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  • that was my question also regarding traffic. Ppl say asians can't drive etc, but in asia you must drive aggressively or else you wont go anywhere, other ppl are not gonna let you in. Americans are much nicer and let you merge so the decisions the computer has to make is easier.

  • Urs Stettler says:

    Still wondering what happens to owners of say a model X AP version 2.0 purchased end of 2017 from Tesla. Do we have to buy upgrades of the hardware from 2.0 to 2.5 or whatever. Do you still want to sell the FSD upgrade (already purchased enhanded AP)

  • We CAN at some point sooner than later simulate accurately… I disagree that we cannot… it would take simulating, at a minimum, every molecule or possibly every atom for a given scene(ario).. just would take a magnitude of processing power, similar to how we got her now from 10 years ago, to do it… but… there is the randomness of the universe and most likely even multiple universes that would still make "real world" difficult to simulate but not impossible in the next 100 years….

  • Nadeeshani hettigoda says:

    No, there are not too many PhDs, including you Elon. Jeez give guy a break, Elon cut that poor guy off introducing just like that and this is why people say that it is really hard to work with him.

  • 2.04.47 "By the middle of next year, there will be over a million robotaxies on the road." There goes Uber and Lyft and all their drivers. When Elon says "next year" he actually means 2 years but never doubt him.

  • What happens when one of your fleet camera's captures a crime? what does tesla do.. is the video given to the police.. does the law have to get a court order to get your video?

  • At 2:18:50 I think the other car manufacturers are petrified if they understand what he's about to answer. He's about to change a 100 year old industry with the force of a tsunami. First you don't feel it, but when it breaks on land you'll be swept away…

  • Vladimir Simic says:

    they had opportunity to do capital raise at 350 stock price and they did it at 250 , if they consider this a good deal you can imagine what do they expect for stock price to be

  • Trigger Troll says:

    Omg. Another poor soul just lost out to auto drive and Tesla stocks are down to $211 and dropping fast. That poor guy. Can you imagine his confusion, disbelief and terrifying dawn of reality the second before he died. He thought he was 100x safer then he actually was . It’s gut wrenching.RIP.

  • Wow! All this technological innovation just to replicate roughly the functions already available to us intuitively with our human brain!

  • While full autonomous driving is a massive improvement in traffic safety, an aggressive timeline for something like that is insane. Especially to implement it globally. In Finland cars are on average 10 years old. Teslas are very expensive to buy for low income persons so to expect everyone to buy a self driving car within 2 years is not something that could conceivably happen. I do want a tesla but I also want to drive myself, and I believe so do many many others around the world still. This is not a change that happens in terms of a few years, more like a few decades.

  • Above & Beyond Vapor says:

    Those 2 tiny FSD computer chip do 72 trillion operations a second. Tesla has designed best computer chip in the world by a HUGE MARGIN. Oh my God, this design was completed 2 years ago. They are already half way through next level chip design!

  • Leif Johnson says:

    While I am amazed at Tesla's accomplishments in technical areas, including autonomous driving, their public affairs sessions are TERRIBLE, First, their presentations are not written in a way to bring the non-technical public step by step towards an understanding of what Tesla has done and is planning to do. Then they trot out engineering geniuses who have weak speaking or communication skills, For each major announcement Tesla should first conduct a private rehearsal between the technical experts and "presenters" – men and WOMEN with good presentation skills and good speaking abilities. In that rehearsal the presenters can grill the technical experts until they totally understand what needs to be communicated and the BEST WAY TO COMMUNICATE IT. Then the presenters can put together a presentation that is more understandable and more palatable and with a better flow.  The presenters can do the speaking but the technical experts are there to answer any questions that are beyond the ken of the presenters.

    Here's an example. The autonomous driving presentation should have started out with an explanation of how TODAY'S driver's navigate the road, emphasizing that they use two major organs – their eyes and their brains. From there the presentation could have shown how Tesla's autonomous driving MIMICS AND DUPLICATES the capabilities of the drivers' eyes and brains, but with much more reliability and at exponentially faster speeds.

    Tesla could make this communication improvement very easily by just getting feedback on their presentations from public affairs experts. Tesla could then take the criticism from these experts and then do some dry runs with both the technical experts and the presenters. Then they can simply start using their new public affairs methodology. No big announcement needed. All Tesla need do is introduce the presenting team and then let 'er rip.

    One more thing: Tesla should hand out questionnaires after every presentation to get feedback from the audience members on how effective the presentation was. In addition, Tesla could hire public affairs experts to critique each actual live presentation.

  • "Tesla Model 3 remains the most popular electric vehicle in the U.S. — by far". Why buy a car that can't drive itself (eventually)?

  • Last question is a big one i run by my insurance company often and it annoys the hell out of them. When level 5 autonomy comes to play. Who's at fault in a accident? not the driver because he/she is no longer in definition a driver. If their is no steering wheel well then sorry, but its the manufacturer who's responsible. SO come level 5… is insurance needed or required?

    I also had debate with a few cop friends with traffic laws, I told them lets say if their job is 80% traffic laws right now i believe it will become like a 5% part of their job once 10-20 years rolls around and almost all vehicles are autonomous. Cop pulls you over hey you cant eat and drive. but officer theres no steering wheel. Hey you cant sleep and drive. but officer its level 5.

    Have a good day 🙂

  • I am very interested in buying the 38000 car. My wife would drive it.
    If it was added to the fleet we could make money from it ( right)
    Would we be responsible if it run some one down
    If it drove off because she did not use it and it was connected to the fleet and went off as a robo taxi. My son now parks in the space it used where would it park when it returned.

  • Only in America:
    40W incandescent lightbulbs illegal for catastrophic CO2 emissions.
    800,000W Teslas subsidized as "zero emissions."
    Morons EVERYWHERE.

  • You guys do realize people have died in Tesla cars with this thing on? Not to mention it's not just a few accidents. Search it online if you don't believe me. It's amazing to see these murderers be calm and smiling on stage when they should be in prison for doing this. I bet you the families of the people who are gone aren't gonna watch this with a smile on their face. I'm just saying technology needs to be tested before we let people die from it. Airplanes are still not safe, almost every day another one falls from the sky, they should be banned until they are proven completely and utterly safe for every individual on them. People still die in regular cars too, should be we just ban people lol. Obviously, many of the world problems are due to poor previous design, if our moron ancestors designed mass personal transport systems instead of building roads for cars we wouldn't even be having this f problem. This can never perfectly work, ever. There are always going to be instances that a neural net can't solve, doesn't matter the amount of training and we're definitely going to see more people dying in their cars but they don't care as long as they're making money.

  • 1:10:25 Ok that's bulls*it. The logo of The FedEx truck is clearly visible in the front of it's hood. You said the car only used the front camera. How in the world could it of read the front of the truck if it just passed it and the truck was oriented to the front just like your car. It's an impossibility. A complete impossibility, laws of physics bro. You're a f liar. This is nothing more than a PR stunt.

  • All I can say is “AWESOME” it’s amazing how many logic gates you can have in such a minutes piece of architecture. I do however wonder what the MTBF of the various gates are.

  • Having driven Tesla cars and rode in BMW self driving car the problems that exist is pot holes that open up and rapid deceleration necessary to navigate extreme right turns as well as bad drivers that cut you off and turn in front of you or run lights. The Tesla allow little intervention of the driver without snapping out of self driving mode where the BMW relies on the driver to intervene and then lets the self driving to continue. As long as there are humans driving the cars around you the process generates additional risk and on a road with stop signs in the middle of no were this poses a possible collusion as well. We need one self driving cars and then two self driving zones where drivers are not permitted.

  • 4 Questions
    1) If Elon Musk set his mind to it do you think it would take him more than 10 years to create viable androids? Not necessarily with General Intelligence AI but with human range of motion and equal or greater speed.
    2) Is there any reason that the autopilot software couldn't be implemented into any android or robot software to control movement in variable environments.
    3) They are getting 2100 FPS with their Neural Network. The Nvidia setup only got 17?, Does this go the other direction? Can Nvidia use this tech to get 2100 FPS for pc's? Is anyone else imagining getting 2100 FPS on an 8k monitor for gaming 🙂
    4) When they take away the steering wheel how will you drive off road. Can the computer drive you to the middle of a field? To a barn or something? Can it back a semi truck and trailer up to the right loading dock? Can it back your boat trailer down a boat ramp so you can launch your boat? How could it possibly figure out things like the grade of the boat ramp or the height of the water to back up just the right amount? Without steering how could you accomplish these things?

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