The 1 Bitcoin Show- Bcash flashback, Altcoin fads are Myspace, Hilarious quantum FUD, Miniscript

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Bcash flashback, Altcoin fads are Myspace, Hilarious quantum FUD, Miniscript

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so Winston Winston has the comment of the day he left this in the comment
section of a recent video he said and this is very thank you very much for
these nice comments and it brings me back to a time of weak hands back in
August and August to November or August to December of 2017 there were some
weekends but Winston wasn’t one of them bitcoinmeister I remember when I first
entered crypto it was around the drama on the flip earning of be cash and how
it will overtake Bitcoin and I wonder how can this guy me still be so positive
it’s called the strong hand you on Bitcoin because I know big quiz next
Bitcoin do you but you’re gonna have to learn that the heart you’re gonna have
to learn that Bitcoin when everyone has been saying how be cash will overtake
Bitcoin and how Bitcoin will fail I almost swapped all my Bitcoin to be
– when Bitcoin was around five thousand seven hundred dollars and be cash was
two thousand four hundred dollars and it was you that made me hold my Bitcoin I
couldn’t imagine what would happen if your channel didn’t exist then I would
be holding a bag of B trash right now dude that is a great story I’m glad I
got your hands strong and it makes me flashback to that period of time when
there were so many people that felt B cash was gonna be the next Bitcoin they
believed all the folk they were following on all coins there was a do a
Japanese dude I ran into the Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy in October of 2017 he
said I’m buying as much be cash as possible how anyone in their right mind
could give up their precious Bitcoin for B cash which they got for free you never
buy something that you get for free found that leg button and had people
been met at that Japanese guy watch my channel he would have known that he
wouldn’t have bought a B cash but who knows what happened to him and I do
wonder I wonder what happened to all those people because remember the price
of B cash went up to 40% of a Bitcoin so that means someone was buying it there
were people buying it and man that was that’s one of the biggest mistakes in
the history of cryptocurrency right about there thinking that be cash was
the next Bitcoin and again it was a flavor of the month it was a flavor of a
few months but but now we look back and dude Winston that just brings me back to
the day and it reminds me of the importance of long term thinking and
savings versus spending okay there are people out there that are mesmerised by
stuff by spending spending is just so awesome to them they’re in a trance they
must get more stuff and that attitude is what contributed to be Cash’s pump the B
cash mindset was impulsive was not long-term thing he said we need a
solution L we need to be able to buy stuff with cryptocurrency right now we
need to spend spend spend right now we need stuff right now we can’t just wait
for segments we can’t just wait until people are actually buying things
cryptocurrency no we need it now I mean and you look back on it’s very it’s very
immature way of thinking we need it now we need stuff we need to spend savings
overspending people the spending over savings people the people mesmerized by
stuff they created that pump okay they created that pump that freaked people
out to buy into that pump to buy into that be cash flow when you should have
been selling your your be tax your freebies hash again Bitcoin the best
sadie’s account ever devised by man that is the bottom line and that is what I
understood back then and that is why I was really oh my god never attempted to
buy be cash you don’t buy something that you get for free these absolutely
ridiculous found that like but the dude Winston thank you for that comment it
does bring me back until this very day there’s still people that like or what
we got to find a solution to the spending problem we got to be able to
spend no dude it’s a savings account save save before you spend or I mean be
an 80% hey hey guys personal responsibility is a new counterculture
if you want to spend yourself in the Oblivion be my guest
I’ve been sticking with Bitcoin this entire time and who as Rick flair would
say it’s been great it’s been a blast Nick Carter talks about another form of
fun that is out there we’re gonna talk about some forms of fun
that was the spending over savings fighters and like over what savings or
little savings is you guys just freeloading you’re you’re hoarding
you’re terrible people you’re wealthy people you’re so terrible with your
savings and your not being impulsive but Nick Carter’s got another one here he
says it’s actually physically impossible to to utter the sentence
bitcoin is quantum insecure without following it with which is why we built
our quantum secure blockchain token sale in a month okay Nick brings up a
hilarious point most of the people to hit you with the quantum father like
bitcoin is in quantum ready then they’ll talk about well my off coin is plot them
or my ICO is quantum ready if he still has my token is quantum ready that
that’s mostly where this quantum fight comes from is people who are just using
it as a gimmick to promote their altcoin just like big blocks was a gimmick to
promote a couple of coins out there be cash and uh bsv it’s a gimmick big
blocks let’s have two tremendous blocks for what who knows we need big blocks we
need to spend we need to be able to run programs or store stuff on the
blockchain this unlimited size okay great quick gimmick you do that do your
unlimited size I keep it simple savings account long-term thinking truth machine
okay security truth machine that’s what
bitcoin is pound it follow me on steam it by the way at
bitcoin meister yeah i still post there i get the steam for free i turn it into
bitcoin baby why would you ever buy steam when you get it for free again
that’s the same as be cached except your steam because because you can’t earn
anymore you when you were a holder a bitcoin you
got it as a crypt of dividend of course we’re going to get other crypto give it
ends that’s that’s some of the insider information in general is holding
bitcoin you get interest with your big point through the crypto dividend
process through these air drops through through these Forks like be cash all
right but just reminding for those on still on steam it may be one day there
will be a a social media platform that’ll be really good for people trying
to earn bitcoin either directly or indirectly through some off coin that
you could turn into bitcoin it was fun on steam it for a while okay so i wanted
touch so we’re talking about so talking about social media let’s talk about
myspace the myspace FUD that’s out there it’s totally nonsense the people that
say you know bitcoin is my space and my my alt coin is going to be facebook all
right let’s let’s put this put some stuff in the
perspective okay okay look back on MySpace
how long did it reign supreme how long did Friendster went reign supreme
they were facts they were the flavors of the month okay
now sometimes your fads can come before the real thing comes along okay how long
has Facebook be king how long has basically been king of that
type of social media platform what Friendster and what myspace were
Facebook has been king for what a decade now right at least a decade I get more
than that I don’t even know how long now it’s been over a decade 13 years 12
years I have no idea okay a long time how long has Bitcoin big
King ten years ten years it’s very comparable to Facebook so what’s the bad
here what’s the flavor that the altcoin and you say is gonna be the Facebook to
Bitcoin being myspace now you’ve got it reversed you you’re just the flavor of
the month how many of these flavor of the months have we seen come along and
cryptocurrency well there’s different a lot of months over ten years right a
hundred twenty months over ten years and there haven’t been that many flavor the
months but uh again be cash iota all sorts of them out there
well what yose we seen him come and go that they are they’re gonna be the
Facebook to the Bitcoin being the old-fashioned being that the fad myspace
speed no dudes bitcoin is the Facebook okay Bitcoin is the dominant wine that’s
been around for a decade justice Facebook has been around for a decade
diming this dominating space is anyone taking over Facebook is anyone replacing
Facebook no is anyone replacing Bitcoin know what was the flavor what was the
flavor of the month and a fad myspace was of that what was a bad iota was a
fad definitely a bad okay so for those of you that that worry they get tricked
into arguing about myspace FUD there you go there’s your answer
dads can be before-and-after and during the real thing the real thing look
the real thing involves time dominance okay Facebook is the real thing it is
the dominant for an extended period of time
Bitcoin every day that goes by it extends the time period that it has been
dominant no one’s taken down Facebook no one is stating about Bitcoin bitcoin is
the Facebook comparison myspace is Iona all right yeah what else do we hear so
yeah and dough so that’s a reminder don’t FOMO on all coins they are the
facts they are the Friendster in the myspace people of Ghana I’m talking to
you come on yeah there is a financial crisis going on in Ghana right now and I
want to tell the people of Ghana this is you don’t have to have savings accounts
okay you can skip this whole process of the evolution of Finance you think you
have to go through a savings and loan crisis just like we went through a
savings and loan crisis in the West no you don’t have to do that you don’t have
to deal with this type of stuff let me read you the Bloomberg here okay
in 1.6 billion dollar horror horror as ghana investors can’t get their savings
so okay a lot of savings and loans and other financial organizations that ghana
people work ghana citizens were investing in for savings and for returns
stopped they turned off now supposedly they’re gonna get bailed out and the
people are gonna get their savings but they can’t get their money now they
can’t get their money dat’ll they should have gotten in the big core they don’t
need to have savings and loan z ghana you don’t need that stuff just get in
the big coin just like you didn’t need landlines you went straight to
cellphones in many African nations don’t mess around with this ancient technology
savings accounts and whatnot and savings mechanisms that pay you 25% supposedly
geniuses that are going to turn your your savings into returns no managed
own money move along skip that stage and financial evolution
jump straight in the Bitcoin so here’s the quote the central bank announced
last week it had revoked the licenses of savings and loans companies as well as
finance houses and appointed receiver to manage their affairs the steps marked
the end of an industry cleanse of lender and second level financial institutions
that started in August of 2017 and cost the government at least 12 billion 2.2
billion dollars in bonds and cash to cover depositors ok dudes
so yeah they had a bailout I guess but the point is that people still can’t get
their money that that’s what the first article was about that they their
promised their savings through this bailout but they can’t get it dudes just
don’t even play on this financial level it’s ancient get in the Bitcoin extra
savings account it’s the best savings account known to man
you don’t need to get into savings and loans or whatever this nonsense was
people have gotta learn about Bitcoin anyone can get in Bitcoin it does not
discriminate and enscape that that part of the financial evolution get into the
tip of the spear where evolution is right now and that is a big point that
is the present and the future ok finally big point magazine Aaron’s on weird of
the great one he uh he has a article about was how blocked stream mines mini
script how block stream engineers are making Bitcoin programming easier okay
this is for your tech heads out there there was a script language that was
harder to use now they made mini script which is easier to use dudes if you’re
into this read the article I’m glad it’s progressing I’m glad that’s being made
easier by the dudes over a block stream and I’m glad Aaron is writing about it
in a way that many people can understand it’s not a bunch of technical
mumbo-jumbo alright that is it everybody pound that like button tune in tomorrow
in about 24 hours less than 24 hours just we can play coin i’m adam meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt remember to subscribe this channel like
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9 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- Bcash flashback, Altcoin fads are Myspace, Hilarious quantum FUD, Miniscript”

  • Paul in Las Vegas says:

    I have to admit during that huge bcash rush, I was tempted to sell part of my BTC. Fortunately I didn't panic sell with all the positive Bcash news and negativity around BTC. Thankfully, I held on because I listened to the Meister espousing common sense and encouragement to have a STRONG HAND !!!!!!!!!!

  • Please contact Robert Beadles of Monarch Wallet and help him divorce himself from Bcash. The second layer solutions will allow us to spend BTC when it needs to be spent. No need to promote Bcash, Ver wanted to kill Bitcoin so why support his project.

  • Thanks for mentioning my story and reminding everyone that Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin.

    Just wondering how do you know that I am based in Japan?

  • Hello Adam πŸ™‚ you said we are a republic not a democracy…and i do agree thanks πŸ™‚ …here's a little tid bit..does not reflect my opinion whatsoever and :i reserve all my rights / rites without predjudice: Full Stop..War Castles N W O – :QUANTUM-GRAMMAR-CHANNEL:

  • While I agree that people should not be buying these Bitcoin forks, it is because I think they are bad investments with no future, not because they are "free" because they are not. If I have to buy a $10K Bitcoin
    to get a "free" $300 Bcash, how exactly is that Bcash free? if my goal is to get 50 Bcash, I need to by $500k of Bitcoin and receive the "free" 50 Bcash or I can just buy the 50 Bcash for $15K.

  • Hey Adam, you are still in Israel? How come? Not thinking of doing Aliyah are you? lmao… I just missed you a month ago in Tel-Aviv – small world! Back in OZ now.

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