Television Academy Honors  LA 92

Television Academy Honors LA 92

[Music] stopping the video 350 102 have you seen mr. King swinging anyone no I have have you seen him punching anyone no I have we’ve always been hesitant to do any kind of retrospective that was one of our big concerns how would we make something that that felt alive and president we thought if we were able to just collect as much footage as possible from home videos to radioed to news broadcasts take all that footage into the Edit and try to create our story out of that like the moment you have kind of a talking head and putting it in retrospect you kind of create a distance and sometimes that distance and it like implies the idea that this thing is an anomaly in the past and it’s been solved and I think that’s where a lot of the power comes from is making sure that you’re preserving integrity the motion of the experience [Music] often times only by looking backwards can you move forward and sadly despite the LA riots occurring over 25 years ago we still see the issue unfold on a daily basis across America and for us we felt la 92 could play a pivotal role in creating an opportunity to reflect and help further this discussion around racial injustice police brutality and social economic inequalities I think this in particular is a moment that has been lost to to kind of like sound bites and not recognizing that this is part of a long continuation and legacy of injustice –is that in some eyes seem to just continue to grow or at least remain stagnant tonight we must tell our children one more time stay cool become that for african-american children and adults freedom is not yet a reality in the United States tonight it from here I mean it became like the number one trending topic while it was broadcast and it was you could actually kind of see it happening when officers were not or were led off in the falando Castile murder people were talking about that and then putting hashtag la 92 so that the title of the film almost became for some people a way to express like this cyclical idea so it felt like it was a great almost without being callous like a great case study to look at our past even before 92 and also essentially project our future and also be a do an analysis on what’s happening now you know award like this is just hopefully a representative of what the film is accomplished with audiences we put a a lot of work into this film with the intention of being something that would hopefully motivate people into conversation about some of the issues that surround the film also to educate a generation of people that you know were born after yet to have half of the film recognized is it’s just in are we at National Geographic are thrilled and honored that elevated to is being recognized by the Academy to us this is an extremely important film and it reflects our mission to entertain with a purpose


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  • 007Jenny4rmTheCountry says:

    LA 92 was such a riveting documentary!! Kudos to the producers and directors for intricately translating the details of the riots to the big screen!

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