Testing Every Kylie Skin Product – Honest Review!! (Beauty Break)

Testing Every Kylie Skin Product – Honest Review!! (Beauty Break)

Thank you guys welcome back to beauty right weird So excited excited because we have our hands on the ultra exclu. Kylie jenner skincare Kylie skin by Kylie Jenner. I don’t know how we have budget or availability to have this on the show. Oh, it’s a miracle Yeah, I don’t I have so many emotions. I was like, there’s no way I’m ever gonna be able to try this It’s sold out in like six minutes Like what it’s gonna happen in but lo and behold of course leave it too clever to be like hey We got it. We have a wizard here. We’re All right, should I you do the honors, okay, so this is the whole set obviously Kylie is making it super easy for everybody to Get all of their skincare products in one Hand right know from kylie. Jenner good choice love these products. You picked. Of course you did. You just watched them Smudgy, oh my god. This is a real letter from Kylie Jenner. This is absolutely beautiful. Okay. So this whole collection was like $125 yeah, which is way more than I’ve ever spent on anything is gonna care at one time Honestly though for being totally totally honest total. I don’t want you to lie This is about why Frieza, I’m gonna be honest right now this skincare Expensive it’s really really expensive. I was talking about this earlier like I use Neutrogena right now And I love their products and they’re not that expensive yeah, I mean, I guess this is more affordable compared to like luxury designer brands, but $135 to drop at once for a kit is a lot it is It is Really good in order for me to pay that you guys this sold out like in six minutes like janae said mmm You can buy the kit but it does not come with the wipes have to buy the wipes separately, June 5th You can buy the kit. It’s gonna be restocked for probably another six minutes No, I’m already pulled the brown your beauty fast computer right now, but if you just want to buy each Individually, you can buy them on June 10th. Yeah, and each product is like actually 30 bucks or less So when we think about that way 30 bucks or less per product isn’t so bad, you know if they’ve got its own language We’re gonna determine what products are worth your money. Yeah, that’s what we’re here to do Anyway, we can save you a buck. We got you All right. Let’s start with the makeup life’s as shei not have a lot makeup on scary I didn’t jump and retouched up a lot and the makeup wipes only ten bucks a pack and my Favorite makeup wipes right now are also ten bucks. It smells like Neutrogena wipes Like exactly like most exactly like news you’re doing the way I may be Neutrogena is like wily blinkers, you know It comes up really nice. I Swear. Oh my gosh. We just got some tea everyone newsflash. Newsflash Bridgette coming in clutch with the fun facts about Kylie Jenner apparently in the past. She has said that Neutrogena wipes are her favorite wipes Hence why she’s collaborating with him and white labeling these because they’re literally the same wipes. We have to open this With care and treat it as beautiful as it is or we’re ready Sliding action on point like Christmas morning here So this is the foaming face wash the walnut face scrub the vanilla milk toner face moisturizer hydrant hydrate eye cream and this as you guys see I’m So hydrating to your skin, yeah, some people say wear it in the morning But if you do am I upset you in the Sun I? Love it so much delish But I actually am most excited I think to try this walnut scrub because this was the one that the internet freaked out over remember Everyone’s like walnut. So back to your skin. There. Was that whole like lost it a few years ago Okay, so I have the face wash the face scrub and we’re gonna go wash and scrub Hopefully better than Kylie Jenner did in her video because we don’t want to get any internet and I hate Okay, so Okay back from the bathroom we have some updates yeah, let’s talk about it. Yeah, I feel underwhelmed I feel like the cleanser just feels like any old cleanser. It was actually really cheap does my face look red? Because I was very drying it is a little bit your cheeks are a little bit flushed. I think it was Harsh but I will say it is drying like my face feels incredibly clean. Yeah, like I do feel like Compared to the makeup quite and the makeup wipes this was this really worked a lot like this would get everything off your face yeah, but it’s so stripping of like all of your oils like my face felt like Almost like matte. You’re just so crazy. Like there was no there’s nothing left in my skin. Yeah I felt like it like my skin was like stretching to the point where it’s gonna like my face. It’s gonna explode Yeah I thought tight it was and sometimes like I want that like if it’s been a day where we’ve worn like a ton of makeup Or done like an award show type thing Yeah, I would really love feeling like everything that’s off my skin agreed but every day I don’t know if I could use it every day. It’s very soapy. Yeah, how do you feel like the scrub? I feel like after using the wash my face is already irritated and the scrub made it even more irritating I don’t know it kind of just didn’t feel I mean it was finer pieces more fine than I expected them to be but I Don’t know. I just feel like that’s a pass for me. I honestly I think that the scrub is actually really nice I think it’s even better than the the face wash like my face Mmm, my face felt a little bit more moisturize after the scrub. I would probably really love this Everyone said well the scrub something. I feel like I could use weekly I would definitely not use it every single day But I would use this weekly and I would use this like on an as-needed basis but then again like there are people out there that have like really oily skin and you know That’s like a huge concern for them I’ve always had drier skin, which I also like I can’t stand but what about people that say, you know? I can’t go three hours without having to powder my face. Maybe that’s like the type of thing that they would love Yeah, I actually use products more geared towards sensitive skin. I like it ultra hydrating Like I want to look like I’m just like fresh out of the womb with all the good glow all over my face, you know Honestly if my skin changes all the time Like I have crazy hormonal acnes. Nothing feels better than me like taking everything out of my skin I feel like this one thousand percent would unclog your pores like anything that’s on your face is coming off with this. Okay? So what else is in this goodie bag here. There’s a lot of products left. Well, there’s there’s a toner and that’s a milliner So maybe this will help with your the dryness, okay? This is the vanilla milk toner, which I’m assuming it’s it smells like oh my gosh What’s that brand of Walmart body spray that powder Oh smells like baby powder. They’ve had it for like 20 years Yeah, I know exactly they’re talking about you guys want us know in the comments if you know I’m talking about I know now Lamar isn’t only a body spray. It’s like powder Yeah, but it’s um, yeah, I pretty sure I still have it at home. Well you from like when I was a kid Okay, okay Definitely milky. Okay. I feel like there’s still somehow dirt on my face And this is like getting the rest of it out surprisingly enough. Yeah, this is kind of stinging my face a little bit I’m not gonna lie. Very Stewie. Well, I’ll tell you right now. You got a glow for sure do I? Yeah, you really do I like it. I really do you like it. I like it I think that like everything that my skin me feel it like touch your cheeks And I thought you meant you can touch my cheek So him it does feel delicious as Kylie would say so let’s move on to the hydrant hunt Adjutant are we supposed to put the vitamin C serum before the Hydra dent? You would think right. I apply single pump each morning and evening to face maybe night But it seems like the Hydra tent isn’t more of like a primer anyway So that’s like what you would put on before you put your makeup on. You know, let’s do the serum I’m so obsessed with vitamin C serums you guys like I literally I wish I could drink it that’s how much I Don’t like bottles like this in order to like it’s not a pump like you have to like rub it on your hand Which I just don’t love and that’s a weird-looking one it looks like it’s been through some stuff and then it gets stuck in there and when you have the last of the end of The bottle like you can never get it out guys That is not pretty there’s not a lid to take off if you screw that in. No, there’s not. No. There’s no lid. Oh My god And check my bottle right now. Alright, this is the vitamin C serum. It’s not very serum me right definitely very thick It’s basically like a moisturizer. Like honestly, I have a cream moisturizer. I completely have you ever used a serum That wasn’t an oil. No, I’ve never used an actual cream most serum ever. But then again, I don’t know I like thick stuff So, let’s see now I want to dive into the face moisturizer cuz I kind of didn’t me to describe her So I’m just gonna do a couple pumps of that Came out like this snake So this is like a primer which I love use in the morning to create the perfect base for your makeup or Before bed for continuous hydration while you sleep it feels more like a primer to me than it does a face moisturizer It has like it’s not silicon but like that like silky finish last but not least is my cream so this is like the thing I put the most pressure on in life because I wasn’t say that are you gonna tell me it’s true? Yeah, so this is looks like a lip balm, but I think yours Like I need to like look into something. That could be a mirror. Did I put it on? You definitely have it on since it has caffeine in it, which I am kind of confused by like I know caffeine Supposedly reduces cellulite but what does it do to your bags? This is just supposed to like deep, huh? I think so I think that’s literally what it is. It’s like a Total deep puffer actually, it is pretty good Yeah, I like it. Yeah, it’s really thick also. This is the first thing that’s per my skin a little bit it’s tingling it is tingling, but maybe that’s the caffeine just like It’s I can like I can like really feel it. But because I’ve such dark circles I put a lot of concealer on almost feel like because this is so thick like I don’t know if I would like love having just like all of this stuff underneath my eyes I think you’re supposed to do eye cream at night before bed But what does this say caffeine taurine ii and pomegranate extracts that brighten hydrate? Maybe that’s what we’re feeling. The reduced puffiness is How bad does yours burn because mine’s burning like really pretty bad Um, so I feel like this is a kit that I could get use out of across the board but on a consistent basis I think I would spend my money on The primer and the toner, I really like those a lot actually Yeah, now that I’m kind of feeling my face after all the products have been applied I kind of agree with you on the primer Moisturizer I wouldn’t use it as a daily moisturizer but I think I like how my skin feels we’re gonna have to put makeup back on after this and I’m kind of excited because I feel like I’m pretty hydrated all my favorite product ever. Yeah, I think that’s a wrap on this unboxing You guys spend a hundred and twenty-five dollars for all of these products. Let us know in the comments Also Kylie Jenner. I love you, and I’m really sorry for Yourself no, I was apologizing on your behalf. We love you Kylie your boss babe. I’m so glad that you’re doing skincare I just personally this isn’t for me in my the subscribe button let us know in the comments what else we should do on this show what else we should unbox and Yeah, you do look like you are placenta gooped I will say you look really glowy I’m actually kind of jealous Welcome y’all that was so much fun. Oh my god so much fun The roller-coaster ride you click right over you another awesome clipper style video. Wait, do I do it and subscribe? I don’t subscribe to All the things jinx jinx


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