3 thoughts on “Talkback Live!”

  • Miss.Susan Roof,we met in Atlanta spme years ago. I was at the CNN center having lunch and i thought of you. You were very good at Talk Back Live. I hope you are well.

  • Paul Westlake says:

    Hell yeah, I remember you, Jim! We had some heated exchanges but they were generally substantive, not like some of the silly stuff we encountered that has morphed into today's internet trolling. Amazing to think of how much of the modern web we saw back then in our own little world. Hardly anyone even remembers CompuServe anymore.

    I'd love to see those videos! Please let me know if you ever get around to uploading them. Nice to (virtually) see you again!

  • Paul. This is really cool. Do you remember me? I have some videos during the one year anniversary week that I should probably put online.

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