format when it comes to a headline
on your church’s website, let’s walk through a couple real examples, to show you how real
churches are doing this. – Okay. – Example number one. This one comes from Crossroads
Church, their url is 2, the number 2, the integer The problem that this
headline focuses on, is, I’m not good enough, and
the solution is hope. The headline reads this. No matter what, you are good enough. So again, the problem is,
people are living their lives and thinking, man, this person
has their life together. Man, I’m not good enough,
I’m the sibling that just didn’t get things right, my
parents are disappointed in me, I didn’t get that job that
I wanted, I’m disappointed in myself, I’m way too hard
on myself, this is the reality that essentially every single human lives in some way or another. And, basically what this
website headline for Crossroads is saying is, look, we know how you feel, but those feelings are actually
untrue, you are good enough. And we’re here to show
you why that’s the case. Crossroads doesn’t say,
we believe in X, Y, and Z, they say, we know that this is the problem that you’re facing, Jesus
has a better answer. – And their beliefs are probably
somewhere else on the site, which is fine, talk about your
mission statement, you know. Talk about who you are on
another part of the site. But for that first impression,
to connect with me, because like you said, either
now or at some other point in my life, I will feel one
of these, if not all three of these things. And so when I land on that
site and I see, you know, no matter what, you’re
good enough, at some point in my life, whether it’s
right now, in the past, I’ve felt not good enough,
I can identify with this on like a significant
emotional and spiritual level, and that encourages me to keep scrolling, and, maybe check out this community. – And, it’s not like that
headline is antithetical to your mission or vision
statement, it’s actually an extension of it. This is what copywriting is. At the end of the day,
copywriting is taking a universal truth, and
presenting it in a new way, that makes someone have an
epiphany that convinces someone, like you said, that hits
them on an emotional level, this is just rewording. This is Jesus using parables
and stories to communicate universal truths, that were
not as easy to communicate. Instead of talking
about like, forgiveness, He shares a parable. Instead of talking about
you know, like, the value of money, like, for
instance, the parable of the prodigal son. Instead of Jesus saying, hey,
it’s important to forgive. He’s like, let me show you an actual story of this in real life. It’s the same core truth, just
like your mission statement is the same core truth
as, you matter to God, you matter to us, but it’s
just presented in a much more emotional way, easier to grasp. – That’s good. – Let’s do a second example. This one comes from, the headline reads connect to everything
God has for your life. Again, the Action Church
does not mention themselves. They go immediately to
the potential new visitor. We want you to connect to everything that God has for your life. The problem here is, you know,
this can’t be all there is to life, right? I’m wasting my life, this is it? Like I had so many more hopes
and dreams for what I could become, I’m in my thirties, I
have a kid, I’m a stay-at-home mom, things just didn’t turn
out the way that I thought they would, I guess this is it. And then the solution is, no, like, God has something so much better for you. There is so much more
purpose that this life has to hold for you. – It’s good. – Let’s go to a third example real quick. No one stands alone is
what the headline reads, this is from The problem here, I don’t belong anywhere. Like, in school I didn’t fit
in, at work I don’t fit in, even my spouse maybe doesn’t get me, I’m like the odd one out in my family. Enjoy Church is saying, we
know what that feels like, you belong here, we’re offering
Christ-centered community. – That’s good. – Part one, confront a problem. Part two, offer a solution. Final thing that I’ll say
on this is, if you feel like copywriting is difficult,
if you feel like, eh, I’m not the type of
person that could write something great, one great
hack to get around this, is to not write it, and have
someone else write it for you. – Yeah. – That someone else? Someone in your church. – Right. – And if you go to, the recently re-branded Glad Tidings Church of Omaha, they do this on their
website, in a tremendous way. – Oh my gosh, this is one of
my favorite church websites. – Instead of like, saying, this
is who we are, and all this, they plaster their homepage,
the above the fold section, with just testimonials from
real people in their church. So they don’t worry about
the advanced copywriting. They just let the people in
their church speak for them. – Yeah, it’s great. And they have really great
photos of real people. – So that first impression
is instant, and then they drive home the main headline. – So good. – Now if you wanna improve your website, be on the main headline, after that, you’ve got the rest of the page. And we’ve got seven
pre-written, pre-structured page templates for you to copy and paste, add to your church’s website.
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