That Damn Prison Break

That Damn Prison Break

(banjo playing) Shut up! Only if you give me a new Smosh intro. Oh, holy Ba Jeses that okay, I will shut up then! (Whimpering) Oh, that damn neighbor! Took my flamingo! No! That damn neighbour! (Lightning strikes) I gotta get my flamingo back! (prison alarm blaring) We have to break in maximum security! Release the hounds! (Grunting/Dog barking/Running) (Dramatic music plays) Okay, Benny Gene You can do this. It’s just a small creak. I can make it. (groans) Oh, dag nabbit! Oh, screw this! Holy heavenly! Screw this searching stuff, I’m hungry. (in high pitch) You want tacos, doggie? (in high pitch)Taco? Yo quiero Taco Bell. Cletus! Benny Jean! You got out of jail already? That’s for not writing me while I was in the slammer, you big fat jerk! Well, I’m sorry. Never mind that, Cletus. You’re gonna help me get my damn pet flamingo away from that damn neighbour! You mean that neighbour right there? Oh, what the freaking heck?! You best give me my flamingo right now or I’ll swear to Momma Jean’s grave, I’m gonna fry your ass like a possum on a hot Summer’s night! What? You’re not gonna tell me where my pet flamingo is? Well, I have ways of gettin’ words out of you, neighbour. Cletus! Fetch my beating stick! But Benny Jean, he’s getting away! Hurry, Cletus! Get my Hummer! But I traded it in for a fog machine. Dag nabbit! Don’t we have anything else here with wheels?! Alright, Cletus. We need to box him in. Eat crap, neighbour. Woahhhhhhhh Billy Gene My Skate Broke Can I ride on your back or somethin’? What the hell do you think this is, Brokeback Mountain?! Please! We almost got him! Grab him! He’s heading out for the freeway! Ha ha! He’s trapped! He ain’t stoppin’! Son of a female dog! We lost him! Well, why don’t we just go back to his house and get the flamingo there? So this is the neighbour’s house, huh? Yep. How’d you the flamingo was in here anyhow? Well, we hung out a few times while you were behind bars. What? You backstabbing son of a gun! Look! The flamingo! I’ll get it! Wait, wait, wait! What? Watch this. I always knew this would come in handy at some point. Dang it, Cletus! We ain’t got time to play with the fog! But look! How in some hell, you know there’s a laser security grid? I told you we hung out a few times. Ok, shut up for a second. Its gonna take a lot of skill and acrobatics to pull this maneuver off. So, I’m gonna need you to do exactly as I say. Got it? Got it. Okay Okay, Cletus! It’s your turn now! Alright, here I come. (alarm blaring) Oops! (over walkie-talkie) We got a break-in at 414 Fulton Street. Alright, I’m on it. (over walkie-talkie) Copy that. (in high pitch) Guard my tacos, doggie. Thank you. Wha-what are going to do, Benny Jean?! I’m too young to die! I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do, Cletus! We’re gonna get the heck outta here! (screaming) We got to find another way outta here! (screaming) Stop right there, boss! Goofy Music Plays In The Background Okay, everyone stop! What the hell is going on here? Well, we broke into his house because… No, no, no! He stole my flamingo and I was just trying to get it back! Freaky Friday, this is bigger than I thought. Ian Whispering “Thats what she said” Flamingos are an endangered creature and stealing them is a federal offence. And so is breaking out of jail, both of you, you’re goin’ away for a long time. Wait, wait! Hold on, what about him? Cletus? Yeah! No, he’s cool. We’ve hung out a few times. What?! You backstabbing jerk! Come on, you two clowns. Honestly, officer. I couldn’t give hoot for how long I’m in jail. Long as I got my pet flamingo, I’m super duper happy, you have no idea. Get in there. Alright. Enjoy your new cellmate. HAHAHAHAHA Oh, hey there partner. Name’s Benny Jean, nice to meet ya! (muffled) Get me out of here! Those tacos look like they taste pretty good. Yeah. (high-pitching) They’re doggie’s favourite! Well, can I have one of your tacos, doggie? Huh? Can I eat one?! Huh? (demonic voice) Back off my tacos, human! (shreiking) So this is the flamingo ugh What? so this is the fla- MMMMMMM


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