28 thoughts on “TalkBack w/ Wajahat Khan & Kajol Ep30 Pt1”

  • shOoBydOoByDoO says:

    She used to have a dark complexion but now she's as fair as vanilla ice cream. Glutathione is life hahahah

  • Everyone from India want to give time for interview to this legend journalist after some straight forward questions asked in a meeting in India with indian army chief

  • mohammad ismaile says:

    Wajat saab this I didn't know u worked in dawn it's anti pak fauj channel now I got doubtful abt u before I didn't know abt u n I liked u alot now many questions running in my head now u do mahaaz show n out of 10 8 are with army all over are u working for indian raw u needed to be confirmed army should know everything abt u

  • learn and find out who divided the land, and why, and be angry and do something about it with them.
    killing one another only makes them happy…….

  • אברה קאדה says:

    Don't fall for this Pakistani anchor's bait. Obviously where he comes from the "lollywood" actors campaign for pushing political issues?? or since these actors are so popular, they should be the ambassadors?? Well, he forgets that this is HINDUSTAN, not Pakistan. Film actors do their job and politicians do their job here in IndiaUNLIKE in pakistan where people are confused about their roles and no wonder that country in shambles

  • Salma Naseer says:

    I'm indian married to a Pakistan. Seriously it's all brainwashing like Martin Luther King said I have a dream that one day people will be judged by the content of their character. When do we love each other for the sake of humanity not religion? Kajol is right this is all business. Bollywood is filling their pockets and so are the corrupt governments. The common man is getting killed and bombed everyday we die a thousand death. Hypocracy has taken over humanity. I live in US btw. I love humanity because we are Gods creation. To all the Muslims out there please don't ruin the name and beautiful teachings of islam that spread love and you are spreading hatred with all these bad messages, wake up change yourself not point finger. I'm a Muslim btw

  • In terms of culture and language, a person living in the Pakistani Punjab has much more in common with his neighbor in Indian Punjab than someone in NWFP. Likewise can be said for an urdu-speaking Pakistani in Karachi and someone in the UP and btw i am a Pakistani.

  • GeorgiaIsOnMyMind says:

    What the fuck does he mean bollywood artists aren't political enough? Bollywood movies are so rabidly anti-Pakistan! This own woman's husband, "ajay devgun" has participated in anti-Pakistan movies! Wajahat Khan, check your 'facts' before you interview bollywood actors or even better, grow a pair of balls and ask them questions on this whole wave of anti-Pakistanism in bollywood movies and why bollywood movies are becoming so political not why bollywood isnt political enough. Grow a brain wajaht

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