– You hit here? + No, dude, you did something like … + … I fell after that. -I did not do anything. That’s what I did. -I don’t even see you. – What about? + Oh, he’s pretty messed up. – Why did you blame me? -I don’t even see you behind me. I thought you were doing this …
+ I thought you did. – I didn’t see you behind my back. -I’m shocked. + Okay, man. I’m gonna go now,
Do you have a chance to give me 100 liras? -Are you kidding me?
+ No brother, 100 liras. -Where are you from? + Chicago brother. -Chicago? -You know where I’m from? Im from Fiorentina. -Italy. + Ok Italy. -How old are you? +13 – Me 5 – I was coming back from where you went, baby. I didn’t say anything. + 100 liras.
– Why do you want 100 liras? + It’s broken. -Now look… -… I’ll take out my identity … + Why are you kicking? I’m passing through. -I threw you? + Look, it’s broken! How much did I pay? -You dropped it yourself. + You sit very wide, though. -What? I’m standing like this. + I would not fall if you did not extend your foot. + Look broken. How much money is gone now! – Did I do it now?
+ Did I? -You dropped it yourself. I’ve even been ‘hoh’ like this. + No you didn’t react at all. You’re even happy. – I reacted, don’t be silly! -I’m listening to music, waiting for my friend here. You do 2 jobs, but you know how to trip. -What? + Yes. -What? + Yes. – I can’t really believe it. – Leave these feet! Come on! + Oh my God! What happened? -It’s good! -It’s good! -Don’t be liar! – I’ve been traveling on your fuckin road. – I was traveling on the roads I made you. – I grew up in Mahmutpaşa, young man. + Brother fell, though. – F*** off. + Don’t hit, brother, pity. + I bought it to my grandma. – You did it very well. – Get me one. + Should I? -Heğğ! + Okay, a minute then … -Get something, but … -… at the store. + Next & Nextstar? -Imperishable. Nextstar I don’t like. -Get some more beautiful ones. -Philips. + Philips? OK. + Stop. Are you here? – I’m here, I’m here, bring it now. + Don’t get upset. – Walk! I’m talking on the phone, you’re still keeping me busy! – Sit down, sit down. Don’t stand on your feet. – You don’t know the warming now? Sit down late. + Did you hit me there? – No, my feet were this way.
– Your foot is here. + No, you hit me. -No. Here’s the foot swiped. + Why did you hit me? – I didn’t hit you. + You hit. It hurt. – Have you had any alcohol? + No. I never use. + I left primary school. – No, like I said, I didn’t trip you. + Okay. 100 lirass already costs. I also take +100 pounds so you probably. + Will I? + I’m passing through, brother, did his foot like this! – Don’t make me call the police! + Gone brother gone. -Was it working? +It was working. + We’re crossing the road, kicking. -Really. -Where you taking it? + To my grandmother. -Where? + At home. -Why are you going like this? I would have believed it if I hadn’t seen that camera. + Really? -Really. + I couldn’t drop it. -I’il take you. + Let me tell you what we’re doing. + Don’t get angry, calm down. + You’re nervous, aren’t you? + Okay brother, come and come. + Sorry. + I was doing a camera joke. + Calm down. + I didn’t expect you to get so angry, man. – Okay, what’s the relevance? – Where’s the camera? + Look, dude. + Where really? + He, brother here. + Abi, this is Istanbul. Everything can happen. Are you from Fiorentina? -I was going to say Florence, I did Fiorentina. – When you say Miami … I said Chicago. When I say Chicago, I mean … + Brother ID, what would you show me? -Fuck it now. Never mind id. + Okay, man. + What’s the name, man?
-Universe. + I am Emirhan. -You pulling yourself? -So he doesn’t hit here. A little impossible. + Exactly the mentally ill movement. + This place is empty … + … so you’re two meters away, you don’t get hit. – I said get well, I got up … -… and then when you wanted $ 100, I did it. + This is actually given to the scrapman. + You live here very nice place, but brother. + One, you’re sitting in the middle like that. – Let me see some of your videos. + Look, dude, you watch. There are +140 videos. -Take care of yourself. + Acer’s! + Shall we get the TV, buddy? + It’s broken up. + You became famous, brother. + Sure, wouldn’t I be famous? + Everyone will come, say “Hello”. – Am I really gonna see it? + Good shake, brother.



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