50 thoughts on “TalkBack w/ Wajahat Khan & Javed Akhtar Ep31 Pt3”

  • Ripudaman Verma says:

    Ha ha this is the reason Pakistan wont survive as a country , it will die due to it's own contradictions the contradictions exposed by javed sahab here! It already was dismembered in 1971

  • Muslim leaguers were constitutional. HAHA. Thats why they haven't figured a working constitution in 70 years. The fact is Muslim Leaguers were morons. Every single one of them. And Wajahat is a Pakistani like all others. Confused and stupid like his forefathers were. Thank god for Jinnah that we got rid of this lot. We must celebrate Jinnah's birthday as a national holiday.

  • jinnna was uncomfortable to use religious symbol ….so that's why he made religious country …😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 owesome jawed sir heads off I m atheist too

  • Ramandeep Singh says:

    damn…. Love you Javed Sahab… !!!
    A rational and pure intellectual genius at work!!

    appreciation to the Wajahat Khan as well… a true journo!!

  • Derik O'Brain says:

    Whenever i see such videos it makes me thank god for puting me on this side of the border than on the other. My country is gr8 because we have people like Javed Akhtar

  • nailed the Wajahat with some sense, education, facts and rationality. Some people needs to stop sucking the Lollipop of jingoism like wajahat.

  • Kheteshwar Boravat says:

    A Message to Indo-Pak Muslim: Please respect your ancestor and forefather (Ram, Krishna) instead of foreign invader who attacked, killed, looted, raped your forefather and their children and family.

    Please think deeply and Read Indian History before the attack of Invaders in undivided India.

  • Let me b honest. liking good individuals say like educated decent wajahat is ok but how can you like Pak as a country the very foundation of which is based on hatred of India and Indians. Hope u r able to c through the essence of what is being said here. Not all can b expected to b Gandhis in India there r alot of regular people here. Take care and God bless.

  • Suyash Shrivastava says:

    secularism is not irreligiousness… is the separation of church(or any other religious institution) and the state

  • OMG!! This was man rape !! Did the host actually ret pawned by Javed Saab? Anyways kudos to him & Dawn to AIR this even though host's professional life is now doomed as a loser

  • Riots in Gujarat were definitely communal and not religious. "You need to have minorities first in place to listen to their problems". Wajahat seems lost with Javed Akhtar's replies. It was a tit for a tat interview.

    I don't think Wajahat Khan would ever invite Javed Akhtar for an interview again 😛

  • 'Communalism' in Indian context is actually secular fascist ideology as described below. It incorporates 'Hindu' religion as nationalist thing, not a moral or spiritual one. Religion becomes slave and tool for evil. It removes the God of religion and replaces it by the State which becomes the new god-idol. Pakistani nationalist ideology is similar.

    Communism excludes religion and God from its ideology but it shares commonality with secular-fascism, the state is the god-idol for both.

  • @globalcitizenn One more thing. Not believing in religion is not same as not believing in God (Atheism). It is possible to be non-believer in a religion yet believe in God. Religion came from God but can be corrupted by man. I don't know about today but this was true in older or ancient times for there were people who believed in God but did not believe in man-made religions and their rituals. Islam was particularly attractive to these people. True religion is not culture and art.

  • @globalcitizenn But he also said opposite of Secularism is Fascism. Not true. You can be both secular and fascist in political sense. That is what German Nazis were.

    Do your research. There is no formal separation of church and state in most European countries that I am aware of. The people simply became irreligious over time, giving appearance of a separation. In France, it is the opposite. The 'secular' state ideology dominates over the church, hence not a separation in spirit.

  • globalcitizenn says:

    @honchoponcho1 secularism refers to the view that human activities and decisions, especially political ones, should be unbiased by religious influence. hence separation of church and state. which means that the government cannot use religious bias or discrimination to influence political decisions. if one extends that to apply to an individual then you do not discriminate against people because of religious bias. This is what javed meant to say.

  • @globalcitizenn Still, opposite of secular is not fascism as Javed Akhtar says. The two are unrelated. Secular means worldly. Opposite of secular is spiritual/pious/godly.

  • @globalcitizenn Secularism in political concept comes from Europe which implies removal of Pope from public governance, not about treating all religions equally. They are biased toward Christianity. In practice it is sneaky political religious domination as is the case in overtly 'secular' country France (Judeo-Christian) or India ('Hinduism'). If it is about non-discrimination you don't need loaded ideological political labels. Just say non-discrimination in every sense.

  • globalcitizenn says:

    @honchoponcho1 Communal means discriminating against other communities…need not only be religion, could be anything like caste, economic, social, race ..means one does nt respect the rights and freedoms of others…which is similar to fascism in which freedom of others is not respected…communal does not mean only religious though its often used in that context.

  • globalcitizenn says:

    @honchoponcho1 it is a very common misconception…There is a fine difference… if non-religious means not believing in religion then that is atheism, not secularism… secularism means not discriminating against anyone on the basis of religion, or any other crietria…you can be very religious and still be secular as in you respect other people's freedom of religion, race, creed etc.

  • ProudIndianJoe1 says:

    This is the greatest interview ever…. Mr Javed Akthar I salute u sir…. U are a legend.. A legend… wat an interview… U just shut this guy up….

  • talking about shabana azmi, saif ali khan not getting a flat!!!! indias richest man for many years azim premji is a muslim!!!! shabana grew to the heights of owning a property in prime area of mumbai becoz of tolerance of india!!! there are many people who are muslims and bang in india coz of free and secular india!!!! small small issues do happen in india.. and if you fantasize that whole india doesnt allow muslims to own property then ur completely foolish!!! hv they evr seen srk or ameer home

  • you people still didnt eliminated jaagirdari zamindaari system which means there is still bonded labor you people kill minorities, ur own muslims and 36000 muslims died in last 10years in pakistan about 1million people died in 1971east pakistan the biggest genocide in modern history and blaming, talking about 20,000 people died in india in the last 65years in riots/bomb blasts and india got more diversity in religion,linguistic in everything compared!!! what the hell you are talking all about??

  • I mostly like Javed Akhtar but I don't agree opposite of secular is fascism. The meaning of secular is 'non-religious'. So opposite of secular is religious.
    Opposite of fascist is simply anti-fascist. You can be either religious or non-religious yet oppose fascism. Fascism can be in religion, language, race, sect, usually associated with evil forms of nationalism.

  • Subroto Maitra says:

    @realguitarshredder what i was trying to say is pakistani muslims killl other muslims moreee than indians do in GUJRATTTTT or anywhere but they don't worry about there own problems they worry about indias problems with GUJRAT. I don't want a hindu society in india, but u are assuming that but all i am saying is muslims in pakistan treat other sects of islam wayyyyy worse than hindus do in india. Yes gujrat was wrong , do u want to know how many things in pakistan were wrong??????????????????

  • realguitarshredder says:

    @shubroto81 Worry about the Blasphemy laws in Pakistan? Why should I? Am I in Pakistan? You are the kind of person that Javed Akhtar is talking about. Communal violence. This is not a muslim nation, or a christian nation or even a hindu nation for that matter. This is India, a democratic and secular country. You are trying to make this a hindu country based on what happened in Pakistan.. well? I am looking at India n pointing out that what happened in the Gujrat riots were wrong.

  • Subroto Maitra says:

    @realguitarshredder there are more muslims killed by other muslims in pakistan. Yet u worry about india , gujrat riots..those things are nothing compared to what happens in pakistan. Bomb blasts in sufi shrines, ahmediyas are not even considered muslims in pakistan, but u worry about india and gujrat riots. Why don't u worry about the Blasphemy Law in pakistan?

  • realguitarshredder says:

    @subroto81 What are you talking about? me killing ahmediyas and sufis?? :P.. I am not worrying about India but I am worrying about a hindu or a muslim deciding to kill the entire religion based on what happened to few. Look at the gujrat riots. The muslims that were killed, none of them was responsible for what they were killed for. Thats all I am saying. If a muslim hurts me I will find him and hurt him. I won't hurt the muslim who is my neighbor instead would I ….

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