46 thoughts on “TalkBack w/ Wajahat Khan & Javed Akhtar Ep31 Pt1”

  • Why shouldn't a muslim consume liquor?
    Just because it was dictated 1400 years ago not to do so?
    Secondly, who are you to call him shameless? Mr. Akhter lives in free India. He has every right to live by his choice as long as it is not causing harm to others. You are nobody, I repeat, NOBODY to judge him. If you don't like his lifestyle, don't look at him.

  • im an indian i like this anchor very much he mocks that crazy zad hamid hard
    hahaha he made him speechless in a program he questions everyone is with clear points

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  • Crystal Agosto says:

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  • Some one commenting about cast system in India which has nothing to do with this interview. Javed Akhtar is celebrity known for his love for script writing. Wajahat Khan did good job making the interview interesting. On the unrelated subject about cast system, this system is blurring out in today's India. In big cities love marriages are becoming common where cast is not a bar any more. In Arab nations some one is giving wrong impression to young people.

  • Aon1one i have never supported RSS or Bal Thakarey but if you do a Root cause analysis probabaly u will come to know why there are groups like RSS,Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad etc

  • David Rukstales says:

    Unlike US/UK, Arab nations are quick to realize Hinduism is nothing but covert mask for uncivilized Caste system.
    Caste system is worse than terrorism. It's a slow poison that destroyed India.

  • Indian muslims are very secular and constitution abiding people. Indian Muslims identify themselves as Indians than muslims. This is great,

  • @saad aziz. Let me b honest. liking good individuals say like u or even educated decent wajahat is ok but how can you like Pak as a country the very foundation of which is based on hatred of India and Indians. Hope u r able to c through the essence of what is being said here. Not all can b expected to b Gandhis in India there r alot of regular people here. Take care and God bless.

  • prashant soni says:

    @steveafg thank you for having faith and love for us,may GOD bring health prosperity and love in our country

  • encouragement? what the fuck???

    first improve urself, pakistani national literacy rate is 49%!

    u think of urself as a role model? ur the fucking gutter of the world.

    the pissing cesspool of redundant islam.

  • I am an Indian born into a Hindu family here in the state of Tamil Nadu , and who is this Bal thakarey i have never felt that he deserved my attention…. … and RSS i haven't met a RSS person in my real life, and I know Javid Akthar you make every Indian Proud Javed saab… you are a True Indian…

  • You fucking Afghanis came to Pakistan crying your ass off back in the 80s when the Russians fucked you up. Millions of you basterds lived in Pakistan with full rights and piece. But let me tell you that the Afganis are pure motherfuckers and selfish, dishonest basterds on this planet.. You will be fucked 4ever and will never have a home.. Fuck you ALL fucking heroine smaglers and sister sellers…..

  • i may be christain by faith,but blood tht flows through my veins is hindustani,so i have every rights in my country and happy to be born in this sacred mother land,

  • Taklu anchor jara home work kr k aaja..sirf nam se musalman hone se kuch ni hota. javed saab se jara sikho. tu jitna chahe chilla lekin India is the best. at least v dnt teach terorism to kids. ek aur bat apna koi relative India me h to puch use k kya fark h tum me or hum me..

  • Pathans (Afghans) are the real heroes. Enough said! I don´t have to write a whole text to prove how "well mannered" I am.

  • @abdul7411 ha hahaahahah maza aa gaya aap ka comment padh kar… musalmaano ki shakal suwar jaise nahi hoti aur hinduo ki hoti hai… jab ki maine ulta suna tha.. par kabhi maana nahi.. suvar jaise shakal to dono ki nahi hoti par nafrat se dekho to lagti hai chahe wo hindu ho ya musalmaan.

  • This bastard Javed Akhtar doesn't even know the full form RSS and he is speaking bullshit. Bastard does not even know that Veer Sawarkar spent 14 years in jail and how does this is the yardstick for anything? Chandrashekhar Azad never went to jail so was he like Muslim League. Foolish congress oriented bastard.

  • Undisputed13011 says:

    @steveafg You think Pakistani's love you assghani's ?, You're the one cleaning our toilets in Pakistan LOL so let it be

  • @bb22cc33d,Friend,It's pretty clear that your not an Indian,nor do you know much about Javed Saab,because, if u did,you won't be blindly advocating such a fictional Sarcasm about him.Javed Saab& his wife Shabana Azmi are both pretty open minded critics & express their thoughts,openly,without any fear in India.It's clear that u are blindly comparing Javed saab to an open minded critic or minority of Pakistan, who probably might have to live in fear for speaking their school of thoughts or truth.

  • @lpc934 PM ki baat kartaa hai?
    Zaakir Hussain President thaa- PM se oopar ki post. Hamid Ansari current Vice President hai. Aur bahut se examples hain.
    Tu bataa tere Pak mein kaun non-Muslim bana hai PM yaa Prez?
    The point is we don't preach religious hate in India. It's Pakis' job. We see a Paki as a Paki, irrespective of his religion. Henc we don't bother about Pak's internal matters. But Pak has always been interested in India's Kashmir, Godhra, Kandhamal, Delhi riots, etc.

  • @steveafg Oh, I'm sorry? I thought Pakistan was the one that fought against the Soviets that would have taken over your country otherwise and India fought with the Soviets… Also, I thought Pakistan was the one where MILLIONS of Afghan refugees went to seek haven?
    From Afghanistan with love… now there's a contradiction.

  • @JustCommonMan
    "wife Shabana Azmi said i.e. Muslims are treated like dogs in India. They can not even buy a house in building where hindus are living. "

    yes absolutely sir! they are treated like dogs! indians are soo communal they dared to elect both of them into the Lok sabha! they r soo frigging narrowminded that Javed is considered best lyricist of india…
    those fiends even gave him the highest civilian award the "Padmashree" and the "Padmabhushan"

  • To Indians
    This is only a talk show tht doesnt discuss conflicts between india and pakistan. The only thing u can critisize is the interviewer. I am not going to use any of those swearing words but dont waste ur energy on us and if u wud focus this much on ur own life u will live happy . Iam a proud pakistani and will always appreciate anything sed in favour of pakistan and will condemn anything sed aginst pakistan. Iam sure there are bunch of losers who wudnt understand, for them guys grow up

  • Fuck porkis mother fuckers we helped from Maratahas from Sikhs from russia u namak harams yeah we did one mistake to convert u guys to islam ufff bcz of u imps I mean munnafiqeen Islam is being insulted oh soon mujaheddin will call for jihad against u fuckers then Israel and at the end u r lords USA


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