TalkBack w/ Wajahat Khan & Asad Durrani Ep2 Pt1

TalkBack w/ Wajahat Khan & Asad Durrani Ep2 Pt1

welcome to talkback the show where we ask tough compelling questions from tough compelling people our guest tonight served as an artillery officer in the Pakistan Army for 34 years he fought in the 65 and 71 wards he culminated his military career by becoming the director-general first of the mi and then finally of the ISI after which he was posted first as Pakistan's ambassador to Germany and then as Pakistan's ambassador to Saudi Arabia some call him a clever spook we call him the spy master Afghan in general Lhasa Durrani welcome to talkback let's get right to business you are aware of the Moran gate scandal the scandal involve you let me remind us in the viewer's the scandal involved you working as the DG of the ISI in 1990 and signing an affidavit to the effect that you took orders from the Chief of Army Staff General Mira's Ostrom big to disburse millions of funds to the political opponents of the PPP which was in power at that time how do you respond to that sir it was never the marin gate scandal it was something quite different it didn't have a name the matter was taken to the court in 1996-97 for two years we were in the court we gave our statements the court has reserved this judgment its subsidies whatever has been leaked out I have no problem admitting it yes some funds were distributed these funds did not belong to the government or to the ISA eyesight was not important I am the one who was how do you feel about the fact that as a serving officer of the Pakistan Army you involved in meddling in political affairs in civilian political affairs of this country so one doesn't feel very good but then one is also talking about an environment in which the Army has been involved in the political affairs of this country for a long long time so if one starts from there the Army's involvement may be bad but once it gets involved then there are a number of other people who also get it so let me get this straight you are saying you feel uncomfortable about it but it's fine because the Army is involved anyway it's fine I feel uncomfortable well I felt bad I do not believe that the army rule has done much good to this country but once it is involved and that's a fact of life so many other people get involved in this particular case it was not only the army why do you think the courts haven't taken you on oh they have we as I said we were there before the court for two years I was you know doing that deserve you wrote this up – it's up to the court whenever they want to make it oh you've written sir on the 21st of June 2007 in an article title we are on a role in the nation that our military – is at times in the dock for acting against the law but manages to get the benefit of the doubt did you get the benefit of the doubt general I'm talking about the military immediately gets the benefit of doubt by through the doctrine of necessity and someone once said the successful who have their own legitimacy as far as my benefit of doubt is concerned for that we'll have to wait whenever the judgment comes out so what about your credibility as a serving officer a DG of the ISI in the Pakistan Army credibility with the V Pugh if you're talking about this case I've already talked about this case as far as the other and most of the work is not involved with this one and there the credibility had to be judged whenever I was there by whatever results we produced so you were just taking orders is that I will not say that at that particular level particular level you don't say that I'm just following orders but I'm what I am trying to say is that in a certain environment we act in a certain manner generally following up on that you did this under whatever promises you have just explained you manipulated the iji into opposing the bulletin the PPP but then you were in touch with the Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto after 1991 she was not Prime Minister so much so to the effect that general Vahid conquered the COAS at that point found out about you being in touch with her in communication with the outside of the ambit of your office outside the ambit of your portfolio and according to him struck you off duty also too many things about which we might not know and I'm not likely to talk about because that is so much Army's internal matter and if I am if I was in touch with the deposed Prime Minister one would not know and as I said I'm not going to talk about it why was I in touch with was it on my own was it within a certain framework but you were struck off duty general he was struck off duty because that is a balmy star found out that you were in touch with benazir bhutto yeah so I said the reasons are the army's internal reasons and if he thought that i should no longer be in duty then that was his discreet where do you draw the line general about not discussing versus discussing you are on national television you need to be held accountable at some point you have served this country you have been one of our military leaders you don't think you can be held accountable you see as far as accountability is concerned there are so many levels one is this one the other is the internal accountability of the army and about that very little is like to be said and of course there was another accountability that was done in the supreme court where else do you go for accountability there were two or three chief justices who heard us help is it true that ja you were rewarded by benazir bhutto the as the bring the ambassador you were posted as the ambassador and born in germany is it true that that was a reward for staying loyal and in communication with us let me put it this way after my retirement and after retirement so many like me get certain other jobs some of them go as the massacres the names are sent by the army headquarters my name was sent by General MacArthur the man who had struck you of duty yeah I mean now want you do to serve as an ambassador so that should also answer many of the questions that might be lurking in your mind finally the drug scandal involving the prime minister the drug scammed involving the Prime Minister former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif mr. Sharif has been on record in both the US all of congressional records as well as as well as the dawn saying that you approached him with General Mills askin big while you were both serving and gave him presented to him a blueprint for issuing drugs using drugs as a source of funding is activities how do you respond to that completely wrong you're taking over for my ministers words that I don't know whether he said that or not I'm all that I am saying is that I have also read these these reports and we are completely wrong as the ice I were involved itself in drug scandals general as the ice I funded terrorist or other activities using rahi Sabres liver involved in any tractor never take a short break here we're talking to left and in general acid Ronnie the former mvg of the MI and the ISI stay tuned to talk


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