ladies and gentlemen we have a big update to talk about today big big big fun sparkly dangerous rocket update there's a lot going on Pokemon go right now basically before we get to the update we need to get to our flight because it takes off in and I'm laying on the floor of my bedroom so let's go problem-solve that first and we get to the update which is big and look for some more drugs to fight – is number 15 all right what we're starting off with some said oh okay there's routes community today there's that announcements shiny routes on the way by the way seven Club drags I want to check what we're just sitting here at LAX I've got about twenty minutes until the flight boards first of all check the Swami wanted to check around and see if by any chance we had a Team Rocket stop lurking around here at a at LAX and we will definitely be looking for someone's to get to the bay and that will be a big point of our hunt today and it's a big point of the update today too but I'm gonna wait to talk about the update so we get back to the bay let's worry about getting on the flight first also do if any more 7ks was just one no okay train check this would be cool let me know in the comments if you guys do actually have a shiny straw hat Pikachu if you do I am is that it if we done yes okay another question is do we have any Team Rocket stops I don't know I don't see even if we did we'd have to like low-key leave the term and all the I'm kind of glad I don't see any because if I saw one I mean that we couldn't we couldn't go get it I'd have to be angry and sit and look at it so I'd rather not to see any okay we're good well might as well grab a streak of the day its stamp from the day that's gonna give us a little bit of a a nice Magikarp okay cool I'm gonna grab a coffee and then once got on a plane grab the plane grab a coffee get on the plane talk about this update cuz it is a Vegas I knee in fun something just happened we just got wait for it wait for it lucky friends with Disney gamer let's go Disney gamer by the way is the official editor for the second channel so he'll be doing all of the videos on the clash videos and we are doing that was again so linked in the description but like let's go this is like my third ever lucky prep this never happens it's okay so debate [Applause] that is a homemade cookie good break come home shake with a wish amen hi Kelly how we doing good man it's good to see you how are you hey Jake I mean I Conner hi hello it's uh it's armored Mewtwo ray our fun fact I don't have an arm interview – this is a big hour okay here's our first ever we tried doing this in Santorini didn't work too well wait Butterfree what aha okay nice and now you talk about okay so the Team Rocket event what's going on actually as you guys know I don't even think Team Rocket is in the game right now or at least wasn't I especially right now I'm recording this I don't think Team Rocket it was here shadow Pokemon R alive and then now they're gone I think well they're coming back officially today we've got a brand new Team Rocket event happening starting to jet today at July 25th at 1 p.m. until August 1st at 1:00 p.m. so I've got a couple days for this one and as a participant team go rockets arrival seems to have disrupted Pokemon habitats we have yet to understand why these Pokemon in particular are suddenly appearing more frequently perhaps they have some special significance wherever team go rocket came from I don't know guys but I'm stoked well here's what's happening as a part of this event and this is a yeah there's like a whole this is a whole thing man oddly specific shiny pokemon have started appearing our research has found that if you're lucky you may encounter a shiny Ekans or shiny coughing in the wild enraged raids or eggs shiny ekans and koffing are here and they both look I mean shiny Ekans is green shiny or BOC though it's golden shiny we got another new golden shiny here in Pokemon go which means my gold shiny collection will expand and it also means usually when I catch a new shiny I kind of just leave it unless I catch two of them if we get an Ekans it's getting involved immediately over to a shiny arbok so we have that go we're getting building up that gold shiny collection which is fire also shining coughing is school – that's like a like a weird like pea-green not like urine green but like a pea like the ones that you eat puffing abates pea okay the following Pokemon also will hatch more frequently from eggs Rattata Ekans sandshrew Zubat meow Machop Magnemite Grimer ghastly drowsy cubone coughing murkrow Sneasel houndour and Poochyena so a lot of Pokemon coming out of eggs more more innovation than from those Rattata can be shiny Ekans can San Xiu can Machop can Magnemite can Grimer can gas leak and drowsy can Cubo can coughing can merkel can honduran Poochyena can we need houndour in Poochyena we need those shinies I need Anna man that's it go to the shiny – golden Chinese Poochyena and mighty Anna will be on crazy on the eggs also raids will feature Pokemon that we believe are significant – team go Rockets so that's cool – our information is incomplete and investigations into this phenomenon are ongoing so be on the lookout for other surprises more to come I guess I don't know what that means but apparently there's more surprises so we'll put more more fun stuff on the way we hope these are the last of the disruptions we'll see from team go rocket in the meantime trainers keep exploring the world around you and let us know what you discover and there we go our first ever armored Mewtwo is down and also one more thing that's kind of significant that we're gonna go over at the next raid that kind of sucks it really sucks we'll talk about it though okay this is my first ever armored v2 I probably should I drop to start b-17 balls oh my god alright go to bonus challenge and here we go first ever armored Mewtwo's 1772 from all the JT Gilley videos that i've watched that is really bad now how far away is this that is an excellent let's go can we savage these in the first-ever armored Mewtwo this thing is like a 2% base catch right no way go down over new – that's what I that's freaking I'm a massive I'm a legend alright listen as the leader of team mystic these are just things that we do you know I'm saying this is how we do them and these are the things that we 1772 CP our first ever armored of you – I'm naming this sab season because we just wrecked this guy let's go all right now we're seven minutes in its raid hour right now for armored Mewtwo so we have a lot more weights to do and some news that's slightly unfortunate to talk about get it here is the next raid oh I have not done anything okay sorry team this is the next mu-2 raid this is number two well we're coming off of a savage season on our first ever armored Mewtwo I'm pretty juiced about that not gonna lie I've heard so many things in seen so many things about how hard this thing is to take out and like how difficult this is not to take out but more to catch I mean even take it out we have seven people so we're flying okay so what's going on what's the sad news that I have to deliver I'm actually pretty this is unfortunate because I was gonna make a video and I know Pokemon go hub did a thing on this it's stress it's a strategy a strategy of trying to get more 100 IV Pokemon and the strategy was you basically you don't want to purify your shadow Pokemon what you want to do is trade your shadow Pokemon to hopefully get higher IVs on it or to get a lucky shadow Pokemon and then you Pyrrha fie it which could bring the IV stats over to 15-15-15 if you get lucky enough with the IVs and then I mean you know if you're trading with a best friend or if you have a lucky friend and you force a lucky trade the likelihood of you being able to purify to a 100% it's pretty high but this was like a cool way to get more 100% IV Pokemon unfortunately with this new update we have a little bit of a change here when it comes to Shadow Pokemon you cannot trade from my understanding you cannot trade shadow Pokemon the verbage goes after initial research professor willow has also found that shadow Pokemon can't be traded away by the trainer who rescued them unless they're purified first so unfortunately you can't trade shadow Pokemon you can only trade purify two Pokemon and even then I mean that's not even that great there's no hack there there's no there's no there's no loophole so again the strap before was trade your shadow Pokemon to hopefully get better IVs and then to purify it now you can only trade purified Pokemon i I get it I understand I don't like that just because like a lucky shadow Pokemon would be super cool actually thinking about how cool that would be I'm kind of annoyed like again at the same time I do get them so that's a thing yeah that's the sad news on to happier news we're gonna get just me to also remember to put my my star piece of lucky egg down so there's that and we've got 16 balls to use right here but a challenge Mewtwo let's see 18:07 I think a hundred percent is 18:21 so this one's not bad question is can we savage season twice in a row No what's with those throws let's see that's a one shake no don't do it stop stop oh nice I just want to throw out that I'm the most accurate ball thrower on planet Earth I hit all excellence on that we do like six balls sweet okay yeah not too bad we got 15 attack on that nice armored you to to a tattoo down we're doing good we have another one here with a key I got 20 balls dog we're gonna a mystic gym yeah yeah let's go we're gonna show you check right now Gil yes all right we're gonna we're gonna check right now I got 60 buzzes got twenty three two one yeah all right 118 21 18 21 18 21 18 eleventeen 56 I almost hit this pole we got a one hand Hey god I'm good there we go oh my gosh man we're killing it maybe that's the trick here you just don't catch it until like you know it's about to leave and then it uh it's like alright fine I'll go down for you easily all right 19 what sorry 1765 me too that one was kind of garbaggio but we're three for three right now so I'm kind of juiced and we have plenty more weeds to do it's only 6:30 so at 30 more minutes we'd like three Marines another one down right here and 18 balls for it and CP is going to be a whopping 1771 that is cause you Jake it was a great throw I saw that savage reason I am a freaking champion dude that's too savage seasons today what's good that is what Jake does even care about this okay let's get some more this was our last armored Mewtwo right it's looking like 701 so that it's over and the last one CP wise is going to be 1768 all right we got our 1807 today which was decent and we have this until Wednesday so I'll be sure to hit Santa Monica for some raids before the steps on that we got it we caught it we caught so many today man we did not lose one the entire date 1768 yeah so so it's got 15 when was that HP regardless though there are five mu to five brand new arm of you two and we have to that we savage season which is epic and there is our purified probe at how that's beast look before we get more of these guys now we might do one more raid and if not have a so we are we're doing our special trade to wrap up the day I've got big Giratina for we're out this is 90 100 kilometer it's big gear Tina for a armored me too because we just got our first one today and if we can get a lucky one – that'd be great I needed an extra one to complete my you know my looking of the story dang it man oh good oh good that's hundred ten ten ten that's actually really cool there's that thanks Kelly thanks man yeah thank you okay you



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