talkback controller

talkback controller

alright guys here's a little video review of the review of the little top back controller that Sparky sells plug this into you back to your CB radio this gray one goes to the CD speaker output the black one goes to your PA speaker output you have a lighting control to adjust how loud the talkback is the talkback effect is that comes out of your radio it goes from zero to ten zero does not turn it all the way off at least not on my right as a either than 78 and an old unit in Washington it works on both of them but like I said zero does not turn to volume all the way down it does turn it down pretty pretty low though I like to run it about on low for just having it on in the background on the base on the mobile I usually line it up around three or four somewhere in Eric's there's a lot more exterior noise there the side of it is pretty much what you would expect it's just just a resistor and a potometer and they plug on this and while you're speaking plugs into it does a good little job for what it is and makes it very easy to add talkback to a radio with opening it up or doing any soldering and of course if you have multiple radios you can use it for adjusting your talkback level or whatever or you're up excuse me adjusting your echo level on different radios and you know without having to go inside of them and for testing talkback on other people's right yet so there you go good little piece for what it is and oh yeah there is a back that goes on it to cover it up just took it apart to make it easier to show it but there you go and there it is y'all have a good one


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