35 thoughts on “TalkBack w/ Wajahat Khan & Anil Kapoor Ep33 Pt1”

  • I like Anil but such a hypocrate, its great to remember your forefathers but sad he didn't acknowledge Mumbai and his roots he was raised, sorry to say-disappointed

  • Pardesi Dhaba says:

    Anil kapoor ji i am biggest fan here in pakistan… i want to hug you once in life… you are love pure love

  • Zohaib Akhter says:

    گانڈو طلعت انٹرویو اردو یا پنجابی میں کیوں نہیں کرتے ؟ کیڑا ھے تمھارے اندر انگلش کا تمہے پتہ نہیں پاک انڈیا میں اردو پنجابی بولی جاتی ھے ۔ چیپ آدمی

  • Akbar Toryal Kakar says:

    it has become a fashion these days in India ( Shahrukh, Irfan and now Anil) that everyone claim to be pashtuns/ peshwari origin. Yes, we know Kapoors have there ancestry links to Afghans but you don't need to keep saying it in public. This is kinda racist mind too.Without keep saying this every where you go still you can be proud of it but too much of saying…..Stay Feel proud of Indian first

  • Hasan khan videos says:

    Pathan hindu nhi hotay jo peshawar may rehtay thay ya rehtay ha woh pathan mhi peshawari zaror keh saktay ha

  • I'm Pashtoon Pathan but his parents were hindko Pathan. They are considered proper indigenous Pathan in peshawar as you can easily see in his face and other physical appearances. I've seen many faces resembling to him in my village. We are tribe from north west mountains. We had Sikh as well as Hindu people used to live side by side in our mountains before partitioning. Their mother language is pashtu.

  • Shafiq Wahid says:

    Kapoor family is not a phathan. Phathan aak tribe he awr ye aak ase wahid tribe he jees may koi ghir mazhb nahi sare k sare phathan tribes muslim he dunya k kise kune may phathan hu wu muslman hoga koi mazhab wala nahi huga tu ye kapoor kaha se phatn ayee

  • haroon IQBAL says:

    Kpoors arw basically Khatri Punjabis
    Don’t believe me just “google it”
    Rest about pathans living amongst pathaans doesn’t make anyone Pathan

  • feels proud, yes basicly its an old tribe with a class of its own that is divided into 3 countries, and a unique kind of a cultural blood thats is spread, that makes them Masculine, Handsome and not to mess with"" kinda person and if its a female than surely she is a divine peace of beauty Many of them can be found living in any of the three countries Pak / India or Afghanistan. As the matter of the fact if he/she doesn't speak Pashto, doesn't make them any less of a PATHAN.

  • He said His for Fathers were Pathan from Peshawar (tho technically i disagree with that as one just from Peshawar is not necessarily to be a Pathan) that is inside Pakistan. Which means they were from Pakistan, but Rishi Kapoor said that Pathan export terrorists to India – So we have have exported you Mr Anil Kapoor's forefathers so that means they were also terrorists and thus Anil kapoor is the son of terrorists.
    Moreover, Shahrukh Khan and Even Rishi Kapoor's Parents were from Peshawar so in his own context Shahrukh and rishi can be regarded as terrrorists' kids.
    Common india – hang these terrorists that we have exported within your country – hang em 😉

  • alikhel yousafzai says:

    why dont we enjoy our own skin. why to become something u r not. he is not at all pushtoon. had settled in peshawar then britsh india.

  • Aamir Muhammad says:

    every one feels obliged to explain who pukhtoons are!!! ask a pukhtoon like myself to know about them. pukhtoon is one nation never conquered, they don't submit to anybody except ALLAH and don't fear anything not even death. "A best friend and the worst enemy" is how one very respectable pukhtoon has described them

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