100 thoughts on “Ted Cruz blasts Dems’ ‘Hail Mary’ impeachment strategy”

  • Word to as ever myopic, ginned up Repubs……………. This is NOT over, ever, period!!!!! The ruthless, vicious, lie-ridden, anti-American Bolsheviks/Jacobin (Dems) Will NEVER stop. This is ONLY the beginning. They will do anything to take the nation down and I hate to tell you………., they ARE going to EVENTUALLY win. The 18 to 40 vote, the black and brown vote IS 90% plus theirs. Wake up to the terrifying facts right before your eyes. America IS lost, period.

  • What nobody has thought of is the Dems planned this. They worked with republicans to keep the vote tight but making sure to still loosing the vote for witnesses. They had Romney be a pawn and distract from their game plan. The vote won 51-49 for no witnesses. So what does that mean? That means when the vote for remove him gets approved on Weds they were able to do it with no witnesses AND the Dems don't purger themselves either because now THEY don't have to answer questions. Nobody will see this coming. It will be a blindsided coup attack on the president on Weds.

  • The biggest coverup in americian history , after the new democrat senate and president are elected it should be interesting to watch .

  • Ted, Ted, Ted…. #45 made ridicule of your wife and accused your dad of be involved on JFK assassination… and here you are defending him from his national security crimes just to keep the GOP status-quo … you have no shame….

  • They have to wait till Wednesday because truth killed them
    For one I thing I think
    Pelosi needs to soak on Formaldehyde until then to look human

  • Nadler AKA Humpty Dumpty ???
    Schiff ???
    time to soak too it might help you ask Pelosi, you don't have to have the last word LOSER

  • We the people have to vote dem out, this type of crap will keep happening as the democraps want power over the people and control them as well. Dems will lead their own supporters to slaughter, what would they do for their non supporting Americans?

  • Dersh did some good work. Historical. Expressing the evolution of his Constitutional interpretation, which needs to be viewed just as he asserts; from a genuine patriot and seasoned scholar on the subject.

  • Hey, Teddy! How's your wife that Trump said can't compare with Melania, and when are you going to tell us about how your father participated in the JFK assignation like Trump said he did?

  • Game over after all the bs I still would like to know who the whistle blower was democrats are not done they are crying now trying to think of a new plan get back to work for the American people

  • Timmyjimmy Pingpong says:

    What’s the difference between Ivanka and Biden jr both making millions while their dads are in office? Trump is the biggest hypocrite, corrupt pathological lying person of all.

  • From the Philippines – Let this comedy end. Thanks to Democrats' foolishness to the extreme, Trump will likey have a second term. Good luck, Mr. Trump, and may America – and the world – be better off this time.

  • This isnt over… They will continue this, all they got. No plans, nothing they want ever works. The field of misfits they are presenting doesn't meet any standards of anything…free this, free that, it is never free. You want 70% of your paycheck taken away from idiots who can't balance a bank statement? Go ahead

  • A2J.HolyLoveAffair REYNA says:

    50 RED STATES IJN End Of Story ?

    Where's T.H.I. ? Matt ? As ? O'JAYS ?Tear ? It? Up ?

  • And if 2 more senators had voted with the dems who voted as a block right or wrong Trump would be removed. All of this talk about slam dunk belies the fact that just 2 senators could have changed everything and no one was worried about following the constitution. I don't see any great victory here. If the vote had been 95-5 or something I would have called that a great victory and some indication that the senators were trying to follow the constitution.

  • There is no such thing as an A+ in terms of GPA. Though I'm assuming he got a near 100% in his grade for the class, in which case you could average the % between the two if he had them.

  • The " what if " impeachment . Adam Schiff , well, we lost that one , but what if Trump had done this or Trump might do that . FACTS Adam give us some facts , not witnesses that presume Trump meant that , or assume that was what Trump meant . A real court would have sent you to jail for wasting his ( the judges ) time

  • I didn't like Romney's vote for witnesses but unlike Democrats he is entitled to his opinion and vote. We have to get back to legitimate disagreement and discourage and let the people and ballot box decide. Remember alot of the issues are with people that we elected putting bad people in positions of power ie: FBI, CIA, which tells you alot about who you elected. Term Limits.

  • i just realized something when i saw Ted Cruz: the Republican presedential canditades where fantastic 2016. i mean, the debates where a blast. of course, mostly due to Trump. But compared with this years Democratic line-up, which have close to nothing to offer, the Republicans had a douzen or more really good candidates. what you guys think?

  • You know Ted its time its time to the people in Washington separate themselves from the notion of getting rich at the expense of the American people.
    We all know that you'd love to be president of the United States.
    Prove it. Support term limits use the next four years to prepare the American people stinking I'm giving this country back to the American people help Donald Trump set the format and show your leadership to take over.
    Enough with lobbyists it's pretty well proven that most of it is so corrupt we got to get rid of it.
    Where are the make every senator and congressman financial records publicly available nothing, we can see how they get rich on the American people David even if they didn't run for a second term we could look over what they've done and how they've been doing it and no better and not elected again.
    It's time for some real leadership.
    Donald Trump is prepared to lead us in that direction.
    But it's going to take more than his next term to get the job done.
    Show your leadership.
    And in 2024 give it your best shot will be watching

  • And mind you..Julliani started to investigate Ukraininan connection to undermine Trump and was investigating Burisma and Bidens long time..months before Joe Biden declared he will be running for president !

  • Democrats stated that they had overwhelming evidence But all they had was hearsay so now they’re asking to call for more witnesses
    It’s laughable

  • Martin vargas Bruno says:

    Ted Cruz….you betrayed texas and the usa …you are a disgrace to your people sell out …good luck in re election your gonna need it

  • All you're trying to do is take the pressure off the Obama's and Clinton's should be in prison for treason lying to the people .. and trying to tear down the United States . Tear it apart and sell it like a small company.. That's the one she should be on trial now

  • There are always some traitors on the Republican side. The democrats needed four republican traitors, they were only able to get two. Game over.

  • Marilyn Crawford says:

    I love Ted Cruz more and more. And Ben Carson should have been vice-president. Ben Carson, with his calm logical voice explains the whole mess in just a few minutes. Major kudos to Ben!

  • It is impossible to comprehend or even be convinced that the American People are ready for voting and electing a socialist – communist President for the United States of America to Cherish.

    It would be one the most 'funny laughing jokes of the century' to congratulate The People of The United States for the resurrection of Mao, Marx and Lenin in 'the lands of the free' bowing for Mao, Marx and Lenin, instead of bowing to God – 'In God We Trust'

    If this case becomes a reality. we hope won't happen in our life time at least- we wonder what the 'proud' American People will do with the Statue of 'the Lady of Liberty'. 'Are they going to hide the Statue of Liberty for the next generation that hopefully will thank their parents for hiding it from distinction!.

    How about the Statue of 'Abraham Lincoln?'. Are they going to hide it too, even though without Lincoln sacrifices and the men that backed them up, The American People would have been divided into colonies, communes and tribes like the current 'Russian's Federations'.

    Thank God, it is incompetent & incompatible that hopefully will never happen -pending on The American People's adherence to their universal 'Godly Value System' for a Democratic free market economy impossible to be ambushed by an outdated Socialist Communist System coming back from the bushes like a ghost, especially when most of the Socialist Communist Systems have collapsed since the collapse of the Berlin Wall in the 1980's.

  • Diana Deardurff says:

    This president will be re-elected in 2020. I can’t believe how blind some people can be. This has been the biggest coverup in our nation to get a president out due to people not liking him. Really bad reason. He is doing a great job!

  • What this all demonstrates is the US senate is untrustworthy. Whether your a dem or rep it is obvious that they are only acting according to their party and not their judgement.

  • Impeachment was a Lead Balloons Carnival from the start.. Time to FIX SOME & SHIFT into an ELECTION OF the PEOPLE'S Changes… TIC-Toc… ?? Y'all###

  • Bolton's Perfect Book says:

    Everyone considered him the coward of the country

    He never stood one single time to prove the country wrong

    His mama named him Teddy but folks just called him yellow

    When The Trump boys took turns at her, Teddy just stood there watching

    And he blew his chance to prove the country wrong

    Now everyone still considers him the Coward of the Country

  • Cruz you are such an "wimp"!!! He belittled you on national TV and here you are being a cheerleader. If he had his way you be selling oranges on the freeway underpass. Don't lose your vision sport.

  • Now it is very difficult to decide if Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, or Donald Trump is the biggest lying coward in the country. Their race to the bottom is neck and neck as ignorant sycophants cheer them on.

  • This guy Ted Cruz is the single biggest liar I have ever dealt with in my life. I mean it. … He will lie about anything. I've met much tougher people than Ted Cruz. He's like a baby. … He's like a little baby. Soft, weak, little baby by comparison. But for lying, he's the best I've ever seen. … A guy like Ted Cruz, he has no clue. He never employed anybody. He's a nasty, nasty guy." To Quote Donald Trump

  • Wonder why Schiff hide the testimony from the 18th witness ? Maybe because it exposes Schiff as orchestrating and colluding with the whistleblower prior to the whistleblower complaint .

  • I would say thank you Senator but you are sticking to your job. But thank you anyway for sticking to the Constitution of the United States of America and being a patriot.





  • we all know why he can't tell in his state of the union just like the boook breifs come out the day beforehe can't say what he has been which is the best president you have ever had in my history for the people

  • Why are they so numb, thick face, and just want themselves won when they are have lost 3 years ago…? God already made his choice who will stand for him before he arrives on Earth…they ( democrats ) should just accept it.. Dear Jesus, please wake them up, thank you Amen

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