Thammudu – Annoying Things Brothers Do || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Thammudu – Annoying Things Brothers Do || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Rohan Stop it!! I am going to kill you Rohan Rohan Rohan What? GO, get some coke for me You get it yourself Can’t you see that I am in middle of something here She is in trouble Here, Akka(sister) Don’t you want? After you Rohann Let me find you… We’ll see Stupid I am going to kill you.. I will beat you up man Acting too smart these days eh? I’ll take your case now I’ll kill you man, like a boss Akka(sister) Akka… Please Akka(sister) Akka… Please Please Akkaa Shit (singing) Didn’t you switch off my Xbox the other day? Now see what I’ll do Rohan… Why did you switch off the light? Please open the door, Rohan Mom, where are you? Rohan, Please Move aside What are you watching? Why do you always have to watch cartoons? Give me the remote No, I won’t give you Give me the remote Mom, look how late Akka has come Rohan Akka How come he is calling me sweet today? I am sure there is something Chocolate Didn’t mom give you? Thanks Akka How’s the chicken curry? Super, Mom Take this roti too Mom, Didn’t I ask you to cook Mutton Curry? He doesn’t like mutton, right He is still a kid You have it Rohan Have… She cooked specially for you (mindvoice) Wow Rohan… You scored well I will buy you a new Xbox game tomorrow Thank you Mommy What about you? Now she is going to say something or the other Learn from your brother Mommy I scored all A’s in English So proud of you Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. I am going to win This guy is such a noob Rohan Is my phone with you? No Akka Where did I leave it? Hey, Haven’t you left yet? Hey, ya Iam leaving… I have to book a cab ya How come my battery is low Oh god Rohan I am sure he played those stupid games I can’t tell you how mischievous Rohan started acting these days My mom started comparing our report cards too I don’t know when he studies… He is always infront of the television but somehow manages to get all A’s Also, last Sunday my mom cooked chicken despite of asking her to cook mutton I don’t know why they have to give him the first preference always I know how annoying your brother is Whenever I come to pick you up, he keeps staring like an owl from the balcony I find that really annoying Hello Why are you complaining about my brother? Even you have been complaining until now, right? I am his sister and I can complain You can’t complain Ok? Fine… Bye True right? We can fight with our brothers and complain about them how much ever we want… We can’t let someone say a word against them Anyways So, whatever they do we love them unconditionally at the end of the day And, Wishing you all a very happy Rakshabandhan Celebrate your brothers this Rakshabandhan Bye… see you next wednesday


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