Text Translation on Google Translate

Text Translation on Google Translate

Hi! I’m Josh Estelle and today I’ll give you
an overview of the features of Google Translate. To translate text, simply type the phrase
into the input box on the homepage. If you don’t know the language of the text,
choose the “Detect language” option in the language dropdown. Notice that the translation appears immediately.
For short queries like this, you may see a dictionary result.Ê
You can also mouse over the translation sentences to see the original text. What if you’re translating to a language you
can’t read? When translating to a non-Roman script, like
Chinese here, you’ll see a “Show romanization” link appear next to the result. When you click
this, you’ll see the translation written phonetically in roman characters. If you’re translating to English, you may
see a speaker icon next to the result. Click this to hear a spoken version of the
translation. [ Hello! How are you? ] If you want to translate from Hindi, Arabic
or Persian, you no longer need to own a special keyboard – simply type the words as they sound
in English, and see them transformed to the native script, and translated at the same
time. And to translate an entire webpage, simply
type the website URL into the input box and hit enter.Ê These are just a few of the features on Google
Translate than can help you to communicate across languages. To learn more, visit translate.google.com


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