‘Taste the Feeling’ Media Event

‘Taste the Feeling’ Media Event

feels good Emma Emma so when you're out here with sadly we are in the alley of Tokyo in Paris and what we are doing is to launch the new strategy for brand coalesced so we are in a historical moment sadly this isn't just an exciting launch of a campaign this is the launch a new business approach for the coca-cola company and for the coca-cola brand unifying in one brand idea coca-cola coke likes diet coke coke Zero and coke life one brand idea the simple pleasure of drinking a coca-cola any coca-cola makes your moments more special so there's an element of positioning Coca Cola as a simple pleasure and the other LMS positioning that Coca Cola's roll with in everyday simple moments within people's lives so that long idea was captured in three words as in taste the feeling home in a song one brand will mean for coca-cola a brilliant future the bigness of the brand will not be linked to any specific ingredient you can enjoy coca-cola regardless of which brand you choose consumers could see a full range of proof points of this campaign it could be one of the 10 TV commercials that we have created the more than 100 images that will be now the face of our visual identity in the market there's a song that we created for this campaign a properity song of coca-cola it's called taste the feeling for me when the opportunity came it was a no-brainer because you know I'd like to think that my music feels classic and timeless and you're going to be involved with classic and timeless breads we're really trying to celebrate what's great about coca-cola celebrate the special moments the taste the feeling that you get from drinking the world's most loved soft drink thank you very much


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