100 thoughts on “Tayla Harris hits out at social media ‘animals’ for ‘sexual abuse’ of AFLW star’s photo”

  • I felt ashamed when I saw the comments about this lady. In this day and age a woman should be able to wave her muff about without every dude talking about chowing down on it. It’s just comment sense.

  • Only the perves would get excited by this. If it was Warwick Capper they would say nothing.
    Then again they might get more excited.

  • Maybe she’d rather be called an ugly moll? Seriously, feminists shouldn’t be putting words into dumb footballers’ mouths. Poor girl.

  • had no idea we are now equating trolling online as actual 'sexual abuse' of a person, perhaps i'm the stupid one and don't know what sexual abuse is……………* rolls eyes. On a more serious note, that's a weird looking kitchen.

  • Funny. Watched a few vids of male AFL players kicking. 90% of the kicks are filmed from from the high leg side.
    Not happening with the girls.
    Doubt if there are any male players filmed like that and obviously there would be no rude comments.

  • Don't worry about the grubs Tayla. They are just people who have never achieved the level you have. The keyboard warriors have probably never played a day of sport ever.
    You just keep playing great footy and know there are plenty of people who respect you simply as a sportswoman and that's all. You go girl.

  • Awesome natural talent Tayla, style like that puts a lot of male footballers to shame. Keep kicking goals girl and ignore the jealous trolls. Or better still eradicate them by reporting them, gutter crawlers that they are.

  • Sarah Winterbottom says:

    She enjoys Sport what's wrong with that, your a bunch of jerks leave her alone,we as women don't pick on male footballers for their low IQ's, or their Neanderthal looks but we could,,

  • dogmatix asterix says:

    I'm thinking what an athlete. She could pick and choose any sport and be fantastic. Basketball, Netball, Volleyball. Even Union and League. All the best Tayla!

  • All these morons who talked bad by typing comments about this photo, would they say these things in person to her? Would they go outside and yell what they typed so that people can hear them? I seriously doubt it, unless we are talking about religious and political extremists who deep down are cowards. Or of course stupid kids.

  • Wow.
    Where is the world headed.
    Comments are not sexual abuse.
    Social media is not some haven where you are supposed to be free from negative statements. People are idiots whether in person or online. Generally moreso online (but not always). Wow.

  • OMG ustedes feministas se computan amazonas, y solo saben quejarse de que se sienten sexualmente acosadas, empiezo a sospechar que sus propósitos es hacer quedar a los hombres mal parados; si decidiste tener la profesión de ser futbolista no te quejes. Pienso que estoy cansada de todas esas feministas con sus muchos complejos y su querer ser hombres.

  • Sexual Assault??? This has got to be THE stupidest thing anyone has ever said. It’s completely disrespectful to women who have ACTUALLY suffered sexual assault.

  • Tayla Hariss! I admire you! Listen: this "trolls" are jealous, big in mouth with lack of self-confidence, and they crack to small pieces when the daylight shine on them! And i am sure that you could kick them to pieces as well. Respect from Norway! (The land of Trolls…and our Trolls are big, honest, strong, straight forward Trolls! Inspite of this modern "trolls". These losers, who are small, anonymous weak cowards, they don,t deserve the brand troll at all.)
    So…you can wonder: whats the reason behind calling this world wide web-losers "trolls" ??
    What do they have in common…this old Trolls and the modern ones…the answer : they are stupid.

  • Vasilis Tzikas says:

    Damn, it's a miracle how Anna Kournikova didn't kill herself with all the vulgar comments people made about her when she was playing back in the day…

  • Came to this video thinking that as its The Guardian, all these comments would be soppy. Pleasantly surprised by the humour aha

  • I'm not saying anything bad about her. But girls wear nothing and are surprised when men comment bad and suggestive things. I'm not saying that men are excused but it goes both ways. If you don't want to be harrased put more clothes on. Pretty simple. If you want to be harrased wear less clothes. Not too complicated.

  • Charles Bronson says:

    Maybe she should stop playing sports if she dont wanna be seen … Better yet she can cover up like a muslim woman jihab and everything 😂

  • Ah, social media where every detail is exposed in more ways than one. As a young woman, I dealt with sexual abuse/harassment in the workplace from a supervisor. I handled it. Men will always be men now as they were 50 years ago. Ms. Harris, you are an empowered feminist and athlete so grow a thicker skin and deal with it.

  • This is just a way to get more attention. Kudos on you, you don't want trolls, but yet you made this a publicity thing, & now a lot more trolls are going to comment. This is your own fault now.

  • Paulo Francisco says:

    I hope everyone used lube when they 'sexually abused on social media'. I pretty sure that after the 2nd or 3rd 'abuse', it would get pretty sore…

  • Better wipe the internet completely because "disgusting commentary" is not just in sports. Sexual desire and making comments when you can about it is done by males and females and is just who humans are when they can freely express themselves. "Thirsty comments" on youtube shows guys don't give a f**k. Bloody non-equality third wave feminism…

  • For all the people posting saying it's her fault, best of luck finding a strong woman who will stay with you… but then again, I'm guessing that's the last thing you'd want.

  • Guys…guys…before the pic was ever posted, ,the Carlton Publicity & Management team consulted her & her management & publicist to purchase the damn photo from the photographer so they COULD publish it knowing precisely the effect it would have in the public arena…Its called PUBLICITY through ADVERTISING…Its not rocket science; Its just the business of MAKING MONEY…..

  • django priceaction says:

    Awesome picture perfect form – to all you misogynistic trolls if that ball were your balls it would end up in orbit too after they popped out of your misogynistic heads

  • I am happy that she reposted the photo as there was nothing wrong with it.

    I am unhappy that she considers sexual harassment as sexual assault.

    I mean footy (Sorry I'm from USA) makes you feel uncomfortable when you fall and crash. However you get back up and continue to play. Getting hurt is only a small part of a sport that one loves playing. Humans should be looked at the same. It's a sad world we live in when we are shielding the populous from negativity. They are not allowed to grow the resistance to certain things. This is due to social media making phones the windows of their lives. Social media and smartphones have destroyed the future generation. How do we rebuild them?<==(That's not a joke something strange is happening to humans and it's bad. Being able to influence by the swipe of the phone. Giving a response without any thought and placing it on social media/ news sites.)

    I don't know her age, but true wisdom about the world didn't hit me until I was 23. It took me years of meditation and self thought. The comment's she makes make me feel as if she hasn't really left her mind yet and seen a bigger picture. It is good for early success as a person to be in that mind set. However later in life that will end up in ruin.

    She's 21. I looked it up. There has not been enough time to really soak in life and what it is. At around 30 I think most humans have already done so.

    There was a story about how a man berated a woman at a job interview only to give her a job offer.

    I liked that she declined the offer. It showed her power as a person to show that she won't tolerate it.

    I hated that she threw all the information about the company and the CEO on social media. That was petty and sad. In my opinion all of her strength was taken away by that move. She became the person she despised by opening them up to more bullying than she ever received in that interview.

    All these new generations…THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT FORGIVENESS IS.

  • TheKingsiegfried says:

    You are a wonderful athlete, you are young and beautiful. Your life belongs to you. Play your sport, do the job you want to do … You are the actor, the others are just spectators … It's not only sexism : what if a good actor reads a newspaper where it IS written he is a bad actor ? Should he stop his career or pay attention to that ? As we say in France : les chiens aboient, la caravane passe. ..

  • {Challenge to "Internet "Trolls"]…Show the Guardian Sport crew that you CAN write clever, creative, witty & FUNNY stuff…without being childishly crude & stupid…like…Well, you know the fuckwit dudes I'm talking about..Show everybody how clever YOU are…

  • Some men never seem to completely outgrow the junior high school mindset of aspiring to be the grossest guy in the room.

  • Se le ve la panochita….

    But I've got to say, if she weren't good looking….we wouldn't be talking about this photo
    Some many average female athletes are getting their pictures taken but we don't hear a lot from them. I think Tayla overreacted to the tone of the comments, I'm very certain she enjoys having her picture taken all the time and the admiration she receives makes her feel good….

  • Go to an AMERICAN Football game. The players are called bums and everything else under the sun. If you can't take it then find something else to do.

  • To be honest, she shouldn't be wearing such short and loose fitting pants. You can basically see her vagina area as she's spread eagle for the kick. Sensible attire with longer or elastic shorts wouldn't allow that. If a man's private parts were hanging out, he'd get negative feedback too. Personal responsibility in attire is part of life. It's not because she's a woman.

  • need to roll with the punches when your a "professional athlete". Professional though im not really meaning those athletes where there is almost no revenue in the game, that's amateur… No TV rights $, No gate $, token sponsor money by "do gooder" brands trying to look progressive and go for that 5% gay market. Big money there….I think she said "im just trying to do my job"….the only reason the comp can exist and you get paid even more than $1 per game is the AFL sending stacks of cash to each club to enter plus stacks trying to market it (all his money coming from the male game of course) its not a real job Tayla, its more like work for the dole…

  • The comments are probably in retaliation for the continuous diatribe from female footballers complain about being paid the same as the men or how they should have the same contracts as the men's national league.
    Any problems women footballers have apparently is the fault of men.
    Any of the underage state teams would, just like in women's soccer, absolutely flog a national women's team in a match.
    The quality is not even close to the men's state leagues.

    Karma a bit apparently.

  • Michael Rapson says:

    Better technique and distance with that kick than some of the men playing today. Maybe that's the real cause of the furore. The trolls and pervs are jealous of this girl due to their inadequacies.

  • Perhaps the short, short pants are inappropriate for the AFLW game. There are a huge selection of sports apparel available other than old fashioned short cotton- pants . How about AFL gets modern with sports pants made of polyester material, good elasticity and breathable or any of the other myriad of designs to chose from.

  • If the AFL and feminists are so politically correct, why are they sexualising women with such short shorts….. cover those boxes ffs.

  • Aleistermax Omeg says:

    "Sexuel abuses" because some guess her shaved pink through her short !? Someone should explains to that lady what a "sexual abuse" assault exactly means !

  • Tayla Harris great athlete straight normal pretty girl with no ridiculous body piercings tattoos or butch hairdo, absolutely love her attitude.
    Big target for small obsessed minds!!!
    Makes me wonder what these filthy perverts think when they see ballet or bikini girls at the beach.

  • The Mask Man says:

    I'm amazed by her comments & reaction, any sensible human can know if I'm playing a footy my leg will go up and there's huge chance my down part might be exposed. And now she's saying its not fault its all about photographer hes the one I didn't do something.

  • You are a role model for young Women. Keep being Awesome and shine. Don't worry about the stupid men/little boys who say nasty things. They are not men and will never find happiness. Keep going Tayla. You da best…!

  • I thought growing up Girl's got taught to keep there legs shut crossed or what not go round spreading your legs of course there going to be consequences

  • The Bodytime Group says:

    Another point to be raised in support of Taylor, is with AFL Men wearing tight fitting everything, women love the look but never, publicly, shame the men, sexualise the men or make disgraceful comments about those men.

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